‘Elite’ Fans Are LIVING For Ander and Omar’s Moving Gay Storyline On Netflix

12 October 2018, 15:23 | Updated: 12 October 2018, 15:25

It’s hard to imagine life before Elite now. Ever since the Netflix teen drama arrived in our lives last week we’ve been unable to think about anything else and it turns out that we’re not the only ones. In mere days, the show has already racked up a huge international fandom. It may be a Spanish language series but its amazing script, hard-hitting themes and gripping plot are connecting to viewers around the world.

Not to mention the cast and characters are all brilliant. From the three leads (Samuel, Nano, Marina) to the on again off again throuple (Carla, Christian, Polo), there’s something for everyone. Early faves seem to be messy villain Lu (acted by Mexican screen star Danna Paola) and the will they, won’t they ship Nadia and Guzman (icons). However, it’s the show’s gay romance that people are really rooting for.

The Spanish Nextlfix drama explores the challenges of coming out for different religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

Ménage à trois, murder, drug addiction, and HIV barely scratch the surface on the intense themes explored in Elite, Netflix’s latest sleeper hit. The Spanish soap opera, one of the streaming service’s first, bears unexpected nostalgia for those of us who found it hard to come to terms with our own sexuality. I began watching this show expecting your typical young adult high school drama, but little did I know there would be so many steamy gay storylines that left me sweating. Think: Gossip Girl crossed over with Big Little Lies. This sexy, binge-worthy series follows the lives of three, low-income students who receive a scholarship to La Encina, a top preparatory school attended by Spain’s elite.

This show is by no means created specifically for LGBTQ audiences, but it does arguably have two strong gay storylines. One particular couple’s path digs deep into the implications that coming out can have for someone based on their religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

Ander, the hot, prep school Tennis protégé played by Arón Piper and Omar, the Muslim drug dealer from a working-class family, played by Omar Ayuso, first meet through a drug deal scheduled by a mutual friend. Both characters come from completely different worlds (and schools); opposites attract is definitely an understatement here. Days later, the two began chatting anonymously through a gay hookup app (not Grindr, but pretty similar) which resulted in Omar immediately fleeing the scene, embarrassed after recognizing Ander. The series follows Ander and Omar’s romance while they experience the trials and tribulations several young queers face on their journey to find and accept themselves, such as being outed to their family when they weren’t quite ready to do it themselves.

As Ander and Omar’s sexuality and relationship begin to surface among peers and family members, their stories derail completely. Ander, the white middle-class son of La Encina’s Dean, was more willing to come out and was immediately accepted by his friends and parents, the latter whom saw it as a positive opportunity to become the first openly gay tennis player to win the French Open. Omar, the working-class son of religious immigrants who run – and live in – a small grocery store, immediately denies his sexuality when questioned by his father.

(Spoiler: Ander’s mom walks in on them hooking up, and later tells Omar’s dad all about it. Horrified of the news that his son may be gay and tarnish the family name, Omar’s father decides to speed up his son’s arranged marriage, a practice that very much remains the norm for traditional Muslims.)

Whether Elite’s writers knew it or not, they shed a light on the disparities of gay people’s coming out experience based on their religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

Out previously interviewed Dr. Chris Donoghue, a general psychologist who specializes in individuals and couples sex, to dive deeper into the impact of these disparities.

“Factors such as religion, socio-economics, and race will all impact one’s confidence and security in coming out,” explained Dr. Donoghue. He added that for those part of homophobic communities, coming out provides liberation, but can also come with trauma due to the possible shame and stigma attached to their new LGBTQ+ identity.

We see this ring true in Omar’s coming out experience – the shame and stigma he felt from his father questioning forced him to deny his true sexuality to his family.

While Ander’s parents were much more open with his sexuality, they still insisted and expected he stay the course to become a tennis superstar, despite his wishes to quit the sport. Ander’s parents’ desire for him to continue to ride this wave to prominence opens up yet another conflict those from fluent and prominent backgrounds face when coming out.

Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist passionate about LGBTQ issues, explored this dilemma, sharing that “socioeconomic status presents issues [for coming out] especially when parents are prominent members of the community, known in their industry or even a public figure.”

Elite opens your eyes to how polarizing coming out is, affecting people differently based on who they are, where they are from, how much money they have, and what their – and their parents’ – beliefs are. It’s easy to see it as a common struggle the LGBTQ+ community is faced with, but in reality, no coming out experience is ever the same.

Netflix’s Elite is raw, emotional, sexual and highly entertaining. From the rich, rebellious heroine infected with HIV after an affair with a lunch lady’s son, to the polyamorous relationship that blurs the lines of sexuality, Elite is a treasure trove of addicting plotlines.

The eight-episode series will keep you Netflix and chilling in bed all day and wanting to book a flight to Spain to find some Spanish hotties.

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»Schwule Liebe, die sich ehrlich anfühlt


Ander and Omar are literally the cutest. In the first episode of the series, we find out that Ander is gay and in the closet. He is then introduced to Omar (who is also Nadia’s brother) because he wants drugs and Omar deals them. Not long after, the two of them both unknowingly chat via an anonymous gay hook-up app, meet up and then start to fall in love and establish a relationship.

The romance is particularly important. First things first, it represents gay love in a way that feels honest (it does not shy away from including gay sex scenes like many series and films do). Then there’s the fact that it acts as a reminder that all LGBTQ+ experiences vary. Ander is white and is from a family who has no issues with his sexuality; Omar is Muslim and his parents do not condone it.

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