Gay Bucharest: guide to the best bars, clubs, hotels and more

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is one of Europe’s hidden gems. It’s a fantastic city to explore – safe, with a rich history, many excellent bars, restaurants, a bustling Old Town and even a (small) gay scene. This is a big deal for an Eastern European country like Romania where LGBTQ rights are sadly lagging behind the rest of Europe.

Bucharest is also very inexpensive compared to other European capitals, and easy to reach with all major budget airlines across Europe. Score!

We used Bucharest as our base to explore Romania – a stunning country, with some impressive mountain scenery in Transylvania in the north and even a beach in the Black Sea at Constantia in the south. Bucharest is located right in the middle of the country with the best connections to all other parts of Romania. It’s also a super fun place to go out, whether in the vibrant nightlife of the Old Town or to one of the many gay and gay friendly places we set out in this guide.

This is our comprehensive gay guide to Bucharest from our personal experience and recommendations from friends with our favourite gay friendly hotels to stay, the gay bars/clubs, events, things to do and more.

gay guy travels in Bucharest?

Very little info seems to be available about gays visiting Bucharest.

Looking for ideas on how safe. Where to stay eat etc.

We have been to Prague and Budapest and know that night life exisits only on the weekends, how about Bucharest?

We live in San Francisco and that city folds up at 01:00.

I saw gay guys here, but nobody says nothing to them… Just ugly looks. No violence thow !

You can stay at any hotel, they don’t care if you’re gay or not !

In Bucharest there is night life at every night, not only in weekends. The clubs are usually open until 5 a.m., so you can party all night long !

I think it is better to contact gay clubs in advance, maybe they can help you guiding around town. romanians are usually open minded but you don’t want to push it. if you have guidance you will have a great time here. this is just an opinion.

This post will tell you all you need to know. I did write a detailed review of the Bucharest gay scene about a year ago (when I was living there with my Romanian partner) but things have changed a lot since then.

You should be 100% certain to visit and look at the Bucharest guide. It’s brilliant, 100% fair, has tons of great info about what to eat, and where to stay, and when I lived there I used it every month as it is independent and honest – so many Romanian guides/hotel recommendations are back-hander puff“

Attitudes – it’s still a very conservative country, and the gay pride march usually attracts some right-wing Christian orthodox protestors. But there are loads of gay people in Bucharest, and in 18 months of living there I never had any problems. But if you hold hands walking down the street, you will get stares/a little abuse.

Gay scene – it’s great fin, and you will have a good time. There are two big gay clubs in town. The best known is called Queens, mainly Friday Saturday, but note that this has recently moved into a bigger place – I will get that address and post it. Be sure to note that it has changed address, because many people would still give you the old address.

About a year ago a US guy opened up a new 7 days a week gay club called Impact. This is located at Str. Viitorului, nr. 26 (Langa Piata Galati) Telefon: 021/212.06.20. It’s tricky to find, even though it’s central, but call the number, they speak English. This club opens until 3 every night, 5 or 6 at weekends. It’s fun.

There used to be a bar called Tuxedo, that’s now closed, alsd Red Heart opened as a gay club, but is now very much a mix of straights and young gypsy guys (who will, without fail, come up and say hello with a $$$ in their eyes – something which is extremely prevalent in all gay clubs in Bucharest. You will stand out as Westerners, so expect to be approached by hustlers in clubs, and by „Hey meester, you want pretty girl?“ pims form time to time on the streets.

Depending when you’re going, the top of the National Theatre is a nice, young-ish studenty sort of place tho not overtly gay.

If you’re planning to visit Brasov there’s a gay club there, and Mamaia (Black Sea) also has one just outside resort at Constanta. Small, but OK.

