10 Dating Tips For Gay Men (That, Really, EVERYONE Should Follow)

For the most part, gay men are like everyone else on the dating scene. They’re looking for affectionlove. Like their straight counterparts, gay men also desire connection, companionship and commitment. 

Unfortunately, the gay dating pool is viciously competitive. So, instead of fighting over the newest man meat on Grindr, I recommend these practical tips for gay men:

1. Get in the game. Sitting on the sidelines will get you nowhere. Either play the gay dating game or get out of the other gay guys‘ way! This doesn’t mean you have to play every day. The goal is for the single gay community to know you’re in circulation.

2. Try something new. Try a sparkling, new approach to gay dating. That is, if you’ve been doing the same thing and expecting a different result, then change detergents, add some fabric softener and try a new way of putting yourself out there. Going to the same coffee shop, grocery store and gym leads to the same scenery and the same results. Yawn! So instead, change it up!

3. Step out of the box. You love to run, hike and go to the theater. Great. Now what activity would be so out of the box for you, it might put you in a space to meet new guys, make friends with people who have gay friends or try a new hobby? Think of it this way: If you can step out of the closet, you can certainly step out of your rut!

4. Reflect what you desire. If you really want a guy who appreciates monogamy, then hanging out with people who have open relationships probably isn’t the best place to meet Mr. Right. From sex to finances and family to intellectual awareness, letting your true desires show up doesn’t make you weak, weird or wacky. It’s you being truly you, so let your authentic self shine. 

5. Stop making excuses. The more you make excuses for why your gay dating life is the toilet, the less chance of it shifting in a positive way. If every date you go on with a gay guy leads you to say, „He was nice, but … “ stop and ask yourself „Why are you always justifying your way out of dating?“

6. What’s sex got to do with it? Well, it depends on your position — no pun intended. Dating from the perspective of „it’s all about sex“ can pay off if that’s how you truly feel. Conversely, making sex the secondary acquisition can also be a home run. Regardless of your perspective, being honest with yourself all along is my point. When you hide from your truth, it won’t set you free. Plus, being honest with yourself is a great launching pad for honesty in your relationship. 

7. Ask yourself, „So what?“ Constantly in a tailspin with the same old audio tapes playing in your head? Do you always say: „Gay dating is such a chore,“ or, „Gay men just want sex,“ or „Every gay guy I meet only wants to talk about themselves?“ If so, start asking yourself, „So what?“

For example, „Gay dating is such a chore.“ So What? „When it becomes work, it’s not fun.“ So What? „If it’s not fun, then I might as well just stay home.“ So what? „If I stay home then I get depressed and lonely!“

Bingo! Gay dating is a chore that eventually leads to feeling depressed and lonely … or at least that’s what the replay of the tape your listening to is saying. So change the tape!

8. Be a fearless, foolish and fun-loving. Crazy as it sounds, one of these three „f-words“ could lead you to Mr. Right. First, be fearless in your gay dating pursuits. After all, if he thinks you’re afraid, you probably are, and your sweaty armpit stains will rat you out! If you can’t win them by being fearless, then be a little foolish, and let your heart lead you. Even if you feel like a fool, you’ll rack up the frequent heartbreak points that will eventually pay for an all-expenses-paid trip to true love. Finally, let the fun-loving gay dater in you out to play. What’s the worst that can happen? 

17 Practical Gay Dating Tips for the New Age

One: Turn off your Grindr profile before the date begins, even if that’s where you found him. That little „pop“ sound while you give him flowers is a romantic buzz kill.

Two: You’re „Checking In“ at the restaurant where you’ve made dinner reservations? Seriously? Nothing like telling 5,000 Facebook friends the location of your intimate rendezvous.

Three: Do not „friend“ your date on Facebook before or after the initial meeting. If you’re not a good match (and dates are like new restaurants; about one in eight survive), you’re both going to share that awkward moment of „Do I un-friend him or keep reading about his ‚Why do I always meet losers?'“ updates.

Four: Even though gay men love to label everyone, they despise being labeled. So whether he’s a Bear, Twink, Twunk, Cub, Daddy, Dilf, Otter, Chub, Gym Rat, Gym Bunny, or any of the other zillion names we give one another, only address him in generic terms, like handsome, sexy, hung. If he’s 22 years old and wears glasses and weighs 108 pounds and says „for some reason people tend to think I’m a Twink,“ feign surprise and say „men are so into labels.“ Then help him lift his martini glass to his lips and move on.

