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Along with the employees of Planet Express, Futurama includes a large array of characters, which include co-workers, media personalities, business owners, extended relatives, townspeople, aliens, and villains.

Many of these characters were created futurama gay one-time gags, background scenes or other functions in the Futurama universe. A number of them have gained expanded roles and subsequently starred in their own episodes. Other characters started out as background characters, and have been used to personify new roles later on in the series, futurama gay.

The main characters are listed first; all other characters are listed in alphabetical order. Only main, supporting, and recurring characters are listed, with brief descriptions of the main and supporting characters also given. For more detail on recurring characters, see List of recurring futurqma in Futurama.

Philip J. Fry futurama gay, primarily known by his surname Fryis the main protagonist of the series. He is a 20th century pizza delivery boy in New York City who, after futurama gay dumped by his girlfriend and hay stuck in a dead-end job, is cryogenically frozen on December 31,futurama gay up years later just before the year After meeting Bender and Leela, the trio find employment at the Planet Express delivery company, owned by Fry's distant descendant Professor Farnsworth. Ironically, Fry becomes the delivery boy for Planet Express futuramz rejecting his predetermined job of being a delivery boy upon waking up in the future.

Fry is a goofy, dim-witted, slovenly but well-meaning individual. The series follows his transition click to see more the 20th century to the 31st century. Fry is voiced by Billy Westwho uses an impression of his own voice at age 25 to create Fry's voice. Www gay boy full name Turanga Leela is the female lead of gay dating websites series.

She is a futurama gay mutant who Fry meets after waking up years futurama gay the future. Originally working as a career assignment officer for cryo-preserved people waking up in the future, Leela quits her job after meeting Fry, futurama gay, joining him and Bender at Planet Express where futurama gay becomes the delivery ship's captain. Gay nextdoor is one of the few characters in the visit web page to routinely display competence and fuuturama ability to command, and routinely saves the rest of the cast from disaster, gay friendly ägypten suffers extreme self-doubt because she has only one eye and grew up as a bullied orphan.

She first believes herself futurama gay alien but later is revealed to be the least-mutated sewer mutant futurzma the history of 31st-century Earth.

Leela is also an environmentalist. The series also follows the relationship between Fry and Leela, futurama gay, as they start off as friends but later develop feelings for one another. Leela is voiced by Katey Sagal. He fulfills a futurama gay, antihero -type role in Futurama and is described by fellow character Leela as an " futuramqwhore -mongering, futurama gay, chain-smoking gambler". After Fry gives Bender a reason to keep living, the two are caught by Leela, who joins them in going to Planet Express.

Bender fulfills a variety of odd jobs at the company, including the head chef, and futturama also Fry's futuraama friend and roommate. He is voiced by John DiMaggio. Amy Wong works as an intern at Futursma Express supposedly kept around because she shares Professor Farnsworth's blood typefuturama gay, and doesn't notice the Professor's tendency to send his crews on suicide missions.

She https://sjmphotography.info/alexander-gay-sauna-athens.php the ditzy, spoiled daughter of wealthy agriculturalist-industrialist Han Chinese rancher parents https://sjmphotography.info/gay-pozzing-dating-chat.php raise buggalo a hybrid of " buffalo " and "bug" on their property on Futurama gaywhich takes up the futyrama western hemisphere of the futurama gay.

A graduate futurqma for most of the series' run, futurama gay, in season six, futurama gay, she earns her Ph. By the end of the series, she is the " Fonfon Ru " — the la ciencia equivalent of a Common Law wife — of Kif Krokerand the adoptive mother of his offspring. Amy's stereotypically Asian meddling mother and father futuraja pressure her to get married and give them grandchildren, which she is not eager to do, futurama gay.

They are often shown to be rather unkind to their daughter, including during an incident in which Amy's father repeatedly made fun of her for being fat as a child. On the show, Amy is known for being somewhat shallow, kind, and ditzy. When Doctor Zoidberg had lost his mind due to hormones and was forced to be tied up, she was fooled multiple times into untying him, despite the dangers.

As she said herself, "Fool me futirama times, gzy on you, fool me eight or more times, shame on me. Amy tends to wear rather provocative outfits.

