Please be gentle with me, I’m really trying to help

I’m really nervous asking, so please be honest, but don’t attack me.

I want to open up a LGBT+ cafe/coffee shop in my area. Here’s where I don’t want to get attacked. I’m a straight ally, but I want to use my privilege to help those in that community. My step-son is trans and most of my friends fall somewhere in this community and I want to give under-age and people who don’t like the gay bar scene a safe non alcoholic space to just be themselves. Being cis, I really want people of this community’s help me to know how to make it the best and most accommodating for everyone. Please message me personally with any positive suggestions, they will all be taken seriously. Not being LGBT+, I don’t have the same experiences as those who are and I want to make it a positive change for those negatively effected by the cis community. Please anything helps ?️‍?

I remember there was a post saying they wanted cafe versions of gay bars and everyone laughed but I don’t think its such a bad idea.

Gay/lgbt cafes would be a lot better for lgbt youth, disabled lgbt, lgbt with anxiety, etc.

I’d much rather go to a cafe for a cup of tea and a muffin in a quiet and casual, calm cafe to just relate to or casually talk to other bi or lgbt teens. And just. Chill.

Instead of a mainly night time orientated, usually full of alcohol and drunk folk, looking for sex (nothing wrong with that let me preface), almot entirely adults, noisy, full of sensory overload, probably flashing lights.

It would be a prime place for lgbt families with kids, me when my mothers a biphobe, lgbt groups/clubs, safety and resources, etc.

when i open my Gay Café:

Retaliating to those scandals of ppl refusing to bake wedding cakes for gay couples, in my future gay cafe we will also offer a wedding cake service but only to gay couples

I’m so upset about the results of the election so I’ve decided to head into my favourite gay café as a Fuck You to the government

when i open my Gay Café:


I, a somewhat openly gay person, am all in favor for LGBT inclusive coffee shop/cafes because…

1. I’m not the partying/dancing type2. I want a space that doesn’t involve alcohol or sweaty loud people because it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable3. I want to meet other LGBT people but not feel pressured to sleep with them4. I want to keep my hearing 5. I want to be in a safe space with a calming atmosphere where I can relax6. I fucking love caramel lattes

before someone whines, of course we need to keep gay bars, they’re a part of LGBT+ history and i’m not saying they’re a bad thing.

but what about the gays who want to go on a quiet coffee date.

what about queer minors who want to legally go somewhere they can feel a part of the community more often then when a pride parade is in their area.

what about aro/aces who want to go somewhere they’re less likely to be hit on.

what about queer people who just don’t like noisy places.

they can make cakes w/ pride flags on them, coffee w/ gay puns.

A messy ink + watercolour painting of a gay café :3 ?️‍? the door is old and battered, that’s why it looks like this

Have a few Evelina sketches!!I’ve missed drawing my gal so much <33

@panpotterhead3000 @a-gay-weeb @a-foolish-widow @bisexual-swiftie @gmotheemo @tebasaki-chicken @baphomet-official @fander-pest @cookiesnakeitude @iluvmilkchoco


Bogota gay travel guide: gay bars, clubs, hotels & awesome things to do

“Ever been to a club with 5,000 other gay boys with 13 rooms spread across 5 floors?“

Neither had we until we went to the huge Theatron gay club in Colombia’s capital city, Bogota. The gay scene here is all about this infamous mega-club, which is the largest in Latin America. It’s like no other place we’ve ever been to and is certainly the largest gay club we’ve visited.

There is of course more to this city than Theatron club, with many different gay places to hang out as well as an exciting foodie scene and beautiful hotels. The historic Old Quarter is a delightful area to see the Spanish colonial influences and explore some of the most interesting museums.

We’ve put together our detailed guide to our favourite gay bars and clubs in Bogota, the best gay friendly places to stay or eat, as well as our favourite sightseeing things to do in this vibrant city.

Bogota gay travel guide: gay bars, clubs, hotels & awesome things to do

Gay’s Caf�

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;è un sito di community dedicato a tutti coloro che vogliono confrontarsi sui temi dell’omosessualità, tanto maschile quanto femminile. Gay e lesbiche possono incontrarsi, confrontarsi nei forum, scambiarsi messaggi privati e avere un punto di riferimento per la comunicazione e l’espressione individuale. Dopo aver effettutato l’accesso al sito tramite username e password ricevuti al momento della registrazione, sarà possibile inserire i propri contributi nei forum già attivi oppore istituire nuovi forum. Buon utilizzo di   Discussione attivata da webmaster in data 10-07-2010, contiene 0 risposte Tag: presentazione gay lesbiche

Gay's Caf�

Gay Porto | The Essential LGBT Travel Guide!

