Is Falcon and the Winter Soldier queer or queer-baiting?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 2 spoilers follow.

It’s safe to say that everyone wanted a piece of ‚America’s Ass‘ following Avengers: Endgamebut there’s one guy who wanted Captain America’s tush decades before the rest of us, and his name is Bucky.

Is that canon in MCU? No, he has not. But that hasn’t stopped thousands of thirsty fans from shipping the pair ever since Sebastian Stan first locked eyes with Chris Evans in the first Captain America movie.

Now that Steve is out of the picture, Marvel continues to toy with the fanbase that once made #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend trend worldwide on social media. But nowadays, Bucky’s homoerotic yearnings are directed towards another superhero, Sam Wilson, which is all kinds of awkward because Falcon basically had a thing for Cap too.

Of course, we’re kidding (sort of), yet even so, it’s hard to ignore the gay subtext of Bucky and Sam’s new show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Just two episodes in, there’s already been a scene where the pair roll around together face-to-face in a tight embrace.

Sure, they were escaping a fight scene, and Bucky quickly acted like he was annoyed by the whole thing, but not long after, the pair are then forced into couples therapy. Together.

#TheFalconAndWinterSoldierNo thoughts, just Bucky and Sam rolling in a field

Who are we to argue with a professional therapist like Doctor Raynor? Not only does she make Sam join Bucky’s therapy session, believing that Falcon has a direct impact on her patient’s wellbeing, but she then uses a couples exercise designed to help lovers „figure out what kind of life they’re trying to build together“.

This is followed by a „soul-gazing“ exercise where the pair must stare into each other’s eyes and get so close that their thighs are interlinked. Yes, really. Sam and Bucky start acting childish around this point, deflecting from their obvious chemistry, until the Winter Soldier finally admits the real reason why he’s frustrated with Falcon.

„That shield, that is everything [Cap] stood for, and you gave it away like it was nothing. And if he was wrong about you, maybe he was wrong about me…“

Anyone else want to give Bucky a hug right now? Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t feel the urge, and instead, the pair continue to bicker over their mutual friend, arguing over what he meant to them both.

The queer subtext here threatens to pop out like one of Cap’s pecs in a white t-shirt. And then there’s also that tiger moment from the first episode which set Gay Twitter ablaze.

While on a date with a woman, Bucky casually mentions that dating apps are weird because of all the tiger pictures… Hold up a sec. As points out, tigers primarily pop up on male profiles. In the mid-2010s, it seemed like every man alive thought hugging a heavily sedated tiger was the sexiest way to boost their profile. Don’t believe us? There’s even an entire Tumblr account dedicated to Tinder guys with tigers.

Few women would ever think that tiger pics are the way to a guy’s heart, so the implication here is that Bucky was swiping men, as well as women, on Tinder. Sure, it’s possible that the writers just didn’t realise that connection, but if that’s true, any mention of tigers in this context is incredibly random. What seems more likely is that Marvel knew exactly what it was doing here, and so deliberately queer-baited audiences with this scene.

Marvel Studios has a long history of playing into homoerotic tropes without ever following through on them. Remember when Valkyrie’s bisexual sceneThor: Ragnarok was removed? Or when Black Panther cut a flirtatious scene between Okoye and Ayothat scene in Avengers: Endgame.

If Marvel isn’t cutting queer scenes out of their stories outright, it instead toys with audiences by suggesting LGBTQ+ romances without ever validating the queerness of these relationships in any tangible sense. That way, Marvel gets to have its cake and eat it too by drawing in queer fans while not offending the homophobic demographic of their audience.

Bisexual Bucky™, as he will be known from henceforth, has always been at the forefront of this queer-baiting in the MCU, even before Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrived.

Bucky was fascinated with Cap’s body from the get-go, and his relationship was Steve was strong enough to help break through decades of brainwashing, like a kiss from a fairytale. And for most of their time together in the MCU, Steve chased Bucky around in the hope of fixing him, which came to define their entire arc across multiple films.

