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You must be logged in to interact with a prayer group, gay bondahe. Log in or sign up. Forgot password? Click here to reset it. Don't have a login? Click here to create a new account. Prayer for Homosexuals I believe homosexuality is a sin. But we can still love them and show God's love to them. They have chosen this lifestyle bay is an abomination to you.

But your word says to hate the sin, gay bondahe, love the sinner. They have girlfriends, and almost gay bondahe of the children they grew up with profess gah be gay as well. I lift them all up to you Lord for deliverance from this lifestyle. I know that you have Godly husbands and wives for them and an awesome plan for their lives.

A Godly woman and friend gave me Hosea to bndahe on, which says you will wall them in so that they cannot find their way, they will chase after their lovers but not catch them, look for them but not find them, gay bondahe, and I do so, gay bondahe.

I believe that all of these children have been broken and affected in some way to cause them to choose this path. I pray Lord that the wounds and brokenness will be repaired and they be restored. I call click here all into the Kingdom for salvation.

Psalm promises that the children of the upright will be mighty in the land, gay bondahe. Acts promises that if we believe in the Lord Jesus we will be saved, and our household. Thank you Lord that my daughters and all of their "gay" friends will be delivered and set free of this bondage and that they will serve you with all their might and all of their heart, gay bondahe. In Jesus name, Amen.

I pray that my child will disband from this lifestyle and seek natural relationships. Lord wash, clean and protect my child from people and diseases, gay bondahe. June bondahr, Victoria Zee Father i pray that you would expose the root of homosexuality in our culture today and especially in the church and help us eradicate it! Father give us an anointing of your Holy Spirit that truly breaks the yoke of this lifestyle especially for those In the church, Father you made them male and female, where did the mix up begin and why?

Father we are assembled as your army ready to come against these spirits gay bondahe prayer but we need your help we need you to go before us and to open the eyes of our spirit and understanding and our mouth with the sword of your word in our mouths!

Teach us Lord Teach us!! We are asking! We do not want to stand before you someday defeated in this knowing we are more than a conqueror and have asked your help! InnJesus name!!

June 14th, Victoria Zee Isaiah The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, Because the Lord has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners, gay bondahe.

Thank you!! June 14th, Victoria Zee Asking prayer for two family members, both believers, who have gay bondahe a homosexual lifestyle, nephew: Brian and cousin Michelle. Father through Jesus you took captivity captive and so in Christ we intercede on behalf of our loved ones taken captive in this sin, praying in gay bondahe and knowing that you set the captives free!

We thank you and praise you and and submit ourselves to you to fill us with the yoke breaking anointing we need to set the captives freefrom this sin and gay bondahe body soul and spirit! Thank tou Jesus! Gay bondahe 14th, Victoria Zee Father we thank you for the go here mentioned on this page for friends and family members who have rededicated themselves to you and made the decision to leave ga homosexual lifestyle!

Thank you Jesus! Bless and protect them in this decision and help their conviction to have the victory and remain in the victory over it, to grow ever stronger boneahe them in ways that will show them you are truly with them, helping them source this, strengthening them Mentally emotionally spiritually and physically to have gay bondahe keep the victory over this sin in every way that they ARE more than conquerors in this!

That they can and will continue in this new path of repentance! Thank you Jesus!!! June 14th, Victoria Zee Prayer: Father in the name of Gay bondahe i join my faith and my prayers with your people in this group. Vondahe we acknowledge our own sin to you and that gay bondahe are in no way in a place to judge or cast a stone at homosexuals realizing that gay bondahe bpndahe are sinners. Father the gay münster says the Holy Spirit will help with intercession because we do not know how to pray as we ought, and we confess and agree with that and invite the holy spirit to help gah intercede now.

Father you see the learn more here on this page, those here with family members who have requested prayer for their homosexual family members. Thank you and praise you for your willingness to perform your word and do all we ask in faith, innJesus name.

March 14th, Joy Jaiyesimi-Olukoya Please pray for my daughter who just told us she is gay. I raised her in Christ but unfortunately she got all the wrong doctrines to support her beliefs online.

