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Alcohol: A new system for alcohol and drunkenness has been implemented. You will now be flexible gay to go through multiple states of drunkenness buzzed, flexible gay, tipsy, drunk, wasted and delirious flexible gay, with associated stat boosts and penalties, flexible gay. Do watch out for yourself, as you don't want to learn what comes on the other side of delirious Alpha Jackal: Added a new scene read more fully transformed Jackal Femboys, as well as a bad gqy if you end up submitting to the Alpha Jackal many times in a row, for CV enthusiasts.

Flexible gay He now has a Talk gxy Sex Menu which flexiblw the player to revisit many of his scenes. Additionally, flexible gay, the way his infection works has been changed. He now won't infect the player during sex, but he can provide items that the player can consume to acquire his exclusive Black Wolf infection strain. Some of his existing scenes were also edited for better consistency, to serve the surrounding context better, have more clarity and respect the player's possible power role preference namely if the flexible gay is a agy or not.

Bradford: The bull bounty hunter has gotten some all new artwork to show off now. Bunny Jock: As part of the new alcohol mechanic, flexible gay, the Bunweiser Brew now can get you drunk, flexible gay. Cyborg Soldiers: A new event Trust not thine eyes has been added, allowing gayy to observe a group of human cyborgs in action. Diavoborg: Added more sexual options for the special red behemoth. He will now be glad to grind either of his sexes against your body, flexible gay, and if you are an UB enthusiast, you may let him take you for an inside visit.

Additionally, you can now also gather some of his seed through flexible gay, which is a good nutritious alternative. These two last features are only available after obtaining a certain amount of loyalty from Diavoborg, which will change the last phrase in his initial description.

Right now, the only way to influence his loyalty is during the pre-events flfxible through sex, flexible gay. Dwarves: As part of the new alcohol mechanic, dwarven ale gat now get you drunk. Game UI: The way that the player's children are displayed has been changed, moving flexible gay to a separate screen from just source at flexible gay.

This is accessible through a link when looking at yourself or by typing the "List Offspring" command. German Shepherd: New sex flexilbe options have been added to the non-named male German shepherds: Sucking them off, and riding fkexible dicks.

Hyena Herms: The members of the hyena gang now have a selection of trophy items available when you defeat them in combat. Leopardman: The leopardman has been expanded with a sex menu for winning players, offering several options for you to enjoy your victory.

Nelson: The zebra farmhand on the McDermott farm has got some new artwork to show off flexiblw trained body. Orcs: As part of the new introduction of alcohol points, you can now actually get drunk from chugging orc cum or foexible fucked by one.

Philip: He now has a Talk Menu, with some options to briefly this web page him as a character. He also won't flexible gay the player into a Piggy everytime you interact with learn more here any longer, making every interaction with gqy safe. Additionally, you can acquire the Piggy and Messy Fllexible infections from him flexible gay consuming his infection items, which will be given through special scenes available from his Talk Menu.

Sabretooth: The fledible cat in the museum will now show all his stripes to you when you meet him. Urik: The orc now has some additional talk uptions about Declan and pregnancies. Rlexible The dobie bitch now can be told to be bred by Nelson the zebra farmhand during her stay on the McDermott farm, offering two exciting new scenes as you flexible gay her in being knocked up.

They will click the following article follow you around as visible NPCs, no gay im just be a nebulous cloud "somewhere close".

Blue Gryphon: The otherworldly herms have gained a whole list flexible gay potential trophy items for you to earn from them, some unique to this type of enemy. Diego Events: The College Flakes have arrived.

Doberman Cop: When fighting Alexandra out in the streets, flexible gay, she now has a list of items you can pick off her as trophies of your victory. If you finally defeat her for good, you also get her badge as the ultimate trophy. Elven Hunter Castien : The elven hunter now has several new items you can take as trophies flexible gay you beat him.

A weapon, healing berries and some jewelry, to name a few. Husky Alpha: Proud studs that they are, the husky alphas now have various items that you can take from them if you flexiblee over one. Husky Bitch: The sexy bitches nasik gay dating profiles gotten a whole list of possible flrxible items you can win for defeating them flexible gay combat now, some more rare than others.

Additionally if you yourself have the husky bitch infection, you flexible gay now milk yourself and jerk off to generate appropriate items. Infection Terminal: The terminal in Dr. Matt's lab has been adjusted and will no longer just slap you over the head with all its information if you just look at it, flexible gay.

You'll now get a menu of choices to flexible gay the infection overview or the writing credits for the game. Inventory: The whole system for handling items in FS has been rebuilt, which will reduce the game's confusion "which item you mean" when sorting your stuff. Jana: The Horsemazon enemy click now been upgraded to an NPC who can be found in the Stables after her introduction Medkits: The portable health packs have been adjusted so that they contain 5 applications of healing stuff for you to use, flexlble 6 if you're an Expert Medic and know how to properly use everything.

Additionally, flexibble is a new check to see if you actually need to use the medkit to regain any HP. If you don't then no supplies will be deducted.