While the UNESCO Listed Old Town and centuries of history are appealing, we love Porto for the sheer amount of entertainment available by night and day, the burgeoning arts scene, all the delicious food, its laid-back lifestyle and yes – the legendary Porto gay nightlife. It’s almost as good as Lisbon. Almost.

LGBT acceptance in Porto is pretty high – even by Western European standards – and Portugal has some of the most progressive gay rights with gay marriage, same-sex adoption, a simplified process of legal gender identification and even a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation enshrined in its Constitution.

All this means you will find plenty of gay couples wandering the streets of Porto, posing for photos next to colorful doorways, getting cozy in any one of delightful cafés and just generally enjoying life.

If you want a bit more than the diverse gay nightlife on offer, Porto’s gay scene also serves up a variety of cultural events. The biggest of these is the annual Porto Pride in July, and there is also the Porto International Queer Film Festival in October. Plenty of smaller events throughout the year you often can only find out about by asking around after you arrive.

Throw into the mix all those gorgeous Portuguese bodies, boutique museums and art galleries, plenty of sunshine and various day-trips to vineyards/beaches and you begin to understand why so many gays are flocking to Porto.

While Porto might still be a little conservative compared to AmsterdamParisBerlin, and the likes, gay travelers can feel entirely at ease in this liberal society and are unlikely to have any problems whether you visit for a night, a week or to live full-time.

Gay Budapest

The gay and lesbian community in Budapest has witnessed great improvements to their social status since 1990, the fall of the Communist regime. Being gay is now socially and legally accepted, and this helps „coming out“, or admitting to one’s environment the fact about their sexuality. Today the gay community in Budapest is rather open, as opposed to the past’s secrecy. The annual Gay Pride Festival has been organized every year since 1993, with a street march and various parties afterwards. There are about a dozen bars, clubs and venues in Budapest that are visited mostly by gay people. The Hungarian Parliament has passed a law in 2007 that allows gays and lesbians to live together in a „registered relationship“. Gay bars

Latest Paris Hotel Offers

8.09 based on 1085 reviews. | Central location. Close to Le Marais Great value.

8.09 based on 1864 reviews. | Close to gay nightlife. Excellent location Popular choice.

8.42 based on 2355 reviews. | Excellent location for sightseeing. Near the gay nightlife & Gym Louvre gay sauna.

8.48 based on 1105 reviews. | Great location. Stylish rooms Value for money.

7.57 based on 637 reviews. | Near the gay nightlife. Great value & service.

8.29 based on 1598 reviews. | Stylish rooms. Near gay bars & clubs in Le Marais.

world-famous avenue with boutiques, cafés and luxury shops

Paris city centre, home of the main gay scene, nightlife and shops

central area, close to popular attractions and gay scene

The very gay-friendly, good-value Ze Restoo restaurant serves delicious French bistro-styled food in the heart of Paris’ gay district.

Staff are welcoming and friendly. Frequented by gay customers.

· up to 75% off · flexible booking policy · refundable rates

Classy, upmarket gay-popular restaurant and late-night bar. Le Who’s serves an excellent brunch menu on Sundays 11am-4pm. Happy hour 5pm-9pm.

Café Beaubourg is a perfect example of the Paris café culture. This hip, sophisticated café & restaurant serves fine Parisian and international cuisine in a gay-friendly atmosphere.

Located opposite the Centre Georges Pompidou. Impressive location and hot waiters.

· up to 75% off · flexible booking policy · refundable rates

It’s hard to miss the pink and white facade of TATA Burger as you stroll through Paris’ gay village.

Sit yourself down at one of the quirky tables – each tabletop has a pair of men’s underwear on it. And enjoy some of the tastiest burgers in town.

Stylish gay café bar & restaurant in Le Marais, opposite from RAIDD Bar. Voulez-Vous (formerly “Le Carré”) has a more laid-back vibe than most of its neighbours.

The café offers a good selection of Italian food, and the kitchen stays open until midnight. Great cocktails, too.

Small, gay-popular restaurant in Le Marais, serving excellent French cuisine in a nice, cosy setting. Staff are friendly and attentive.

L’Ange 20 is a short walk from the Pompidou centre and many gay venues in the area. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Have we got something wrong?

Are we missing a new venue or has a business closed? Or has something changed and we’ve not yet updated our pages? Please use this form to let us know. We really appreciate your feedback.

