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Attracted to a person from the same sex as you? Love is beyond reasoning and boundaries in our gay sex and erotica. Read the gay erotica stories, where the protagonists make sensual love to each other or discover their sexuality for the first time. Our collection of free sex stories on gay fuck will make you sweat. Raw and uninhibited stories with two men loving each other freely can be found at our site – We have a bountiful collection of free gay adult stories that will just make you believe in same-sex love.


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How a Passionate Night With a Gay Male Escort Changed my Life

I came out as gay to my parents when I was around 25 years old. I knew that I wasn’t attracted to girls, but I was finding it difficult to have a meaningful relationship. I wanted hugs and cuddles, quiet nights with my partner just watching a movie and hot sex of course! I did […]

How a Passionate Night With a Gay Male Escort Changed my Life

The Jock and the Fresher’s Gay Love- Part-1

I was nervous on the first day of college. I had never stayed away from home. But now I was in a dorm full of unknown faces. I liked playing football, so I had decided to sign up for trials. The first day of the trial, I saw him – Jonah. He was a quarterback […]

The Jock and the Fresher’s Gay Love- Part-1

So finally I realised I like gay Sex after bad experiences

At eighteen years old, I knew I was different from most other guys my age. I played football, but didn’t sleep around like most of my peers. I did get my dick sucked by one cheerleader but I was barely able to come. I had started realising that maybe I like gay sex. I had […]

So finally I realised I like gay Sex after bad experiences

Completely Turning Into a Woman for My Gay Love

I am Sagar, a 24-year aged man, or woman you might say. I started loving the clothes of the woman since my teenage and I like turning into a woman. I always use to wear women’s nightwear while sleeping and even during the day I used to wear a bra and panty under my men’s […]

Gay Experience with a Stranger-Fucked My Asshole-3

This is the final part of my story Gay Experience with a stranger. I will write in continuation of the cross dresser sex and how he fucked my Asshole. I maintained the eye contact as I again took his monster dick in my mouth and started sucking him harder. He grabbed my head and started […]

Gay Experience With a Stranger – Cross dresser Sex-2

This is the second part of my previous story. I will write about how I had rough Cross dresser Sex with him. Please continue to read the story, I know it’s a bit long story but I wanted to put in all details of my Gay experience. Ok, let’s move on to the story. We […]

Gay Experience with a Stranger-Started from Gay Erotica-1

This is my own story which is little long but read it completely, you will enjoy if you like real gay erotica. This incident happened a few months ago, in September. I met this guy on a flight while coming back from Chicago. I had gone there for some office work. The flight was late […]

My first Gay sex experience with a man I met in a Pub

The first time I had sex with a man when I was nineteen. I knew I was attracted to other men and boys but in my very traditional family homosexuality wasn’t even talked about. I didn’t realise what my feeling meant. But that night, my first gay sex experience with a man changed everything. I […]

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Hardcore BDSM Sex with my Dom – My Husband

My husband and I got married a few years back and he was single because he was into BDSM. When we had met, I was a newbie in the world of sadism and masochism. But when we were dating, he showed me the ropes and I enjoyed being his sub. I liked being in ropes […]

Gay fantasy comes true with hotel receptionist

As soon as I checked in to the hotel, I noticed that the male receptionist was smiling at me weirdly and somehow, he kept noticing every single detail about me. Out of the closet for quite a few years now, I do not reflect a stereotypical gay man. However, the receptionist’s behavior gave me the […]

A strip club Lesbian encounter that turned in to sex with my best friend

My friend and I were travelling to Thailand on an all-girls trip. My friend Simon had her break up with her long term boyfriend. She was really sad and so, to cheer her up, we thought of travelling. So, we went to Patong Beach Street. It is the place which serves sex like a dish. […]

Had sex on first date with a guy when my bf was abroad

I never had interest in online dating or casual relationships. However, I was very bored as my boyfriend was in Germany for the past 6 months. I just could not take the pressure of long distance dating. I am Aradhna and I am 25 years old. I cheated my bf and had sex on first […]

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8. Freier Fall(2013)

A soon-to-be-father policeman falls for a gay fellow officer and his life starts falling apart.

