First Gay Experience

Ok, so I’d like to start this off by saying that I’m a bisexual 15 year old male, and that I have never considered myself gay.

When I was 1, my mother and a woman who we’ll name Lauren met. Lauren had a son, almost exactly my age. So from a very early time in my life, I have known this boy, who we’ll call James. We would hang out whenever our mothers and/or families would get together. Eventually, we started what we called the Penis Club, I think just about the time that James had a sister. So obviously she was not allowed, and me, James and another boy who we’ll call Gabe would pull out our penises behind whatever tree or rock or obstacle we could find and investigate our penises together. I always used to make fun of James for not having a foreskin.

So one day, while Gabe is not there, we were at a community pool, which was quite secure, and our parents felt it was okay to let us roam a little bit. So we found a little cove (?) right next to the stream that ran next to the pool, and whipped out our little penises. At that age we didn’t know what an erection was, so when we both got one, we had a mock sword fight.

Of course, this was when I was about 4-5, so my memory is probably a little faulty, but I recently came out to James who I still am great friends with 10ish years later, and it made me think of this story.

I had my first gay experience and I loved it.

I met a business contact, and had a meeting with him towards the end of the day at my office. We talked a long while and hit it off. We both are married and have kids. After everyone went home I offered him a beer, and I called home that I was still in a meeting and that I would get home late. After awhile we were watching soccer on tv, and having a great talk about girls and s**. We started to watch p***. Obviously we both had a b****. He said that he was really hot and I agreed. Then he said we should j*** off to releave the tension, so we both pulled out our d**** and started mastubating, I guess I was alttle tunk. Then he just started sucking my d***, and it felt so gooood. I told him what the f***, and he told me to injoy it, so I did. I came so hard, it was amazing. I just kept cuming and cuming, and he ate it all. He told me that I did not have to suck his d***, but I felt bad because he gave me such a good o*****, so i started to suck his d***. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. So I continued. I got really excited when he looked like if he was starting to c**, and then he shout a big load and it hit the back of my throat and I could not hold it I wanted to spit it out but he shoved his d*** back into my mouth and I had to swallow. I guessed that´s what I did to him so I swollowed. Then I saw how satisfied I made him, and I enjoyed eating the rest. We kept watching p*** and later we were excited again. I let him f*** me and it hurt alot at first but than I started maturbating at the same time and I had another big o*****. I feel guilty, but I really enjoyed it. I guess you can say we closed the deal.

I had my first gay experience and I loved it.

My Bathhouse Experience(s)

So I’ve been to bathhouses. Yup I have. All in this year actually, I decided I’d be brave enough to go out and try it, just for fun. And so far I’ve had quite a lot of fun, all over the world, in four different countries to be exact. Yup, I’d be considered one of the dirty bathhouse goers in four different countries, and you know what? I’m not ashamed.

The first time I went to a bathhouse was with a very close friend of mine after a night of (heavy) drinking. I just said, “Hey have you ever been to a bathhouse?” and my friend responded, “Nope,” and I said,”Would you like to?” and he said, “Sure!” (amazing story right?)

Now we kinda went as a joke, Both of us had seen each other naked so there were no qualms there. And neither of us really wanted to do anything, but we were just very very curious of what actually went on. So for the first 15 minutes or so, literally we just walked around the place in our towels and were expecting so many displays of debauchery… alas it was a Sunday night and the place was pretty much empty. Now bathhouses are hilarious, especially when they’re empty. I mean bad porn is playing on every TV, there’s a dungeon, a random barrel or two (seriously what’s with the barrels?!) and men (if present) creeping around running into the same people over and over until they find something they think is to their liking. And of course there’s the fun spa stuff like hot tubs and pools and saunas and steam rooms (just to open up your pores and relax).

On this night, me and my friend found a small group in the sauna. So we went in, sat down, looked around. One guy was kissing another guy. Another guy was touching the leg of a different guy. Typical gay sauna scene right? And then my friend did the best thing ever, he just looked over and said, “Wait, are you all gay?” And everyone laughed. It was hilarious, and really broke the super intense gay sexual tension.

After that, we all headed out. showered up, laughed some more, and talked in the hot tub. Not so typical gay sauna scene anymore.

