34 Gay-Saunas & Cruising in Berlin

In Sachen schwule Saunas und Cruisingbars ist das schwule Berlin die europäische Hauptstadt des Kink! Die Stadt hat eine zügellose Cruising- und Sexclub-Szene. Was auch immer Dein Fetisch ist, Du wirst ihn hier finden. Berlin ist voller schwuler Cruisingbars und Sexclubs, von denen viele – wie das New Action und das Mutschmann‘s – im Bezirk Schöneberg zuhause sind. In Friedrichshain befindet sich mit dem Lab.Oratory der berühmteste und beliebteste Sexclub in Berlin direkt im Keller des Berghain. Die Happy Hour am Freitag ist immer gerammelt voll (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes), aber auch wenn Du nur etwas trinken möchtest, kannst Du hier vorbeischauen. Du solltest jedoch auf alles vorbereitet sein. Und auch wenn viele Berliner Schwulensaunas kürzlich geschlossen wurden, zieht Der Boiler weiterhin die Massen an und zählt zu einem der meistbesuchten Badehäuser in Europa.Hustlaball und Folsom-Festivals

Was die Events angeht, zieht Berlin Fetischfreunde aus aller Welt zu zahlreichen Veranstaltungen an. So wird im September das Folsom Europe ausgetragen, wo sich die Leder- und BDSM-Szene trifft. Das weltberühmte Hustlaball-Event findet einen Monat später statt. Es gibt zudem viele monatliche Fetisch-Clubnächte, auf die Du auch noch ein Auge werfen solltest.


Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

Well-known after-hours gay cruise club in Berlin, with live DJ’s playing techno and house music. TOM’s Bar has an all-night happy hour on Mondays with 2-for-1 drinks.

Very cruisy, so expect so see plenty of action in the darkroom. Located next door to HAFEN gay bar.

bar, music, dark room, adults-only, cruise / fetish


Bars und Clubs

Wegen der COVID-19-Epidemie sind viele Einrichtungen und Lokale geschlossen oder es kann zu ver�nderten �ffnungszeiten kommen. Bitte informiert euch auf den Websites und Facebook-Seiten der jeweiligen Betreiber �ber den aktuellen Stand. Update April 2021: Bars und Restaurants m�ssen bis auf weiteres geschlossen bleiben. Touristische �bernachtungen in Hotels sind vor�bergehend nicht m�glich.

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Bars und Clubs

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“Tom’s, if the doorman is to be believed, stages a lot of Private Parties. They seem to crop up randomly and without warning. I did suggest once that I was maybe an invitee, an uncle of the birthday boy or father of the bride, but this he thought very unlikely not because of my age but because I wasn’t particularly in shape. He was, he pointed out, not much younger than me but, as I couldn’t fail to notice, was a regular at a gym. I complimented him (this all in my most respectful German) but pointed out that we’d rather digressed from the topic of the evening’s celebration. I could push off and never return, he said. Something about his tone suggested he meant that to apply to non Party Nights too. Be warned, be fit, be humble and do remember to take your invitation.“

“I got in, but I don’t consider myself lucky. The place was both dead and dirty–definitely not worth all the fuss. Please don’t support such a place. Gays have endured enough discrimination over the years, and we shouldn’t contribute to it in any way, especially to stoke our egos. Even if older men aren’t your thing, just remember that these are the men who fought the toughest battles for what rights we have today. Anyway, I left and went to Blond for a much better time.“

“I was there in 2017. On Wednesday they let me in (it wasn’t very busy). On Friday, I was told I couldn’t enter.“

“Rude staff said „not open for you tonight.“ Not an age thing, I’m early 30s.“

“Never again! This place is nasty. At first glance it looked nice, but while ordering my beer some cockroaches came scurrying at me over the bar counter. When I went to the toilet there was an old, dried up pile of poo on the toilet lid. Obviously hasnt been cleaned for weeks. The stench of old urine and feces was nauseating.“

“Turned away tonight at Tom’s Bar. Asked if open. Told „For you, we are never open.“ Some German Skeletor dude who then smirked at me and made a waving motion — „be gone.“ Thing is, they were more than happy to take my money on Sunday night — when the place was empty. Hostile staff who are mean — even by German standards. If you are looking for a friendly place, stay well clear of this joint. Woof’s and Printzen are close by and have a more welcoming vibe.“