Director:Stephan Lacant | Stars:Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt, Attila Borlan, Katharina Schüttler

9. Just a Question of Love(2000 TV Movie)

After his gay cousin dies from hepatitis, young Laurent, who lives with his best friend Carole, falls in love with Cedric, a plant scientist. He’s afraid to inform his conservative parents that he is gay.

Director:Christian Faure | Stars:Cyrille Thouvenin, Stéphan Guérin-Tillié, Éva Darlan, Caroline Veyt

12. (2014 TV Movie)

A sexually awakening gay teen athlete finds himself in a budding relationship with his mutually attracted relay race teammate.

Director:Mischa Kamp | Stars:Gijs Blom, Ko Zandvliet, Jonas Smulders, Ton Kas

14. Latter Days(2003)

A promiscuous gay party animal falls for a young Mormon missionary, leading to crisis, cliché, and catastrophe.

Director:C. Jay Cox | Stars:Wes Ramsey, Steve Sandvoss, Mary Kay Place, Amber Benson

20. (2004)

A close friendship between two crew teammates is tested when one slowly discovers he’s gay and attracted to the other.

Director:Marco Kreuzpaintner | Stars:Robert Stadlober, Kostja Ullmann, Miriam Morgenstern, Jürgen Tonkel

22. (2016)

A young man returns to his family farm, after a long stay in ex-gay conversion therapy, and is torn between the expectations of his emotionally distant father, and the memories of a past, loving relationship he has tried to bury.

Director:Kerstin Karlhuber | Stars:Tom Wopat, Michael Grant, Gregory Harrison, Jennifer Taylor

26. Weekend(II) (2011)

After a drunken house party with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a gay club. Just before closing time he picks up Glen but what’s expected to be just a one-night stand becomes something else, something special.

Director:Andrew Haigh | Stars:Tom Cullen, Chris New, Jonathan Race, Laura Freeman

27. Love, Simon(2018)

Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends and all of his classmates: he’s gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.

Director:Greg Berlanti | Stars:Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Langford

35. (2013)

Chris and RJ reunite five years after coming out to their families and their church as gay men, where the factors that led to their separation are revealed as they mourn the death of their mutual friend Rodney.

Director:Jon Garcia | Stars:Nick Ferrucci, Benjamin Farmer, Hannah Barefoot, Bruce Jennings

44. (2011)

A drama centered on the relationship between a two young men, as one of them navigates the difficulties of life as a transgender man.

Director:Sabine Bernardi | Stars:Rick Okon, Max Befort, Liv Lisa Fries, Felix Brocke

46. (2018)

Alex, high school class president, nerd and a straight A student, has been dating Claire a long time. They decide to sleep together but then he meets a gay guy and he’s confused.

Director:Craig Johnson | Stars:Michael Abela, Brendan Archer, Joshua Barragan, Kai Wes

54. In the Grayscale(2015)

Bruno, an architect with a great life, is hired to build an iconic landmark, and as he works with a gay history teacher named Fer, an unexpected and intense romance starts to blossom.

Director:Claudio Marcone | Stars:Francisco Celhay, Emilio Edwards, Daniela Ramírez, Matías Torres

57. Trick(1999)

The misadventures of two young gay men, trying to find a place to be alone, one night in Manhattan.

Director:Jim Fall | Stars:Christian Campbell, John Paul Pitoc, Tori Spelling, Brad Beyer

66. Dream Boy(2008)

Chronicles the relationship between two gay teenagers in the rural south in the late ’70s.

Director:James Bolton | Stars:Stephan Bender, Thomas Jay Ryan, Diana Scarwid, Tom Gilroy

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A Cellular Desire

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