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Information about gay bars and clubs in Istanbul

Istanbul gay bars, gay clubs, discos, gay friendly cafe bars in Istanbul listed with up-to-date addresses, descriptions, visitor reviews, location maps and more

Istanbul’s gay night life is more visible around and after-midnight. Majority of the gay night clubs are not busy enough until 01:00 am, but there are a considerable number of gay bars open and vivid before midnight as well.  In Istanbul, gay bars and clubs are busiest on Saturdays nights as everywhere else. Friday nights are also busy enough if not as much. Tuesday and Wednesday nights would be vivid in comparison to the other mid-week nights, but this also depends on special events organized in each venue. Mondays would be the least popular night of the week when most trendy gay night clubs would be closed. The gay bars and clubs would also be busier in winter compared to summer season., when many local people leaves the city for summer holidays. Hence, Istanbul’s gay night life becomes more quiet especially in July and August when some venues may close their doors for a few weeks for renovation and restoration. There are no dark rooms in most gay bars and clubs and sexual intimacy is not allowed principally, but usually kissing, hugging etc is well received. You will notice that almost all gay bars and clubs are located in and around Taksim & Beyoglu. Do not get confused with Taksim and Beyoglu districts, when you see the venue addresses. The official municipality is called Beyoglu (historical Pera district). Taksim is the central neighborhood of Beyoglu, at the northern end of the town. Very famous pedestrianized avenue Istiklal Caddesi also starts from Taksim square, cutting Beyoglu town into two parts. The area starting from Taksim Square all the way down to the Golden Horn on the southern-end are all within Beyoglu municipality borders. That is, if the address contains Taksim, the place should be closer to the north of Beyoglu. Useful tips for finding the venue addresses: Cad. = Caddesi (read: Jad-de-see) = Main street/avenue Sok. = Sokak= Side street or small lane/alley. Ilkyaz Apt. = Ilkyaz Apartment, name of the building, if there is one. Kat: 3 = On the 3rd Floor No:23/4 = Here 23 Refers to the number of the building on that street. It follows as 2,4,6… , on one side, 1,3,5… on the other side of the street. 4 refers to the number of the flat / apartment / floor Click here for up-to-date Gay Map of Istanbul Click here for detailed information about public transportation in Istanbul.

Is Bogota safe for gay travellers?

As gay travellers in Bogota, we felt safe and we found it to be a welcoming city. We didn’t have any problems sleeping in double beds in the hotels we stayed at and never felt like we had to hide who we were. In terms of public displays of affection, we only felt comfortable walking hand in hand in some parts of Chapinero, where most of the gay scene is located. As with most big cities in the world, there are areas you need to be cautious of whether you’re straight or gay, so keep an eye out on your belongings wherever you are.

When it comes to gay rights, Colombia is one of the most in Latin America. A full range of anti-discrimination laws were passed in 2011, adoption is completely allowed by both single and married couples, gays are allowed to openly serve in the army and in 2016, gay marriage was legalised. Colombia even has a law protecting your “right to express public affection in public”. Very few countries in the world we’ve come across have this! And if that wasn’t enough, in October 2019 – the fabulous Claudia Lopez!

The gay neighbourhood of Bogota

Chapinero is the gay neighbourhood of Bogota. It is an affluent area of the city, around 30 minutes taxi ride (sometimes a lot longer!) north of the touristic downtown “Candelaria” area. There are more than 100 gay bars, clubs and shops in Chapinero, including of course: Theatron! Chapinero is also home to Colombia’s first LGBTQ community centre.

Whenever we visit Bogota, we aim to be close to the city’s gay scene, so we book a hotel or Airbnb in Chapinero. On our first visit to Bogota, we stayed in Candelaria, which as well as being the touristic area, is also very fun and hip due to the high student population. However, Candelaria is a long 30 minutes taxi ride to Chapinero, which can easily turn into a 1-hour drive during rush hour.

Gay-friendly hotels to stay in Bogota

We love a gay hotel! Not only do we feel more welcome as a couple, but it’s also a great chance for us to get tips off the other guests on the best places in the city to check out. In Bogota, we were spoiled for choice!

These are the ones that we tried and felt welcomed as a gay couple. Alternatively, you can book very affordable accommodation with a local host through either  or MisterBnB.

Arriving in a new country can be stressful and getting from the airport to your accommodation with piles of luggage is not ideal on public transport. We like to book a private transfer from Bogota airport to our hotel so we can relax and get ready to party!

Gay bars in Bogota

Bogota has a really large gay scene, with many many gay bars. The majority are based around Carrera 9 street between Calles 58 to 60 in the Chapinero neighbourhood. There are far too many to list them all here, so we’ve highlighted the ones we visited and loved. You can also check out our complete guide to the best gay bars in Bogota for more.