Hope this helps. Email me if you want more detailed information about other aspects 🙂

I have just returned from BucharestRomania was fantastic but do not expect a gay scene but there are good general clubs. This is the summary:

Queens Club is not open – closed for rennovation Purple Club is not open – closed for rennovation

Red Heat/Heart – this is not GAY – it is a heterosexual strip club (we were charged over £30.00 for 2 gin and tonic)

Could not find the streets Carol Davilla where Club v is meant to be .. I had a detailed map

Purple is easy to find – it is between Piatta Unirri and Piatta Universtati on Boulevrad IC BRATIANU -OPPOSITE THE HUGE LEE COOPER store (1 street behind)Selimbar 1

As for Queens we read it was closed and could not place the street on the map – we were given 2 addresses (Mihai Bravu 32 and Iuliu Barasch R-14)

I recommend Loggia as a nice chilled bar str smardan 9 or the brillinat amsterdam grand cafe/bar str covaci 6. For food the Austrian bar VIV on Lipscani

Do not even bother going to Bucharest, gay or straight, the place is an absolute dump. Nothing whatsoever worth seeing.

This is not true at all. The Romanians are not open minded. They are very religious and absurdly conservative. You should be careful how you act and beware: in the gay clubs there are plenty on str8 guys and they can be very verbally violent if you try to carry out any „action“ with them. Gay life in the strict sense of the word is NOT specific for Bucharest. Plus take into account the gayborhood in this city is spread out over a big downtown area so you won’t opt for hanging around with people from bar to bar feeling at ease. It’s very stressful since the streets are full of weirdos with funny looks ready to punch you if you hold your BF hand. Gay bars are, more than that, places where kids and young fancy people with money come to show up how affluent they are.

Jeremymangu: I agree inyoyrpocket givs some info but it is absurdly opinionated and anti Romanian in essence. The guys working there (I believe the boss is one Craig Turp or Turd) have express orders for that magazine to actually make a mockery whenever possible. They are paid money for that. Will end by saying they write against prostitution and how „illegal“ it is in Romania and then the exact same magazine in other cities advertises for escort services and that is in countries where it is as illegal. I would not really use that magazine for reference. On the other hand we are not disputing your expertise after having lived here.

Airoa: yes Romanians are conservative when it comes to gay. Most of them believe this is a curse. It is beyond them to figure out how a man would prefer another man’s rear and call it love. However I disagree when you say Romanians are absurdly religious. This is your perception. Not more religious that you own Catholic Spain where people are as conservative if not even worse.

Romanians are not afraid to tell you what they really think about being gay whereas in Western Europe it is now politically correct to say yes to this. What people in the West really think, well, that is something else.

Romanians are not as religious as you perceive: they have kept their identity better whereas Westerners kind of lost that in the past six decades.

marius1974. You are right about gay life in Bucharest.I am not from Bucharest ,I lived ther 8 years and I can tell that the gay life it’s course if we are reffering to people that had gay life since they know about it it’s different .

I have been with a friend in Bucharest at the end of august 2009. We were at SOHO Club, in Strada Bacani, and i can say, that it’s a gay club (bar&disco) that could be anywhere in the world. 100 gays at least (of every stile), also some girls, no problems with hustlers, gypsys or straight guys. It’s just a totally normal gay disco, everybody was in good party-mood, it was a relaxed, funny, friendly crowd.

By the way, we walked several times through Bucharest in the middle of the night, and nothing happened. The streets tend to be very dark in some areas, but that’s only a psychological problem. In fact, this city is safer than most other big cities in Europe. We walked there kilometers at 3 o’clock in the morning – in Berlin you possibly would face more troubles than in Bucharest.

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gay guy travels in Bucharest?

Bucuresti (Romania) cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice cruising and to have casual NSA encounters

If you are gay and you want to practise cruising and to have casual NSA encounters in public places in Bucuresti in an anonymous way, here you can find spots such as beaches, parks, forests and other spaces next to urban areas, as well as every kind of public toilets and rest areas of highways where you can practise cruising in Bucuresti, Romania.

Below we show a Bucuresti cruising map with all cruising areas and spots that shared our gay community. Click on the map markers for details of each spot.

In the tab for each zone you will find a location map with directions to the place: driving, walking, public transport or bike. You can vote the area and leave a comment for the rest of the community guys know your opinion, and if you want people to know you’re in the area, do not hesitate to check in.

Bucuresti (Romania) cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice cruising and to have casual NSA encounters


Report incorrect data: location, type, description, etc.

Add this spot to your website by copying the code below.

Gay cruising area from the main metro entrance inside the Titan Park. Many men looking for cruising after 7 pm.