That’s the thing about these places, I find them hilarious. Yeah it’s fun to get my horn on but at the same time, it’s a great way to meet people and to laugh at the inherently hilarious situation you are facing. I mean come on, a bunch of men are walking around a place in a towel, looking so serious, saying “Hey” at the most, and then walking in silence to another room where no talking is done at all (moaning and dirty talk is not a conversation).

But seriously, if you actually talk to one another, you meet some amazing people. I’ve met some amazing tour guides in Australia, made a couple of friends across the US who I am still in contact with, met a lovely artist in London and discussed HIV and art amongst other things, met an amazing flight attendant who hopefully one day will upgrade me to first class from Copenhagen. Like seriously, I’ve met some fun guys, all in a dirty grimy yucky bathhouse, and all with a good laugh.

Now a lot of my friends have judged me in the past for going to such places. One of my friends even called me disgusting and said he didn’t believe I would stoop to such a level of desperation. But here’s the thing, we all want sex. All of us do. Whether it’s from meeting each other in a bar, or texting (or rather sexting) on Grindr, Tinder, Scruff, whatever, we all kinda want to have sex. Now why not bypass all of the chit chat and planning, and go to a place where all the people present are looking for the same thing. And yes you may find some guy looking at you who you don’t find attractive, but you can always say no, like in real life.

I told that same friend who judged me this: I asked him if he had Grindr, to which he of course responded yes, and then I asked if he had ever hooked up with anyone on there. He was a horn-dog and of course responded yes. So I said this, “A bathhouse is like a live version of Grindr, where you can say yes or no right on the spot and the location is already set. Plus there’s no need for exchange of pics or info, it’s all right at your hands.” (Literally)

The thing is this, once people get beyond the shock and disgust, and realize that it can be a fun place, they ask so many questions and become even more curious. Kinda strange huh? Once the stigma and preconceptions are removed, people always find something interesting and view it more positively.

So here’s the deal, if you wanna try a bathhouse, there are some great fun ones out there. You can always Google them beforehand to see if the environment is safe and clean and always be sure to look at user reviews. Also, always be safe. Make sure you have a condom on you at all times, as well as lube. If someone insists on unsafe sex, then move along. And another thing, be sure to go with someone you trust for the first time, it really makes you feel safer if you feel unsafe to begin with. Always be sure to remain in control and your safety and consent are of the utmost priority. If anyone violates that, staff are always present (and I have seen them intervene, they are lovely people). And most importantly, go have fun. If you wanna get off, then go ahead and do it, you may surprise yourself ?

My Bathhouse Experience(s)

My first gay experience

When I was 16, I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house. We would have sleepovers fairly regularly since neither of us had girlfriends and we would end up gaming until late, so we often figured we may as well stay.

This one particular night, we had been allowed a couple of beers with dinner (which had gone straight to my head). Skip the boring bits, we were both in separate beds, sipping on beers and watching good old Babestation, on his TV in his room. I was feeling horny and was rubbing myself under my duvet. I could clearly see he was doing the same.

The night goes on, we flick between channels and land on a full-frontal channel. This sent me over the edge. By this point, I had my pants down and was jacking off, still under the duvet. My friend had been doing the same and before long he jumped out of his bed, saying he needed to wank, but without me seeing. (I was a bit disappointed!). Hiding his cock, he moved to the floor at the end of my bed out of view. More time goes on and I’m honestly getting off to the sound of him wanking more than Babestation.

Being cramped at the foot of my bed, it wasn’t long before he said that he was too squashed and needed to stretch his legs to be able to cum. He casually stood up, cock in hand and sat at the end of my bed, legs stretched, and continued wanking.

That was the first time I’d ever seen an erect penis in real life and god did it get me going. I had to hold back from jumping over and sucking on it.

I was also feeling a little restricted by the duvet so I rolled it down and released my own cock. Anyway, fast forward, we found ourselves sat right next to each other, wanking. I remember thinking it was funny to try and sync our hands to match our wanking rhythm.