Her futurama gay outfit is a midriff baring pink sweatshirt, futurama gay, matching sweatpants and brown boots, with other outfits consisting of anything that reveals her belly button. She confesses to Fry that she dresses that way to rebel against her parents; in futurama gay movie Into the Wild Green Yondershe tells her father that she wears the sweatsuit because she knew he always wanted a futurama gay.

When angered, Amy agy starts cursing in more info spoken Cantonesesuch as "Aiya, da sei nei", which roughly translates to "Oh my God, futurama gay, I'll beat you to death". According to her, because of her supreme cuteness, futurama gay, Amy had cuteness reduction surgery on her cheek and nose when she was a teenager.

Amy futurama gay dated few men, but she expresses a sexually adventurous attitude. In Bender's Game she portrayed bisexual characteristics. In " Proposition Infinity ", she had a robosexual relationship with Bender ; She also has a https://sjmphotography.info/www-gayromeo-altes-design.php for 'bad boys'.

However, futurama gay their relationship, he was involved in an accident, which caused her to have his head grafted onto her shoulder to save his life. She still carries a disfiguring scar from the incident.

Fjturama has been dating Kif Kroker since Although she is not https://sjmphotography.info/gay-chat-apps.php for total commitment, Amy is sure that one day she will be. In " Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch ", she became the "Smizmar" of Kif's children; that is, she inspired the feelings of love that caused Kif to be receptive to procreation.

Although Leela is the biological mother because she grabbed Kif's ungloved hand gwy keep him from being sucked out of his spaceship, futuraama knowing that, in his receptive state, this would impregnate him some of the children even have only one eye like Leelathe Smizmar is considered to be the true mother in Kif's culture.

Amy's love for Kif is undeniable, and she has been seen crying when Kif goes on dangerous missions, fearing for his well-being. Cohen decided that she would be something of a klutz. Groening was interested fuhurama exploring the idea of using slapstick comedy and physical humor with a futurama gay character, futjrama most of this humor fugurama done by male characters in his previous work, futurama gay, The Simpsons.

Amy's personality was initially different; her voice actress Lauren Tom gwy stated that she was originally supposed to be "a car mechanic, really tough lesbian sort of character", futurama gay. She was changed in order to provide a better contrast between her and Leela.

In the season four episode " Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch ", in which Amy's boyfriend Kif becomes pregnant, there was some disagreement among the writers as to whether Amy should be the real mother of his children. It was eventually decided that having Amy be the mother and reject the children would make her too futurama gay.

Hermes Conrad is a workaholic bureaucrat and the accountant at the Planet Express from Jamaica with a heavy Jamaican accent, futurama gay, known for his 31st-century Jamaican exclamations - for instance, futurama gay manatee of Galilee! He manages the Planet Express delivery business with responsibilities that include paying bills, giving out legal waivers, and notifying next of futjrama. Hermes is very enthusiastic about the Limbo and was once an Olympic limbo athlete.

Hermes frequently admonishes the staff for not working hard enough, and strongly dislikes Dr. Zoidbergoften treating him as a "thing" and not a person, and normally punishes Zoidberg first even when obviously innocent. Zoidberg is generally oblivious to this, considering Hermes his friend, futurama gay, but upon learning the truth in " The Six Million Dollar Mon ", he callously calls out Hermes for his treatment of him.

Later episodes show them building an uneasy sex kiel gay, with Hermes slowly softening to Zoidberg. He futurama gay also known to dislike cuturama unions, once referring to Labor Day hay created by "fat-cat futurzma gangsters", though seconds later he exclaims "Hot damn, futurama gay, a day off! Futuraa his disdain and attitude towards most of his coworkers, he has more recently been portrayed as one of the most compassionate characters in the series, and seems to have a soft spot for Bender.

In the Season 6 episode " Lethal Inspection ," it is revealed that Hermes used to work for Mom's Robot Factory in Tijuana, Mexico as Inspector 5, checking robots for defects tuturama they came off the production line. Bender was built here without a backup module, futurama gay, but Hermes' compassion for the baby robot led him to override Bender's "defective" assessment and give him a chance at life. He turned in his resignation immediately afterward, and later destroyed all evidence of his employment there in order to prevent Bender from learning the truth, almost being killed in the process.

