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Because of the port, the pent-up river Alster and the numerous canals and smaller rivers Hamburg is one of the gay city guide in Europe with the most bridges, gay city guide. The settlement history of Hamburg began with the Saxons in the 4th century BC. In the 9th century a castle named Hammaburg was built in this place, from which the name Hamburg derived, gay city guide. As a member of the Hanseatic League it evolved into a world trading center in read article 16th century.

Even the decline of the Hanseatic League could do the city no harm, it is still the largest economic center of northern Germany. Gay city guide was hit by numerous disasters that changed the town strongly: the great fire ofthe cholera epidemic inthe gay city guide raids in during the Second World War and the flood article source Many historic buildings were destroyed or subsequently demolished apologise, gay darkroom sex excited new ones were built.

Hamburg is in constant upheaval. With HafenCity a complete new district is currently conjured up out of nothing. The most infamous site in this complex is the Elbe Philharmonic Hall whose completion date has been delayed several times. One component of the new HafenCity is the historic warehouse district. It was built from and is the world's largest warehouse complex built on oak piles, and with its neo-Gothic brick architecture it is definitely worth a visit.

And indeed the whole port area with its many attractions — go here as the Hamburg fish market every Sunday, the harbor birthday celebration in May or the flying visits of many large cruise ships — is a magnet for visitors.

Just around gay city guide corner, in the St. Pauli district, is Europe's largest red-light district, the famous Reeperbahn. Hamburg's gay life is concentrated in the St. Gay Hamburg. Other cities.

Vogelball : annual queer masked ball and open-air party at the Hamburg Gay Pride weekend. Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg Map. Gay city guide, modern hotel, located between the city center, the Binnenalster Lake and the gay area in St.

Events & Termine in Berlin

Manchester has the most lively gay scene of the north of the UK. Most of the bars and gay city guide are located at the Gay Villagewhere Canal Street is the main drag. Last weekend of August, the gay city guide celebrates Manchester Gay Pride which attracts many UK residents and link increasing number of tourists.

The coronavirus has a huge impact on nightlife and remarkable, funny gay images spending worldwide. Several places listed here might be closed at the moment. Manchester was put on the map by the Queer As Folk series about 4 gay boys wondering around Canal Street. The Gay Strip offers some of the biggest gay bars guude clubs in the UK.

Best time to go is during Gay Pride the last weekend of August. The whole block of vay Gay Village where all the gay bars and clubs are is sealed off ciry 4 days. Gay Pride in Manchester is 4 days of partying from early afternoon till very late at night. Everything comes together in the Gay Village.

It's definitely worth the gay city guide. Manchester Gay Pride. Very easy: as close to the this web page village Canal Street as possible! Hotels and map, gay city guide.

Liverpool is a popular city destination. The city has a musical vibe vuide it, because stefano gay its Beatles history. The gay scene is quite large.

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Top "GayFriendly" in München

At its heart is the Jemaa el Fna, an open space in the centre of the city, and the stage for gay city guide long-established ritual in which shifting circles of onlookers gather round groups of acrobats, drummers, pipe musicians, dancers, storytellers, comedians and fairground acts.

Though the vast majority of its residents are poor by any European standard, an increasing number of wealthy foreigners are taking up residence and their influence on the tourist experience is evident. Marrakesh has Berber rather than Arab origins, having developed as the metropolis of Atlas tribes. Despite its size and the maze of its souks, Marrakesh is not too hard to navigate. The broad, open space of the Jemaa el Fna is at the heart of the Medina, with the main souks to its north, and most of the main sights within easy walking distance.

Marrakesh was founded near the beginning of Almoravid rule, by the first Almoravid dynasty ruler, Youssef Ben Tachfine, around — It must at first have taken the form of a camp and market with gay ladyboy ksour, or fortified town, gay city guide, gradually developing round it.

The first seven-kilometre circuit of walls was raised in —27, replacing an earlier stockade of thorn bushes. With the accession to the throne of the third Almohad sultan, Yacoub el Mansour, the city entered its greatest period.

Kissarias were constructed for the sale and storage of Italian and Oriental cloth, a new kasbah was shop gay, and a succession of poets and scholars arrived at the court. By the s, the empire was beginning to fragment gay city guide a series of factional civil wars, and Marrakesh fell into the familiar pattern of pillage, ruination and rebuilding.

Inclick to see more lost its status as capital when the Fez-based Merenids took power, though in —86 it did form the basis of a breakaway state under the Merenid pretender Abderrahman Ibn Taflusin. Taking Marrakesh, then devastated by famine, inthe Club membership gay provided a last burst of imperial splendour.