Gay clubs in Bogota

Bogota is all about the massive Theatron Club; “the largest gay club in Latin America” – as every Colombian gay guy you’ll meet will proudly remind you! It’s in a former theatre hall turned into a gay boy’s playground. On Saturday evenings, around 5,000 come here to party into the early hours. There are other gay clubs worth checking out as well though, such as Punto 59 and Disco Jaguar. Try and spend enough time in Bogota to check out a few.

Before you go

We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your own trip to Bogota. Read on to find out everything the gay traveller should know before they go.

How to get there: If you are you will be arriving at the El Dorado International Airport. From the airport to the city centre it’s only about 20 minutes (in good traffic) and you can catch a public bus if you don’t have much luggage. If you have more than a small bag (or simply don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of public transport when you first arrive) then you could do what we usually do, which is book a private transfer from the airport to your accommodation. It’s also possible to get to Bogota via bus from other Colombian cities such as Medellin.

Visa requirements: If you have a passport from the EU, US or Australia then you probably won’t need a visa to visit Colombia for up to 90 days as a tourist. If you are planning to stay longer, come from another country or just want to be 100% sure, check your personal visa requirements here before booking anything for Bogota.

Getting around: Bogota is served by one of the best bus systems in the world, the TransMilenio network which covers 112km with a fleet of over 2000 buses. Generally, catching a bus is cheaper and safer than getting a taxi as they often have scams, and Uber is technically illegal in Colombia. for more information about using Bogota’s public transport.

Power Plugs: In Colombia Type A and B power plugs are used, which are the same as those used in China, Japan, North and Central America. If you’re travelling to Bogota from a country other than those then you will need to bring a travel adaptor with you.

Travel insurance: No matter where you are things can go wrong, whether it’s missing a flight or having your passport stolen. Make sure you have adequate coverage on your trip to Bogota by using an insurance provider like WorldNomads. We love using because their cover is very comprehensive and it’s easy to make a claim online if something goes wrong.

Vaccinations: When travelling to Bogota you should make sure you are up to date with all routine vaccines (especially measles as there have been some outbreaks in Colombia recently). The CDC also recommends vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Depending on what activities you are planning to do on your trip you may also need other vaccinations, so make sure you check the CDC website before you go.

Currency: The currency used in Bogota, and throughout Colombia, is the Colombian peso which is abbreviated to COP. The regular dollar symbol is used with Colombian pesos, or sometimes COL$ to distinguish it from other currencies. $1 US converts to about COL$3100, £1 to around COL$4,000 and €1 to roughly COL$3600.

Tipping culture: There isn’t really much of a tipping culture in Bogota and the rest of Colombia. Some travellers might tip a few thousand pesos (50 cents to a dollar in USD) to hotel housekeeping for good service. In restaurants and spas, a 10% optional service charge is usually added to your bill so you can choose whether to tip and know how much would be reasonable. You wouldn’t normally tip a taxi driver but you should probably tip a tour guide between 5-10% of the tour cost, particularly if you think they did a good job.

Internet access: You should be able to access good, free WiFi in the hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants of Bogota. If you think you may need to use a lot of bandwidth then you might also like to bring your own portable WiFi device with you or get a local sim card.

Online privacy: There aren’t any restrictions on internet usage in Colombia so you won’t have any trouble using gay dating apps or accessing certain websites. If you do prefer to keep your browsing history private then you could use a VPN like the ones ExpressVPN offer. We always use ExpressVPN when travelling because they’re easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Accommodation: If you want to see more accommodation options for Bogota then we recommend using to search online. We always use because they have a huge selection with the best prices, excellent customer service and often free cancellation if needed.

Sightseeing and adventure: We found most of the fun activities we tried in Bogota on the , which we love! There are always so many choices, the online booking process is very easy and the 24/7 customer support is excellent.

When to visit: Obviously, if you want to visit Bogota for gay pride and the Diverso Cinema Festival then June is the time to go! Because of it’s elevated position, the weather in Bogota is generally mild year-round, although it tends to rain less in the periods between December-February and June-September, which make them ideal for visiting.

Gay map of Bogota

We’ve put together a gay map of Bogota for you, which shows where all our favourite gay bars and clubs are, as well as all the other places or things to do that we’ve mentioned here. Use it to help plan your own fabulous trip to Bogota!

Bloom ?

Hey guys,We are kicking off the Bloom tour tomorrow!!!!!!

We’re collecting new socks and new tampons for Queer youth experiencing homelessness. There will be a donation box at the local partner table in every lobby where you can drop them off. Our friends at Bombas and Cora will be matching every sock and tampon donated <3

Socks and tampons are two of the most requested items at shelters. This is a small ask, but it can really touch the life of a LGBTQ+ youth facing homelessness and looking for comfort and dignity.