Is Bucharest safe for LGBTQ travellers?

Romania is generally not regarded as a gay-friendly country, but that is changing! As with much of East Europe, homosexuality is a massive taboo in society, which can get you into a lot of trouble if you shout out loud about it. On the plus side, however, as part of its ascension to the EU in 2007, Romania was forced to adopt an array of anti-discrimination laws, particularly in relation to hate crime and hate speech. Laws to recognise civil unions are being discussed and the right to change legal gender was introduced as far back as 1996. And thankfully, in a 2018 referendum, Romanians voted against banning same-sex marriage!

Bucharest is the most cosmopolitan and accepting city in Romania, with a large LGBTQ community, a few gay places to hang out and even an annual Pride taking place each June. Obviously don’t come here expecting a gay scene like those in Fort Lauderdale or Barcelona, but as long as you’re not too outlandish about your sexuality in public, you’ll be absolutely fine and will have an awesome time.

Is Bucharest safe for LGBTQ travellers?

Gay neighbourhood in Bucharest

Whilst there is no official gay neighbourhood in Bucharest, there are a few gay or gay friendly places to check out, mainly based in and around the Old Town, like Thor’s Hammer, Q Club and the queer-friendly Control Club.

There are also a number of mixed gay friendly places we’ve listed in this guide, which are popular hangouts for the local LGBTQ community and where we felt comfortable with PDAs. However, for a city with a large gay community (no seriously, you’ll be super busy on your Grindr in Bucharest!) we felt that the city is lacking somewhat in LGBTQ hangouts.

Despite this, watch this space! We found a massive discrepancy between young and old: the older more Orthodox Romanians are extremely religious, stuck in old fashioned ways, whereas the younger Millennial Romanians are very progressive, tolerant and super savvy about LGBTQ issues. We think that it’s only a matter of time until Bucharest evolves into an LGBTQ mecca of East Europe.

The last thing you want to do when arriving in a new city is try to figure out public transport, juggle your luggage and avoid scams. We love to use Welcome Pickups for private airport transfers, so we can relax knowing an English-speaking guide will be waiting at the airport ready to whisk us away to our hotel.

Where to stay in Bucharest

We struggled to find gay friendly hotels in Romania. Most places we contacted seemed to be under the impression we are two perverts who want to abuse children and fornicate in public. That’s Romania for you sadly.

The listings below are places we have first-hand experience with and can confidently say they welcome LGBTQ travellers. But remember, things change, especially in relation to management and staff. For example, when researching, the Rembrandt Hotel was frequently listed by various sources online, but when we approached them, they were one of the places who dismissed us as perverts wanting to fornicate in public. So for peace of mind, we recommend calling ahead to make sure hotel staff are cool with two guys sharing a bed.

Gay bars in Bucharest

Bucharest has a small gay scene with a handful of gay bars and several really trendy queer friendly places to check out, most of which are located in and around the Old Town. If you don’t want to head out alone you could join one of Gaily’s nighttime tours of Bucharest’s gay scene. These are some of our favourites places to hang out which we think you need to check out:

Gay clubs in Bucharest

As with the bars, there’s only one official gay club in Bucharest, located just outside the main town – Q Club. We’ve also set out a few other gay friendly ones we found based on recommendations from gay locals. There’s also a available for you to discover the best spots with a friendly local guide.

Best gay friendly restaurants in Bucharest

While a few years ago Bucharest was mostly only home to traditional Romanian cuisine, nowadays the number of trendy and more international places have multiplied. These are our favourite restaurants in Bucharest where gay travellers can go out for a delicious meal.

Best things to do in Bucharest

Sometimes dubbed “Little Paris” for its Beaux-Arts-style palaces, municipal buildings and museums, Bucharest is a surprising destination with beautiful streets to explore. Gay travellers will find a wide variety of fun activities to do. These were our favourite things to do in Bucharest:

Best day trips from Bucharest

For LGBTQ travellers wanting to include a bit of Dracula mythology with their trip, there are a lot of options you can do as part of a day trip. The most popular are the day trips to either or all of Bran Castle (aka Dracula Castle), Peles Castle and Brasov. Here’s a summary of the best ones to check out:

Planning your trip to Bucharest

We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your own trip to Bucharest. Read on to find out everything the gay traveller should know before they go.

