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Dating in the gay world is like buying a car. You can look at all of your options with several different features online. You can then go and try out the model before you commit to it or take it home to show your friends and family. You also have to be careful to not get yourself into a shady situation that could end up with you dying.

Being gay and dating has always been a complicated act. Growing up in the Midwest, there wasn’t exactly a smorgasbord of men. There also wasn’t a big pool of gay men at your school, in your town, or even within a drivable distance. From my experience, being gay meant that you would be quite lonely and relatively inexperienced. This might not be the case anymore or even for everyone but as of five to six years ago, the pickins were slim.

12 Dating Tips for Gays with Anxiety

Half of being a queer millennial is being outraged, and the other half is being a nervous wreck. With Grindr, Instagays, and gay hook-up culture, it makes perfect sense that you can often feel a little anxious when it comes to dating. But fear not! You can—and should—still be dating and putting yourself out there!

Here are some dating tips for gay guys who have anxiety (coming from someone who used to have a shit-ton of it!). 

I think the biggest thing that helped me overcome my anxiety when it comes to dating is to embrace the fact that I was anxious. That it’s normal and healthy to be anxious. I used to judge myself for thinking the way I did. „I’m too smart to think this way. I know I’m jumping to the worst possible conclusion even though it’s highly unlikely that is (or will be) the case.“ The moment I was able to say, „Hey, I get anxious, and that’s okay,“ I was able to relax (a little) while dating.

Grindr can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If it’s exacerbating your anxiety (which might be the case with all the ghosting, racism, body-shaming, and blatant rudeness that occurs) then hop off of it. If it allows you a sense of security by messaging guys anonymously, and you like the options you have on there, then by all means, Grindr away.

In addition to being on sex apps, you should definitely be on apps more catered to dating, such as OkCupid or Tinder. Have honest, realistic profiles that give a sense of who you are, so you know that if a person starts messaging you (or responds to your initial message), it’s because they like what they’ve seen about you. 

Meeting up with someone who you know nothing about it can really be nerve-wrecking. I wouldn’t say go crazy with texting for weeks prior to meeting up, but I will say there’s no harm in texting back and forth a few days, getting a glimpse of his personality before you meet up IRL.

There’s a subtle difference, one that I think Tan, the style expert from the new Queer Eye, makes clear. Wearing something comfortable is wearing an old pair of sweats; wearing something that makes you feel confident is, well, whatever makes you confident. For me, it’s slim-fitting jeans, boots, and a black or white top.

I know this is more difficult for gay men than straight men because straight men can’t really compare their bodies to their girlfriends‘. Gay men, of course, can. There’s also the issue of who makes more money, who guys flirt with more, etc. It’s tough (really tough), but do your best not to compare yourself to the guys you’re dating. You will each have different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s a good thing! You wouldn’t want to date someone with the same strengths and weaknesses as yourself. 

If this is something you struggle with, odds are you’ve heard that you have a tendency to come off as cold or bitchy. (If you haven’t heard this, just ignore this tip.) Sometimes when we’re anxious, we give off closed body language, answer questions curtly, or have a resting bitch face. If this is the case, you need to be mindful AF, and snap out of it. Keep checking in with yourself.

I’m not saying you should get completely wrecked before going out to a bar or on a date, but a drink or two can definitely help you loosen up and relax. It just takes the top off.

There was a guy a few years ago that I really liked, but he was the worst texter. It drove me insane. I was always second guessing everything I messaged him. I was always initiating the hang out sessions. He was the worst communicator! (In hindsight, he may have just not liked me that much, but I digress.) Don’t drive yourself crazy. Be with someone who texts back, who’s open and shares. 

You don’t want to be needy, but you are entitled to ask for clarification or reassurance about your relationship. If you don’t say what’s on your mind, your thoughts will fester, only getting worse and worse. Find the balance between getting your needs/questions met and being needy. You can also just ask him if you’re being too much or to let you know if you’re anxiety/insecurities are really bothering him.

What scares you? What fears do you have? Worried he’ll find someone else and leave you? Worried you’re not worthy of love? Worried he’s going to cheat on you? Be honest with him about what makes you feel anxious and insecure.

Who knows you best? Your friends! They are the best tool you can use to help you alleviate your anxieties when it comes to dating. They’ll (hopefully) be both honest and kind to you. (If they’re not, get some new friends!) 