In fact, their chemistry was so strong that Marvel even had to shoehorn in a romance with the niece of Cap’s dead girlfriend — and that was right after the latter’s funeral, we might add. Because apparently, that’s way more acceptable than exploring even the possibility of any queer undertones in their bromance.

Still, that didn’t stop the fandom from creating entire blogs and reams of fan-fiction dedicated to #Stucky. Hell, even director Joe Russo described Civil War as „a love story“ although he was quick to clarify that it’s a brotherly kind of love, and not one based on a mutual appreciation of ‚America’s Ass‘.

In the past, it felt like Sam and Bucky were at odds with one another, competing for Cap’s attention, but with all of these new developments in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierwe had to ask director Kari Skogland if there was now more to their relationship than meets the eye. But of course, she denied it, because Marvel.

„I would say there aren’t any undertones intentionally,“ Kari said. „I can tell you, both actors are very good friends. So I think what you’re seeing is just a genuine love between two people who have known each other for a long time, and are very comfortable with each other. They know and really appreciate each other as buddies.“

In terms of canon, that does ring true, but then why are these „buddies“ undergoing couples therapy? And why would Bucky mention tigers on Tinder if the writers aren’t at least alluding to something more, something queer?

Given how much attention the conversation around Bucky’s sexuality has generated, it seems that Marvel are very deliberately playing into what people want to see. And that’s the definition of queer-baiting.

When asked about Bucky’s potential queerness a few years back, Sebastian Stan told „it’s great“ that people would interpret his character in that way.

„Movies are for people to relate to in whatever way they want. If someone takes the time to think about that, that’s great. I don’t think of the character that way, though. But there’s no right or wrong answer.“

If Marvel doesn’t want to necessarily confirm that Bucky is queer, that’s one thing, but to then knowingly tease that in this new show without giving any kind of answer is something else entirely. And to the fans who cling to Bucky’s heterosexuality in the comics, that’s irrelevant. Marvel Studios pick and choose what they want when it comes to the source material.

By revealing that Bisexual Bucky™ is indeed bisexual in the MCU, Marvel could make a world of difference to all the queer fans out there who don’t see themselves reflected in the heroes they love.

Sure, will soon feature the MCU’s first out gay superhero, and Billy Maximoff, one of Wanda’s children, is destined to become a queer hero too one day. But right now, neither of them can make the same kind of impact that Bucky would if he was confirmed to be a queer icon.

And in a world where androids, aliens, and wizards run amok, are we really supposed to believe that Bucky could ever resist the charms of America’s Ass?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier airs weekly every Friday on Disney+

Man with ‘world’s biggest penis’ says his 13.5-inch manhood has helped him bed A-listers and Oscar winners – but ruined his own acting career

Jonah Falcon, 47, constantly gets stopped at airport security, and has to be careful not to break his giant willy while having sex

AN ACTOR who claims to have the world’s biggest “natural” penis says it has helped him bed A-listers and Oscar winners – but ruined his own career.

In an exclusive interview with Sun Online, Jonah Falcon revealed how casting directors won’t give him any major roles because he is famous for his 13.5 inch manhood.

Jonah, 47, said: “It’s handicapped my acting because people won’t hire me.

„They Google ‚Jonah Falcon‘ and then say, ‘We can’t use him he’s known for his penis size’.

“It’s definitely harmed my career – I have two casting director friends who have told me so.

“It sucks – it relegates me into doing smaller parts.

“Maybe in the UK or Germany it might help my career but here in Hollywood it’s a negative.

“None of the major networks or studios would hire me. I add a bit extra edge that they don’t want.

“One day I might self produce a movie – and I’ll definitely do a full frontal scene as that’s what people want.”

Jonah revealed he wouldn’t want a smaller willy – and there are plenty of perks, such as being sought out by celebrities eager to hook up with him.

The native New Yorker, who is openly bisexual, said he has bedded many famous people including porn stars and actors – even Oscar winners.

He said: “Yes I’ve slept with celebrities including Oscar nominees and Oscar winners. But I can’t talk about that.

“I can’t even say if it was men or women – it’s a very limited list so I don’t want to narrow it down too far. It wasn’t Meryl Streep – I’ll just leave it at that.