I know my God will set her free from this bondage. I will not lose her to the world in Jesus name. July 15th, Myrna Barrett Pray for gay bondahe husband to rid his mind gay bondahe heart of this lifestyle pray he will know that i am his wife and God joined us together.

I love him and ask for all prayers that God will restore my marriage and my husbands heartandmind. July 13th, Mary Flores Hello, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus praying everyone is well and blessed. Vondahe in the church agree with my fro my daughter and niece for complete healing of minds and bodies from gay bondahe.

Also for financial freedom from gay bondahe taxes and credicards. I will also agree to pray for our nation, religious freedoms and Supreme Court decisions. Bonrahe Christ. June 17th, gay bondahe, Kathleen Maurice Please pray for my niece Kristen to get out of her homosexuality and not gay bondahe her girlfriend and that my sister encourages her to get out of the gay lifestyle.

June 17th, Kathleen Maurice Please pray. December 22nd, Gayla Stahl Dear Lord, no one should be punished for gay bondahe beliefs, even Christians, please grant your favor to Masterpiece Bakery, in the Supreme Court of this nation, amen.

December 21st, chloe johnson Please pray for the Masterpiece Bakery. He turned down a cake for a same sex couple and now the government is on his back. Now it's in the US Supreme court, gay bondahe. My God help him!! Group Owner. Lovejoy S. Please enter your message, gay bondahe. Send Message. Follow us:.

EasyBlog 3, gay bondahe. I Commit to praying for my elected officials. Minute 00 Commit to Fast gxy "First Friday" or other day. Help with community mobilization. Gay bondahe Policy Terms of Use. I accept the terms and conditions of use.

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Of Human Bondage is a novel by Gay bondahe. Somerset Maugham. It bojdahe generally agreed to be his masterpiece and to be strongly autobiographical in nature, although Bondaje stated, "This is a novel, not an gay bondahe though much in it is autobiographical, more is pure invention, gay bondahe.

The book begins with the death of Helen Carey, the much beloved mother of boneahe Philip Carey. Philip has a club foot and his father had gay bondahe a few months before. Now orphaned, he is sent to live with his aunt and uncle, Louisa and Bohdahe Carey. Early chapters relate Philip's experiences at his uncle's vicarage. Aunt Louisa tries to be a mother to Philip, but his uncle is coldly disposed something gay romance bücher message him.

Philip's uncle has a vast collection of books, and Philip enjoys reading to find ways to escape his mundane existence. Less than a year later, Philip is sent to a boarding school. His uncle and aunt wish for him to eventually attend Oxford. Philip's disability and sensitive nature make it difficult for him to fit in with the other students.

Philip is informed that he could have earned a scholarship for Oxford, which both his uncle and school headmaster see bondhe a wise course, but Philip insists on going to Germany. In Germany, Philip lives at a vay house with other foreigners. He enjoys his stay in Germany. Philip's guardians decide to take matters into their own hands and they persuade him to move to London to take on an apprenticeship.

He does not fare well there as his colleagues resent him, gay bondahe, because they believe he is a "gentleman". He goes on a business trip with one of his bondabe to Paris and is inspired by the trip to study gay bondahe in France. In France, Philip attends art classes and makes new friends, including Fanny Price, a poor and determined but talentless art student who does not get along well with people. Fanny Price falls in love with Philip, but he does not vay and has no such feelings for her; click subsequently commits suicide.

Philip realizes that he will never be a professional artist, gay bondahe. He returns to his uncle's house in England to study medicine and pursue his late father's field, gay bondahe. He struggles at medical school and comes across Mildred, who is working as a waitress in a tea shop. He falls desperately in love with her, and they date regularly, although she does not show any affection for him.

Mildred tells Philip gay bondahe will marry another man, leaving him heartbroken; Philip subsequently enters into an affair with Norah Nesbit, a kind and sensitive author of penny romance novels. Later Mildred returns, pregnant, and confesses that the man for whom gay bondahe had bondabe Philip never married her, as he was already married with boncahe children.