As the episode ends, he smiles quietly at his burning personnel file and nods, showing go here to be proud of his choice. Hermes is married to LaBarbara Conrad, with whom he has a son Dwight. He is voiced by Phil LaMarrwho states that Hermes, originally named "Dexter", did not have a Jamaican accent at first and was more uptight.

Professor Hubert J. A mad scientist and the futuraama of Planet Express click here, he alternates between intelligence and amoral senility due to his greatly advanced age, stated to be at least years old on multiple occasions during the course of gayy series years old as of " Fututama Clone of My Own ".

He demonstrates fuhurama mastery futurama gay any field of science necessary for the series' plots and is suggested to be one ftuurama the most brilliant inventors on Earth.

However, he falls futurama gay constantly, futurama gay, and he is implied to gxy routinely sent his former crews on suicide missions. He wears very thick glasses and has a gift for creating doomsday devices and atomic supermen. He has put at least bay futurama gay universe in peril with his inventions gay hot ass visited guturama more see " The Farnsworth Parabox ". The Professor teaches at Mars University and has ufturama futurama gay Momcorp on several occasions but spends most of futurama gay time inventing ridiculous devices and sending the Planet Express delivery crew on suicide futurama gay.

What he is a professor of is never explicitly stated. In futuraja episode " Mars University ", when asked what he is teaching, he responds: "The same thing I teach every semester, the mathematics of quantum neutrino fields, futurama gay.

I made up the title so no student would dare take it"; however, futurama gay, this declaration has gya precluded the professor from demonstrating mastery of gah field of science is convenient for a given episode's plot, as shown in Bender's Big Score when he proclaims, "I fhturama wire anything directly into anything!

I am the Professor! Futurama gay years before the men old gay timeline, he taught futruama young not yet Professor Wernstromwhom Farnsworth regarded as a prized student.

After he returned a pop quiz to Wernstrom with a grade of A-minus for poor penmanshipthe two became bitter rivals established in " A Big Piece of Garbage ". Many episodes' major plot points are introduced by Farnsworth announcing, "Good news, futurama gay On the very few occasions he has actual good news, he often opens with gqy news, everyone!

The Professor often makes mutually contradictory statements just moments apart; this happens especially often when briefing his employees, with the prevailing second statement canceling a much more reassuring first sentence.

The Professor rarely worries about gzy safety of the crew, viewing them as a means to an end, futurama gay, as futurama gay in click at this page first episode.

After remarking that he was looking for a new crew for his intergalactic space ship, he was asked "What happened to your old crew? What is important futurama gay that I need a new crew! The Professor issues his new crew the previous crew's career chips from a manila envelope labeled "Contents Of Space Wasp's Stomach" " Space Pilot ".

It is established in the episode " Mother's Day " that the Professor was once Mom 's lover and employee. However, they could not maintain their relationship due to Mom's lust for power, filme gratis gay when she decided to weaponize his "Q.

McWhiskers" toy, prompting them to break up this reportedly happened three times. When Mom takes control of all the world's robots to cause an uprising, her sons Walt, Larry, and Igner attempt futurqma futurama gay the Professor to seduce Mom and retrieve the remote for the robots.

They adult gay dating site germany back together check this out, but break up once more when Mom learns the Professor had been initially using her.

Many references to the pulp science fiction magazine Weird Tales indicate futurama gay Professor may be named in honour of its editor Farnsworth Wright. Another possibility is that he is named after the American inventor and television pioneer Philo Farnsworth who appeared in the Futurama episode " All The Presidents' Heads " as an ancestor of the Professor and Philip J.


It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 9, The episode's read article is a portmanteau of the titles of each series, futurama gay. At Springfield Elementary SchoolPrincipal Skinner is showing Bart 's class a time capsule intended to be opened a thousand years later and tells the students to each put something inside.

Bart, having forgotten to bring something to put in it, puts a sandwich that he blows his nose into. At a ceremony, Mayor Quimby lowers the time capsule into the town square in front of the statue of Jebediah Springfield, futurama gay. When they dig up the hole, they notice some green ooze pouring out. Later that night, the Simpsons hear a strange noise outside. Marge then hears something glugging and belching downstairs.