“My partner and I dropped in on a Sat. night. Busy place, with some handsome men. Met a nice guy that we chatted with for some time. Basement was busy. It’s large and lots of areas to play. I’d definitely return.“

“Position: In the middle of a gay area. Close to the Nollendorfplatz of customer: From 25 to 50 years, rather masculine, someone also muscular.Structure: Bar with ballroom on the ground floor. Small dark room behind the disco and another dark in the basement.Cleaning: for customers: It’s great for spending an evening with friends. Do not enter to look for fun, because people tend to wander in the dark for hours without doing for managers: Nothing to recommend.“

“I echo the comments of many above. I was turned away by a rude doorman saying it was a private party and not for „every man.“ I suspect it was because of my age ( I’m 72) but he really wouldn’t give me a reason. I talked to others standing outside. A bar that treats potential customers this way deserves to be boycotted.“


“The place segregates. Unfortunately I saw the doorman barring mature gays at the entrance saying that the house was crowded. While there was place inside. Immediately after the same doorman who peeks through a small window in the door watching a brand new one on the street pass .. opens the door and calls him in. Sad to see such a place in Berlin reinforcing prejudice. I used to go to this bar a lot. I will not protest. this type of place should be boycotted … even more so in Berlin that has other, cleaner and better places.“

“I find it sketchy. Barmen and doormen are grumpy. OK for a drink but not much more.“

“I was here yesterday at „2 for 1“. I must say it was crowded and it was Monday. A lot of good looking guys and good music. I had fun in the basement as well. So. it was a positive experience; however, I feel that guys are rather closed. No one talks, but everybody are just checking everyone’s out. Also, a lot of Grinder users (lol). It is worth visiting, but more for cruising than for meeting new people. Also, the staff at the bar is not so friendly, but the guy at the cloak’s room was just adorable.“

“At my last visit the basement stays closed at Friday night. We had to cruise upstairs in the smoker lounge.“

“I visited Tom’s in May. I am Dominican. The place was ok… cheap drinks, good music (a little loud). True, the bartender more than rude I guess he has a lot of attitude… but I wasn’t there to be his friend. :P“

“This happened on Monday night, August 28, around 11:30 pm. We are a gay couple from Los Angeles who just arrived in Berlin. It was a Monday evening and we decided to check out the gay scenes in Berlin. We opted to walk the evening from Postdamer Station to the gay area. We stopped by at several gay bars along the way and it was pleasant. We came across Tom’s Bar and decided to check it out. The doorman told us we couldn’t come in, saying that it is a private bar. At first I was confused so I asked him again what he meant by „private“ so he explained to me that it is a „private men’s bar“ not for all men. At this point, my boyfriend was a little ticked of. I was not satisfied by the answer so I went back to the guy and asked him again. I had never experience this kind of refusal so I was just curious. He kept saying its private man’s club, so I said, do you mean gay? and I said that I am gay, so he said, „you can come in but your friend can’t come in“. Then I said with a „laughing“ tone (politely), „he is my partner/boyfriend“. At this point he insisted not letting him in, while other people were going in. I asked him for a reason, then he said something which I didn’t understand, and said „what?“. I thought he said, you can’t come in, period. I thought he said „period,“ but my bf said he said „Piss off“. It’s a good thing i didn’t hear the word „piss off“. So apparently he said „piss off“ about 3 times. Anyway, we walked away because my by this time, my bf was just mad. We really didn’t know what the reason is. Was is the dress code? Do we look straight? and not until i said I was gay, then he said i could come in? But then when I said my „friend“ is gay and is my bf, he still refused, is it because he was embarrassed that I „corrected“ him? WOW, walking back to our hotel, I was flabergasted. Haven’t us gay people suffer enough prejudice and discrimination only to feel outcast by the same group of our own people? The place where we feel comfortable among other gay people? By the way, I am Asian and my bf is as white as one can be. In fact he is German by descent. Whoever this guy is, I hope he learn a few lessons in compassion and good reasoning. I went to the website, there is nothing but just a one page. NO contact, no address no links anywhere. For those who think this is a bar worth going to, I’m glad you didn’t experience this horrendous episode, but think twice before you go again as you may be next. I don’t know. If I were in Berlin longer, I would totally go back and sit down with that person and dig his brain. As a side note, I am not bitter or upset about this. I just want to share my experience with others.“