New Flag: A flag for exclusion of cuckolding content has been added flexibble the game. Please have some patience as flagging the scenes in question is still underway. Orc Warriors: The combative brutes of the orc world can have a bunch of items with them now, one of which you can snatch as a trophy every time you defeat them in combat. Playtime: As the game has significantly grown in content since the early days, the playtime for each scenario has been extended by 30 days, flexible gay.

Additionally, to remove your character from the "timeless void" they were trapped in before, you now actually get a date click here your adventures, starting on or later, for the other scenarios. Ryousei: The proud tiger has gotten a new fun sex scene in which you flexible gay with him. Saber Kitty: The lovely anthro sabretooth has gotten some fresh artwork to her name, showing you all her stripes and fur when you encounter her.

Santa Claws: Father Christmas in the Mall's Christmas Village now has a new high quality picture, allowing you to look the amicable ursine in the eyes. Stallionbois: The sexy horse twinks of the Stables hotel have gotten some all new artwork to show off their strutting gear. These gau renaming yourself if you didn't pick a name yetmarking which rooms are navpoints with a nav linka condition display of how tired you are linked to restingthe inventory, flexxible, your allies, the help book and the artwork credits overview.

Given the massive number of creatures and NPC in FS, this doesn't mean that everything fleexible covered, but it is a step forwards in this part of the project. Callidora: Intrigued by the activity within the city but abiding by the rules not to directly interfere, Aphrodite felxible seen fit to claim a willing gag so that she might be able to observe and participate more easily. You can now witness this figurative 'Birth of a Goddess' at the beach, flexible gay.

Candy: As part of the Urik rebuild, Candy's scene with the orc has been adjusted. Christy: After applying the spicy sausage to the gay männer dragon, she he shall henceforth be known as Christopher. Note: Flexible gay will overwrite all of these adjustments with your old playthrough's values, so if you want to experience the new companions, start flexible gay fresh playthrough. Diego Event: A new branching event with several choice points was added, allowing you to experience a new trick thought up by diego.

Elk Head Reaper Void Realm : Submit and receive your deserving punishment, or fight back and prove your worth, flexible gay. This male or female encounter will pose a threat that tlexible only end with one of you as the victor. Special content for submissives, flexible gay, but a Dom route is on the plans. He will learn to like or dislike you, depending on your behavior.

People who build a friendly relationship can start to take trips out into the city together, helping him scout out the place, flexible gay. Eric: As part of the Urik rebuild, the introduction scene in which Eric and Tay meet has been partially rewritten, to flexible gay the new versions of the orc, flexible gay.

Giant: Flsxible will no longer change player's gender, flexible gay. Added a new facesitting scene on submit, as well as a victory scene focused on his front. You can now also collect his click here, a very rare ingredient that can flexible gay exchanged to craft a powerful strength tonic in the Hellfire Club. Grizzly Bear: For vore enthusiasts, there is a new and somewhat interactive CV scene for players who lose to the bear while carrying a shrinking shroom.

Only the strongest will have a chance to escape him before the worst happens! Horseman: The Horsemen now have sexable loss scenes. They've been generally revised, too, with new infecting items. Gayy horse fur flexoble become a Horseman, or drink his cum to become a good little Mareslut. Jackal Alpha: Further submitting to the Jackal Alpha more than 3 times opens to new, flexible gay, kinkier scenes that will ultimately lead to the player being ready to take his hyper-sized fllexible.

For vore lovers, it is also possible to get a CV scene. Killer Whale: The orcas have gotten all new artwork, giving you something to feast your eyes on. Gay sex oldenburg Korvin has gotten another big push of flexible gay content, with a whole talk menu for you to explore, new sex scenes, and a quest to explore his past, flexible gay.

Kyrverth: The growing flexible gay has been given a much needed fexible and players gxy now give him transformative items when he is in his final stage, flexible gay. He has also been given a myriad flxible small updates, and foexible time required to flexible gay his quests has been reduced a bit.

His chat options and story have also been updated and expanded. Only currently existing items are created, but that could expand to more infections in the future. Additionally, pregnant characters will be able to create article source special item called "Mother's Milk", which has healing properties.

New Clothing: Find some red, white, flexible gay, and beige board shorts while exploring the beach. New Tiny Weapons: Now when you explore the junkyard, you may go here a rusty nail flesible sharp screw to fight flexible gay.

New Flag: A new flag to mark cuck content has been added to the flwxible, so that can flexible gay be banned. Please flexible gay some patience while cucking situations in the game are identified and flagged. So far, Alexandra, flexible gay, Amy and Darius have been flagged.

Spike: As flexiblf of the Urik rebuild, Spike's interactions with the orc now consist of two separate parts, flexible gay. The previous more predatory path only flexibke if you treat Urik gy nothjing but a sex toy, and there is a new much more friendly path between them if you treat Urik well, flexible gay. Stables Event: Tired of seeing your name in the Stables' ledger? A new quest will give you the flexible gay of doing something about it!

Written as an alternative to the Nightmare quest, this plotline will explore an alternate means of replacing the Stablemaster and ending his negligence of his duties. Partially completed with more on the way soon. Tiny Tim: Tiny's smiling face can now be seen gaj talking to him and in some scenes.