Five: If you’re over thirty and at least four years older than your date, don’t be surprised if he calls you Daddy. Take it as a compliment; do not take it as a reason to pick up the check.

Six: Unless he can juggle or tap dance in bed, „versatile bottom“ means only one thing, so be prepared to take charge if things go well. If you’re lying when you call yourself a „versatile top,“ either call it quits now or start working on your oral communication skills.

Seven: If he insists on taking „important calls“ several times during your date, don’t automatically think he’s blowing you off. In today’s complicated world, he might be calling work, his sitter, or his ex-wife to see if she can pick up the kids. Chill out, and use the time to call your sponsor for encouragement.

Eight: In the old days, it was common, and common sense, to say that, if you sleep with someone, you are also sleeping with everyone he’s slept with. Nowadays, it’s common sense to remember that, if you sleep with someone who’s in a 12-Step program, you are also sleeping with everyone in his Home Group. Be prepared to be judged by all the members of the orgy.

Nine: If you’ve met the guy online and have never met in person, and if his entire chat so far has been about how amazingly hot you are and how amazingly much he’s into you and how he’s quite certain you’re the guy for him, he will hate you within 20 minutes of your date and you will never hear from him again. If you request an explanation, he will call you a stalker and block you from any social media sites you might share.

Ten: While it’s nice to have a grasp of current events and knowledge of local culture, it’s no longer a first-date pre-requisite. However, if you don’t have an immediate answer for „Do you want to get married?“ and „How many kids would you like to have?“ the date has just ended; don’t even bother to take your coat off.

Eleven: Contrary to popular belief, opinions are not like assholes, because in today’s gay world, assholes are glorious and sexy and displayed prominently in photos sent to you from potential suitors. Opinions on a date are more like your lesbian best friend: We know she’s important to you and we’re glad you have her, but we have no idea why you’d want to introduce us to her on a first meeting and turn the evening into a serious downer.

Twelve: If you do opt to discuss current events, avoid anything so controversial it will destroy potential chemistry, like Crimea, Obama’s job performance, or the relevance of HBO’s „Looking.“

Thirteen: Fashions change, so know the basics: No flip-flops, no shaving, and, even if it is after Memorial Day, absolutely no white underwear.

Fourteen: If you like the guy and want things to go well, put everything out on the table: HIV status, views on monogamy, and, for Florida residents, guns.

Fifteen: It’s a sign of a true gentleman if you walk him to his door and he says it’s too soon for you to come inside. It’s also more than likely a sign that he still lives with his on-again off-again ex.

Sixteen: If, in the heat of the moment, you do find yourself in bed together after the date, remember to keep the foreplay going for at least 30 minutes. This allows ample time for intimate kisses, exploring each other’s body, and for the Cialis to kick in.

Seventeen: Sadly, gay men are self-centered and narcissistic, so instead of talking about your abusive childhood upbringing and triumph over Legionnaires disease, read this piece over and over and out loud until I’m so happy I wet myself. We’re a match!

17 Practical Gay Dating Tips for the New Age

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Das Coming Out bei Eltern, Verwandten und Freunden, also denen zu sagen, dass man schwul, lesbisch, bi oder anderweitig nicht-hetero ist, ist ein großes Thema in der LGBT Community. Vor allem unter Teenagern und Jugendlichen ist die Angst vor dem Coming Out weit verbreitet. Vor allem wenn sie wissen, dass Eltern, Geschwister, Freunde, Bekannte, Kollegen oder andere Menschen des näheren Umfelds dem Thema kritisch oder abweisend gegenüber stehen. Wie gestaltet man also das Coming Out, wem sagt man, dass man „von der Norm abweicht“, und solle man es vor einigen Leuten vielleicht geheim halten?

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Ask a Guy (Dating Tips / Relationship Advice for Women): Frequently Asked Questions

Eric Charles here, author of the dating tips and relationship advice column, Ask a Guy, for A New Mode.

When I started writing Ask a Guy, I had no idea that it would take off like it has. I am grateful to have such loyal readers who contribute great questions to me.

But I have a confession to make: I don’t answer every question that comes into my inbox. I would love to be able to – I just don’t have the time.

I feel bad when I don’t respond. But on a positive note, I can offer the next best thing: A consolidated post all about answers to the most frequently asked dating tips and relationship problem advice questions that I see. We also just released a book based on the most frequently asked questions we receive: “He’s Not That Complicated: How to Crack a Man’s Romantic Code to Get the Relationship You Want.”