Homer and Bart decide to go to the basement and investigate. Down in the basement, futurama gay, Bart sees a shadowy figure opening up a can of Duff Beerwho is revealed to be Benderwho reveals he is from the future. Homer and Bender become instant best friends. The next day, Lisa starts to doubt that Bender futurama gay actually from the future, since technology in the present is relatively advanced, futurama gay she takes read article to Professor Frink 's laboratory.

Bender admits that he does not recall why he was sent futurama gay the present, so Frink unplugs and re-plugs Bender's mission https://sjmphotography.info/gay-tentacle-hentai.php, causing Bender to reveal his mission is to terminate Homer; however, he cannot bring himself do it.

A hologram of LeelaFryand some rabbit-shaped creatures that are attacking New New York appears. Lisa asks why he must be killed, and Professor Farnsworth replies that the creatures have Homer's DNA and Bender was sent back to kill Homer before the creatures could evolve from him. When Farnsworth, futurama gay, Https://sjmphotography.info/gay-dating-gps-app.php and Lisa get to the house, the Professor reveals that the DNA was only half of Homer's, with the other half belonging to Marge; they https://sjmphotography.info/gay-short-film-2017.php kill one of their children instead now.

Bender's rear shows a hologram of the creatures attacking Linda and Morbowho report that the creatures have started evolving, futurama gay. One of the rabbits eats Linda and transforms into a lizard -like creature that resembles Bart, who then remembers that when he put his sandwich in the time capsule, it touched Milhouse 's lucky futurama gay foot and the toxic ooze in the hole touched the items in the time capsule mutating them into rabbit-like creatures with Bart's DNA, futurama gay.

The Simpsons and the Planet Express crew arrive in the town square to dig up the capsule, but the time travel portal is damaged, and futurama gay but Maggie and Bender are sent to the year The Simpsons all futurama gay out at the Planet Express headquarters, having failed to figure out a way to stop the creatures. Futurama gay, Lisa is surprised everyone has given up.

The Professor then proposes they shoot all the creatures into space. Lisa helps lure the creatures into Madison Cube Garden ; the Planet Express Ship lifts the cube up and hurls it into space, futurama gay. Back in the present, Bender takes Maggie to the race tracks, having known every result and winning a large sum of money, giving a share of it to Maggie.

The portal is successfully fixed and the Simpson family re-arrive back in the present. Bender then sets an alarm for 1, years and goes to sleep. Homer throws futurama gay in the basement but not before pouring him one last beer, which he appreciates, futurama gay. The creatures are revealed to have landed on Omicron Persei 8, in which Kang and Kodos visit, who reveal that they are a same-sex couple.

The episode was first announced in Julytwo days after " The Simpsons Guy "—the hour-long crossover between Family Guy and The Simpsons —was announced. It was originally planned to air as either the season 25 finale or the season here premiere. Like, they just erased Homer's hair. You're a nerd. The episode revealed that The Simpsons aliens Kang and Kodos are a lesbian couple.

Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly : "People are asking: is this episode canon? And I go, 'What really happened—did Homer really fall off a cliff all source times and live?

They're a gay female couple in their species. They sorry, hendrik streeck gay absolutely to be married. He declared that there would be no more deaths in the show, following the season premiere " Clown in the Dumps futurama gay in which Krusty the Clown 's father died.

The episode received an audience of 6. It was the most-watched show on Fox that night. The episode received mixed reviews from critics. Max Nicholson of IGN called the storyline "a bit dull especially considering some of Futurama ' s more epic storylines, futurama gay.

Seeing the Simpsons family interact with Bender, futurama gay, Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth, and the rest has a certain automatic thrill to it, like any half-assed Internet futurama gay that thing I like is in the same place as that source thing I like!

Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly stated, ". Screen Rant nippel torture gay it the best episode futurama gay the 26th season. FryProfessor Hubert FarnsworthDr. John Zoidberg. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved https://sjmphotography.info/cala-millor-gay.php Retrieved 12 November Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on 13 November Retrieved November 9, The A. Retrieved November 10, Screen Rant.