I was always pretty curious about touching another guy’s dick so I asked if I could wank him for a bit (which, to my absolute surprise, he agreed too). He even returned the favour. It was nice. He had a really big cock, in fact, it was quite famous amongst the girls at school. I had seen him soft and even then it was big.

Anyway, long story short, he finished before me and seemed to have absolutely no control of where it all landed. There was a shit load as well. I counted over 9 shots.

Since I was sat next to him, I was hit a couple of times with a few spurts that landed on my leg and arm.

He found it hilarious, I found it hot. When he was reaching for his tissues, I scraped some of his cum from my thigh and smeared it over the head of my cock. The ‘lubey’ sensation made me cum instantly.

We cleaned up and went to sleep. Joke about it from time to time, but nothing has happened since. Not a particularly hard-core story, but a story none the less.

My first gay experience

22 Answers

I was 28 years old. I had only been with women and had never, ever even thought of having sex with another guy. Guys were buddies, we drank beer, watched sports, picked up on ladies, you know all that kind of guy stuff. It was my 28th birthday so my friends and I went to our favorite watering hole to celebrate like we always did on our birthdays. Well we started hanging out with a new friend about 6 or so months before this particular night. We didn’t know much about him yet but he was funny and cool to hang out with at the bar. The night started drawing to a close, my good friends already took off and our new friend stayed behind with me. We went out to his car to 420, we were bullsh!tin‘ and laughing about funny things we hadn’t known about each other yet. He out of the blue asked if I would let him kiss me. Another thing I didn’t know is that he likes guys, me for that matter. I kinda let that pass and laughed it off but a few minutes later he said it again. Do to the liquid courage I asked if that was a threat or a promise, he said promise if I would let him. Soon enough we were making out in the car. He asked me if he can take me to his place. So we went to his place, he picked me up and carried me to his front door when his roommate opened the door, she said to him that it looks like he finally got his wish. She said to me that he has liked me since we met 6 months ago. He carried me to his bedroom, put me down and we began making out some more. We took each others clothes off and were feeling each other up and down our bodies. He was smooth, no tattoos, big penis which I couldn’t keep my hands off. He was half Asian and half White which made him really cute looking. Even though I’d never been with a guy before I still thought he was cute. He actually pleased me first and felt very good then we slipped in to a sixty-nine and had a good time doing that for about an hour non stop. I was really into it. At first it was kinda difficult but got into it like I had always known how to give head. He then asked me if it was ok for him to f**k me. I said I would like that but be nice since I had never done it with a guy before. He led the way, he laid down on his back and told me to get on top and stick it in me slowly. He told me to go up and down little by little until he is fully inside me then keep it in, don’t move until I start feeling comfortable then start going up and down. He said soon enough I will be able to ride his penis like I had never been with a chick before. What he said was hot and sure enough I was going to town like I had been with guys my whole life and yes he wore a condom. Now you are thinking I might have just gotten this out of a porno magazine story but the truth is I have told this story so many times, I love telling about my first gay experience I get into as much detail as possible with out having my account suspended. This guy ended up being my first boyfriend and I his second. I came out a few months later and have been gay ever since. Not once ever turning around to watch a girl walk by since that night. And yes after getting tested every three months for a year we quit using condoms which was really hot. I hope this is enough detail for you, and I look forward to reading any other first time experience people have to offer on your post here. Happy New Year.

I was very young. About 13, but very curious. I had a friend sleep over, and we got into my Dads liquor cabinet. It did not take much but once we were alone I suggested that we take our clothes off. In an instant he had stripped. I was not sure why I had even suggested it, but I was happy to take my clothes off as well. We were so inexperienced that we really did not know what we were doing, but it came so natural to the both of us that we spent most of the night exploring each others bodies. It was the first sexual experience I had ever had, but after that I always knew that I was very interested in guys, although I have had many girlfriends in the future I always had a passion for the same sex. I never got over it, and even though I went on to be married and have teenagers now I still enjoy the presents of a man, and am very active with other men. Come to find out in my later years that there is an amazing amount of men in my exact situation. I am now living a gay lifestyle, and will never look for another woman for a relationship. I am happy as can be, and my kids and ex are very accepting. I am as lucky as they come.