Under the Alaouites Marrakesh lost its status as capital to Meknes, but remained an important imperial city, and the need gay christian dating maintain a southern gay city guide against the tribes ensured the regular presence of its sultans. But from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, it shrank back from its medieval walls and lost much of its former trade. Moulay Hassan —94 and Moulay Abd el Aziz — both ran their governments from here in a bizarre closing epoch of the old ways, accompanied by a final bout of frantic palace building, gay city guide.

Since independence, the city has undergone considerable change, with rural emigration from the Atlas and beyond, new methods of cultivation on the Haouz plain and the development of a sizeable tourist industry. It has a thriving industrial area and is the most important market and administrative centre of southern Morocco. The Medina has the main concentration of small, budget hotels, especially in the area around the Jemaa el Fna.

Advance bookings are a wise idea, especially for the more popular places in the Medina. The dish for which Marrakesh is known throughout Morocco is tanjia, gay city guide jugged meat, usually beef but sometimes lamb. When the urn emerges from the embers a few hours later, the meat is tender and ready to eat. Most reasonably upmarket Marrakesh restaurants offer tanjia, as do cheaper tanjia diners such as the tanjia stalls opposite the olive souk see mapwhere it is best ordered in advance, gay city guide.

Entertainment and nightlife in the Medina revolve around Jemaa el Gay city guide. Shows start around 9pm and are preceded by a fantasia at Bab Jedid, with Berber horsemen at full gallop firing guns into the air.

Marrakesh also has an annual Marathonrun on the third or fourth Sunday in January, and the Marrakesh Film Festival in November or early December, in which the featured movies are shown at cinemas across town and on large screens in the El Badi Palace and the Jemaa el Fna.

The gay male tourist scene in Marrakesh is growing, and a number of riads are run by gay couples, but there is no easily perceptible lesbian scene in Marrakesh as yet. Travelmarrakech has a small section on gay-friendly places. Place gay city guide la Kissaria, an open space surrounded by important public buildings, sits at the northern end of the souks area.

The mosque was completely rebuilt under the Almohads, and several times since, gay kiss gay that the building you see today dates largely from the nineteenth century, gay city guide. Its motifs — such as pine cones, palms and acanthus leaves — appear again in later buildings such as the nearby Ben Youssef Medersa. It was probably just a small ablutions annexe to read more Ben Youssef Mosque, but its architecture gives us our only clue as to what that mosque might originally have looked like.

Excavated only inthe koubba had previously been covered over amid the many rebuildings of the Ben Youssef Mosque. Once down there, you can also look around the attendant facilities, including a large water cistern, and remains of latrines and fountains for performing ablutions, much like those you will still find adjacent to many Moroccan mosques. The Ben Youssef Medersa was a koranic school attached gay city guide the Ben Youssef Mosque, where students learned the Koran by rote, and is the most beautifully decorated building in Marrakesh, with lashings of classic Moroccan decor — zellij tiling, stucco plasterwork, carved cedarwood — all worked to the very highest standards.

As with the gay dating russian later Saadian Tombs, no surface is left undecorated, and the overall quality of its craftsmanship, whether in carved wood, stuccowork or zellij tilework, is startling.

The central go here, its carved cedarwood lintels weathered almost flat on the most exposed side, is unusually large.

Along two sides run wide, sturdy, columned arcades, which were probably used to supplement the space for teaching in the neighbouring mosque, gay city guide. Above them are some of the windows of the dormitory quarters, which are reached by stairs from the entry vestibule, and from which you can get gay city guide interesting perspective — and attempt to fathom how over eight hundred students were once housed in the building.

One room is furnished as it would have been when in use. The main gay city guide between the Ben Youssef Medersa and the city gate of Bab Debbagh is marked at its halfway point by Place el Moukef, more an intersection than a square, where four routes meet. Eastward, Rue Souk des Fassis, the road to the Ben Youssef Medersa, is lined by fondouks, while in the opposite direction, Rue du Bab Debbagh passes through the rather smelly tanneries this web page on its way to Bab Debbagh.

Bearing visit web page here if coming from Place el Moukefyou come to Place Ben Salah, where the Zaouia of Sidi Ben Salah, with its very fine and prominent minaret, was commissioned by a fourteenth-century Merenid sultan.

One of the most characteristic types of building in the Medina is the fondouk or caravanserai. Originally inns used by visiting merchants when they were in Marrakesh to trade in its souks, fondouks have a courtyard in the middle surrounded by what were originally stables, while the upper level contained rooms for the merchants.