You would be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t be) at how often I am asked if a guy likes them or not. Or what it means when he didn’t text back right away. Or why a guy was interested one minute, then lost interest seemingly for no reason.

So to help out everyone who I am not able to answer directly or immediately, I’ve written up a list of the most frequently asked questions and quick and simple answers (as well as links to full posts I’ve written on the subject.)

Relationships are messy at times – even for those of us that like things clean (no drama). Having a good relationship doesn’t mean no messes. Having a good relationship means continuing to love (the verb form of love) actively throughout the good times, bad times and normal times.

There was a woman I was talking to at a bar a few weeks ago. Really attractive, though older than me (10 years older actually). Great conversationalist.

At one point, we got onto the subject of relationships, men and women. Between swigs of her martini, she told me she was going to share the most important lesson she ever learned about men, women and dating: Men are idiots. Women are crazy. If you can find a man who is less of an idiot than most, or a girl who is less crazy than most, then you’ve done well.

Also, if you haven’t already, you should definitely take our quiz to find out how „into you“ your guy is… Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) „Does He Like Me“ Quiz right now and find out how „into you“ he really is… I think you’ll find it really helpful.

One things I’ve noticed happens a lot. A girl will observe something… a behavior, a statement an action and try to figure out what it means about her relationship. Here’s a whole boatload of common relationship stuff.

Does He Want a Relationship? or What Does This Mean About My Relationship? or Is He Serious?This is one of the big ones. Here’s a curriculum of common situations (and what to do about them) to check out: Does He Want to Date Me Or Not?Guy Won’t Call You His GirlfriendBoyfriend Won’t Update Relationship Status on Facebook or MyspaceAm I Wasting My Time?, The Reason Why He Won’t Call You His Girlfriend (from a female prospective)

And then for those cases where you’re not looking for a relationship, but want your needs met… Friends With Benefits Rules

The most common types of questions all boil down to amateur detective work on why a guy didn’t do what the girl wanted him to. Here’s some of what I consider some of my best articles to answer the most common questions:

Why Didn’t He Text Back?I could answer it here, but you might as well just read the post all about it: Guy doesn’t text back

Here are a couple of hot topics in the realm of male-female attraction. Check out: Why Do Men Lie?What is the Ideal Weight for Women?How To Get Out of The Friend Zone With a Guy

Another major type of question is trying to figure out the guy’s feelings or where she stands with the guy she’s seeing. Here’s a whole bunch in that arena:

Does He Like Me? or How can I tell if a guy likes me?There is a wide range of “does he like me” questions that I get. They are typically an endless recounting of little details and interactions that swing the poor girl back and forth between thinking he’s into her and thinking he’s not.

Let me make this whole thing easy for you: If you can’t tell whether or not he likes you, your best bet is to strongly assume that he does and give him clear and obvious opportunities for him to make a move for you (assuming you’re into him and not just wondering for vanity’s sake.)

He’s shy? Then be patient and give him small, easy, bite-sized opportunities to gradually open up to you.

And you can always check out Does he like meDoes he want to date me?

Not everyone is a good match with each other. And the people we’re most attracted to aren’t always the best matches for us – sometimes they are the worst matches for us!

Want to know if you’re on the right track? Check out: Signs He Does Not Like You,

See here: Does he really love me?, If He Won’t Commit Now, Will He Ever?How do men show their love?

Can I Trust Him?I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – walking down the path of distrust or suspicion is a slippery slope. The more you walk down it, the worse things get. Check out these two articles that explore the topic of trust in relationships/dating: Does My Boyfriend Really Mean What He Says?

Does He Just Want Sex?The age-old question: Does He Just Want Sex?… or something more. On a similar topic, you’ll want to read how to know if a guy is playing you.

A lot of the time, I’ll get questions from women who feel in their heart that they want to make a move or move in a certain direction, but really don’t know if it’s the right move or not. Here are some common questions and my answers.

Here’s my very best on how to seduce and man and turn him on: How To Seduce A Man and How To Turn A Man On…

And my very best on what makes him emotionally bond with you and fall in love: What Do Men Want In A Woman and How Do You Find Love

Everything you need to know to have a successful long distance relationship here: Long Distance Relationship Advice (LDR Advice)

Can a Girl Say ‘I Love You’ First?Short answer is that you can, but probably shouldn’t since you’ll be left wondering if, when and how he would have done it had you not been such an “eager beaver”. Detailed answer here: Can a Girl Say I Love You First?