12 Dating Tips for Gays with Anxiety

17 Practical Gay Dating Tips for the New Age

One: Turn off your Grindr profile before the date begins, even if that’s where you found him. That little „pop“ sound while you give him flowers is a romantic buzz kill.

Two: You’re „Checking In“ at the restaurant where you’ve made dinner reservations? Seriously? Nothing like telling 5,000 Facebook friends the location of your intimate rendezvous.

Three: Do not „friend“ your date on Facebook before or after the initial meeting. If you’re not a good match (and dates are like new restaurants; about one in eight survive), you’re both going to share that awkward moment of „Do I un-friend him or keep reading about his ‚Why do I always meet losers?'“ updates.

Four: Even though gay men love to label everyone, they despise being labeled. So whether he’s a Bear, Twink, Twunk, Cub, Daddy, Dilf, Otter, Chub, Gym Rat, Gym Bunny, or any of the other zillion names we give one another, only address him in generic terms, like handsome, sexy, hung. If he’s 22 years old and wears glasses and weighs 108 pounds and says „for some reason people tend to think I’m a Twink,“ feign surprise and say „men are so into labels.“ Then help him lift his martini glass to his lips and move on.

Five: If you’re over thirty and at least four years older than your date, don’t be surprised if he calls you Daddy. Take it as a compliment; do not take it as a reason to pick up the check.

Six: Unless he can juggle or tap dance in bed, „versatile bottom“ means only one thing, so be prepared to take charge if things go well. If you’re lying when you call yourself a „versatile top,“ either call it quits now or start working on your oral communication skills.

Seven: If he insists on taking „important calls“ several times during your date, don’t automatically think he’s blowing you off. In today’s complicated world, he might be calling work, his sitter, or his ex-wife to see if she can pick up the kids. Chill out, and use the time to call your sponsor for encouragement.

Eight: In the old days, it was common, and common sense, to say that, if you sleep with someone, you are also sleeping with everyone he’s slept with. Nowadays, it’s common sense to remember that, if you sleep with someone who’s in a 12-Step program, you are also sleeping with everyone in his Home Group. Be prepared to be judged by all the members of the orgy.

Nine: If you’ve met the guy online and have never met in person, and if his entire chat so far has been about how amazingly hot you are and how amazingly much he’s into you and how he’s quite certain you’re the guy for him, he will hate you within 20 minutes of your date and you will never hear from him again. If you request an explanation, he will call you a stalker and block you from any social media sites you might share.

Ten: While it’s nice to have a grasp of current events and knowledge of local culture, it’s no longer a first-date pre-requisite. However, if you don’t have an immediate answer for „Do you want to get married?“ and „How many kids would you like to have?“ the date has just ended; don’t even bother to take your coat off.

Eleven: Contrary to popular belief, opinions are not like assholes, because in today’s gay world, assholes are glorious and sexy and displayed prominently in photos sent to you from potential suitors. Opinions on a date are more like your lesbian best friend: We know she’s important to you and we’re glad you have her, but we have no idea why you’d want to introduce us to her on a first meeting and turn the evening into a serious downer.

Twelve: If you do opt to discuss current events, avoid anything so controversial it will destroy potential chemistry, like Crimea, Obama’s job performance, or the relevance of HBO’s „Looking.“

Thirteen: Fashions change, so know the basics: No flip-flops, no shaving, and, even if it is after Memorial Day, absolutely no white underwear.

Fourteen: If you like the guy and want things to go well, put everything out on the table: HIV status, views on monogamy, and, for Florida residents, guns.

Fifteen: It’s a sign of a true gentleman if you walk him to his door and he says it’s too soon for you to come inside. It’s also more than likely a sign that he still lives with his on-again off-again ex.

Sixteen: If, in the heat of the moment, you do find yourself in bed together after the date, remember to keep the foreplay going for at least 30 minutes. This allows ample time for intimate kisses, exploring each other’s body, and for the Cialis to kick in.

Seventeen: Sadly, gay men are self-centered and narcissistic, so instead of talking about your abusive childhood upbringing and triumph over Legionnaires disease, read this piece over and over and out loud until I’m so happy I wet myself. We’re a match!