“Most of the time they sought me out. One or two of them were at parties. I’m a unique property I guess.

“It’s a real compliment when porn actors and actresses say I’m bigger than all of the partners they’ve had.

„They view me as the biggest and you have to remember they’ve seen a lot – so they know.”

Jonah, who lives in Hollywood, famously made Holly Willoughby blush when he appeared on This Morning in 2012 and explained that he has a girth of eight inches.

He measures between eight and nine inches in length when flaccid, compared to the average man who is five to six inches when erect.

He said: “When I’m fully hard I’m 13 and a half inches with a seven and a half to eight inch diameter.

“I measured myself at ten years old and I was already eight inches. I never really thought I was that big – it’s just normal to me,“ he explained.

„It’s only when I compare myself to other guys I think I’m big.

“It doesn’t run in the family – I think it’s just a genetic quirk.

“My family get a bit embarrassed about the whole thing to be honest.

“I’m quite well known among high school and college kids. Guys between the ages of 14 to 22 are the ones who really recognise me.

“I think they must Google it and find me. I know a lot of 18 to 21 year old gay guys first Googled me when they were about ten, 11 or 12 and they’ve idolised me since. I’m a bit of a gay icon.

“The best thing about having a large penis is that I don’t have insecurity.

„I’m insecure about other things but that’s not one of them.

“The worst thing about being a bit extra large is airport security – having to be stopped and frisked and asked if I have a growth.

“They always think it’s fake and I can’t just whip it out and show them. It’s awkward but it’s something I’ve come to expect when I fly now.

“It’s funny it doesn’t happen when I fly in Europe but I’m wondering if now they have those body scanning machines if that will change?

„I can just picture it now – am I going to have to a card with me saying, ‚This person has a 13-and-a-half inch penis?’”

Jonah became a minor celebrity in the US in 1999 and was named the man with the „biggest penis in the world“ after being profiled in Rolling Stone magazine and appearing on HBO.

However in 2015 another man named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera came forward insisting he had the „biggest penis“ in the world at 18.9 inches.

A CT scan and revealed most of the baseball-bat length was foreskin and growth – while his actual penis glans measures only around six inches.

He has spent years stretching his member with weights, while Jonah’s is all natural.

Jonah said: “There’s no prize. The prize is that people enjoy me.

“The thing that bothers me is that he gets money from his government for disability but he could have surgery to correct it. Plus he doesn’t even have sex so what’s the point?

“As far as I know I have the biggest natural penis – I’ve never met anyone bigger or been told any different. But I don’t care – it’s other people who care.”

Jonah says there are certain downsides to having a little extra – he has to modify his sex positions and take care while he is sleeping as he has a higher risk of getting a penile fracture.

He said: “People also treat you differently when they find out you’re over a foot long.

“It’s like you grow horns or something – it’s like you’re transformed in front of them into something.

“I think people start viewing me more sexually – and no longer geeky or nerdy.

“I don’t get mocked for my size – it’s more just silly jokes like ‘Don’t trip over yourself when you leave’ and things like that.

Man with ‘world’s biggest penis’ says his 13.5-inch manhood has helped him bed A-listers and Oscar winners – but ruined his own acting career

Steven Lee Is Newest Falcon Exclusive Model

Falcon Studios Group announced today that it has added gay porn newcomer, Steven Lee, to its list of Falcon Studios Exclusive models. Hailing from Georgia and growing up in rural Ohio, Lee recently began his career in the gay adult entertainment world, and he’s quickly grown a dedicated fan base in just a few months. The strikingly handsome and substantially hung Lee will primarily appear in Falcon Studios features for the duration of his exclusive agreement. A high-school varsity football, baseball and track jock, who went on to get his bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science, Steven Lee was formerly a television meteorologist in Texas. He has since moved on from television after deciding it wasn’t for him, and he’s now attending grad school at the University of Colorado Denver. On the weekends, Lee regularly go-go dances at Tracks Denver.

