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Post a comment. A British muscle addict gets a work experience placement filming backstage at one of America's biggest bodybuilding shows! A man with a superpower to transform his ordinary sized, slim built body into a pound mountain gta liberty city ps3 gay top five Mr Olympia worthy muscle whenever he likes!

Two of Britain's most popular juniour bodybuilders hold a "Posing Trunk Challenge" then hit the stage at the biggest amateur show in the country only one's secretly and hopelessly in love with the other! And a posing trunk loving muscle gay bodybuilder stories finds the shiny trunks of a local, gay bodybuilder stories, competitive bodybuilder at his local launderette!

These are just some of things featured in the several stories I've written and posted here on the blog, links to which you'll find here click this page.

The world of freaky gay bodybuilder stories unexpectedly intrudes on the working life of a young professional and secret lover of huge, shredded muscle in this short, one part, 7, word story! He then embarks on a mission to find out who the mystery owner is.

Is there a potential budding bodybuilder read article somewhere in the building?! It's definitely not my best work and perhaps not as eventful or exciting as my other stories, but it was a particularly fun one to write and put together!

People seemed to enjoy reading it too! Imagine if you could visit someone with a unique superpower who could turn you into any living person you wanted, gay bodybuilder stories, for just twenty-four hours, including any huge muscle monster or shredded muscle freak you desire!

That's exactly what Tobey does when he turns up on the doorstep of The Transformer as he's known in superpower circles with a muscle mag packed full of bodybuilders Dan is 6 foot, ridiculously handsome and built like a brick shit house, while Jake is 5' 5, baby faced and famous for his shockingly shredded conditioning and ginormous sized glutes, gay bodybuilder stories. The lads are about to step on stage and compete in the biggest amateur bodybuilding show in the country, where they're expected to place first and runner up.

They just have their "Posing Noel gay Challenge" to film on their vlog first. And oh read more, there's one more thing to mention.

Jake is secretly and hopelessly in love with Dan! This three part, 10, gay bodybuilder stories, word story allowed me to do something I've always wanted to; write necessary gay parade germany can story from the point of view of a bodybuilder on stage. The feedback from for this one was awesome and I think, gay bodybuilder stories, at the least, it's probably one of my most fun stories!

All Go here could see before him was a mass of freaky, flexed muscle. Perfectly sculpted and bronzed. Wrapped in tight, thin skin. Striations appearing and veins erupting in the most unlikely of places. He could see the lucky beads gay bodybuilder stories sweat glistening on the surface of the muscle, gay bodybuilder stories.

And all the time an intoxicating aroma filled the air; the powerful, masculine scent just click for source a lbs sweat and tan drenched muscle bull.

There's a little bit of everything in this story; gay bodybuilders, straight https://sjmphotography.info/gay-center-parcs.php, pump room scenes, stage scenes, worship scenes, naughty bits and a little bit of romance.

Oh and a fair few superpowers too! Set in the same shared universe as "The Day I Became A Muscle Freak" Mikey was even referenced in that story, as I had the initial idea for this story before I wrote that onethis is by far one of gay bodybuilder stories personal favourites I've written. You guys seemed to like it too as I received some amazing feedback for it.

Not even just two. But a whole host of shiny posers, gay bodybuilder stories. Of every colour conceivable. Even gold! All as shiny as the rest. My heart was pounding and my cock was furiously pulsating as I looked down at the plethora of shiny, colourful material. And it was the most glorious and downright fucking horny collection you could imagine. Oscar Grimes is completely and utterly obsessed with exactly two things; tiny, shiny, brightly continue reading posing trunks and the freakishly huge muscle bulls who wear them!

Never did he imagine that one single trip to his local launderette would result in him a acquiring a pair of very link posing trunks, and b meeting the huge, gorgeous, gay bodybuilder stories, local competitive bodybuilder unter der dusche owns them!

A 19, word, six part story written in diary form something I've always wanted to dothis one focused on https://sjmphotography.info/gay-hotel-jobs.php trunks more than any other story I've written, and was a particularly fun one to write!

It seemed to be a particularly popular one too! PART 1. PART 2. PART 3. PART 4. PART 5. PART 6. Muscle addict Noah Cook is spending his summer break gay bodybuilder stories uni at his parents gay bodybuilder stories the town he grew up boring Little Denton - where nothing ever happens.

Noah's convinced he's in for an uneventful summer. That is until he bumps into one of his school friends, AJ Jones, who, in the four years since Noah last saw him, has transformed into a mini muscle bull of a competitive bodybuilder, with enormous arms and huge tits which strain through the material of his Tesco's work shirt.

A 14 gay bodybuilder stories, novel length love story, this is my biggest and most ambitious to date. The feedback for this one was amazing, in fact better than I could have ever imagined, though more so on the Muscle Growth forums rather than on here link to the story on that site here.

Meet Woody real name Sebastian Wood ; a handsome, sassy, self assured some might say cocky bodybuilder with article source cheeky Instagram persona. This was a story I started writing back in but abandoned pretty quickly. It was the first thing I'd ever written from the point of view of a bodybuilder something I haven't really done a lot of.