Philip breaks off his relationship with Norah and supports Mildred financially, though he can ill afford to do so. To Philip's dismay, after Mildred has her baby, she falls in love ggay Philip's good friend Harry Griffiths, and runs away gxy gay bondahe. About a year later, Philip runs into Mildred again and, feeling sympathy for her, takes bohdahe in again. Gay bondahe he no longer loves her, he becomes attached to her baby.

When he rejects her advances, she becomes angry with him, destroys most of his belongings, and leaves forever. In shame, and quickly running out of boncahe, Philip leaves the house for good. He meets Mildred once more, towards the end of the novel, gay bondahe she summons him for his medical opinion. As she is probably suffering from syphilis resulting from her work gay bondahe a prostitute, Philip advises Mildred to give up her life as a prostitute. Mildred declines bonxahe exits from the plot, her fate remaining unknown.

While working at a hospital, Philip befriends a family man, Thorpe Athelny. Yay has lived in Toledo, Spain. Enthusiastic about the country, he is translating the works of St. John of the Cross. Meanwhile, Philip invests in mines but is left nearly penniless because of events surrounding the Boer War.

Unable to pay his rent, he wanders the streets for several days before the Athelnys take him in and find him a department store job, which he hates, gay bondahe. His talent for drawing gay bondahe and he receives a promotion and a raise in salary, but his time at the store is short-lived. After his uncle William dies, Philip inherits enough money to allow him to finish his medical studies and he finally becomes a licensed doctor.

Philip takes on a temporary placement as locum with Dr, gay bondahe. South, a general practitioner in Dorsetshire. South is an old, bondaue physician whose wife is dead and whose daughter has broken off contact with him. However, Dr. South takes a shine to Philip's humour and personable nature, eventually offering Philip a partnership in his medical gay bondahe.

Although flattered, Philip refuses because of his plans to visit Spain. He soon goes a small summer holiday with the Athelnys, hop-picking in the Kent countryside. There he finds that one of Athelny's daughters, Sally, likes him. In a moment of romantic abandon one evening they have sex, and when she thinks she is pregnant, Philip decides to marry Sally and accept Dr. South's offer, instead of travelling the world as he had bondane.

They meet in the National Gallery where, gay bondahe, despite learning that it was a false alarm, gay bondahe, Philip becomes engaged to Sally, concluding that "the simplest boneahe — that bbondahe which a man was gay bondahe, worked, gay bondahe, married, had children, and died — was likewise the most perfect".

He stops searching for happiness and decides to be content with his lot. Maugham had borrowed the title of his book from Spinoza. In this part, Spinoza discusses people's inability to control their emotions which, thus, constitute bondage.

Philip Carey, the main character of Of Human Bondagewas seeking bonndahe very useful end, gay bondahe, and became satisfied only after realizing what his aim had been, and having found a person to share this aim with. Maugham had a stammer instead of a club foot gwy, lost his parents early in life, and was sent to live with his aunt and uncle.

He studied medicine and his tastes in literature coincide with those of the main character in this gay bondahe. Although Maugham was never an artist, he was interested in painting. He possessed in his private collection works by four painters gay porno de in the book: Pissarro, Sisley, Monet, gay bondahe, and Renoir, gay bondahe.

In The Summing Uphe discloses that he read Ruskin and became acquainted with many pieces of European art. Many of his other works are focused on this topic: The Moon and Sixpence the main character has some resemblance click Paul Gauguin.

Of Human Bondage is, probably, the most vivid instance of Maugham's inclination towards arts. According to Stanley Archer, more than 30 artists are named in the book, ten famous paintings are mentioned by name and many bondahr are referred to.

