Fun/Fraternity/Folklore CP

— ArgentinaA youngster gets a whacking from his taekwondo teammates to celebrate winning his black belt.

— China: Six new university students get an initiation paddling.

— Japan: Whipping custom at ancient festival. Visitors to a cultural festival get their backsides jocularly whacked by men in masks.

(1) At an air training school, a man gets whacked with a hefty paddle as his mates look on with amusement. (2) A soldier is paddled in an office.

— Poland: 18th-birthday spankings: Eight clips. College boys celebrate attaining adulthood by receiving 18 whoops with a belt on the seat of their jeans in a Polish birthday tradition.

(1) A new member of a football team is welcomed with a severe whipping.

In a dormitory somewhere in Romania, serious bare-bottom pain for a young man being initiated into a sports team.

(1) Three new entrants are welcomed with a ceremony that leaves them with very sore behinds. (2) From a TV documentary about the Russian army. Rookie soldiers get a taste of the belt from their mates. (3) A soldier bends over his bed for a hard whack with a paddle. (4) A young army lad gets a belting from his dorm mates. (5) A light-hearted whack with a belt for two boys.

— Russia: Young sportsmen punished.(1) Two young weightlifters punished for smoking. Video not currently available(2) Three boys whipped in a taekwondo class.

In a humorous advertisement for a chain of sports-shoe shops, a young woman tries out various different sneakers with which to punish her boyfriend across the seat of his boxers. Part of our „Spank while you sell“ feature on CP imagery in advertising.

— United States: Fun paddlings. (1) Two young men demonstrate the use of the paddle forfun, and its after-effects. Video not currently available(3) A real one-swat college fraternity paddling.

— United States A jocular birthday paddling in a classroom, date and location unknown. The implement used might be the school’s real paddle.

— United StatesThe Spanking Machine: A Resilient Myth in Popular Culture (1) An inventor demonstrates his experimental spanking machine on himself. (2) Self-operated paddling device made out of an exercise bicycle.

— Venezuela: Whipping of a girl. A „first menstruation“ rite-of-passage ceremony for girls in Venezuela.

Illicit CP

Australia: News report, Feb 2013: Court case about the „Sharia“ whipping of a Muslim convert.

Canada: Fuss over the caning of a 17-year-old Taekwondo student. News report, March 2018: Interview with student who agreed to accept posterial CP from his Korean martial-arts instructor. The youth’s father, who supported the punishment, also speaks.

Canada News report, 2012: A shopkeeper in Quebec foils a would-be young robber and spanks his bare bottom.

Chile: Unofficial pants-down whipping for teenage thieves.

China: Bank employees paddled in front of colleagues.

Iran: Three boys spanked in public. Video not currently available Caught on camera at a public swimming pool in present-day Iran, punishment is administered with a flipper by the swim coach.

— Serbia: Unofficial paddling at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

–South Africa: Unofficial whippings by vigilantes.

(1) Alleged rapists are rounded up to be flogged in 1999. (2) Two youths get a public whipping in 2016.

— Switzerland: Army recruits get a belting, 2010.

— United States: Man spanks young man who is supposedly his daughter’s boyfriend after they allegedly had underage sex. Might be staged as a stunt.

— United States: Vigilante gang charged with brutal spanking of alleged forger. Video not currently available Very brief TV news report (2008) includes a glimpse of the accused in custody at a preliminary hearing.

— United States: Workplace spanking. Video not currently available TV news report (2008) on a case in which a woman had been spanked at work. A court awarded her compensation, but this was overturned on appeal.

— United States: Judge accused of paddling inmates. Video not currently available TV news item (2007) about allegations that a judge in Alabama removed young men from prison and paddled them in his office. The NAACP says it is all a conspiracy against the judge.

— United States Video not currently available A 2009 follow-up to the previous item. The judge is barred from practicing as a lawyer.

— United States: Another follow-up on ex-judge Thomas (2009). Video not currently available The Alabama State Bar finds evidence that he is a „sexual predator“ but on camera he denies everything.

Video not currently available Video camera captures a mass whacking at a police training camp in 2009.

— Zimbabwe: Illicit caning of man and woman by police.

Illicit CP