I then posted what I'd written on the Gay bodybuilder stories Growth Forums a few years back to see if I'd get much feedback.

Link here. A very short story posted on the blog here. A writer friend of mine challenged me to write a word story based on a gif he sent the one in the post and this was the result. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook, gay bodybuilder stories. No comments:. Subscribe to: Posts Gay bodybuilder stories.

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Rising Up: The Story of Wheelchair Bodybuilder Nick Scott
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He imploded a building with his bare hands. So you can be our gay bodybuilder stories Jeremy, you have a boeybuilder In a good way, I mean. His strength and muscle size gay bodybuilder stories incredible, especially for such a young boy, and his brains, wow, you thought Lex Luthor was smart, Mikey makes him look like a complete idiot. I heard that he sped read the Bible and remembered every word in gay bodybuilder stories precisely, then spent the next two hours translating it into 4 different languages by boybuilder alone.

The same could be said for his strength, how can you be so sure that it was he that imploded the building, it sounds like a sham to me. Not to mention the rock he turned completely to dust with his bare hands. Ah, gay bodybuilder stories he comes. He was carrying his brother, Tyler, on his shoulders. Well, maybe you will after you see this. Then the neck started going when his traps started moving unceasingly towards his earlobes, his pecs pushed outwards causing his shirt to rip down the sides, until he was standing ggay in front of us.

His 8 pack abs stood out at least 2 inches now, his pecs 7 inches bldybuilder that, and his shoulders were doing their best imitations check this out pumpkins. Really, really large pumpkins. Then the pants started to rip along the seems themselves. Mikey was wearing nothing but a posing strap underneath his shirt, he started doing a posing show for Superman, who from the first sight of Mikey was speechless.

So, how do you want to do this? That would bodybuikder it much more fair. Fatboy, count us down! What he saw shocked him to no end. Mikey looked positively bored, gay bodybuilder stories, he appeared to be looking at the fingernails of his other hand, as though nothing was pushing against his bodybuildeg hand at all.

Superman started pushing with all his strength, he gritted his teeth, pouring on all the power he could muster, gay bodybuilder stories. I always thought you were supposed to be the strongest man in the Universe, how does it feel to be overpowered by a 4 year old boy with such ease? All I know is it is annoying the gay bodybuilder stories out of me. I will. And you better do it quick, those alarms seem to be getting more urgent. You are my master, I am your slave. He bent down gay bodybuilder stories lightly pecked one.

He rose up higher, kneeling chest to bigger chest. But his thoughts were barely on the job at hand, his mind was going back and replaying the last 20 minutes of his life again and again.

The End. My New Step-Brother. His name was Keith whom I had met previously at the wedding. He was a very handsome guy with the frat jock look about him.

I was amazed at how easily he lifted my two suitcases in the air and carried them so easily. While he was walking swiftly in front of me, I did my best to keep up with him…. On the way to the house Gay bodybuilder stories found out that Keith was a jock and plays football in college. Keith filled me in on the details of the community and what was what, etc. I felt we really bonded on the ride.

He did make a comment though that took me by surprise. Looking at your dad I expected storiew much more from you.

How bad can a 10 year old be? If you have any problems, do not, I repeat do not call me. You have to deal with Jason on your own. Just humor him and you two will get along fine. Just remember that he likes to be in charge. I stood there…. After fumbling with the house keys he gave me, I finally got the door open. Dragging my bags in the house I looked for Jason but saw no boeybuilder. It was a gorgeous house with all the right amenities.

I put my bags down and decided to walk around the house and yard. Through the dining room I noticed an incredible back yard…. That is something that I would take advantage of later on I thought to myself. I carried my one bag upstairs to the guest bedroom my dad told me which one it was and came back downstairs to get my other bag. Not noticing how out of shape I was, I seemed a bit tired from lugging two suitcases up the stairs.

Are you here?! As I relaxed read article the hot tub, the alcohol seemed to take over and I was very, gay bodybuilder stories, very relaxed. Time passed and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Then something happened…… I suddenly felt an iron vice wrap around my skull, crushing my head, gay bodybuilder stories.

I reached up to grab whatever was grabbing at my gay bodybuilder stories for some relief. Then, I felt my body being lifted from the hot tub and onto the tiles click the pool area. My face was turning red and I was slowly starting to lose consciences. Just as quickly as the vice wrapped around my head, gay bodybuilder stories, I felt it release. I started to cough while trying to gather air at the same time when suddenly I felt my body being shoved backwards.

Before I knew bodynuilder I felt a marble gay bodybuilder stories wrap around my neck like in a figure four move. What my hands did feel was soft, like velvet human skin, but it was harder underneath than any substance I had ever known. I was becoming lightheaded bodybuulder I looked up at the sky, gay bodybuilder stories. Behind me I heard giggling…then the marbled tightened up…. I thought I heard blood running through the hard marble…that was the last sound I heard before I passed out.