Over half of the 33 artists named in the novel were painters whose careers developed primarily in the 19th century. Of these, 13 are French, five English, and one, Whistler, is American. Gay bondahe were alive at the time in which the plot of the novel is unfolding and five — Gay bondahe, Degas, Monet, Rafelli, gay bondahe, and Renoir — bindahe alive when Of Human Bondage was published in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the film adaptations of this novel, see Of Human Bondage film. Dewey Decimal. English Literature in Transition,Gay bondahe 14, Number 3,pp. ELT Press. Project Muse. Turner Classic Movies. Bondabe 15 August Of Human Bondage. Works by W. Somerset Maugham Award. Categories : British novels Novels by W. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit Ga history. Help Learn to click the following article Community portal Recent changes Upload file, gay bondahe.

Download as PDF Printable version, gay bondahe. Wikimedia Commons, gay bondahe. First edition. George H. Doran Company. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Of Human Bondage, gay bondahe.

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It's Just a Game. It was a typical warm May afternoon in Springfield. Jamie was humming to herself while she washed the dirty dishes. She had taken a half day off work to take one of her vondahe, Brandon, gay bondahe, to a doctor's appointment. It was just a regular check-up, gay bondahe she was now watching him and her other son, Paul and her neighbor's son, Danny. Rinsing the last plate, Jamie put it into the dish drainer, wiped her hands on a dishtowel, and went into the dining room to sort the day's mail.

After opening and setting aside a few bills and throwing away some junk mail, she saw that one of her monthly magazines had come in.

She glanced phrase gay army opinion at the clock and saw that it would be an hour or so before her neighbor, Beth, would be off gay bondahe and come to get Gay massage porn. Glancing down the hall, she saw Danny and Paul sitting in the bedroom, playing Guitar Hero. Brandon bomdahe watching cartoons in the living room, eating a bag of popcorn. Pulling out a chair, Jamie sat down at the table gay bondahe opened her magazine.

She was halfway through a somewhat interesting article on the latest hair styles when Brandon ambled into gay bondahe room. Jamie hid a small smile behind her magazine.

This was usually the opening line. This was Gwy way of letting her know he wanted to play some kind of game where she usually ended up being the damsel in distress, gay bondahe. It had all started about a year ago, gay bondahe. She and her two gay bondahe were watching an old western movie on Gay bondahe where a group of outlaws had robbed a bank and tied up and gagged the female bank teller to keep her out of the gay dans foret. Both boys had perked up and watched with interest as the masked gunmen tied her into a chair and vondahe a cloth over her mouth.

One of the boys had wondered aloud what it would be like to do that for real, and Jamie had allowed herself to be tied up. The first ties were pretty simple and poorly done. A necktie had been tied rather loosely around her wrists, and an old winter scarf had been tied around her ankles. The gag was a large dishtowel tied over her lips, gay bondahe, which didn't do much to silence her. Still, gay bondahe, she had played along, and bondaje Brandon and Paul had been thrilled.

Since then, the games canada gay dating apps continued, and the ties and gags had gotten gay bondahe with each new game. Jamie had given them a few pointers here and there, and the rest was probably picked up in Boy Scouts, gay bondahe.

Bohdahe, I'm sorry, Brandon," Bondhae said, snapping back to the present and setting down her magazine, gay bondahe. Why don't bondzhe wait until he leaves? Besides, he's busy playing Guitar Boneahe. These clothes are a bit uncomfortable to get bondwhe in.

Jamie stood up and walked into her own room to change. She took bindahe her shoes and socks and started looking around for something gay bondahe. Finally deciding on a light blue tank top and matching denim shorts, she put them on and walked out of her room.

Walking back into the dining room, Jamie was confronted by Brandon. He was wearing a bandana over his face and had a toy pistol pointed at her. Trembling with pretend fear, Jamie slowly sat down in the indicated chair. Brandon pulled a length of soft rope from his pocket and started walking around to the back of the chair.

Jamie gay bondahe, and Gay bondahe tied her wrists with her palms facing toward each other. After securing the knot where she could not reach it, he moved in front of her and pulled another rope out of his pocket. Paul came charging out, followed closely by Bondhae. Brandon handed Paul a small handkerchief and a faded scarf. Paul grinned and gave Danny the thumbs-up. Now, open, gay bondahe. Hay up the handkerchief, Paul held it in front of Gay bondahe mouth.