17 Practical Gay Dating Tips for the New Age

Increase your dating chances this Christmas

What a perfect time of year to meet Mr Right! with so many christmas parties, this is best time of year to meet someone. With this in mind your really need to focus on what your really want, what your looking for? do you want a toy boy as is he just for christmas, or are you wanting a long term relationship, next you need to think long term about what you really want out of life ?

So you need some one who has the same values and you want the same things out of life, you really need the same goals in life to make it a successful relationship. I used to wish I could have a tick list to take out with me, you can do this in a subtle way, so find out what he does for a job, so you know what kind of person he is, for example if he’s the manager he has authority, and hopefully will be a responsible person, if he’s a sales men he’s normally outgoing confident and fun, and then theres the one who’s the gopher which probably means your going to be the head of the household, this makes some people happy!

So once you have decided what it is your looking for, then you can make your move, this is the easy bit, so perhaps have one or two glasses of wine as these makes you feel relaxed, I don’t suggest anymore, if like me after three I will be dribbling and this is not a good look! Have a bit of mistletoe pinned to your top as this is great way as this will attract the men, as they will see your confident and just having a bit of christmas fun, or you could use a great chat up line “would you like to see my christmas tree “ guaranteed to get you some attention, so just go and have fun don’t go out to think I have to meet mr right, go out to enjoy yourself and hopefully Mr right will come along just at the right time!

Increase your dating chances this Christmas

Top 50 Relationship Blogs For 2021

Finding your soulmate is something that everyone wants, but it can be a complicated process. Learning more about dating, the trends, and just some fun date ideas can help to improve your chances of success.

We have scoured the internet to bring you the 50 best relationship blogs. These are packed with valuable information to help you on your journey to find real love. Below are the websites in no specific order.

Top 50 Relationship Blogs For 2021

Why You Should Start a Dating Advice Blog and 5 Great Examples

Reading a dating advice blog may sound cheesy, but it is something that the younger generation never knew they needed. Think of it as asking a wiser, older person for advice for a love dilemma you are too afraid to ask a friend. Dating is not what it was decades ago. The younger generation has taken a more casual approach to dating. For many people, in this day and age, dating has become an absolute chore. In fact, dating has become more problematic in recent years than in the past. This is why writing a dating advice blog is one of the most interesting ventures a blogger can try in their careers.

Top 5 Gay Dating Mistakes

Here at The Vida Consultancy, we have identified five of the biggest gay dating mistakes we have seen in our years working as matchmakers. Read on and see if you have encountered any of these pitfalls – or if you might be on the verge of doing so.

It’s one thing to find the gentleman of your dreams – but quite another keeping him.

As matchmakers, we see our gay clients through each of the various phases of the dating process. Dating is tough going at the best of times, but allowing yourself to be vulnerable with a man you care for – and perhaps even love – comes with a inescapable vulnerability to be hurt – and make mistakes.

Never fear. Here at The Vida Consultancy, we have identified five of the biggest gay dating mistakes we have seen in our years working as matchmakers. Read on and see if you have encountered any of these pitfalls – or if you might be on the verge of doing so.

When it comes to the aspects of a long-term relationship that matter to you most, compromise can be a dangerous game. Part of being a matchmaker is pairing up individuals who yearn for the same things in life, particularly when it comes to the major deal-breakers, namely marriage and children. If one of you wants children and the other doesn’t, the cracks can turn to crevasses. It isn’t fair on one another – or indeed on any potential children – to not be in total agreement. Similarly, if one of you dreams of marriage and the other sees it as just not worth the effort, it’s best to discuss it now – not in the future, when it might be too late to repair the damage of the underlying resentment. Of course, there are not topics for very early in the relationship – which is why ensuring your matchmaker pairs you up only with a gentleman who also wants children or marriage, for example, is so utterly invaluable. It’s so much easier to relax and enjoy the nascent, budding romance between you if you know the bigger, long-term deal-breakers are already agreed on.

The stereotype that men struggle somewhat with emotional repression is, in my experience as a matchmaker, not a million miles from the truth, and this is as relevant a notion to gay men as it is to straight. If two gentlemen cannot express articulately enough to one another how they feel the relationship is going, problems are inevitable. The key is to break through that classic male urge to ‘retreat into your cave’ and embrace your emotions; remember, it’s these same emotions that wooed your man in the first place. Give in to his affections and you may be surprised at just how beneficial you find it, and how positively it affects your relationship.