How to get there: You can get to Bucharest overland by car, train or bus and there are also two airports providing flights to Bucharest from most major European cities. From the airport, you can reach the city centre via bus or train but be careful of local taxis as taxi scams are one of the most common crimes in Bucharest. We like to organise a private airport transfer when arriving in a new city so that we don’t need to worry about scams or navigating public transport with luggage.

Visa requirements: Citizens from most European countries, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand don’t need a visa to stay in Romania for up to 90 days as a tourist. If you’re travelling from another country or just want to make sure, you can check your personal visa requirements for Romania here.

Getting around: Bucharest has one of the largest transport networks in Europe, with buses, trams, trolleybuses and a subway to get around the city. Taking the subway is usually the best way to explore, just be aware of your belongings. Here’s some more information about Bucharest’s public transport system.

Power Plugs: Romania uses power plug type F, which also works with types C and E. Travellers from most European countries won’t have any issues but if you’re travelling from the UK, US, Australia and many other countries then you will need to bring a travel adaptor with you.

Travel insurance: You just never know when something is going to go wrong on your travels, from missed flights to illness or accidents. Just make sure you’re covered for your trip to Romania! We never travel without the security of travel insurance and we always use . We love their comprehensive and affordable coverage as well as how easy it is to make a claim online.

Vaccinations: You should make sure you’re up to date with routine vaccinations like measles, mumps and chickenpox, as well as getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A before travelling to Bucharest. Some travellers may also need vaccinations for Hepatitis B and rabies, depending on what you’ll be doing. Check the CDC website for the most up to date info before you head to Bucharest.

Currency: The currency in Romania is called the Romanian leu, for which the currency code is RON although it’s often written as lei in the plural form. $1 US converts to about 4.32 lei, €1 is worth about 4.75 lei and £1 is around 5.47 lei.

Tipping culture: Salaries in Romania are generally low, so it’s expected that you would leave a tip for good service at restaurants, hotels or for your taxi driver or tour guide. Generally a tip of 5-10 lei or 10-12% of your bill is acceptable, but you can read more about tipping etiquette in Bucharest here.

Internet access: Free high-speed WiFi is surprisingly easy to access in Bucharest, with connections in most restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, shopping malls and even many parks. If you know you’re going to need a lot of bandwidth then you might like to bring a portable WiFi device with you.

Online privacy: Gay dating apps like Scruff and Grindr aren’t banned in Romania, so you’ll have no problems connecting with gay locals while you’re in Bucharest. If you simply prefer to keep your online activities private then we recommend ExpressVPN for affordable and reliable privacy protection.

Accommodation: Bucharest has lots of accommodation options to choose from and we always use to find the best prices. They have excellent 24/7 online support, the online booking process is really easy and many places provide free cancellation if needed.

Sightseeing and adventure: Since Bucharest is such a big city with a fascinating history there’ll be no shortage of fun things to do and see while you’re here. We like to use to find the best things to do in Bucharest because they have really good online support and an easy to use online booking system.

When to visit: Romania has four distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot summers. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit Bucharest so that you can avoid any extremes in temperature and the tourist crowds. Luckily Bucharest Pride takes place in spring, so why not time your visit for Pride and enjoy the spring blooms at the same time?


Bericht falsche Daten: Ort, Typ, Beschreibung usw.

Füge diesem gebiet zu Deiner Webseite hinzu, indem Du den untenstehenden Code einfügst.

Gay cruising area from the main metro entrance inside the Titan Park. Many men looking for cruising after 7 pm.


Bericht falsche Daten: Ort, Typ, Beschreibung usw.

Füge diesem gebiet zu Deiner Webseite hinzu, indem Du den untenstehenden Code einfügst.

The toilets on the first floor, best to go between morning and 2 pm.