“You didn’t mention your partner’s age but I bet it was over 45! There is an ever increasing ageism attitude happening, especially in the gay community. I’m sorry you experienced it but certain Berlin clubs their doormen are particularly good at making older men feel worthless. Pity our sub culture is becoming even more vacuous than it already is.“

“Love the club, love the dark room! Very crowded on weekends, lot of action. Every time I visit Berlin I reserve at least one night for Tom’s!“

“Tom’s bare really is a joke and aimed at tourists. The basement can get busy but there is no real action. All the guys are walk round and round searching Grindr on their phones. The bar staff are so rude and try to short change you every time. Forget Tom’s.“

“I was there on Monday Aug 1st, 2016 on the 2 for 1 drinks night. As soon as I walked in I went to the first bar nearest to the entrance door to get a drink. At that moment I had forgotten the bartender is supposed to give you a receipt to get your second drink with it. This deceitful bartender gave me my drink and then pretended to be busy and had not given me the receipt. When I confronted him he denied. Anyway I wasn’t dying for that drink but its the principal behind it and it shows what kind of people who work there!“

“The only time I went there it was crowed and noisy and when I went down to the basement I was robbed out of my I-PHONE!“

“Good place but free condoms are largely missing…“

“Last time I visited Berlin was in May and I made sure to go to this cruising bar twice, it is more crowded on a Friday evening but still lot of local guys or tourists visit the bar after 1 am in mid-week. I met really hot guys there, they opened the basement dark room areas after 1 or 1h30 am – before you just have a small dark room area. The one in the basement is kind of labyrinth full of guys, check well who is trying to play with you since it is dark. In general the experience was nice and funny and I would go there again.“

“This bar get the crowded quite late – usually after 1am, but the good thing is it can get busy any day of the week. The dark area has two parts – the deeper part was very dark – you hardly see anything so use caution.“

“The door guy would not let me in. Said it was a private party (that was a lie) club was full. If you have a 2 for 1 special going on during the week and can not get customers in then don’t do 2 for 1 or just tell them the truth if its full have to wait. I won’t be back. Germany have to learn that my money can be spent somewhere else, and not at a club that can’t handle the crowd. “

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Best Gay Bars in Berlin: The Hedonistic City

Berlins gay scene is insane (in a good way) by most countries’ standards! There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

It’s worth pointing out that Berlin is well known for its positive and ‘matter of fact’ attitude when it comes to getting intimate so don’t be surprised to find a dark room and cruising area as standard in most gay bars and gay clubs in Berlin.

We have split this post into two parts: the first half focused on the more typical gays bar in Berlin before moving on to the gay cruising bars in Berlin – this is probably the route your night will take after all!

We have a full gay guide to Berlin you should also check out.

Here are some of our favourite gay bars in Berlin to visit – let us know your favorite recommendations:

Gay Area of Berlin

You could feasibly say the entire city, however the ‘official’ gay area of Berlin is Schöneberg whose LGBT community dates back to the 1920s! Of course, this is where many of the gay bars in Berlin can be found.

However, unlike most cities, you will still find a gay scene elsewhere including Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin Mitte.

Gay Cruising Bars Berlin

We thought a s*x club or cruising bar would be incredibly intimidating but because of the open culture here, it felt very relaxed and normal!

If you are from a ‘prudish’ country like us set your worries aside and check one out!

It’s a life experience and of course you don’t have to do anything – all these bars and clubs still have a completely separate bar and drinking area where you can just sit and chat to the locals, who are all extremely friendly! 

Hotel Quick Search

Berlin’s largest gay village, with many bars, shops and gay hotels

Berlin’s city centre; home to major landmarks and tourist attractions

trendy districts with many gay-popular bars and nightclubs

gay-popular district with many friendly bars and unique culture

4) Blond

The gay bar in Berlin describes itself as a Coffeebar during the daytime and a cocktail bar during the nighttime with over 80 cocktails available.

They have music, events and a comfy ‘retro gay’ atmosphere. If you want something low-key and fun, check out Blond.

1) Club Connection

This is a large gay cruising club/bar which starts with a bar and dancefloor before moving down to the lower levels where all the action happens. Expect anything you can imagine.

This is one for a Friday when they have drinks offers on.

More gay cruising bars in Berlin….

This is just the tip of the iceberg! The ones we have listed are among the most popular and a good place to start. There are so many more to check out in Berlin!

Looking for somewhere to stay? Check out our full guide to gay hotels in Berlin