There’s nothing like the excitement of a new, fledgling relationship, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a little carried away in your hopes and dreams. That’s just human nature. But, be cool. If you and your man become exclusive too early on in the relationship, you may not have taken enough time getting to know each other in a variety of contexts. Without this experience, you can’t necessarily be sure that your values truly align. It can be so easy to let the whirlwind of romance sweep you off your feet and to believe you’ve found your Happily Ever After – but keep a cool head. Get to know how he deals with adversity, how he treats those around him, how he lives in the day-to-day. Plus, seeing other people early on gives you the most accurate yardstick by which you can measure the real quality of the relationship.

When you’re high on the first flush of romance early on in the relationship, it can seem spontaneous and adventurous to move in together – but pre-emptive cohabitation can cut that honeymoon period as quickly as it began. It is far wiser to firstly spend extensive time together, just the two of you. Get to know his foibles, his habits – does he prefer to stay in or go out, come Saturday night? How does he take care of the house; how does he like to unwind? It’s crucial to figure out how the two of you are going to fit together on a practical level as well as on an emotional one. Conversely, though, if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a long time and you don’t even have your own drawer at his place, it may well be that one of you is a little commitment-phobic. The desire to keep your lives this separate might stem from insecurity – you’re afraid they might leave you – or, indeed, a fear of settling down – you’re afraid you might leave them. If you’re struggling to commit, or walking on eggshells waiting for him to commit, this needs discussing. Remember – you can’t wait around for such conundrums to resolve themselves. Life’s too short.

There is a longstanding myth in the industry of love, as well as in the world at large: opposites attract. The idea is that the love between two radically dissimilar people transcends their differences and they live happily ever after. This is a common motif in cinema, and it begs the question: isn’t it the love that truly matters? Well, yes, it is – but that love doesn’t come about by magic. It comes from, amongst other things, shared values.

At The Vida Consultancy, our psychology-led and assessment-based character profiling rigorously analyses which of our members hold core values that most precisely complement those of our client. You simply cannot share a life with a man with whom you do not agree on fundamental parts of your outlook on life, whether they be related to religion, wellbeing, money, children, politics – the list goes on. What does he care about? What is truly important to him? At Vida, our outstanding 85% success rate is testament to the fact that matching people based on their shared values is an unavoidable factor if love is to blossom between two people.

If you’re a gay man and looking for love, why not get in touch today and let us weave our matchmaking magic? At The Vida Consultancy, we have an exclusive network of some of the world’s most exceptional gay men, all waiting to meet that someone special. Or, if you and your man are experiencing romantic issues, why not try some relationship counselling with our very own in-house relationship psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree? Warm, understanding and with over fifteen years’ experience of helping gay and straight clients alike, you could not be in safer hands.

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Here’s some dating advice that’s ACTUALLY helpful.

I believe it was Aristotle who said, “Dating is the absolute f*cking worst.”

For gay and bi men, it often feels like dating is futile. The men you like never seem to like you back. Or they’re only looking for something casual. Or they play games. Or they never put you and your feelings into consideration when making decisions. Or they’re just…terrible…ya know? So dating is often a pain in the ass for queer men. That said, here are some helpful tidbits of dating advice for guys who want to make the whole dating process just a tad bit less painful.

1. Date outside your “type“

Gay men, more so than straight men, love to have types or “preferences.” Now there’s nothing wrong with typically being more attracted to guys who look or present a certain way. That’s fine. I will say though, don’t rule out a whole group of people because they don’t fit what you’re customarily attracted to. Be open to all different types of guys. This widens your options greatly.

2. Know the reputation of the apps you’re using

Guys have met through Grindr. They have dated, and even gotten married. This does actually happen. But Grindr still is primarily used for more casual encounters. So to only use Grindr while looking for a boyfriend isn’t necessarily the wisest move. Try Tinder, OkCupid, or other apps that have guys looking for more serious relationships. 

6. Sex is important, but not the end-all-be-all

Sex is great. Sex is fabulous. Sex is…well, it’s sex. Having a healthy sex life is important. You want to enjoy sex with your man. You want to want to have sex. In the beginning of a relationship, I think it’s much more important for the sex to be good. It keeps the relationship going. But if you want your relationship to last more than a year, there needs to be other reasons why you’re dating him that have nothing to do with sex. Sex becomes less important as the relationship goes on. 