If a guy doesn’t call, it means he’s just not that into me, right? Maybe, or see what Sabrina says when a guy doesn’t call.

Sometimes a relationship starts out with the man pursuing you like you’re the center of his universe. And somehow as time goes on, you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that he’s losing interest in you – he no longer seems to be putting in the effort he once was.

To revive that spark, read this now and get the guy to chase you. On a similar topic, you might find it interesting to know how to make your boyfriend be more romantic.

How Can I Make This Guy Marry Me?Oh boy… read here immediately: How to Make Your Boyfriend Marry You

Not all matches are made in heaven and sometimes breaking up is the right move. It’s never fun or easy, but if you’ve got to do it you might as well do it right. Check out how to break up with my boyfriend.

These are the questions where everything would be perfect, except for this one thing…

Am I in a Toxic Relationship?: Ask a Guy: Signs You’re In a Toxic Relationship and How To Fix a Toxic Relationship

Understanding Men and Emotional Baggage: How Guys Deal With Breakups

My Boyfriend Lost His Job (or is Having Career Problems) and Now We’re Having Relationship Problems:For the majority of guys, upsets at our jobs can dramatically affect our relationships. Most people don’t talk about men typically relate to their jobs differently than women in terms of how it can impact the relationship (I think people fear being accused of sounding “sexist”).

Ex-girlfriends can be another form of baggage , not all relationships with exes are a bad thing – there are plenty of guys who are friends with their ex-girlfriend and it’s not an issue. The question is, what does it mean for you when your boyfriend still talks to his ex-girlfriend?

It think it’s a very important topic to be aware of. Check out: My Boyfriend Isn’t Interested in Sex Anymore

Am I Being Needy?Neediness is one of the quickest ways to smother the life out of a relationship with a guy. Check out: Am I Being Needy? and this post about guys and neediness.

How Can I Not Be Needy?If that’s your question, then this is a must-read: How to Be Free of Neediness

Where Did He Go?I see it time and time again – everything seemed great, but now he seems distant or maybe he’s even vanished without a trace. Check out these articles and get some clarity now: When A Guy WithdrawsWhy Did He Suddenly Stop Texting Me?

Things were going great and now he’s throwing you curve balls that are driving you crazy with confusion and worry. Get your head sorted out with these: Guy wants to take it slowIs my boyfriend getting bored with me?

As a closing note, again, thank you so much for being such loyal and supportive readers.

You have all said wonderful and appreciative things to me since I started Ask a Guy and I am deeply and sincerely grateful and appreciative to have your support. Thank you!

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If you’re new to Lets Chat Love, we would just like to take the opportunity to welcome you to this relationship advice forum, as you have probably guessed, this relationship forum has been created to discuss all things relating to and about love, including relationships, dating, marriage, weddings, divorce, pregnancy, sex and love itself. We’re on a mission to become the best online relationship help forum. Get involved and improve your love life today.

Online Dating Advice, Tips for Women, Men, Real Stories


Online Dating ist nach wie vor äußerst beliebt und wird von Jung und Alt zur Kontaktanbahnung und zum Kennenlernen von Singles und neuen Leuten gerne genutzt. Laut einer im jährlichen Turnus aufgelegten Studie zum Online Dating Markt von Singlebörsen-Vergleich von 2018 tummeln sich sagenhafte 8,6 Mio. monatliche Nutzer in den deutschen Online Singlebörsen. Man kann davon ausgehen, dass mittlerweile knapp jede(r) dritte Deutsche im Internet auf Partnersuche geht. Die Zahl der ungekündigten Mitgliedschaften bei deutschen Kontaktportalen beträgt 135,7 Mio. Accounts. Während die Zahl der monatlichen Nutzer seit Jahren stabil bleibt und scheinbar ein Plateau erreicht hat, nimmt die Zahl der Mitgliedschaften weiter linear zu. Das zeigt, dass der Trend zu mehr als eine Mitgliedschaft geht.

Der Siegeszug von Smartphones und mobilem Internet hat diese positive Entwicklung noch einmal beflügelt. Vor allem Dating Apps und mobil gut funktionierende Kontaktbörsen werden gerne genutzt.

Eine weitere Errungenschaft der Partnerbörsen ist es, dass mittlerweile insbesondere Randgruppen besser zueinander finden. So hatte früher beispielsweise eine 80-jährige Frau mit Vorlieben für sehr junge Männer fast keine Chance, einen solchen auch tatsächlich kennenzulernen. Auch für Menschen mit besonderen Merkmalen oder speziellen Neigungen, die beispielsweise in ländlichen Gebieten mit geringer Bevölkerungsdichte lebten, haben sich Tür und Tor für die erfolgsversprechende Partnersuche geöffnet.