There are a couple of other ways you can get involved and help us support Queer youth on the Bloom tour:

1.The Ally Coalition is sending volunteers to canvas the venue asking you to support The Trevor Project, an amazing organisation that supports LGBTQ+ youth in crisis with mental health support. They are also making the venue safe n inclusive for all <3

If you want to volunteer, head to their page for Bloom on Propeller. Signing up to volunteer or take action will enter u to win a flyaway to the premier of my new film, Boy Erased and a meet and greet with me. Every single night on tour two lucky fans will win a VIP merch pack with a poster signed by me as well.

Ally Coalition is also bringing out a local partner to every show. These are organizations that work to support LGBTQ+ youth in the area we are playing so you can get involved after the tour. They are going to share more about them here, so make sure you’re following me and the Ally Coalition Tumblr page. 

4.Headcount is sending volunteers to the shows to make sure that everyone is registered to vote in the US! We have to stand up and make our voices heard. 

Thank u thank u Ally Coalition, Trevor Project, Headcount, Cora, Bombas, volunteers and everyone coming to Bloom. 

Can’t wait to see u all on tour <3

It’s been a while since I’ve made an original post. But here’s my BF and I. Happy holigays ???

this is why pandas are endangered, they’re even a danger to themselves

when your boyfriend asks you to homecoming in one of the most romantic ways possible

Hotel Quick Search

world-famous avenue with boutiques, cafés and luxury shops

Paris city centre, home of the main gay scene, nightlife and shops

central area, close to popular attractions and gay scene

Explore Colombia on a gay tour

Out Adventures‘ brand new Colombia tour is hotter than Maluma! Beginning in Bogotá, the carefree escape will have you shaking your arepa at the largest LGBTQ club in the Americas, hiking humid jungles in Tayrona National Park and soaking up the country’s sand, sun and sea in coastal Cartagena. The optional gay salsa class, food tour and snorkeling excursion make this adventure muy caliente!

Experience Bogota’s gay nightlife on a tour

Our friends at The Queer Scout, an excellent gay local tour company, offer a gay nightlife tour of Bogota. We found this to be a fantastic way to discover the gay scene. You’ll be greeted by a gay local guide, who’ll take you to the best gay bars and clubs in Bogota for an unforgettable night out! We’ve partnered up with them to offer our readers an exclusive 5% discount off their gay tour.

Fill out this form to check availability for the Bogota gay tour and get a 5% discount.

You can also contact The Queer Scout directly, make sure to mention our name to enjoy the 5% discount.

Hotel Gay San Sebastian

Located in the centre of the Chapinero gay district is the TOTALLY GAY “Hotel Gay San Sebastian”! Since opening in 2013 this small boutique hotel has catered to LGBTQ guests and is a very affordable option.

We love the quirky and colourful decor throughout, as well as the very welcoming staff.

The location is fantastic because you’re walking distance to gay bars of Chapinero.

Staying here feels more like you’re staying with a gay family rather than being in a big hotel. It also has a nice sauna to relax in, as well as a hotel bar and restaurant. While the hotel is very affordable, everything is lovely and clean, perfect for relaxing after all your sightseeing and partying!

If you’re not into pink ballerinas, don’t worry as not all the rooms are as bold as the one in the picture. The balcony bar is a gorgeous spot to have a cocktail and look out over the city before heading out for the evening. We took full advantage of this each evening, as the only way to get us to stop complaining about sore feet and how exhausted we are from walking all day, is to shove a tasty drink in our hands!


Misterb&b is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Click below to get 10 € (or $10) off your first booking.

Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia

The Sofitel is Colombia’s first luxury hotel and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s the sort of place you could imagine staying for your honeymoon, with a large grand James Bond-like entrance hall, and the most charming hotel staff we’ve ever met.

It is located in the high-end El Retiro neighbourhood, near the gay scene in Chapinero and close to some of the best restaurants of the city.

Even though you’re close to so many great restaurants in Bogota you’ll also not want to miss out on the Sofitel’s in-house restaurant Basilic. We are suckers for Mediterranean cuisine. It also serves delicious French cuisine, meaning Seb felt right at home (he’s never admitted to eating snails though…) Oh, and the decor is incredible too, with a huge skylight in the restaurant’s ceiling.

Our favourite thing about the Sofitel is their beds! They’re so comfortable that you feel like you’re in a cloud and never want to leave. It was the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had in a hotel. Bedrooms with romantic balconies overlooking the city are just the icing on the cake.