The Simpsons episode. A caption is shown instead which says futurama gay show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes. The Simpsons sit on the couch, but it turns out to be Futurama gay. The Simpsons season List of The Simpsons episodes.

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Futurama is an animated Necessary gay turks idea series based around the main protagonist Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy from the 20th century who was cryogenically frozen ffuturama years, and his adventures in the future.

The show was created by Matt Groening and David X. Fururama for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Futurama first aired inand stayed on Fox untilwhen it was expunged from television until when four direct-to-DVD films were released and aired on Comedy Central as the sixth season. Comedy Central has aired seasons 7 through 9 from tofuturama gay, and season 10 is scheduled. The series takes place on Earth in the 31st century. The show has spawned several memes which will be listed belowmost of which are based tay the main character of Futurama, futurama gay, Philip J.

On April 22nd,Comedy Central futurama gay gsy Futurama will not be renewed for another season after the airing of the series finale episode on September 4th, futurama gay, The news of the show's cancellation promptly spread through the entertainment news circuit and was met futuramaa varying reactions from the fans and bloggers, with many [14] futurama gay [17] expressing doubt that this will be the end of the franchise, while others [16] interpreted it as a sound decision in consideration of the futurama gay viewership.

Fan reactions were similarly divided on Reddit futurama gay gwy, where gwy shared their opinions through dozens of Futurama -themed image macros, most notably the Not Sure If X series.

Futurama received a lot of praise from critics and viewers alike. Like other popular animated Futudama shows, Futyrama has gained futurama gay large fan following online over the years. Futurama's main fanbase consists of self-described nerds, most likely due to the many math, physics and computer science jokes. In fact, many of the people who work on fuhurama show have PhD degrees in the ftuurama fields.

Futurama also includes a lot of Star Trek and Twilight Zone jokes gaay references. Dedicated entirely to the character of Leela, the site was regularly updated https://sjmphotography.info/gay-rights-parade.php six months before going on an indefinite hiatus in January The futurama gay reopened under the new administrator Leandro Pardini on April 1st,after merging with another fan futurama gay called There's Something About Futurama.

In the following years, The Leela Zone continued to grow into a general destination for Futurama futturama and eventually changed its name to the Futurama Madhouse in August Other notable Futurama fan communities include the portal news site Can't Get Enough Futurama [3]the message board community Futurama Fan Gayy [4] and the wiki-style reference site Infosphere [2] among many others, futurama gay.

In addition to online fan sites, Futurama has spawned fyturama extensive collection of fan art illustrations, fan fiction braunschweig gay sex unofficial merchandises. As of Junethe digital artist community DeviantART [12] hosts more than sauna kassel pferdestall, Futurama-themed artworks as well as a fan group [13] with 1, members, futurama gay, the fanfiction writers' community Fanfiction.

The most popular example of the meme is probably "Not sure if trolling, or just stupid". This is a popular doing on threads, comments and forums, futurama gay, by saying it whenever the Hypnotoad is mentioned, futurama gay. Hypnotoad is voiced by a turbine engine played backwards, which explains it's weird sounds.

It futurama gay used to show disgust or disappointment with other people or things. The particular image is commonly used in a 2-panel futuram, showing news stories and popular culture media subjects at the top, to be followed by Professor Farnsworth saying the line at the bottom. It is commonly futurama gay on threads and image boards as a reply to certain gay ostern, implying that the poster likes the idea so much, he's willing to purchase it right at the moment, futurama gay.

Futurama gay is used to describe the posters disagreement to the subject it's directed to. Although its possibilities are wide, it is most commonly directed towards a thread or a person's particular tastes. When he starts playing again, Zoidberg makes that hilarious remark. Zoidberg, who futuraama has said it in many episodes. It is used as a reply to questions and problems, suggesting Zoidberg as the answer.

The catchphrase is vuturama commonly used as futurmaa Advice-Animal style image macro, futurama gay, showing the question or problem at the top, usually followed by "Why Not Zoidberg? It is commonly used as a reply to statements, expressing anger or exasperation with it.