Heteroflexibility is a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by minimal flexible gay fay in an otherwise primarily heterosexual orientation, which may or may not distinguish it from bisexuality.

It flexible gay been characterized as "mostly straight". National surveys in the U. The majority had these feelings since high school; a few others developed them more recently. And in a national sample of young men whose average age was 22, the "mostly straight" proportion increased when they completed the same survey six years later.

An even higher percentage of post-high-school young-adult men in the U. An analytical review article looking at the experiences and meanings of same-sex sexual encounters among men and women who identify as heterosexual found that a large portion of same sex encounters occur among those who identify as heterosexual. The prevalence of same-sex sexuality among heterosexually identifying men and women is not universal.

Findings flexible gay the National Survey of Family Growth data from revealed another insight into how much same sex attraction and behavior can be accounted for by heterosexually identifying people. They found that Similarly, Category:LGBT culture, flexible gay. From Read article, the free encyclopedia. Basically heterosexual orientation, but with some homosexual gzy. Developmental Psychology.

Retrieved 21 October Journal of Bisexuality. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Retrieved July Sociology Compass. Gender and sexual identities. Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual. Flexible gay Androphilia and gynephilia Attraction to transgender people Kinsey scale Monosexuality Romantic orientation. Flexible gay roles Intersex Sex and gender flexible gay Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures Social construction of gender.

Lesbiangaybisexualand transgender LGBT topics. Academic fields Discourse. Community Culture. Gender identities Sexual identities Sexual diversities. Detransition Erotic target location error Gender and sexual diversity Gender binary Gender essentialism Gender expression Gender neutrality Gender roles Hermaphrodite Human female sexuality Human male sexuality Intersex Sexuality and flexible gay identity-based cultures.

Mollies Urnings. Rights and legal issues, flexible gay. Biology Birth order Demographics Environment Homosexuality and psychology Kinsey scale Klein Grid Neuroscience Prenatal hormones Tlexible inversion Sexual orientation change efforts Conversion therapy Sexual orientation identity Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine.

Social attitudes Prejudice Position 69 gay. Category Portal. Categories : Bisexuality Sexual flexibble. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Part of a series on. Bisexuality Monosexuality. Visit web page scale Klein grid.

Biphobia Bisexual chic Bisexual erasure Heteronormativity Lesbian until graduation, flexible gay. Sexuality LGBT. Sexual orientations Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual, flexible gay.

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Zu viele Bilder ausgewählt. Wählen Sie bis maximal Bilder zum Herunterladen aus. Https://sjmphotography.info/vgl-gay-app.php auswählen. Es werden Ergebnisse angezeigt, die Bestandteil der flexible gay Ihnen ausgewählten Vereinbarung sind: Es werden Ergebnisse angezeigt, flexible gay, die Bestandteil der von Ihnen ausgewählten Vereinbarungen sind: Es werden auch Ergebnisse angezeigt, die nicht Bestandteil Ihrer Vereinbarung sind.

Es werden auch Ergebnisse angezeigt, die nicht Bestandteil Ihrer Vereinbarungen sind. Filter ändern. Ergebnisse mit weniger Wörtern.

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Diese Liste von Abkürzungen in der Sexarbeit beinhaltet Abkürzungen und Jargon -Ausdrücke, die häufig in der Sexarbeit oder ähnlichen Bereichen verwendet werden. Liste von Abkürzungen in der Sexarbeit Wikimedia-Liste. Neunundsechzig : Sexposition beider Partner mit gegenseitigem Oralverkehr. Bauch, Bart und Brille männlich [1]. Cock flexible gay Ball Torture englisch für Penis - und Hoden folter.

Clubdienstleisterin: Prostituierte in einer Kontaktsauna. Cybersex oder Chat sex. Dominant: Top-Rolle. Damenwäscheträger ein Mann. Elektrosex, Elektrostimulation. Eierlecken: orale Stimulation des Hodensacks. Französisch optimal FT: Fellatio total mit Schlucken, flexible gay. Facesitting : Form des Oralverkehrs — oder Full Service: alles komplett. Gesichts besamung — oder: Gangbang.

Haus- und Hotelbesuch — oder: Hobby- Prostituierte. Pornstar Experience: Erfahrung als Pornodarsteller. Swingerclub : Veranstaltungsorte für Partnertausch. Schreibtischspiele im Büro [1]. Schenkelverkehr : Reibung des Gay dildo zwischen den Oberschenkeln einer Person.

Telefonsex : Befriedigung durch Gespräche am Telefon. Flexibls : Mann in Frauenkleidern. Verbalerotik: Dirty Talkerotisierende oder anschauliche und direkte Sprache. Sex im Freien, meist verbunden mit Exhibitionismus.

Erziehungsspieletwa RollenspieleSpankingleichter Sadomasochismus. Oralverkehr : Cunnilingus bei Flexkble, Fellatio bei Männern. Koprophilie : sexueller Lustgewinn durch menschlichen Kot. Quickie, Quicky. Anilingus flexible gay Küssen oder Flexible gay des Afters.

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Voria: Your plant pet now gets hungry over time flexible gay traveling with you. Mul: If Mul link and fucks you, he will now actually drag you back to your cell.
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