Yeah. I know what you mean. My gf of many years and I were discussing the great music of Elton John. How she never knew he was gay surprised me. But like I stated to her „what does it matter if he is? How does this take away from the music he makes? His sexual preference has nothing to do w/why we are fans.“ I had to add that others like Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Rob Halford (amazing vocalist!), Freddie Mercury (Queen), etc . were gay. She acted shocked! I do agree w/you that an artist’s sexual preference is nothing to discriminate over. People hate what they fear yet I cannot understand why anyone would fear another person because they are gay. Can you imagine all the other great musical artists out there that would never be heard if everyone thought like your friend? What a shame she deprives herself of listening to wonderful music. I feel sorry for her.

My first experience would’ve been with my close friend Tom, we somehow started playing doctors and to be honest I don’t remember the first time but it would’ve been at age 7 I know that. The first thing I remember about us doing it was when we were playing Fifa in his room and we were playing truth or dare depending on who wins and he won and he told me to suck him off, we would’ve been about 11 and he pulled his boxers down and got his small uncircumcised penis out and let me suck it and I just remember how small it was until I put my lips around it and it got bigger and bigger and the taste was just wierd but nice. I remember he grabbed my head and just pulled it up and down and then pulled it up and then we kissed and rubbed up against each other for what felt like an hour until we both got ‚the feeling‘) which is what we called the feeling of ejaculation before we could actually ***. And this was by far one of my best experiences and we still hook up till this date

I was in my early 50’s and had been married for over 20 years. I was away on business staying in a 5 star hotel. I was sitting in the bar all alone having a drink when a guy that was about 10 years younger than me sat down beside me and started talking. We had a number of drinks together and I enjoyed his company. He sugested we go to a small bar down the street where there was good background music. When I went in there I realised it was a gay bar but that did not shock me. As wee sat there my new friend positioned himself very close to me. It now felt natural to hold his hand. It was well after midnight when I decided to leave there. I invited him to come back to my hotel and he agreed. Me went up to my room and got deeply involved immediatly. His kisses were so pashionate and the sensation of his gentle hands on my penis was very very exciting. It was natural for me to f**k him and I could not wait for him to f**k me. He had a hard 9 ins to insert in me and boy did he know how to use it. When he exploded and filled the condom in me I nearly exploded with the trill. We lay on the bead in a tight embraced and talked about our experiences. He told me he was marriedd but when he was in the city he reguraly met up wit a man and had gay sex. He had been doing this for a number of years. We started to feel each other peines after having a long talk. Soon we were both fully erect. He sujested we should give each other a ********. Boy was this mind blowing. It did not last long time wise but the sensation appeared to go on forever. We finaly went to sleep. In the morning we had a shower together and then gave each other a ********. What a night. I never saw that guy again but have had gay sex wit a number of men I met in hotels since. I still enjoy my sex life with my wife but the experience with men is something special.

I was 14 in school and I was sitting at my desk in maths when I started getting hard and soon was finding it hard to not think about sexual situations. Then a guy dropped his pen under my desk and went to go and get it. He looked up and saw I had a ***** (I was wearing skinny jeans) and mouthed to me ***** and winked. I was embarrassed and was worried he was going to tell everyone, yet he didn’t. He then dropped his pen again and took another look and mouth woah it’s big. By now I was quite stressed and asked to go to the toilet. The guy (called Olly) then also asked. When he were in the hall I asked him what are you doing?

He said come with me and I followed him to the toilets and he said you are gay right? And I said yeah, and so he asked me to come into the cubicle with him.

We both took off our tops and started making out, he was hunky and had abs and a big dick that i kept on feeling, he was very developed for his age and was very hot.

He told me to sit on the seat and take off my trousers and underwear. I was so worried about being caught but when he started giving me a ******** I forgot all of that and I loved – it he had me moaning as it was my first gay experience of any sort, I hadn’t even made out with a guy before. After that he asked me to return the favour and even giving one felt great, it feels awesome to be able to control someone feeling by just sucking!

Then he told me to bend over and this wasn’t that easy as it was a small cubicle and he started giving me anal, it felt amazing I was sweating and was begging for him to go deeper and harder, he turned me into a moaning wreck,a I had completely forgotten we were in school. His dick was huge and had abs and he looked so hot sweating and moaning. I then returned the favour and it felt tight and awesome. He suddenly pulled up his trousers and said until later.