Graffiti Hostel

For a truly hip choice of budget accommodation in Bogota, you have to check out the Graffiti Hostel!

As you might expect, there are awesome murals throughout this gay-friendly hostel, as well as lots of quirky details like a bathtub library (a bathtub converted into a coffee table with books in it) and foosball tables.

If you like graffiti art and colour, you’ll be in heaven here.

Growing up, neither of us were the rebellious kind, so you wouldn’t catch us with a graffiti can in our hands. Yet, since our stay here, we are pining to become the next Banksy, as the incredible artwork dotted around the hotel has given us serious inspiration!

You can choose to stay in bunk beds in dorm rooms or in a double room for a bit more privacy. This hostel is even pet-friendly, as long as you organise to bring your furry friend ahead of your arrival (we’re not talking about bears in this case!).

As well as foosball tables you’ll be able to play board games in the common areas and socialise with other guests. Both of us are pretty sore losers, but we risked playing a game, and are proud to announce we are still together!

The staff are so friendly and helpful, especially the lovely lady who cooks your free breakfast each morning.

Experience Bogota’s gay nightlife!

As we’ve mentioned, Bogota has an amazing gay scene, particularly if you’re into partying and nightlife! You absolutely must experience Theatron at least once, as well as some of the many other fun gay bars. If you’re travelling to Bogota by yourself, or just want an introduction to the gay scene, then you could also join a local tour of the best gay bars. Even if you’re not big into partying, there are quieter gay bars and cafes to hang out in, nearly all of which offer an experience unique to Bogota.


Restaurante Tabúla (which simply means table) serves up rustic fare that’s elevated to incredible by their use of the freshest ingredients to make everything from scratch. This restaurant is casual yet elegant, and goes by the motto ‘we are what we eat‘. Famed travel writer Anthony Bourdain featured Tabúla on his No Reservations television show, so you know it must be good! We loved the ambience and the greenery wall, as well as the romantic decorations of candles inside dainty birdcages on the tables. We also found the staff to be very welcoming and gay-friendly here.

Stefan Arestis

Stefan is the co-founder, editor, and author of the gay travel blog As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. What he loves the most about traveling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends, and learning new cultures. His advice about LGBTQ travel has been featured in Gaycation Magazine, Gaycities, Gay Times, Pink News, and Attitude Magazine. He has also written about gay travel for other non-gay-specific publications including Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post. Stefan is also a qualified lawyer, having practiced as a commercial property litigator in London for over 10 years. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. Find out more .

I followed your advice to pre-arrange both pick-up and return from/to the airport with Impulse (taxi service). Due to a missed flight connection, the original pick-up was missed but I agreed to pay for it nevertheless. However, a 2nd driver was supposedly arranged but he was not there on my arrival and I had to take a street taxi instead. Impulse said that he was there and I had likely missed him in my „rush out of Immigration“ and they charged me anyway. Entirely bogus, the driver was not there. In an abundance of caution for my return to the airport and departure, I re-confirmed the pick-up time with Impulse twice, I sent them a map link for directions to my apt, I sent them physical description and I even sent them photos of the apartment building and area to pull off of Carrerra 1 for the pick-up. I was on a tight schedule. I waited for the driver for 15 minutes past the confirmed pick-up time but he never showed. I texted Impulse several times and got no response. As a last resort I had to take a street taxi. This company is a DISASTER. You should pull your recommendation from your site.

Hi Dennis, thanks for your comment and really sorry to hear about this disastrous experience! However, we have no idea who Impulse is and we do not recommend them in our article. We do however recommend GetYourGuide who offer a variety of excellent services in Bogota like airport pickups, so I assume this was one of the local agents they use there. I’ve nonetheless raised this with them and appreciate you letting us know!

I’m looking forward to following your advice on places to stay and things to do when I travel to Bogota and Medellin in June 2020 for two weeks. Last June, I visited Santiago,Chile for two weeks and followed your hotel (The Aubrey)and restaurant advice. It was a great trip thanks to your expertise. I’m looking forward to another great trip following your advice. I’m booked at the Sofitel Victoria Regia in Bogota and NH Collection in Medellin. Again, thank you for such wonderful gay tourism advice.

Our pleasure Kurtis! So pleased we were able to help 🙂

This is awesome. I’m headed to Bogota next week and looking to figure out what to explore.

Nice guide. I’ve lived here for seven years so can recommend a few more gay spots in Chapinero:

Indie Cave – gay hipster joint (2 doors down from el Perro) which plays indie pop. It’s small, very friendly and usually packed on weekend nights.

