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The Advocate’s Tiara Chiaramonte breaks down the basics and gives us an introduction to the fascinating world of gay Japanese comics.

Yaoi (pronounced „yah-oh-ee“) is a term typically thrown around the fringes of the geek community, but what is this gay Japanese phenomna? It’s a form of manga, or Japanese comics/graphic novels, with homoerotic and homoromantic themes. If you think the concept sounds interesting, you’re not alone. Millions faithfully read Yaoi not only in Japan, but around the world, as it is routinely translated into dozens of languages.

Whether you’ve wanted to know more about this queer Japanese art form or your curiosity is being piqued for the first time, the following brief guide will help familiarize you with one of the most read gay comic book genres in the world.

YaoiYaoi translates to no climax (as in the climax of a story), no plot, no meaning. This referred to the lack of story in the comics and the focus on sex or violence. Now Yaoi has become a more encompassing term of any fictional media that focuses on homoerotic male relationships. The lead characters in yaoi novels are often bishounen or beautiful pretty boy types of men with very feminine features. The majority of these comics are written for women by women, and some Yaoi authors are lesbians.Suggested Reading:Finder Vol. 1: Target in the Viewfinder follows a photographer on assignment to document Japanese underworld, but he gets caught up in the mafia when a dark and mysterious man kidnaps him.

YuriYuri is the term for lesbian mangas and animes. Yuri literally means lily and in Japan the term is synonymous with a long history in lesbian literature. Many Yuri comic books deal with politics, romance and occasionally sex. However in the United States yuri has a more explicit meaning and is associated with hentai, Japanese cartoon porn.Suggested ReadingShiroi Heya no Futari (Our White Room) tells the story of two boarding school roommates who play Romeo & Juliet. When their stage kiss is perceived as passionate and real by their classmates vicious rumors spread. 

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Top freeGamestagged Gay (417 results)

46. (1997)

A tomboyish schoolgirl finds herself forced into repeated duels for another girl who has a role in a world revolution.

Stars:Tomoko Kawakami, Yuriko Fuchizaki, Sharon Becker, Rachael Lillis

Revolutionary Girl Utena= If you were to take it on face value RGU doesn’t seem like anything that special. However it quickly becomes obvious that Utena is a once off and that it’s far deeper than meets the eye. It explores themes including homosexuality, I certainly didn’t expect this from what I was lead to believe was a childrens anime. To tell the truth this anime caught me off guard a number of times, particularly in later episodes. It was nothing like I expected it to be, this was actually a plus. It’s a fantasy, action, drama but it’s a strange one and very bold. Whether you love or hate it, this is certainly memorable.

 46. (1997)