Well, I’m only sixteen, but here it goes. It was last year, my freshman year of high school and I remember just out of the blue accepting that I was bisexual, or at least not straight. And at school, we had our One Act competition where each school had to perform one act of any play or musical. Everything went well, we went and then everyone else, but there was one show where I recognized a really good Hispanic actor, which I like to find me being Hispanic and all. And in the intermission he was sitting alone a couple seats down and I said, good job! Then we started talking, and that became flirting and we just clicked. I quickly found him on Facebook and exchanged numbers. We talked all of the time and when I asked him to tell me about himself, he told me that he was bisexual. That stunned me, and it was obvious, but I just didn’t realize. I quickly admitted to the same, which was a really pleasant feeling. We still had region on a Saturday and he told me when we left the first day I gave him a half-hug, or a lousy one. So, I promised him that I would hug him better on Saturday. Then he said, what if I don’t let go? Then I replied, then we just stay there until they kick us out. I really liked him. Then the day came and I gave him his hug. Finally, we got the news that my school got 3rd place and I was really dissapointed. I normally walked home and that’s what I was about to do, when he stopped me and asked, what are you doing? And I told him. Then he wanted to come with me. Usually I sing when I walk, and so I didn’t want him to come, so I could sing my pain, but it turned out better than I had hoped. We talked and the more I fell for him. Then finally we got to the CVS from school and told him he didn’t have to keep going with me. We kept talking by text and he invited me to a show that he directed. I went along with it and the day of the show, I was lost, I had no ride and kept going back and forth. I was late, but I got there. In the show, there was a girl who was just absolutely goregous and talented and I had a crush on her. After the show, I let her know that she was fantastic and so beautiful! He overheard and went to go get some things and I waited outside. I had so many things going on in my head, the main one being if I was straight or not. Then he came outside and let me know what I had said and asked if I was still interested in going on a date. In my mind, I thought, it couldn’t hurt and so I agreed. It was going to be a musical a college was doing, but we ended up going to the movies instead. We went to go see Happy Feet 2 lol as lame as that sounds. There was only like 2 people in the movie theatre, other than us. He put his arm around me and I just laid my head on him and we wouldn’t stop talking during the movie. We talked about saying things in different languages, he didn’t understand what I said, only the word ‚kiss‘ and that’s what he did. It was amazing and I felt the fireworks everyone talks about. We made out for the rest of the film. That just confirmed that I was gay and I loved the feel, the firmness of a man pressed up on me. It was wonderful.

i was 14 and at my friend’s house watching tv in the morning. we were both under the same cover and his parents were sleeping upstairs. he than asked me if I could show him my dick. I was so confused about him and about myself but i accepted if he would show his to me. we then pulled our pants down and he suddenly started grabbing my dick without asking. I was super surprise but I could feel myself getting harder so at this point, i told myself I would go all out. we then started kissing and I grabbed his probably 9″ penis who was already super hard. After like 2 mins, he asked if he could **** me which I accepted and then turned arround. He instantly put his dick in my *** and inserted it as much as he could for the moment and he started swinging it inside me until he was half way in (best feeling ever). We then switched places but I defeney prefered being bottom and he also prefered being top so it was perfect . we then tried different positions like laying on my back and doggy style

I was in my late twenties living on my own I been with many girls in college I guess I had a small interest in guys from gym I just moved in my new apartment I like being naked note morning I would work out the have coffe y curtains were penned the building maintenance was mowing the lawns kept poking in my balcony window I was on ground level Ed came up to my window trapped on the window I sipped on some shorts I let him in he said he needed a drink I went to get him a bottle of water from the fridge We chatted sipping water he still loves led hot I suggested he take his shirt off to cool off He said. He would rather take my shots off He suck Ed my cock it was so hot he ta ught me wow to give him one

my first gay experience was when I was in my early twenties I when over to a friends house to visit the time I did not know he was gay but he made love to me and it felted right having sex with him that is when it started for me becoming gay.

22 Answers

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