Auch wenn über die letzten Jahre eine zunehmende Konzentration auf eine Reihe großer, namhafter und höchst professionelle Dating-Portale stattfand, was aus Nutzersicht ja auch dank mehr Aktivität und größeren Flirt- und Dating-Chancen zu begrüßen ist, haben sich zahlreiche Nischenportale gut gehalten und sogar entwickelt.

Schätzungen zufolge sollen sich im Jahre 2030 ca. 35 % aller Paare durch das Internet kennen- oder liebengelernt haben. Diese Entwicklung zeigt klar, dass es das Tabu-Thema „wir haben uns im Internet kennengelernt“ nicht mehr gibt. Auch das Vorurteil „wer sonst keinen findet, der sucht im Internet“ ist mittlerweile längst überholt. Gerade gebildete Menschen mit Abitur oder Hochschulabschluß nutzen verstärkt Dating-Portale.

Durch Single- und Partnerbörsen verbindet das Internet Menschen die nach Gleichgesinnten, nach Liebe, Freundschaft und dem Menschen fürs Leben suchen.

Unser Dating Vergleich soll Ihnen einen Überblick verschaffen. Die Suche nach einem möglichen festen Partner oder einer flüchtigen erotischen Bekanntschaft ist nicht immer einfach. Immer mehr Menschen greifen daher zum Kennenlernen eines potentiellen Partners auf das Online Dating zurück, das zunehmends an Beliebtheit gewinnt. In den zahlreichen Flirt- und SinglebörsenPartnervermittlungenSeitensprungagenturen und Sexbörsen tummeln sich immer mehr Männer und Frauen auf der Suche nach einem passenden Partner zum.

Übersicht zu behalten bei der ständig wachsenden Anzahl an Kontaktbörsen wird immer schwerer. Welche Kontaktplattformen sind empfehlenswert? Welche Seiten sind zu meiden? Diese Frage stellen sich viele Singles, die gerne jemanden kennenlernen wollen.

Hier hilft unser Dating Vergleich. Denn bei der mittlerweile großen Anzahl an Singlebörsen und Kontaktportalen gibt es etliche Unterschiede. Diese gilt es zu wissen, bevor man sich für eine Kontaktbörse entscheidet.

5 Dinge, die einen Mann weniger attraktiv machen

Mrz 14, 2021 | Dating TippsFlirten, Verführen & ErobernTipps und Ratgeber

Attraktivität ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg beim anderen Geschlecht. Es ist aber falsch, anzunehmen, dass es hier nur um die Summe äußerer Merkmale und des Aussehens geht. Es…


Neben den etablierten Kontaktportalen und Partnervermittlungen, denen wir fast täglich in den Medien begegnen, finden sich inzwischen hochspezialisierte Seiten und Anlaufstellen für Partnersuchende im Internet (z.B. für fleischfreie Veganer, besonders große/kleine Menschen, für Reichefür Heavy-Metal-Jünger, für Bauern und Naturliebhaber, Tierfreunde, und viele mehr…).

Im großen bunten Dating Dschungel gibt es mittlerweile fast keine unbesetzten Nischen mehr. So kann sich jeder mit seinen individuellen Merkmalen und Vorlieben wiederfinden und eine Gruppe von Gleichgesinnten finden.

Neben der klassischen Singlebörse für die Allgemeinheit gibt es wie erwähnt eine ständig wachsende Anzahl an speziellen Singlebörsen wie beispielsweise spezielle oder alternative Partnerbörsen für Alleinerziehende, Menschen mit BehinderungenMenschen die einer bestimmten Szene angehören oder aber auch Kontaktportale zur Suche nach einem sexuellen Abenteuer. Auf diese Weise sind von vornherein bestimmte Kriterien oder Vorlieben gleich festgelegt und die Partnersuche wird deutlich vereinfacht.

Immer öfter hört man auch vom Begriff des „Casual Dating“. Darunter fallen vor allem erotische Kontaktbörsen, welche unkomplizierte und unverbindliche Treffen ermöglichen sollen und Seitensprung Agenturen.