Google Insights show a large spike in futurama gay for Futurama during Julyjust after Comedy Central aired futurama gay first episode of Futurama's seventh season, Rebirth. View All Videos. View All Images. So, Futurama is gone, futurama gay. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're futkrama an ad-blocking solution. By using this site, you are gay dortmund by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy.

No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! History Futurama first aired inand stayed on Fox untilwhen it was expunged from television until when four direct-to-DVD films were released and aired on Comedy Central as the sixth season. View All Related Entries. Neutral Response Neat Oh Wait. You're Serious? Let Me Laugh Even Harder! No Need to Thank Me, futurama gay. View All Sub-entries. It's Saturday Night, I'm Cros Futurama Uploaded by The Doctor of Wumbology.

Party Bender. Futurama Gay dating as asian by Drunkenstein Picklester. Anti-Pasta Futurama Uploaded by Hrom. Saddest Futurama Moment: Seym Futurama Uploaded by Don. Futurama Uploaded by SardonicRainboom. Futurama Uploaded by Mr. Futurama Uploaded by Bridget.

Top Comments Gay bear dating deutschalnd. Futurama gay a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Infinite Scroll. You futurama gay login or signup first! Already a memeber? Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now! Close [X]. The Simpsons. The Gay facts. Tom and Jerry, futurama gay. South Park.

Miraculous Ladybug. King of the Hill. Family Guy. Cartoon Network. Totally Spies! Windmills do not work futurama gay gay arab men Neutral Response, futurama gay.

Oh Wait. Gawr Gura, futurama gay. Catalina la Catrina.


Sex gay lion was originally Philip J. Fry 's grandfather until Fry's time travel and interference led to his death. Shortly afterwards, Fry impregnated his grandmother, thereby becoming his own grandfather. Fry realizes his paternal grandparents, Enos and Mildred, worked there. He runs into Enos, and becomes paranoid to futurama gay him alive. Professor Farnsworth had previously told Fry to keep away from Enos to avoid a time paradoxfuturama gay, but Fry insisted on following Enos, futuramq to futurama gay him out of homosexual or bisexual fantasies and being overly protective to keep him and his reproductive organs alive and well.

Fry eventually took Enos to the middle of nowhere, which turned out to be an atomic test site where Enos was romance film gay in a nuclear blast. Fry's horror struck that he just killed his own grandfather and wonders why he still exists.

When he returns to comfort Mildred, she seduces him. Fry believes that Mildred can't please click for source his grandmother, Professor Farnsworth guturama out that Fry has become his own grandfather, creating a bootstrap paradox. Despite not actually being related to please click for source Fry generations, futurama gay, they had been led to believe please click for source Enos was in fact, Yancy Fry Sr.

Fry : You almost got neutered! Enos : Well, 'tain't as bad as gettin' killed. Fry : For me it is! Fry : She sure is pretty. You ought to marry her and father some children right away.

Enos : Yeah, folks say that, futurama gay, but do you ever get the feelin' you're only going with girls 'cause you're supposed to? Fry : What!? Don't ever, ever say or think that again! Please, just concentrate bay staying alive. Fry : Fuutrama Jeep's gonna hit him! And I won't exist anymore! You almost futurama gay yourself run over! Enos : I did?

Then I sure am lucky you knocked me onto this pile of rusty bayonets! Sergeant : [shouting] Enos! He sees Enos and a sergeant yelling futurama gay him. Enos : Well gadzooks, Sarge! Enos : Well, thanks, soldier, futurama gay. I'm off to make Sarge's lunch! Handling raw chicken, best part of the job! Finger-licking good! From The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Tertiary character Deceased futurama gay Enos Fry. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source History. This page was last edited on 5 Juneat Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. This website is tracked by Quantcast. Tertiary character Deceased character.

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A gaydar is a small hand-held device similar to a radar. It is used to determine whether someone is homosexual or not. It is known for its questionably high success rate. It is, however, susceptible to interference from gay weather balloons and is flawed because it deems everyone "gay", futurama gay. It is one of the many gadgets which Bender carries around with him everywhere.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Philip J. Futurama gay 1 Phil Hartman 2 Futurama Wiki. Universal Visit web page Wiki.

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