Steven possesses an All-American, guy next door charm and charisma, and a face that could easily fit into a lineup of current Hollywood leading men. He sports a spectacular, defined jock body, which includes a statuesque torso dusted in hair, meaty thighs that lead to an exceptional ass and an unstoppable 8.5” dick that is always ready for action. Primarily a top performer, Steven delivers energized and athletic performances that will have fans waiting for his next release. After making his gay porn debut in Falcon’s ‘XXX Fit’, he was on the Falcon Exclusive radar. Falcon Studios President, Tim Valenti saw his photos and footage and set the wheels in motion to secure this hunk as a contract performer. Lee shot a few scenes for another studio, then returned to shoot the upcoming Falcon all-sex movie ‘Get Wet’, which goes live on this Friday, February 8 (with Lee’s scene going live on February 15, coinciding with the release of the DVD and downloads). Next up, Lee returned to shoot the next Falcon Blockbuster, ‘The Plege’, available in March. While Lee was on set filming the next installment in the iconic Pledge Master franchise, Valenti made him an exclusive offer and Lee accepted. Steven can also be seen in the NakedSword Originals release ‘Bare’ coming out in early March.

“I’ve been hopeful that Steven Lee would join our exceptional list of Falcon Exclusives since we first shot him in ‘XXX Fit’,” states Valenti. “Steven Lee has what it takes to join the list of gay porn superstars. He is quintessentially Falcon, and we’re elated that he chose to become a Falcon Studios Exclusive. He’s got it all, and I’m sure our fans will quickly follow this genuinely kind, engaging and stunning man.“ “Becoming a Falcon Exclusive is super exciting, especially being new to the industry. The productions are top notch and the guys they work with are super hot,” states Steven Lee. “I’m so excited to be joining this elite squad. I want to thank Tim Valenti, Adam Robinson, Tony Dimarco and the rest of the Falcon team who have been so helpful and welcoming.”

Steven Lee Is Newest Falcon Exclusive Model

Our Favorite Gay Porn Stars Hit the Showers — And Tell Us About Their Hottest Scenes

Since celebrity photographer Douglas Friedman looks like a porn star, we decided to pair him up with actual porn stars, and hit the showers with some of the gents of the New York based gay porn companies CockyBoys and

PAPER’s Head Bitch In Charge, Mickey Boardman, chatted with a few of the featured performers, and discussed everything from how they got into porn, and who their dream man would be. Take a look at photos from the shoot and Mickey’s interviews, below.

 Our Favorite Gay Porn Stars Hit the Showers -- And Tell Us About Their Hottest Scenes

Gay Adult Performer Quin Quire: COVID is ‘Good to Kill Off the Weak from a Population’

Quin Quire, a gay adult performer who has starred in films by Corbin Fisher, Falcon Studios, Guys in Sweat Pants, Muscle Boy Wrestling, Next Door Studios, is under fire for for recent remarks about COVID on Twitter.

Covid 19 isn’t deadly enough in my opinion. It’s good to kill off the weak from a population to ensure the BEST survival for the group. If it kills me it’s my time but I’m tired of letting the weakest people tell us how to live our lives. Fuck you

Tweeted Quire: “Covid 19 isn’t deadly enough in my opinion. It’s good to kill off the weak from a population to ensure the BEST survival for the group. If it kills me it’s my time but I’m tired of letting the weakest people tell us how to live our lives. F**k you.”

The tweet has prompted responses from fellow performers Tayte Hanson, Austin Wilde, Nick Fitt, Steven Lee, and Damon Heart.

The fucking disrespect for the hundreds of thousands of people who have died. Fuck you @QuinQuire

was* I don’t think he’s filming anymore, but he certainly won’t ever be back in front of my cameras. He’s a fool and probably just needs the attention to still feel relevant.

No no, you’re being dick. That’s why sweetie, that is why.

Stupidity has no limits! I feel sorry for your parents, your grand parents and all those who had a part in your eduction. They must feel terrible with the result! Try to be better… @QuinQuire

But they don’t seem to be having much effect on Quire.

Meditate on, and accept the idea of your own death. Your life will be better for it. Happy #DayoftheDead

I’m scared they’ll keep the gyms closed for another 6 months. ?