Vor allem in Ballungszentren und Großstädten erfreut sich das Online Dating immer größerer Beliebtheit. Dating, Kennenlernen und Flirten ist für Singles aus Berlin, München, Hamburg, Köln, usw. deutlich einfacher geworden. Online verabreden sie sich auf vielen selbst organisierten Singletreffen, Singleevents oder Speed Dating Veranstaltungen.


Wir drücken Ihnen die Daumen, dass Ihre Teilnahme am Online Dating von Erfolg gekrönt sein wird. Unser Dating Vergleich soll Ihnen bei der Partnersuche helfen und Ihnen ehrliche und einfache Entscheidungshilfen im Dating-Dschungel bieten. So können Sie wertvolle Zeit sparen und Ihren Geldbeutel schonen.

Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns Ihre Erfahrungen mitzuteilen. Bitte nutzen Sie dazu unsere Kommentarfunktion oder unser Kontaktformular. Sie sind auch herzlich dazu eingeladen, Ihre Erfahrungen mit genutzten Kontaktportalen hier auf unserer Website mit anderen Besuchern zu teilen (Kommentarfunktion im entsprechenden Beitrag/Testbericht). Gleichzeitig können Sie Kontaktportale auf einer Skala von 1 bis 10 bewerten.

Sollten Sie Unterstützung beim Online Dating oder beim Flirten wollen, so empfehlen wir Ihnen einen Blick in unseren Online Dating Ratgeber und bei Unklarheiten in Bezug auf Begrifflichkeiten rund um Flirten, Online Partnersuche oder die Welt der erotischen Kontakte hilft Ihnen unser Flirt- und Dating Glossar weiter.

Bitte zögern Sie auch nicht, uns Ihre Meinung über dieses Online Angebot mitzuteilen. Wir sind jederzeit offen für Kritik und Verbesserungsvorschläge.

Gay Dating App 1: GayParship schneidet im Test sehr gut ab

Sowohl die Seite als auch die App von GayParship sind vielversprechend. Während die App vor allem bei der mobilen Suche nach dem richtigen Match sorgt, hilft die übersichtliche Webseite für PC, Laptop und Tablet, das Profil umfangreich auszustatten. Denn das ist der Nachteil bei ausschließlich mobil als App angebotenen Dating und Flirt Diensten wie Grindr und Co: am Smartphone lassen sich nur dürftige Profile erstellen. Eine umfangreiche Partnersuche, aufwändige Fragebögen und die schöne Gestaltung seines Profils geht man lieber an der Desktop-Version an. Danach hilft die App bei der mobilen Partnersuche. Dass es sich um ein gutes Angebot handelt, steht auch in diesem Test von GayParship.

Gay Dating App 2: als weitere Alternative zu Tinder, Grindr und Co

Eine genauso gute Gay Dating App ist jene von Die Dating App für Schwule ist ebenfalls in einem aktuellen Test aus 2017 als sehr gut befunden worden. Auf findet ihr alle Informationen, Details und Konditionen von Es werden alle Vorteile und Nachteile der Online Dating Seite für Schwule sowie von der Dating App für Android dargelegt. Das Gute dabei: der Test mit den umfangreichen Erfahrungen ist aus 2017, also ganz aktuell. Neue Männer über eine Dating App für Schwule kennen lernen? Das könnt ihr mit diesem Angebot. Klickt euch einfach mal in den Test rein.

Gay Dating App 3: Grindr als meistgenutztes Angebot der Community

Natürlich kommt keine Liste mit den besten Gay Dating Apps ohne Grindr aus. Wer Schwule in seiner Umgebung sucht und einen Flirt, Online Dating, ein heißes Offline Date oder sogar die große Liebe sucht, der wird zumindest um einen Versuch, mit Grindr zu punkten, nicht herum kommen. Diese App gehört einfach zur Standardausrüstung, egal ob auf einem Android Smartphone oder auf dem iPhone von Apple. Wer hier nicht fündig wird, der braucht sich nicht ärgern. Die beiden, oben aufgezeigten Alternativen helfen euch garantiert dabei, eine bessere Hälfte zu finden. Partnersuche via Apps? Geht!

Coming Out, Dating, Aktivitäten und Veranstaltungen

Die Themen für diese Seite sind, wie schon erwähnt, unendlich breit gefächert. Deshalb lade ich euch dazu ein, immer wieder einmal vorbeizuschauen und euch durch meinen Blog zu klicken. Denn ihr könnt dabei stets etwas Neues entdecken. Klar, jetzt wo ich diese Zeilen schreibe, ist noch nicht viel los. Doch mit eurer Hilfe, selbst wenn ihr nur ab und an vorbeischaut und meine Beiträge lest, kann ich es schaffen, mein Ziel eines großen und hilfreichen Magazins zu erreichen. Ich freue mich auf diese Aufgabe und hoffe, dass auch ihr euch auf Beiträge aus dem Leben der LGBT Community freut!