7. Go in with low expectations, but still give it your all

This is the key to dating successfully. The golden rule, if you will. Go in thinking that the guy is going to be a dud, and that nothing is going to happen. Still though, give him your attention and the opportunity to impress you. If it doesn’t work out, that’s fine because you had low expectations, but if it does, you will be pleasantly surprised.

10. Take a break from dating when exhausted

Dating can be exhausting. Often, when you’re lining up dates, it feels like a second full-time job. Take a break from trying to meet guys when you start to experience dating fatigue. It’s not something you want to push past. When you’re ready and feel like you’ve built your stamina back up, then go ahead and start lining up dates again.

Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach that focuses on helping women to connect with men. After leaving the film industry, Katz took his skills and transformed them into an ability to help people to find love. He has written successful books and has made a name for himself as an expert in the field.

On this website, you will find success stories to give you some hope that the man you are seeking is actually out there. It also offers coaching, products to help you find love and a member’s area. The blog is a place to get some advice. The advice may not be what you want to hear, but it is solid and proven.

Here is a great post that may help you to learn why your boyfriend decided to suddenly leave you.

Robert Manni Guy’s Guy

Whether you are a woman looking for a male perspective or you are a guy looking for relationship advice from a voice you can relate to, this is the ideal blog for you.

Robert Manni’s goal is to help women and men understand each other better. He navigates all of the challenges you would expect to encounter in the world of modern dating. He also puts some focus on other important aspects of life, such as wellness, friendships, and career.

This website features a relationship blog packed with important information, as well as videos, other media, event details, and further information about Guy’s Guy Radio.

Modern Love Long Distance

Long-distance dating is becoming more and more popular every year. This blog focuses on couples who have hundreds, or even thousands, of miles between them. Start with the quotes to remain hopeful about dating despite the distance.

There is a section that gives advice about how to maintain intimacy and your relationship when you are living apart. Other sections provide long-distance activities that the two of you can do together. Lastly, you can shop and get cool gift ideas for your significant other who is far away.

This is a great post about how to handle your first in-person meeting.

Sexy Confidence

Adam LoDolce runs this website. He is a top women’s dating expert with international recognition. He is endorsed by numerous big media outlets and he hosts talks and seminars throughout the world.

His goal is to help women to find the love of their life while also being confident in their search. His website provides products, and reviews of products, that women can use to start searching for their soulmate.

His blog has a wide variety of posts that tackle the most common dating topics.

This is an excellent post that will help you to determine if your relationship is based on true love:

Jess McCann

Jess McCann is a coach, author, and friend to women. She believes that 99 percent of relationship troubles can be reversed if women are willing to change and have an open mind.

Her website provides information about her coaching and consulting services. While her focus is on women, she also works with men who are trying to find a deep connection.

On her site, you can check out the various media. Explore the books she has written and look at her blog to get advice on a multitude of common relationship topics.

This post helps you to better understand the role of a dating coach.

Sugar Daters

Whether you are seeking a sugar daddy, or you are a man looking for an attractive sugar baby, this website provides the information that you need. It gives you current information that will help you to create and foster a sugar relationship.

Sugar daddy dating continues to be a popular option for people throughout the world. This website provides a variety of posts that give you detailed information on the trends, and what you need to do to start this type of relationship.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is one of the most comprehensive websites for psychology and mental health topics. It covers everything from specific disorders to help you cope with a breakup.

The relationship content is provided by experts in the field. This includes everyone from psychiatrists to sex therapists.

In addition to articles and information, there are other resources that you can take advantage of to dig deeper into love and relationships. Examples of these resources include determining your romantic personality and exploring love diagnostics.

This post is an excellent option if you want to learn more about bad dating advice to avoid.

DoULike Blog

DoULike blog has tons of helpful tips, guides, and relationship advice to upgrade your dating habits. They also offer tons of listicle articles on a wide variety of dating topics.

If you like easy to read and consume content, we highly suggest you check this one out.


This website has a variety of authors that offer diverse perspectives on dating and relationships. They talk about everything from getting over the first date jitters to keeping your sex life alive.

This website has a simple layout. This makes it easy to find the information that you need. If you need something that is not readily available on this site, it is easy to contact them to request the information.

The blogs are straightforward and written in a way that emphasizes the real-life experience. This helps you to relate to what is being said.

This post is one of our favorites from this website: Fun Relationship Questions to Increase Connection with your Partner.