People tweeting @ and canceling their subscription to Porn sites I haven’t worked for in years is hilarious and my greatest troll work to date. The attention has been nice cus with Halloween over I’m already so bored.

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Gay Adult Performer Quin Quire: COVID is ‘Good to Kill Off the Weak from a Population’

Decoding the Gay Subtext in the Hollywood Classic, The Maltese Falcon

Decoding the Gay Subtext in the Hollywood Classic, The Maltese Falcon

Upon the 75th anniversary of The Maltese Falcon’s release, it’s time to look at the gay myths contained in the Hollywood perennial.

Hard, tough, ruthless, masculine — the words often used to describe Hollywood’s 1941 detective classic The Maltese Falcon are also terms found in gay erotica to depict the male organ. 

That’s no coincidence; it’s what writer-director John Huston knew when he cast Humphrey Bogart as The Maltese Falcon’s detective hero, Sam Spade. Bogart — the most sinister of Hollywood heroes — rose to prominence after playing gangsters and low-class louts. His impolite demeanor matched the ruggedness implicit in Spade’s studly surname. The name became synonymous with Bogart’s screen image of a rigid alpha male whose code of honor could be distant and firm, yet attractive. 

Portayed by a Hollywood icon (rumored to be physically “gifted”), Bogart’s Sam Spade is the Maltese Falcon — the object everybody wants to get their hands on in the film, which was based on Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel. There are lots of slang terms for “penis,” but during the era of Hollywood’s highly moral Production Code, which mandated self-imposed censorship and elaborate innuendoes, the most imaginative euphemism had to have been “the Maltese Falcon.” 

Huston begins Hammett’s story of greed, disloyalty — and penis envy — with a brief history lesson about an object from the 16th-century Crusades, a “Golden Falcon encrusted from beak to claw with precious jewels.” The search for this “priceless token,” stolen by pirates and rumored to be found in the Barbary Coast, drives the film and Sam Spade’s intriguing underworld encounters: They include those with a devious femme fatale, Brigid O’Shaughnessy (Mary Astor), and a host of equally lusty, scheming gay men, converging upon that sexual melting pot San Francisco.

The Maltese Falcon is Hollywood’s first gay masterpiece. Gender is considered fluid these days, but the intense interplay between dominant male Spade and his grasping suitors portrays a uniquely sensual competition over the ideal of manhood. It’s fascinating to see that the film dramatizes this as one of society’s primal myths and does so in the most unexpected way: The suspenseful plot gradually reveals Spade’s unmistakable homophobia. (And it might even expose your own in the way it makes Spade a cold, selfish lover.) For anyone who thinks gay film characters — and gay awareness — are new to Hollywood, this movie goes beyond political correctness and into the complexity of Hollywood’s tacit recognition of queerness. The Maltese Falcon’s gay squad constitute the glory of the studio era’s character-actor legacy. Among the Falcon chasers: Papa bear Kasper Gutman, a part that won Sydney Greenstreet an Oscar nomination, and curly-haired, pinky-ringed Joel Cairo, who pulls a gun as quickly as a gardenia-scented handkerchief, in what is Peter Lorre’s best comic role. Veteran actor Elisha Cook Jr. portrayed Wilmer the gunsel (a mobster’s boy toy) as a tough gay who makes Spade’s sexual panic flare up. These characters’ gay traits are evident — and fun to observe — even though genteel movie buffs have avoided the truth for almost a century. Spade’s homophobia matches Ethan Edwards’s racism in The Searchers; it acknowledges a cultural fact while underscoring another group’s presence.

Gayness is more than subtext in The Maltese Falcon; it’s what energizes the film’s high erotic current — O’Shaughnessy’s attempt to manipulate Spade’s libido helps to illuminate Gutman, Cairo, and Wilmer’s attraction to Spade’s phallic principle. Except for, maybe, Robert Mitchum’s Out of the Past, this is the sexiest of all film noirs. The American Film Institute has ranked it no. 31 among the Greatest American Movies. But it is the no. 1 movie for grasping how gay sexuality figures in the Hollywood imagination. Bogart’s Sam Spade is an homme fatal.

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