The Tiniest Bully part 3. He says you can come back! Mikey shakes it with a little bit of his power, Clark winces noticeably. Muscle Wimp! Get out here! I beat gay bodybuilder stories physically, mentally, and emotionally, he was my first slave. It was gay bodybuilder stories cool to know how strong gay bodybuilder stories was compared to everyone else, but how week he was compared to me, gay bodybuilder stories.

Now he does whatever I say. Muscle wimp? Mikey said that I should gayle tufts cd down to three to start. He got back up and looked at Clark, smirking. I admit, though, that I may have taken your strength for granted, I may have not believed the stories Jeremy told me about you, and for that, I bocybuilder, you are incredibly, incredibly strong. That was nothing, you know how much strength I was using there? You actually believe that?

I know article source, I can arrange a meeting between you two. Well, believe me, if anyone on Earth deserves to be worshipped, its me. Set it up, Geek, and get ready to bow down to your new God.

The Tiniest Bully part 2. So I came back the next day, not entirely expecting him to be there, thinking it may have been a dream, Gay bodybuilder stories mean apps dating gay black a 3 year old with a body that would put most Mr. What do we do now? I pulled out gay bodybuilder stories measuring tape, a pair of handcuffs and a digital camera.

But it went along with the rest of his body, shoulders wider than my own, despite the fact that I stood 2 and a half feet taller than him. When gay bodybuilder stories body grew, my intelligence, both emotional and mental grew with my muscles, I found out when I turned 3 years old, my dick started getting hard for no reason, using my advanced intelligence, I looked it up on the internet, and found out all about sex. Harry Potter was my first book, at 1 tay a half, I finished all 7 books in the series in about 4 months.

He seriously looked like a morphed picture come to life, but he was standing right near in front of me, flesh and bone. Well set the camera down and come over and see how big these muscles really are. Waist, 20 inches, your calves are almost as big around as your waist is! Your biceps, Holy Christ! I kicked it, all I did was hurt my foot. I am not a pedophile, I just stoeies muscle, gay bodybuilder stories anyone, but I never was attracted to any gay bodybuilder stories, no matter how muscular they appeared.

This kid had the kind of stries that just changed your definition of right and wrong.

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Bulk Fiction Archive. Search this site. Welcome to the Gay bodybuilder stories Fiction Archive. A Big Wish goes a Long Way. A Bull of Man. A Chance Encounter. A Change could do you good pt. A Change Could do you good pt. A Change could do you good, By Maelstrom.

A Change could do you gay chambers, pt 2. A Change Could bldybuilder you good, pt, gay bodybuilder stories. A Change could do you good. A friend comes over, and is forced to use the ointment. A Little Link Mass.

A Wish is a Dream. Aaron, by Lucky. Accidents Happen. Adam and the Devil. All in a days growth. Always Try the House Blend pt. Always Gay bodybuilder stories The House Blend, by wingofhorus. An Encourager's Gain. Archive of Stories.

Away Game. Barge Grows. Ben gets huge - pt. Ben Gets Huge pt. Ben Gets Huge, by Vlad pt. Big Bear. Big Bodbuilder. Big Roommate. Brad the Beast. Bulk bodybuilders. Bulk Fiction Archive Gay parkplatz. Bulking II pt. Bulking pt Bulking pt. Careful What you Wish For.

Carl's growth. Chunky Bodybuilder. Clothes Big Gay bodybuilder stories to Grow Into ch1 pt. College Football Headlines. Cray Grows A lot. Create Your Own Story. Daylight Savings Gy. Don't Suck It Bidybuilder Double D. Excerpt from Curses. Excerpt from Surviving the Street Fair, by Ventrego. Facets pt. Fair Play, by Purejetfuel. Fantasy Football. Frank's Growth. Funhouse pt. Furball at the Rodeo.

Furball MacFerguson, gay bodybuilder stories. Gavin's Growth. Genie Trouble 3. Genie Trouble 4. Genie Trouble pt. Genie Trouble Read more. Genie Trouble, By Ventrego.

George's Change. Getting Big, author unknown. Gino's Growth. Great to Gain. Growing Love. Growth Bug. Growth Potion. Gulliver musk Shots.

Guy And Cray try to relax. Guy continues to grow Guy Grows too. Guy Struggles with his Subconscious. He Grows to pounds Heavy Service. I want to get big. Image Stories. Immobilization of Jake, gay bodybuilder stories. In the Mirror, by McBaer. Jack Strom Jack Strom pt Jack Strom Pt. Jake Grows pt. Jake grows pt. John's Wish. Journal pt. Juiced, pt. Madagascar Charm pt.

Magic: The Growthering. Making Weight. Making Weight, by Beartrainer. Marco's Device. Micro Burger, regret, am i gay really MrPragma. Mike Gets Huge. More than he Bargained For. More Than He Wanted. Mountain Men. Multiple Deposits.

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The Bloated Cowboy. Jim screamed as it felt like a knife had pierced him. Over the past five years the man had raped anyone here wanted to.
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