This website focuses on men and dating. It helps men to improve everything about their love life from their dating strategy to ensure that they have optimal sexual health.

The information is broken down into categories so that it is easy to find what you are looking for.

The dating coach that runs this website is a woman. This can help men to see dating and love from a woman’s perspective.

This excellent blog post can help you to overcome first date anxiety.

This website provides information to help women become a feminine goddess that can attract the man that she wants. There are ebooks and other resources that provide essential tips and information.

There are programs that you can explore to help you on your journey. These are broken down for those who are single, in a relationship, or just casually dating. This makes it easy to find the courses and information that are best for your current situation.

There are articles on this website that help you to learn more about all stages of a relationship, from determining if your relationship is healthy to get started with a new partner.

Here is an interesting article, 5 Unusual Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You, to help you determine if your man truly loves you.

The Urban Dater

Dating in urban areas is much different compared to rural areas. This is what this website focuses on. It provides information about relationships, dating, and sex for city dwellers.

You can ask the Urban Dater your most important questions to get some advice and direction for your love life. Check out the online dating section to improve your chances of success when it comes to meeting someone online.

Explore the dating and relationships section to get answers to the questions that have been running through your mind. The blog posts provide information about just about everything an urban dater could want.

Mac Lynn International

This is a London-based website that features expert information from relationship and dating experts. To see how the information may help you, look at the Success Stories section to see what real people are saying about how Vida Consultancy helped them.

You can get information about the counseling and coaching services that are offered by the experts on this website.

See what the press has to say about Vida Consultancy and their team of experts. You can also explore the FAQ section to learn more about this website and the services that are offered. The blog is a comprehensive resource for dating and relationship information.


Explore different online dating websites that they recommend to get started with meeting someone special.

Instead of just your usual love and dating advice, this website also has categories for getting divorced and dating after 40. You can also read the latest news about this topic on this website.

Get data about love and relationships to help determine where you stand. This is valuable information that is available on very few websites.

Dating with Dignity

Marni Battista is the creator of this website. She is a relationship coach. The website has other coaches too. They all put the focus on long-term results and state that great relationships are not instantaneous.

On this website, you can access the podcast and read stories from people who have found success with the relationship coaching offered by Marni and her team. Shop for books and similar materials to help you to further your relationship goals.

Check out the blog to read a wealth of articles on numerous topics that are related to good and bad relationship issues.

My Pixie Blog

This website focuses on multiple lifestyle topics and issues that are important to women today. Learn about wellness, read fun relationship blog articles, and get tips about how to choose the perfect outfit for your first date.

The information is broken down into labeled categories making it easy to find. Spend your morning exploring information on goals and learning about new featured bloggers. After work, check out some book reviews and read some posts about dating.

The website also offers giveaways for those who are loyal readers of the site.

This interesting post looks at how dating has evolved over the years.

Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle is an organization that focuses on helping people to develop safe and healthy relationships. They provide comprehensive information about dating abuse and how to get yourself out of a dangerous situation.

This organization works with people of all ages. They also help people who want to assist victims find ways to volunteer and get involved.

This website offers information about youth education and leadership, legal services and training, and capacity building. All of this contributes to helping people escape an abusive relationship.

This post talks about possessiveness and what it means in a relationship.

Relate is a UK-based relationship support provider. They focus on people from all backgrounds looking for all types of relationships.

They get involved in politics and want to make sure that the government is also promoting healthy relationships. For couples and individuals, they offer counseling. They also provide help for organizations and organize campaigns related to safe and healthy dating.

The website has a section for relationship help. They also have a blog that covers everything from infidelity to meeting someone special online.

This important blog post looks at how debt can impact relationships.

Relationship Hero

Qualified and experienced relationship coaches run this website. Relationship Hero certified them before allowing them to provide coaching and information on the website.

People can join the website to get full access to the information and website features. There are reviews from people to help you get an idea about how Relationship Hero helped them in their quest to find themselves and true love.

This website also has information about relationships and online dating. These blogs cover everything from the first date to navigating your first fight as a couple.

This blog post provides solid information about how to keep the conversation flowing on your first date.


This is a more lighthearted website that explores flirting, dating, and relationships. It has dating guides for different cities with emphasis on areas throughout Spain, Italy and Norway.

You can become a member and interact with others on the website. This is an international community, so you can meet people from all over the world.