Gay in seiner Doppelbedeutung

Ich möchte meinen ersten Eintrag nicht in so einer vagen und schrägen Stimmung beenden und daher auf die Doppelbedeutung des Wortes Gay hinweisen. Denn neben der Übersetzung als homosexuell, schwul, lesbisch oder einfach nur nicht-hetero galt es vor der Verwendung für all das als eine Bezeichnung für fröhlich, lustig oder beschwingt. Und genauso sollte die Community sein. Auch wenn es gerade für junge Menschen hart ist: nehmt es nicht so schwer, Leute. Glaubt mir einfach, dass es immer besser wird. Sucht euch Freunde in der LGBT Community, geht feiern und lebt euer Leben, wie es euch passt!

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9. Stop comparing. Check out the merchandise, evaluate the functionality, weigh the benefits, but for crying out loud, stop comparing yourself to everyone around you! The more you look to others to validate your existence, your value and your self-worth, the deeper the hole gets for you to lay in and have sand kicked in your face. Just because „Bryce“ dates like a mad man doesn’t mean he’s more datable than you. Find your stride, your way, your place and snuggle in. That cozy warm space of dating your way will find you.

10. Trust yourself. You’ve heard it before: Trust is the basis of everything. But honey, practice makes perfect, and it starts with you. As gay men, one of the hardest obstacles we face is trusting that we’re okay because we’re gay. The more you dial in, trust yourself and stop second-guessing, the more you’ll rely on your own instincts and create the dating situations that are right for you. But baby, you gotta trust yourself because their ain’t no one else that’s gonna do it for ya.

Whether it’s a first date, casual dating or dating to mate, gay guys face the same challenges as everyone else. The only difference is they do it with class, sass and still get a piece of ass when it’s done right!

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Would you date someone who wears an eyepatch (to cover an injured eye)?

I’m 24F and been single my whole life mostly because I am disfigured as a result of eye cancer and a surgery my old doctor screwed up (made a TwoX post about it like a month ago if you want more detail). It kills my confidence. As in I can’t even take pictures of myself and put them online or in a tinder profile. I know that no one finds me (physically) attractive when they see my eye, it’s really gross to look at and even with makeup it just looks bad.

So I’ve been thinking the only way I will actually have the confidence to start dating, make a new profile etc. is if I hide my eye with an eyepatch (with a patch I am not that terrible looking, fit etc so I may have better luck). Is that still an instant swipe left?

On a related note, say I do start using a patch. How long is it acceptable to wait until you show someone? Is it like being trans or having kids where you would want to know right away that I have a facial difference? Or is it something I don’t need to disclose until I’m comfortable? Thanks.

Don’t chase infatuation, chase the comfort

After more than a decade of dating and never finding a serious relationship I (34m) realised that I (together with most of my dates) soon became obsessed with that intense feeling infatuated when I first started dating. Wanting to find it in every date rather than wanting to know the person I was with and whether my life could be comfortable with her. I needed to be swept of my feet, and my dates expected the same.

However, like happiness infatuation isn’t something to be pursued for its own sake. Happiness is a by-product of a comfortable life and best enjoyed as a regular occurrence in a sea of contentment.

Likewise, intense feelings of infatuation are best enjoyed as a regular occurrence in a sea of relational comfort

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Christliche Partnerbörsen – Der Glaube als Eckpfeiler bei der Partnersuche

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Obwohl Glaube, Religion und Spiritualität in unserer westlichen Gesellschaft scheinbar ein wenig an den Rand gedrängt…

Lovoo – Dating App wandelt sich zum lokalen Netzwerk

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Lovoo dürfte den meisten Handynutzern, die ab und zu mal im App Store von Apple oder Android waren, ein Begriff sein….

Schmetterlinge im Bauch – auch mit 50+

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Twixxi – Die neue kostenlose Single Community

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elFlirt – Kostenlos flirten

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Casual Dating – Ausleben erotischer und geheimer Fantasien

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An open forum to discuss everything and anything relating to dating, whether you’re an older person, single parent, gay or straight. This is a place to share dating tips, ideas and to generally discuss the subject of dating. Please be advised that this is a help forum and not a place to look for a date or partner.