Gay Bucharest

After twenty-four years of oppression under the former Communist dictator Nicolai Ceausescu, Romania is experiencing a rebirth in sights, sound and spirit. Written off for nearly twenty years as Europe’s “forgotten capital,” European Union membership has brought with it billions of dollars in rebuilding money that is spent almost as fast as it is received.  Nowhere is it more visible than in Bucharest – the capital city.  Nearly every main street is under construction.  The entire old town is street-less, wall-less and light-less as one enormous redevelopment project aims to bring new life to the entire ten square block area by 2011.  No doubt the crown jewel of the city – and possibly the nation – is the Parliamentary Palace.  Built by Ceausescu in the 1980s, this 1000-room monstrosity is the world’s second-largest building after the Pentagon!  100,000 tons of marble, 1,200 crystal chandeliers and a $1.5 million electricity bill make this a site to be seen. Most tour books suggest skipping Bucharest, but doing so would mean missing the real heartbeat of this re-emerging nation.  No, it’s not all that pretty and no, it’s not all that clean, but boy is it tough, and that strength is inspiring. Bucharest is situated in the South Central part of the country.  To the west and to the north lies Transylvania, the famed home of Count Dracula as well as breathtaking scenery and charming 10th and 11th century towns and villages.  To the east lies the Black Sea Coast and Romania’s summer capital – Constanta.  In the hot months Europeans head here in the thousands to enjoy endless miles of black sand beaches and some of the most intense nightlife in Europe.

#6 – Sun Plaza Mall

If you know any other places or spots where Cruising can be practised in Bucuresti, you can add them to the map and share them with the rest of gay people through this link: Add a new cruising spot in Bucuresti, Romania

The Mansion Boutique Hotel

For all the kiddy-phobes out there, this place will be your gay friendly paradise! The Mansion Boutique is strictly adults only. You heard us right…there are no children allowed.

It is ideal for those with a slightly higher budget. The Mansion Boutique oozes luxury and is the perfect place for a honeymoon or anniversary getaway.

After all, if you’re going to splurge, you may as well go the whole hog!

From the outside, the gay friendly hotel is extremely impressive. We immediately saw why they called themselves ‘mansion‘ – the place is huge! Inside, you’ll find high ceilings, shiny floors, crystals and fabulous art. The lobby feels like a snapshot of Heaven with sleek furniture and bright natural light spilling in from the glass roof.

There are also different room types to choose from. From the Art Deco room for the Modernist obsessed geek to the Provence room for the refined minimalist. A delicious breakfast is provided for guests in the cafe/restaurant on the ground floor, while you’re very close to the vibrant and exciting life of the Old Town area.


Misterb&b is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Click below to get 10 € (or $10) off your first booking.

Hotel Trianon Bucharest

Hotel Trianon is a gay friendly accommodation a bit more affordable than some of the others on this list, yet is still very comfortable and stylish. Despite the low cost, the hotel doesn’t relinquish the luxury factor. We especially love all that purple, it is the colour of royalty after all!

With a chillout zone that feels like a snapshot from a Mediterranean poolside, palm trees, loungers made from bamboo and sun coloured walls, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in paradise.

You can choose from standard or superior rooms and even apartments if you’re travelling in a group. There are also a host of sights to see close by, from the Parliament Palace to the Cismigiu Gardens, Hotel Trianon thrusts you right into the heart of the city. The hotel is right next to the beautiful Cismigiu Park, perfect for a romantic stroll.

There’s a restaurant on site that serves traditional Romanian and international cuisine, as well as a free buffet breakfast for guests. If you don’t want to stay in a hostel but also don’t feel the need to spend lots of money on a room that you won’t be spending much time in any way, then Hotel Trianon is a wonderful gay friendly choice.

Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel

For when you are on a budget, yet still itching to explore the Romanian capital, Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel sure hits the sweet spot.

The gay friendly hostel may not be as glamorous as other choices, but you can’t beat its central location and incredible city views.

The hostel promises that every room has an amazing view of the Old Town, with lots of historical sights visible.

As part of your accommodation fee, Little Bucharest even offers a free walking tour! The common room is also a great space to meet fellow travellers, play board games and relax. We love the use of bright colours throughout the hostel plus the quirky little design details, especially the wall art and cushions.

Little Bucharest is a good budget option for LGBTQ travellers but remember, it’s located right in the middle of the Old Town, which gets super noisy at night. If you’re looking to party and be close to the gay scene then you couldn’t find a more ideal location! But if you want peace and quiet, then this is not the place you want to be staying in Bucharest!