La Cueva del Oso – bear bar next to Theatron. They play the same crosssover music as in most Chapinero clubs, but it’s an older crowd and sweet to see men of all shapes and sizes dancing together.

Village Cafe – nice sitdown place for cocktails, often with dj on weekends playing hip house music.

Also, a safety tip: Pickpockets are real pros and can be anywhere so I recommend leaving cell phones and wallets in your hotel rooms, unless you really know how to secure them.

Loveeeed your guide!! Thank you so much for help our country to show our most beautiful face!!A big hug for you guys!!!

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Gay Porto Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Porto Portugal

Gay Porto Guide: The Essential Guide To LGBT Travel In Porto PortugalAttractions in Gay PortoGay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Porto PortugalGay Bars and Gay Clubs in PortoGay Saunas in Porto Gay Porto Map


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More Gay Paris

Coronavirus Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please check the venue’s own website for the latest opening hours and information before making your journey. Stay safe and follow the local authority’s guidance in order to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.

One of the most popular gay venues in Paris, located next to COX bar. Open Café is the meeting epicentre of the Paris gay scene.

Simple, but delicious café-style food is served from noon until 5pm. Great for weekend brunch. Funky vibe, attractive crowd and friendly service. Happy hour 6pm-10pm.

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In terms of transgender rights, Colombia is one of the most progressive. For example, the right to change legal gender has for years been allowed in Colombia, but since 2015, it was possible without psychiatric or physical evaluations. Also in 2015, Colombia allowed a “neutral” or “blank space” section for gender in birth certificates, and in the same year, transgender people were allowed to openly serve in the army.

In light of such progressive LGBTQ laws, it is not surprising that Bogota has one of the .

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Receive our latest gay travel guides…

Get in-depth FREE gay travel guides, along with inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours. No spam. Never. Not ever. Just fun and interesting blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

Receive our latest blog posts…

Get in-depth FREE gay travel guides, along with inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours. No spam. Never. Not ever. Just fun and interesting blog posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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Attractions in Gay Porto

Naturally being gay does not define which attraction most of us will want to see when traveling and – generally speaking – queer travelers will simply want to check out the top things to see in Porto during the day! Porto is a very safe city, but still, all travelers should take caution in crowded areas or at night in bars with valuables.

While we love, love, love Porto – you really can’t visit this beautiful part of the world and spend your entire time inside the city limits. You need to hire a car or book an affordable tour but trust us; it is worth it!

Our #1 day trip from Porto has to be to the fabulous Douro Valley where you can sip wine, wander through rolling vineyards, take in all the picturesque views on a river cruise and taste traditional food of the region! After the Douro Valley, if you have extra time, we also loved visiting Guimarães and Braga, the cradle of Portugal with strong medieval vibes and a majestic castle.

Or head to the quaint towns of Aveiro & Coimbra – Aveiro being the ‘Venice of Portugal’ and Coimbra a charming historic university town. There is honestly so much to explore in this area of Portugal … but with such great nightlife and restaurants in Porto, you will find it hard to drag yourself away to do anything else!

There is so much to do here – but we found our favorite memories were just sitting, drinking wine in a gorgeous street-side cafe or getting lost only to find beauty in the strangest of places. Still – it helps to have some kind of idea what is going on, so here are our must-see attractions in Porto that you should not miss!

Gay-friendly and Gay Hotels in Porto Portugal

As a world leader in LGBT tourism, pretty much every hotel and hostel in Porto can be considered gay-friendly – after all, being gay-friendly is not all about upscale luxury, but about providing friendly service and welcoming guests without prejudice!

However, everybody likes to be surrounded by people with common interests and as such there are a few hotels in Porto favored by the gay jet-set. Most are located around Jardim da Cordoaria – close to all the attractions of Porto by day and night – and offer something unique and unforgettable.

The following gay-friendly hotels in Porto are only the most popular with gay, but there are hundreds of other hotels in Porto if you don’t find quite what you are looking for.

Whether you want a fun and social hostel, a cheap place to crash after a night of partying or a chic designer option to sip cocktails and surround yourself with fabulous people  – Gay Porto has something for everyone!

Gay Bars and Gay Clubs in Porto

Porto is fast becoming one of the most popular gay travel destinations in Europe, in no small part due to the vibrant gay nightlife scene in Porto and plethora of intriguing LGBT-friendly venues! Anyone who knows anything about the Portuguese knows they love a good festa, and while Porto might be laid back and chilled by day, it’s nightlife is anything but!

New gay bars and club events are popping up consistently, so it pays to ask around when you arrive, but at the moment these are the most popular nightlife spots, gay bars, and gay clubs in Porto. Things will get crazy – but just go with it!