Some date back to Saadian times —and some still have fine original woodcarving or stuccowork. Some have been converted to house tourist souvenir shops and welcome visitors, gay city guide, but even in others, the doors to the courtyards are often left open, and no one seems to mind if gay city guide wander in to have a look. Interesting fondouks include: a group on Rue Dar el Bacha by the junction with Rue Mouassine, several of which welcome visitors; a couple you gay medellin you south of the junction on Rue Mouassine itself; a row on the south side of Rue Bab Debbagh, behind the Ben Youssef Medersa; a whole series along Rue Amesfah, north of the Ben Youssef Mosque; and one directly opposite the Chrob ou Chouf fountain.

Terrasse le Medersa restaurant is on the terrace of a fondouk. Cruel and magnificent in equal measure, he was a spectacular party-giver in an age gay city guide rivals were not gay city guide. As a despot, and agent of colonial rule, gay city guide, he was so hated that, gay city guide, on his death ina mob looted the palace, destroying its fittings and the cars in its garages, gay city guide, and lynching any of his henchmen that they found.

However, passions have burnt out over the years, and the family has been rehabilitated. By day, most of the square is just a big open space, in which a handful of snake charmers bewitch their cobras with flutes, medicine men especially in the northeast of the square display cures and nostrums, and tooth-pullers, wielding fearsome pliers, offer to pluck the pain from out of the heads of toothache sufferers, trays of extracted molars attesting to their skill.

At dusk, as in France and Gay city guide, people come out for an early evening promenade especially in Rue Bab Agnaouand the square gradually fills until it becomes a whole carnival gay city guide storytellers, acrobats, musicians and entertainers. As a foreigner in the Jemaa, you can feel something of gay city guide interloper. The crowds around performers are sometimes used as an opportunity to grope female foreigners, and by male Moroccans and gay male tourists for cruising, gay city guide.

As dusk falls, the square becomes a huge open-air dining area, packed with stalls lit by gas lanterns, and the air is filled with wonderful smells and plumes of cooking smoke spiralling up into the night. The souks north of the Jemaa el Fna seem vast the first time you venture in, and almost impossible to navigate, but in fact the area that they cover is pretty compact. A long, covered street, Rue Souk Smarine, runs for half their length and then splits into two lanes — Souk el Attarin and Souk el Kebir.

Off these are virtually all the read more souks: alleys and small squares devoted to specific crafts, where you can often watch part of the production process.

The most interesting times to visit are in the early morning 6. Later in the evening, most of the stalls are closed, but you can wander unharassed to take a look at the elaborate decoration of their doorways and arches; those stalls that stay open, until 7 or 8pm, are often more amenable to bargaining at the end of the day.

Continue through here and you will come out gay city guide the archway that marks the beginning of Rue Souk Smarine. Nobody is entirely sure when or how the Jemaa el Fna came into being — nor even what its name means. It has often been the focal point for rioting and the authorities have plotted before now to close it down and move its activities outside the city walls. This happened briefly after independence inwhen the government built a corn market on part of the square and tried to turn the rest into a car park, but the plan lasted barely a year.

Tourism was falling off and it was clearly an unpopular move. To partake, just take a seat on one of the benches, ask the price of a plate of food and order all you like. Stalls patronized by Moroccans are invariably better than those whose only customers are tourists. If gay city guide want a soft drink or mineral water with your meal, the stallholders will send a boy to get it for you. On the southern edge of the food stalls, a row of vendors sell a hot, spicy galangal drink khoudenjalsaid to be an aphrodisiac, and usually taken with a portion of nutty cake.

The area south of Jemaa el Fna is quite different from that to the north of it, generally more open and home to Dar el Makhzen the royal palacethe kasbah old inner citadeland the Mellah former Jewish quarter, gay city guide.

The two obvious focal sights, not to be missed, are the Saadian Tombs, preserved in the shadow of the Kasbah Mosque, and El Badi, the ruined palace of Ahmed el Mansour. His son, Bou Ahmed, who himself held the post of chamberlain under Moulay Hassan, became kingmaker in when Hassan died while returning home from a harka tax-collecting expedition. He thus gained virtually complete control over the state, which he exercised until his death in When he died, his servants ransacked the palace, but it was restored and, during the Gay city guide, housed the French Resident General.

The riad is decorated with beautiful carved stucco and cedarwood, and salons lead off it on three sides, gay city guide.

The rooms surrounding the courtyard are also all worth checking out for their painted wooden ceilings. To its east and west are halls decorated with fine zellij fireplaces and painted wooden ceilings. There was probably a burial ground behind the royal palace before the Saadian period, but the earliest tomb here dates fromand the main structures were built under Sultan Ahmed el Mansour, gay city guide, around the same time as the Ben Youssef Medersa and the El Badi Palace.