Thor’s Hammer

Can you pick up Thor’s Hammer? Thor’s Hammer is the only official gay bar of Bucharest, located right in the heart of the Old Town. We love the outdoor terrace here. Weather permitting, it’s a fun place to hang out. You’ll quickly make friends with both locals and foreigners. Later in the evening, they also have some hilarious drag shows. Thor’s Hammer is located at 12 Strada Blănari. It is open daily until 2am, and until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Control Club

No, it’s not named after the incredible Janet Jackson song. Yet you definitely feel like you’ve stumbled into the middle of one of her music videos when you step into this club. From pumping, industrial type music to a truly energetic mix of patrons, Control Club is a night out not for the faint-hearted. Our favourite gay-friendly bar in Bucharest, it always attracts a large LGBTQ crowd, especially on Tuesday evenings when drinks are half price. Weekends are also busy, with the dance floor inside in full swing. The food here is delicious too, with a very mixed menu. Control Club is located at Strada Constantin Mille 4 and is open daily until around 6am.


Is there life on Mars? The US may have used Apollo 11 to put a man on the moon, but Bucharest is going one step further and using Apollo111 to give the gays a good time. Apollo111 is a gay-friendly hipster bar, popular with a very Bohemian crowd. It’s centrally located in an old industrial building, which used to be a printing house. With intergalactic style design, such as light fixtures in the shapes of globes, the bar creates an atmosphere that feels otherworldly. Apollo111 is located at 23-25 Ion Brezoianu Street and is open daily until 1am.

Q Club

The only official gay club of Bucharest, this is one very fun night out! Weekends are the best time to come when it gets busy with guys of all ages, both locals and foreigners. It’s also quite large, with a dancing area downstairs and cute outdoor chill-out lounge upstairs. Great music, fun crowd and delicious cocktails, one of which is included with the price of your entry. What’s not to love? Q Club is located at 61 Bulevardul Carol I and is open on Friday and Saturdays from 11pm until 5am.

Club Eden

Step into the garden of Club Eden! You may spot a few Adam and Adams, plus Eve and Eves…but one thing you won’t find in this paradise is a snake (well, not a real one anyway)! Everyone we met here was genuinely lovely and the staff were super helpful. Located at the base of the Stirbei Palace, this gay friendly gem has some of the best electro parties in all of Bucharest. It’s a mixed club, yet attracts a large queer crowd. The diverse mix of people allows for an electrifying atmosphere. Club Eden is located at Palatul Știrbei, 107 Calea Victoriei and is open every day until around 2am.

Bucharest Gay Pride (May/June)

Attracting around 5,000 to 10,000 people each year, Bucharest’s Pride just keeps getting bigger and better. This is a week-long festival of talks, film screenings, parties and, of course, a fabulous parade through the city centre.

Having started back in 2004, the festival initially attracted some negative attention – with public debates being held as to whether the event should go ahead. Today, it is more popular than ever before.

For a country that continues to lag behind in equal rights for LGBTQ citizens, Pride events are vital to continuing the conversation. Seeing queer citizens being celebrated is truly beautiful, and we hope the event will help increase the visibility of the gay community and increase tolerance.

Gay tour of Bucharest

If it’s your first time visiting the city or you don’t feel confident going out alone, then you’ll be happy to know you can join an awesome nighttime “Gaily Tour” of Bucharest with a local guide. Not only will you be hanging out with a friendly gay local, but you’ll also get to find out all the best queer bars and clubs to have a good time. This is the perfect way to get a feel for the city’s magical gay scene! If you’re not really a party person there’s also a gaily tour during the day, which will show you all the main tourist sights of the city with a gay tour guide to give you extra insight.

Stefan Arestis

Stefan is the co-founder, editor, and author of the gay travel blog As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. What he loves the most about traveling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends, and learning new cultures. His advice about LGBTQ travel has been featured in Gaycation Magazine, Gaycities, Gay Times, Pink News, and Attitude Magazine. He has also written about gay travel for other non-gay-specific publications including Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. Stefan is also a qualified lawyer, having practiced as a commercial property litigator in London for over 10 years. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. Find out more .