Check out the dating tips section to get information on the basics. You can also explore information on sex and relationships and related trends and news.

This is one of our favorite posts from this website.

Hey Saturday

This website puts focus on helping people to create online dating profile photos that catch the right attention. The website’s creator, Saskia, also wants people to find dating fun again.

Browse the portfolio of dating photos and check out the accolades and praise that Saskia and her team have received for their photography work. Learn more about the team and their reasons for getting into this niche.

Check out the relationship blog to get information about taking excellent dating photos and other pertinent dating advice.

Check out this post about creating your own brand for the online dating market.

Crated with Love

This is the website for a date night subscription box. While this is the basis of the company, the website is also a rich resource packed with tools and information about dating.

Check out the free ebook to take your relationship knowledge to the next level. Learn more about how spending quality time together is the best way to achieve a successful relationship.

The blog has numerous posts to help you plan date nights and develop a stronger bond with your partner.

Find a Quality Man

Lisa Copeland runs this website. She is an esteemed dating coach with experience helping women to find men they can build meaningful relationships with. Her primary focus is women over age 50 looking for a second chance at love.

On this website, you can check out her online programs and coaching to help you with your pursuit of a relationship. Check out the media and the dating websites that Lisa recommends.

Become a member so that you have full access to her resources and tools. Check out her blog to gain knowledge on a wealth of topics.

Check out this post to bust some common dating myths.

Why Start a Dating Advice Blog?

For readers, anonymity is such a key element in reading dating advice blogs. Some people are open to talking about their relationships and intimacies, others are not. Some people are still in that grey area where they are unsure of what they are feeling about some things and want to read up on other people’s experiences first before sharing them with their friends and loved ones. There are certain topics (and curiosities) that some people are not confident enough to bring to light IRL. THIS should be your inspiration for writing a dating advice blog. Be that person that could help a stranger out. Let them ask anonymously, and answer them (either in private or as a post in your blog).

The Cons of Writing for a Dating Advice Blog

The emotional investment in writing for a dating advice blog can be a bit heavy. It is difficult to write sound advice for things you have never experienced before. Remember, some people are vulnerable to certain heavy emotions. Heavy emotions can be reflected by content. It is also important to remind the readers that THERE IS NO FORMULA TO DATING. Sometimes the advice works, a lot of times it won’t. So, it is important to still treat writing for an advice blog as professional as possible. Research is a must.

Know The Online Dating Market

Many guys turn online to meet other gay menonline dating sites for every taste. The members in these online dating communities may come from different gay scenes but they all have one thing in common. Whether it’s OKCupid, each guy is asked to market themselves with an online you’ve ever been on a gay online dating site, you know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of guys all looking to connect. Online dating is all about marketing. And the most successful guys are those that know their market and the product they’re presenting—themselves.Imagine if your favorite cereal came in a white box with no graphics or explanation of what was inside. No matter how good or bad it tasted, you probably wouldn’t buy it. The same holds true for online profiles. No matter what the reputation of the site, profiles serve as a first impression and allow other men to build a story about who you are as a person (am I’m not just talking about the physical). How you present yourself on the shelf can make all the difference between snagging your dream lover or enjoying 15 minutes of fame. Here’s how you can turn around your online dating luck.

Eye Catching Headlines

Profile headlines can be a vehicle to attract the man you want, but they can also serve as the first line of defense against the man you don’t. Think of your headline as an expanded version of your marketing screen name. Use this space (usually 30-80 characters long) to describe your interests or the interests you desire in a man. Elaborate on where your screen name originates or try giving a catchy intro to who you are as a person. „Travel buff looking for someone to help pack my bags“ or „What’s my ideal date? Come find out!“ are great examples of eye-catching headlines. The first example is likely to attract a guy that’s into travel like you are while the second shows your prospect that you are open to dating.

Stats: Your Two-Dimensional Body

Most online profiles ask for your age, body type, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, and height among other things. Be as specific as possible within your comfort zone, but never lie. Have you ever ordered something from a catalog and looked nothing like the picture in the brochure?Even the romantic who digs your winning personality over your physical features will see fibbing as an issue of trust. You may not be able to grace the cover of Men’s Health, but if there is anything I’ve learned in the gay game is that someone (actually many people) will find you hot!

The Meeting Place: Safety First!