Gay Saunas in Porto 

Had enough of gay cruising in Porto – either in the bars or elsewhere? If you desire a bit more guaranteed action, the gay saunas in Porto will not disappoint you (unlikely all those faceless accounts on Grindr or the other hook up apps…).

In such a foreign-friendly city you should have no issues visiting any Porto gay sauna, though a few words in Portuguese never hurt. But you could always check out our first-time gay sauna guide for some easy hints and tips.


Please note that the bath houses listed on this page are not necessarily explicitly gay / gay-friendly venues. Please visit the following website for more information including location maps, visitor reviews etc: Friendly sauna & bath house located in Beyoglu district very close to Taksim square famous with young masseurs. It is open round the clock (24 hours) and everyday of the week.

All Istanbul Hotels by

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These are the venues open and vivid before midnight as well.  Most of these gay bars are open everyday and they are more crowded between 21:00-02:00 a.m, though this may differ for each venue and from day to day. The prices in these bars are slightly cheaper than gay night clubs (listed below), and they do not need entrance or cloakroom fees. Most of them organizes activities, shows, karaoke nights and live music performances on several nights off the week. It is advised to check their Facebook pages to find out when / what kind of shows they are offering (20:00- 02:00) Address: Istiklal Cad. Imam Adnan Sok, No: 7 (3rd floor) Beyoglu, Istanbul Web:  IstanbulGay / Morkedi  (Click for guest reviews, videos, pictures and more) More Kedi is one of the most senior gay cafe bars in Istanbul. It is a place that may get busy before all others gay bars. Usually there will be some people from 6 p.m  until around midnight. Clients are mostly younger gays, but any ages are welcomed.

) departing from side streets near Taksim square (across Cartoon Hotel) are more comfortable and cheap. Most of them pass by Yusufpasa.   PS: Durak bar is closed during Ramadan month for about 30 days every year.  Click here  

Majority of the gay clubs listed under this cathegory are busy after midnight. Although they open their doors by 22:00-23:00 o’clock, the action does not start before midnight. Without exception, the music is loud in all of these after-midnight clubs; playing a mixture of Turkish pop, western pop, techno and underground music in turns. Most these night clubs in Istanbul require entrance fee on Saturday nights and sometimes on Friday nights, but you can get one „local drink“ with your ticket. Typically, there are several security guys waiting at the door of each gay bar/club.  They are there to stop some unsolicited visitors and take care of the cloak-rooms. In winter season, the clients are expected to leave their large bags, jackets and coats at the cloak rooms and pay for it some kind of compulsory tip when they leave. – 23:00-05:00 Address: Ataturk Oto Sanayi Sit. No:12/1, Maslak, Sariyer / Istanbul Web: IstanbulGay / X Large  When X Large Club was first opened in Beyoglu, Kallavi Sok in late 2000’s and it is was overwhelmingly gay. What made the club very popular was the quality of the shows. Around 2013 X Large moved to a bigger venue somewhat 15 km outside city center. It is still a gay friendly venue and attracts many LGBT people, but majority of the clientele are straight people including many women.  Famous Turkish singers and popular Turkish DJ’s offer performances in the venue.  

(12:00 – 05:00) Address: Asmali Mescit Cad. Sofyali Sok No:1,  Beyoglu , Istanbul Web: / AsmaliPera Located in popular nightlife street in Asmali Mescit quarter, it was confirmed as LGBT friendly venue by the owners. You can see few gay men and even sometimes local transgender people in this bar..

Prive / NoName Club  – Closed in September 2018. Kappak Club  – After being run as gay club since 2014, it was turned to regular club by mid 2017. Neo Club – Closed down since 01 Jan 2015 Sugar Cafe – Closed down since 24 Jan 2015 Elysion – Opened and closed in a short time in early 2015. Ekoo Club – Closed down in late 2014 Frappe Bar (Taksim) – Closed down in early 2014 Club Prive- Changed name as No-name. Same owners but now a trans club Other Side- Changed name as Penthouse Club, then closed for good Following gay venues has been closed-down at least 5 years ago some of which may still be listed on some international gay websites: Yesil Bizans, Queen, Dejavu, Barbahce, Kutu Bar, Club 14 (Ceylan’s), Machine, Club 12, Shake-in Bar, Degirmen Pub, Ajda Club, Secret Club, Exit Club, Purple Club, Gabile Club, Hot Point (TT’S) Cafe, B Club, Bubble, Pincur’s Cafe, Tantana Bar, Altenatif Club, Oz Club, Club 99, Hans Bar, Telve, Club Barisik. Rouge Bar, Inside Cafe  

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