Great article, you definitely covered many of the great places in the town. I am just a bit confused on why you would ask a hotel whether it is gay friendly or not.

I frequently travel with my partner in and outside of Romania and we always stay in a single room with a „matrimony bed”, as Romanians call it. However, we never asked hotels for their opinion on two men staying in their room and I can say that we never got any comments or weird looks about it. I would advise to not bring up the topic at all, just ask for a room and tell them who is going to be staying in – no one will ask about your sexuality or make any comments on it, not even in small provincial towns.

Thank you for visiting and hope you’ll be back someday. This is the kind of city that you need years and years to fully discover.

For the simple reason that several of the hotels we reached out to in Romania said they are ok „as long as we don’t do it around children“. Don’t want that sort of thing hanging on me on my holiday thank you very much!!

Thanks for this very useful information 🙂 Going to visit Bucharest at the very end of February next year for 4-5 days, so I will certainly use this information for my trip 🙂 I also have two questions: are there dark rooms in Q Club and Thors Hammer; and are there any cruising areas (parks or other places) in the city? Thanks.

There actually -is- a dark room in Q club, at the very back of the club. Sorry that you missed it, Stefan 😛

No dark rooms in Q or Thor’s Hammer, and also no cruising areas that we know of 🙁

I share your passion for Bucharest. Brasov is also worth visiting.

Wow! it is a long read but worth your time. Thank you for writing this informative post. I really like it and shared it to others.

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Get in-depth FREE gay travel guides, along with inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours. No spam. Never. Not ever. Just fun and interesting blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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Get in-depth gay travel guides, inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours. No spam. Never. Not ever. Just fun and interesting blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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Get in-depth FREE gay travel guides, along with inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours.

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Get in-depth FREE gay travel guides, along with inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours.

No spam. Never. Not ever. Just fun and interesting blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

 Attractions in Bucharest

Because gay life in Bucharest could hardly be considered thriving and largely occurs at night or behind closed doors,  of the attractions in Bucharest during the day gay travelers will want to see are the top attractions in Bucharest anyway. All travelers in Bucharest should take caution in less-developed areas with valuables and take taxi’s or ride share apps at night – and always listen to local advice when exploring. Many travelers are also confronted by the level of child homelessness and rampant prostitution, but Bucharest is still an intriguing city that begs to be explored.

Gay travelers in Bucharest should take special care in terms of public displays of affection where many residents may be less exposed to LGBT culture and likely hold conservative attitudes, and outright homophobia is not unheard of. Overall gay life in Bucharest requires a common-sense approach which will generally ensure you have no issues exploring this beautiful and diverse city.

 In general, the gay scene in Bucharest is focussed around the hipster Floreasca area, with plenty of quirky LGBT-friendly bars.

Gay friendly and Gay Hotels in Bucharest

In Bucharest, you would be hard-pressed to find an upscale hotel which had any issues with gay guests but discretion is advised in small, owner-operated hotels in this conservative society. Some Bucharest hotels are more popular with queer travelers due to their location and inclusive environment or vibe, which are features here.

These gay-friendly hotels in Bucharest are frequented by members of the LGBT community and have great reputations. Each hotel and area offer something very specific, so be sure to choose the right style and location to meet your needs. Prices are cheap compared to North American and Western European hotels (thought quickly rising) and standards are high – so it’s a great place to splurge! Of course, there are also hundred’s more hotel and hostel options in Bucharest if none of these suit your desired budget, facilities or area

Gay Bars and Gay Clubs in Bucharest

Sadly the gay club scene in Bucharest is always changing and it seems like most places open just as quickly if they close. Be sure to check websites and Facebook pages before heading out, and take care – While Bucharest might be the most liberal city in Romania, one displays of affection outside of gay bars can lead to trouble.

Also, watch out for hustlers and don’t take any valuables with you if you can help it. However, things are getting better and a few new gay bars have just opened up! And of course Bucharest does get crazy wild, and what better way could there be to get to know the locals than in a Bucharest gay bar! Just don’t forget your common sense. 

Delirio Sibiu : Sibiu

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