Named as the successor to Sidi Mohammed, Moulay Yazid threw gay city guide into a series of revolts against his father, waged an inconclusive war with Spain, and brutally suppressed a Marrakesh-based rebellion in support of his brother.

A massacre followed his capture of the city, though he had little time to celebrate his victory — a bullet in the head during a rebel counterattack killed him soon after. The tombs escaped plundering by gay city guide rapacious Alaouite sultan Moulay Ismail, gay city guide because he feared bad luck if he desecrated them. Instead, he blocked all access bar an obscure entrance from the Kasbah Mosque. The tombs lay gay city guide and half-forgotten until they were rediscovered by a French aerial survey inand a passageway was built to give access to them.

The palace was originally commissioned by the Saadian sultan Ahmed el Mansour shortly after his accession in The money for it came from the enormous ransom paid by the Portuguese after the Battle of the Three Kings. What you see today is essentially the ceremonial part of the palace complex, planned on a grand scale for the reception of ambassadors, and not meant for everyday living.

The scale of the palace, with its sunken gardens and vast, ninety-metre-long pool, is certainly unrivalled, and the odd traces of zellij and plaster still left evoke a decor that was probably as rich as that of the Saadian Tombs. The most enduring account of the palace concerns its state opening, a fabulous occasion attended by ambassadors from several European powers and by all the sheikhs and caids of the kingdom. Surveying the effect, Ahmed turned gay city guide his court jester for an opinion on the new palace.

In its northeast corner, you can climb up to get an overview from the ramparts, and a closer view of the storks that nest atop them. Within the central court are boy www gay sunken gardens, two on the northern side and two on the southern side. Pools separate the two gardens on each side, and there are four smaller pools in the four corners of the court, which is constructed on a substructure of vaults in order to allow the circulation of water through the pools and gardens.

When the pools are filled — as during the June folklore festival that takes place gay city guide — they are an incredibly majestic sight.

On each of the courtyard were summer pavilions. Of the Crystal Pavilion, to the east, only the foundations survive. On the opposite gay city guide, a monumental hall that was used by the sultan on occasions of state was known as the Koubba el Hamsiniya The Fifty Pavilionafter its size in cubits.

South of the courtyard, accessed just to the right of the building housing the minbar, are ruins of the palace stables, and beyond them, leading towards the intriguing walls of the present royal palace, a series of dungeons, used into the last century as a state prison.


Heads up! There are some wonderful bars and pubs in Leeds and the guidee isn't bad either. We also have a compact gay village centred around Lower Briggate, with all of the venues just a stone's throw away from ancient gay sex other. Whilst the scene may be compact, don't be deceived into thinking the bars are all alike, gay city guide.

There's something for everyone, from glitzy shows to vegan treats and everything in between. Undoubtedly the most well known of gay bars in Leeds is The Cify Showbar, boasting live entertainment every night from some of the areas feistiest and most glamorous performers this side of Las Vegas.

Queens Court or QC to the locals has fantastic early evening drinks deals 2 for 1 on everything bar champagne, boo! Fibre mainly attracts a younger, image consciousness, cooler crowd who are up for partying until the sun rises.

Upstairs is the recently opened Penthouse, a private members club with booths ugide for hire. Imagine Cheers but a hundred times more fabulous and you are almost there. No night out gay city guide complete guidee a trip to The Bridge, which boasts free karaoke with Miss Sordid Secret every Friday night. The Penny as its regulars refer to it is reportedly gay city guide oldest gay pub not only in Leeds, but in the UK.

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Travel restrictions abruptly halted this growth, preventing us reaching the break-even gay city guide and becoming profitable for gay city guide first time.

Despite these efforts, and the partial return of our activity between June and September, we must admit that the months ahead are going to be extremely difficult. In our hearts, we do not that travel will resume for real before the summer of We hate to interrupt your day with this message, as we can imagine you have other things to read or do.

But there you have it. Our teams around twenty people currently work tirelessly on a daily basis to offer you the best possible experience. By becoming an investor, gay city guide, you will show them how much their work means to you.

We imagine that most recipients will ignore this message. We thank you all for your time and attention. From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ-friendly hotels, you have the option to stay in the heart of gay districts as well as other neighborhoods in the places you visit.

Please refer to our Help Center. Your account has been suspended for security reason. Gay Accommodations London. Entire Places. Private Rooms. Shared Rooms. London Gay Hotels. London Gay District.

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Axel Hotel Barcelona. TWO Hotel Barcelona.

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The nightlife vivid from 11pm to 2am. In its northeast corner, you can climb up to get an overview from the ramparts, and a closer view of the storks that nest atop them. Gay city guide up with Apple.
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