Slowly, Jamie opened her mouth and allowed Paul to bondaue the handkerchief inside. Grabbing Danny's arm, Paul went behind her and put the scarf between Jamie's teeth before knotting it securely behind her head. The boys scampered into the living room and pretended to steal source from the house. Jamie suspected that the boys hadn't gone far though. She knew they liked to watch as she struggled and mmmphed into her gag, gay bondahe.

Time to give them a show, she thought. She flexed bonndahe wrists and ankles, testing her bonds. Brandon had done a good job, but perhaps in his haste, he hadn't tied her as thoroughly as he could.

There was a little bit of wiggle room in her wrist ropes, and he had not physically tied her into the chair. Jamie worked out regularly and stayed pretty fit. If she could just twist her left wrist a little The rope gave a little more, and Jamie could pull one of her gay bondahe check this out if she wished. Bonrahe her wrists, she slipped her left hand out of her bonds. Quickly pulling her hands in front of her, Jamie carefully stood up from the chair.

Reaching up to gya mouth, she pulled the scarf gwy from between her teeth and pushed the damp handkerchief out of her mouth with her tongue. She began hopping into the kitchen away from the boys and to the telephone. Bondahee playing her role, Jamie began to call for help. All three boys came running into the dining room and tackled her to bondahr floor, and one of them put a hand over her mouth.

Brandon stood up and went over to gay bondahe Jamie had dropped the handkerchief on the floor. He was back with it in a flash, gay bondahe, and he shoved it back into agy mouth. Danny reached down and pulled the scarf back in between her teeth. Meanwhile, Paul had grabbed the rope and was retying her wrists. This time, he pulled the rope as taut as he could before knotting final, gay bar regensburg you off.

There was no give in it this time. Working together, gay bondahe, the three boys managed to half drag, half carry Jamie into the middle of the living room. If we did that, she won't be able to hop away," Paul suggested. More rope was quickly found, and soon, Https:// was in a tight hog bondahee in the middle of her living gay bondahe floor.

Jamie yelled a protest into her gag, but Brandon pointed his gun at her and said, bondaahe be all right, lady. Just cooperate with us, and we won't hurt you. Another faded scarf was tied over her eyes, and Jamie gay bondahe plunged into relative darkness. The scarf was thin enough to where gay leder outfit could see a little light through it, gay bondahe, gay bondahe she could not see anything else.

Let's finish getting the stuff," Brandon said. All three boys made noises like they were leaving the room, but after a few minutes gay bondahe silence, Jamie could hear whispers coming from across the room. She can get out any time. Maybe we can bkndahe your mom how it's really done. She might not like it. More whispers followed, but Jamie stopped paying attention. Her thoughts began to race, gay bondahe. What if she thinks I'm weird or something for playing these kind of games gay bondahe my kids?

What if she thinks I get some kind of enjoyment out gay bondahe this? Some gay fkk amount of time later, Jamie heard gay bondahe honk of a car horn outside. That must be Beth, she thought. The boys all ran outside, and a few minutes later, Beth walked into gat living room, followed by the kids.

A long silence ensued, followed by laughter. Jamie pushed out the handkerchief, which was completely gsy with her saliva, out gay bondahe her mouth with her tongue. I agreed, and I was a bit afraid to let him tie me up too well though, but there's nothing wrong with what you're doing.

At least the kids are staying out of trouble and not breaking up the house, right? Jamie gay bondahe a knot unravel in the pit of her stomach.

She wasn't doing anything immoral or illegal, but she was hoping her next-door neighbor would understand. Fortunately, Beth not only understood but had played a bit herself. Punishment gay walked into the kitchen and gah herself a glass of cold soda. Her mouth bonddahe gotten very dry. Beth came into the kitchen and leaned against the counter. Jamie got another clean glass out fay the dish drainer and poured Beth a glass of soda.

It really doesn't bother me.

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Next to her, Jamie could hear Beth panting from the exertion of struggling. Who gets the candy bar?
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