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Going on a date is the first step of any romantic relationship and it can be quite nerve-racking at first. If you have an upcoming date and have a few questions or concerns, this advice forum is for you.

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Before your date, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re prepared with a few dating questions as a fall back incase the silence gets a little too awkward for your liking. This forum can be used to share dating question ideas.

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Sexual Well Being

Are you having issues with sex in your relationship? In general? Has your boyfriend lost his sex drive? Need some sex advice? You aren’t alone!

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Male and female forum. A forum for gay people to discuss topics that they find interesting, to make friends and to chat with other gay people.

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A forum for both male and female users that are bisexuals, pansexuals or bicurious. A place to make friends and to talk about your subject matters.

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Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience, this forum has been created to encourage discussion on trying to conceive, pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding and everything else that comes with being pregnant.

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Partnersuche über Internet voll im Trend

Online Dating ist in aller Munde. Wer Single ist und den Wunsch nach einer Partnerschaft hat, hat sich bestimmt schon mal mit dem Thema Singlebörsen und Online Dating auseinandergesetzt.

Mittlerweile suchen mehr als 11 Mio. Menschen auf Dating- und Single-Portalen nach einem Partner fürs Leben oder nach neuen Bekanntschaften bzw. Liebschaften.

Bis vor einigen Jahren war es noch etwas schwierig, dazu zu stehen, dass man seinen Partner im Internet kennengelernt hat. Mittlerweile ist dies eine der normalsten und gängigsten Entwicklungen bei der Partnerwahl und längst kein Tabuthema mehr, dass man besser hinter dem Berg hält. Wer sich online datet und Erfolg damit hatte, steht auch dazu. Zahlreiche Erfolgsstorys und -berichte sind Zeuge dafür.

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You read that right, the community here at Lets Chat Love are on a mission to become the number #1 go-to forum for everything relating to and about relationships, couples problems, general online relationship advice, relationship guidance, divorce, sex, marriage, weddings, legal rights, dating, relationship advice for men, dating advice, pregnancy advice, break up advice forum, chat relationship advice, love forum advice, fertility, health issues, lifestyle – simply put, anything relating to love. We want to be the forum that provides the best free community-like experience for others to share their personal thoughts and past relationship experiences online, anonymously for free. In time, as our relationship advice forum grows and thrives, we’ll introduce new areas to the love forum, as of right now, we don’t have the member capacity to support such a large number of different forums to our users, but we do have in the pipeline to add many more sections. If you have any recommendations in terms of how we could improve our service, the rules, available boards, features or how users can interact with our website, please do get in touch, we’re all ears. We are constantly trying to improve our relationship community site, so, you may see features and enhancements being added/deleted often.

We would love it if you were part of our journey to building the best relationship advice forum, therefore, if you are interested in talking about your life, or you are seeking relationship advice help, please, do post, we would like to hear from you. You are more than welcome to register here on our love relationship forum. It is important to note that we operate a strict ruling system on our love relationship forum, and we advise that you read our rules and privacy policy before posting, this is to just ensure that our relationship community is at it’s best and that everyone enjoys their experience whilst using our site. If there is anyone not obeying tour rules and regulations, please inform a member of staff and we will take the required action, other than reading our rules and posting about relationships, we hope you enjoy your stay.

We understand that everyone takes relationship advice seriously, and that everyone has different opinions in terms of what to do in a relationship, that’s why we are trying to build the best transparent relationship forum to cover every perspective. Please obey our rules and the opinions of others, if you aren’t in agreement with someone’s opinion, then share your thoughts in the forum topics by creating an account and replying. If you spot any users that aren’t obeying our rules on this relationship forum, then you can help us enforce suitable penalties by reporting the forum thread and our moderators will be right on it.

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If you arent already registered on our relationship advice chat forum, then we suggest you get cracking ASAP, as it may help dramatically improve your own relationship and your understanding of what does and doesnt work in a relationship. Not only is it nice of you to help other people overcome their own relationship problems, but to also learn how to improve your own in that process is always a big win. Who doesnt want a happier relationship? If you are single, divorced or widowed, this doesnt exclude you, however, it should encourage you to participate as you may learn a whole lot for when you meet your next partner. Learning a little bit doesnt hurt, and there arent any negatives from contributing to an online relationship forum, or regularly browsing. It is all secure and anonymous.

The team have spent some time to get together a list of reasons to why you should start contributing to our online relationship forum today, as it could greatly improve your existing, or future relationships:

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