Where would you prefer to meet your partner for the first time? On most profiles, your options include your place, his place, or a public venue. You also have the option to choose „Ask me!“ or another variation which allows you to assess each situation as it presents itself. Remember, even after a long chat your new potential is still a stranger. If you decide to meet up to get to know one another better, follow these online dating safety tips.

1. Grindr

Grindr is sort of the holy grail of gay dating. It’s mostly used as a hookup app and is, at times, truly as disgusting as you might have heard. You create your profile with a single photo, name, sexual position, HIV status, and body statistics. Other men in your area can message you with pictures, videos, and, most recently added, audio. Grindr is really popular at things like Pride and on college campuses where the app facilitates meet-ups. Best of all, you don’t even have to make the first step in person. The app gives you time to formulate your first responses and portray yourself in a way that you can’t necessarily do in person, especially if you’re a shy person like I am. This is also a detriment to social skills as you can pretend and catfish without any consequences.

You can see available men in the area for just about every purpose under the sun. A lot of men are out there just looking for dates and friends while others are out there to simply have some fun without any strings attached. The stereotypical hookup of meeting minutes before meaningless sex is a Grindr classic. On the other hand, people have met long term partners or even their future husbands on Grindr. It’s honestly a crazy world that puts a lot of the good and the bad of the gay dating scene at your fingertips.

2. Tinder

I’m talking about dating apps right now because they’ve become vital to how gay men date and hookup in 2018. From what I’ve learned from straight friends, Tinder for them and Tinder for gay people are two completely different worlds. I have always thought that you go on Tinder to find something a little more meaningful whether it be a long term relationship or even just friends with benefits; something more than meaningless sex. It’s been rare that you would turn to Tinder to find a hookup for that night. For straight people however, Tinder acts as the primary app to hookup with people. You don’t necessarily open Tinder to find your soul mate; mainly hookups or friends with benefits.

Gay men usually take more time on their profiles. I’ve noticed extensive thought being put into their bios and their picture selection. People try and go beyond their physical attributes, which is a flaw to Grindr, in order to find something meaningful in this sex-crazed world.

3. Your friend’s gay friend

This is another cornerstone to the gay dating dilemma, only meeting other gays through friends, never just out in the wild. As I’ve gotten older and started to date more, the visibility of openly gay men has become more apparent due to the fact that I’ve been putting myself into gayer and gayer spaces. However, it’s often joked that just become one person is gay they will be sexually interested in the other gay person that a friend knows. It is true however that this is a common occurrence in middle and high school, especially in the Midwest where there are not large concentrations of gay men everywhere. It’s almost like knowing two black people and assuming that they will like each other simply because they’re both black.

4. Meeting a local gay

As you get older and are more apt to find yourself in gayer spaces, it becomes easier to date. A lot of gay dating happens through a facilitator of some sort, whether it be an app or a friend, face to face meetings occur more frequently when you are able to put yourself into these more diverse spaces. It becomes possible to meet A local gay rather than THE local gay, implying there to not be many options. For me, it’s become slightly strange to not have to solely relay on the will of others or an app to meet men. It’s possible to meet a guy at a café or at an art museum, to name just a few of the most basic love scenarios. The possibilities are endless in a world with gay meetings happening in normal spaces and I believe that in the next ten years we’ll be hearing more stories of how someone met their partner at the coffee shop down the street rather than on Grindr. Well, one can hope at least!

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62. White Men Black Women

Texas City, Texas, United States About Blog White men black women dating site is designed exclusively for the singles who are looking for interracial relationships. The main intention of this site is to help the singles who are particular about choosing their life partner. Here who can meet people like Black women looking for white men, White women seeking black men, White women looking for black men, white men dating black women, black women seeking white men these are the types of relation ships people are looking for. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact

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Cyprus About Blog Empowered Dating and Life Coach for Women. Maria supports her clients to ignite their dating and relationship confidence from inside out so that they date consciously and selectively to attract the partner perfect for them and a healthy, happy, fun relationship. Blog followers 545 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada About Blog Get articles on how to meet women, dating, personal growth, masculinity, and living to your fullest potential as a man. I’m Eddy Baller, the founder of Conquer & Win, and a dating coach who focuses on personal development to change men’s lives. Frequency 3 posts / year Blog Facebook fans 318 ⋅ Twitter followers 310 ⋅ Instagram Followers 2.6K ⋅ Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.3M View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact