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Ever since Dominic Thiem stormed the tennis world, he has continued to impress a lot of people. All the credit goes to his sports-loving parents who made him develop a special love for tennis.

Thiem began playing at the age of 6, following several years of training at a local court. At the time, whenever his parents go for training, they usually take him along and would teach him the nuts and bolts of the racket sport. As time passed, the young chap began to find the sport interesting. He went as far as idolizing veteran tennis players like Stefan Koubek and Jurgen Melzer and would train hard to be like them.

His first coach, apart from his parents, was Günter Bresnik, who began training him at the age of nine. Today, Thiem has ten singles ATP Tour titles to his name. He was also listed as the World’s No. 4 on the ATP ranking on November 6, 2017.

The Austrian superstar won his first career ATP World Tour title in 2015, in Nice, France and later the Argentina Open in 2016. His outstanding carer has continued to earn him praises from the tennis community and beyond. The tennis star is famed for serving the ball at a speed of 145 mph or 233 km/h and this rare capability is one of the reasons he’s respected in the sports world.

Thiem’s career has also witnessed some heartbreaking moments, with his loss to at the Brisbane International tennis tournament in 2016 being the most painful.

Besides his fast-growing career on the court, Dominic once served in the Austrian military as part of the country’s compulsory national service. His stint in the army lasted for six months, having started in November 2014 and ended in April 2015. While he was serving, he kept playing on the tour.

Dominic Thiem once revealed that his favorite tournaments are his home tournaments in Kitzbuhel and Vienna. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Dominic Thiem Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Dominic Thiem Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Of the rising tennis stars we mentioned in our original post below, it seems like only Dominic Thiem has lived up to expectations, no?

Bouchard turned out to be a one-hit wonder whose career has been derailed by a concussion at the US Open, Nishikori and Raonic are often sidelined by injuries, and Kyrgios is an inconsistent hothead.

Only Thiem has proven to be a true contender who often gives the greats — Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray — a run for their money.

It’s no wonder then that the Austrian tennis star has banked a total of US$23,873,943 in prize money (14th all-time leader in earnings), boasts of 16 tennis titles, and is currently ranked #3 in the world.

The only thing missing in the tennis star’s impressive list of accomplishments is a grand slam championship win but we see it coming sooner than later.

Dominic Thiem Shirtless Photos, Part II. You want more photos of the hunky tennis star, don’t you? Consider your wish fulfilled.

Dominic Thiem Underwear in See-Through Pants. Obviously, Dominic and his managers have not read our post about white pants underwear where we stated that the best thing to wear under white pants is tan or flesh colored undies.

But then again, who is complaining when we see Dom’s underoos? No one, right?

Dominic Thiem Girlfriend? In our earlier post below, we mentioned that we will update this post when we learn something about his relationship status. Well, apparently, he dated tennis player Kristina Mladenovic but the two have call it quits last 2019 after two years of dating.

….. Dominic Thiem Shirtless Photos – Rising Tennis Star (4 September 2014). There’s a slow changing of the guard in tennis both in the women’s game (see Eugenie Bouchard) and in the men’s game. The young up-and-comers in men’s tennis include Japan’s Kei Nishikori, Canada’s Milos Raonic, Australia’s Nick Kyrgios, and Austria’s Dominic Thiem.

We have already blogged about Milos, Kei and Nick so let’s focus this time around on the 20-year-old Dominic. In this year’s US Open, Dominic made headlines when he beat higher ranked opponents (11th seed Ernests Gulbis and 19th seed Feliciano Lopez) en-route to the fourth round where he, unfortunately, lost to the more experienced Thomas Berdych.

Dominic Thiem Shirtless Photos. The following photos are for the ladies who are looking for shirtless photos of this rising tennis star.

Who is the other guy? Maybe it’s his doubles partner?

Dominic Thiem Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? What’s Dominic relationship status at the moment? Is he dating anyone? Does he have a girlfriend? We don’t know. But we will update this post once we find out if he is dating someone. If you are in the know, do tell in the comments.

Let’s find out more about Dominic in this bio profile courtesy of the ATP ():

Tennis Inspiration: I look up to many players. I didn’t have one big idol. I really enjoyed watching tennis and liked a lot of the players of the last decade, particularly Roger Federer, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Andy Roddick.

First Tennis Memory: My parents are both tennis coaches and also played themselves, so they took me always to the court. That’s my first memory, nothing special.

First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered: Stefan Koubek from Austria, in Vienna. We had the same coach.

Pre-Match Feeling: I try to think not about the match. Otherwise I get nervous. So I try to think about anything else but the match.

Greatest Sports Moment: I think it was my first Grand Slam main draw win in Australia this year against Joao Sousa.

Most Painful Moment: Maybe when I lost the final in the 2011 Roland Garros juniors.

Strangest Match: Well I played in a Morocco Futures once and it was minus degrees and raining. The water was already on the court. But we still played because they couldn’t postpone it because it was already Sunday night. That was probably the strangest moment. It was a doubles match and I lost.

Favourite Tournaments: I like my home tournaments in Kitzbuhel and Vienna.

Three Athletes You Like To Watch And Follow: I like to watch Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Eden Hazard from Chelsea. And I like Steve Nash in the NBA.

Why Do You Love Playing Tennis?: Because it’s one of the few sports where it’s one against one. And you don’t need anything from outside to win. You just need to be better than your opponent on this day. You are not depending on anything; you just need to be better on the day. And that’s why I love the sport.

Funny Tennis Memory: I will say I smile when Gulbis smashes a racquet. Because I know him well. I’ve known him very well for the past three years. And he’s quite different off the court and on the court. So I enjoy watching his matches.

Off the court he’s a really nice guy. He’s a very intelligent guy. And on the court he seems like sometimes he’s not very nice…and so probably some people think that he’s also like that off the court. But that’s not true. He’s one of the nicest guys that I’ve ever met. I think it’s really funny to watch him and I think the sport needs characters like him.

People Qualities Most Admired: I like it if people are friendly, if they are loyal and if they are not arrogant. I think the most important thing is to be nice and to be friendly.

Dominic Thiem Shirtless Photos – Rising Tennis Star. Posted 4 September 2014. Last updated: September 5, 2020 at 9:25 am.

Dominic Thiem Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

dominic thiem

He’s recently said his favorite band is the Backstreet Boys. Granted, I know no gay man who listens to BSB to these days, but this seems more of a preference that gay men would have than straight men.

He’s also a Harry Potter fan. According to Okcupid gay men and women are bigger fans of Harry Potter than straight people, and sure enough all male grownups that I’ve seen reference Harry Potter on Twitter is gay.

r3 He’s also a Westlife fan per his Twitter account.

He and new DL fave Bonner Bolton should make a sex tape.

He’s too tall. I’m 6’3 and 5’11 is my max. I especially love pocket bottoms. For some reason I like to tower over my boys.

I’m sure an ass as beautiful as Dominic’s has seen some action from his tennis buddies.

I voted yes when I saw this thread a few months back but he has a girlfriend now, who’s always a tennis player. He’s as good as dead to me.

dominic thiem

Public kiss: Kristina Mladenovic & Dominic Thiem relationship confirmation

Just days after I added Madison Keys’ relationship with fellow tennis player Bjorn Fratangelo to my WTA Players and their Love Partnersfor the first time shared her affection with boyfriend Dominic Thiem in public, kissing him on the cheek in an Instagram story.

Rumors about the relationship between the WTA world No.11 and ATP world No.5 have been swirling around since Kristina posted the below photo of her and Dominic training at the Mutua Madrid Open in May. In mid-November, Kristina was spotted in the Austrian’s box at the Nitto ATP Finals in London, sitting next to his mother Karin.

As states, Thiem confirmed the love story, which started in the summer, most probably during Roland Garros:

I won’t say anything about it, but it’s obvious we are in a relationship.

It didn’t change anything for Dominic in terms of work ethic. This relationship is an advantage because Kristina accepts and understands things like a tennis professional.

Moreover, Kiki, who is heading to Brisbane to start her season, today posted a group photo from Dubai, with Dominic next to her. The 24-year-old’s photo description states:

Most precious thing ❤️ My family & friends. #vousmemanquezdéjàbeaucoup

After I posted this article, Dominic shared the above photo on Instagram, saying:

Merci for making my life even so much better <3 #betterhalf #theone #ontoagreat2018

You are something unique <3 #betterhalf #theone #ontoagreat2018

Public kiss: Kristina Mladenovic & Dominic Thiem relationship confirmation

Is He Gay or Straight?

For those hankering for information on Dominic Thiem’s sexual orientation, he is straight. The tennis star is not gay and has never been in an open relationship with people of his own gender.

In recent time, rumors have been flying around that the Australian sportsman is gay. Sadly, people behind this rumor have never come up with any authentic evidence backing this claim. Thiem, on his side, has never addressed the claim, probably because he knows the report is false.

From what he gathered, the tennis player is not gay rather, he is in love with a French tennis player called Kristina Mladenovic.

Is He Gay or Straight?

Is He Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

As mentioned earlier, her name is Kristina “Kiki” Mladenovic. She was born on May 14, 1993, in Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, France. Kiki’s nationality is French while her ethnicity is Serbian.

Born to a former handball player father and a former volleyball player mother, she began her tennis career in May 2006 as a junior. She, however, turned professional in 2009 and subsequently made her grand slam at the 2009 Australian Open.

Today, she has seven doubles titles on the ITF Women’s Circuit, to her name. On 23 October 2017, she was ranked world No. 10 in singles and was previously ranked No. 2 in the doubles in October 2016.

Thiem and Kiki began dating in 2017 to the amazement of many people. The latter confirmed their relationship in 2018 and their fans are really excited about it.

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Is He Gay or Does He Has a Girlfriend?

There had been rumors on the media that the sportsman is gay, however, this has not been substantiated beyond any reasonable doubt. Though the star is busy with his career and has not bothered to address such rumor as he is a man of few words, it is safe to say that his sexual orientation is straight because he has been seen on dates with women and he is currently in an open relationship with a French female tennis star.

Kristina Mladenovic is the beautiful girlfriend of Dominic Thiem, she is a French professional tennis player. They made their relationship open in May 2018 though they began dating in the middle of 2017. Kristina popularly nicknamed ‘Kiki’ was born on May 14, 1993, in Saint-Pol-Sur-Mer, France, she shares the same birth year with her lover boy, Dominic, though she was born four months earlier than him.

Kristina was born to athletic parents. Her father Dragan Mladenovic was a handball player and an Olympic gold medalist for Yugoslavia while her mother, Dzenita was a volleyball player. The beautiful Kiki started her career as a junior in 2006, a year later; she emerged the European Under 14 singles Champion and made her Grand slam at the 2009 Australian Open. In 2012 and 2016, she represented France at the Olympic Games tennis tournaments.

She has earned seven double titles in the Women’s Circuit of ITF and in 2018 ranked No. 44 in the singles, though she was ranked Number 10, as at October 2017. Her best play surface is on grass courts.

The lovebirds have been supportive of each other, sharing in their happy and bad moment. Their wedding bell is not ringing yet if it does, we shall let you know right here.

Dominic Thiem’s Love Life with Kristina Mladenovic:

Although dating could be a distraction, the tennis player has once called off his relationship. Dominic Thiem was previously in a relationship with Kristina Mladenovic, a French tennis player. Both began dating in the middle of 2017 but split around November 2019.

Are Dominic Thiem and Rico Bellotti Dating?

 Many commenters seem to think this is the case, although the players‘ not deleting the speculation is neither a confirmation nor denial. 

The Daily

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The haze of wildfires hanging over the Open this year is a reminder that climate change may force a rethinking of the entire tennis calendar—especially the global travel demanded of players.

The tennis legend is increasingly known for her anti-gay campaigning. Should her name be removed from an arena at Melbourne Park?

This fundamental stroke gives tennis stars their power. Louisa Thomas looks at what their distinctive forehands tell us about some of the best players in the game.

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I follow the Austrian Thiem religiously, so thanks Marija for posting this. Kiki was also sitting with Domi’s mom Karin in the grandstand at the US Open this summer when Thiem had his colossal meltdown against Del Potro in the round of 16, blowing a 2 sets to love lead and several match points. He has the same physio that Li Na had for years, German Alex Stober..another reason I root for him. And I hope this puts to rest the notion that Thiem is gay..I follow his facebook profile where some obviously gay men swoon over his good looks!

domi is 100% bisexual so the notion is still there jim

Marija , some information about possible new romance of Halep.

Jim, Slaps, not to mention that a man can have a girlfriend and still be gay lol. But I’m not referring to anything concerning Dominic.

Bbr1979, oh wow, thank you! I have to write about this! ?

best comment ive heard all day Marija lets hope so I’ve met dominic before and i have a story if you’re interested

He called her “the one” and “better half” in his recent ig post

Sru, amazing, he said “Merci for making my life even so much better ❤” He wants the world to know he’s in love.

Well i hope this romance doesn’t affect their performances in their respective circuits. Probably Kiki was speaking his language (Kiki can speack 25 languages as per Muguruza). Haha. Kidding aside, I’m happy for both of them though.

I feel like me might or may have already popped the question. I don’t think it all started 6 mothns ago lol

C’mon Slaps, share the story! We are all dripping with antici…!

i heard that kiki wanted to be with alex zverev but he rejected her but anyway this summer i went to a tennis tournament for the first time in cincinnati and on my 2nd day there i finally met domi and it was the best day of my life i got his autograph and shook his hand and then after his practice i saw him walking to leave the court and i ran like hell because i wanted to talk to him and i got his attention and asked “do u have a minute to talk?” and he replied yeah so we talked about cincinnati and thats about it there was about an hour left until his match with fognini and i wanted to get something for him like a gift and at the venue they have those coke bottles with peoples names on them so i said i must get one with his name and this one place have a freezer with a bunch of cokes and i asked the bartender if he could find 1 with the name dominic and he said ill look when i get a chance so a half an hour later i went to the bar again and asked if he found one and i kinda gave a look like this is important so he sent one of the assistants to look through the cokes and unfortunately there wasn’t 1 with his name so running out of ideas i wrote a note to give him after the match so after the match i walked down the steps towards the court and i asked if i could show that place i told about on wedneesday and he replied “i have to practice” so i gave the note and walked away on that note i wrote my name and my number but i not want to give him the notion that i liked him so i wrote i don’t have much friends in real life (which is true) he never called me which hurts but i understand i regret not telling my feelings about him i love him so much

This is actually crazy… I was convinced that Dominic Thiem had a long-term girlfriend- I even thought I saw a picture of them on instagram the other day! Had no idea that he and Kristina Mladenovic were an item. I must be further out of the tennis loop than I thought I was haha!

Slaps, you shouldn’t feel heartbroken for him not calling you, as he is certainly very busy and even though he would like to interact with every fan, it’s simply not possible. You really shouldn’t take it personally. Thank you for sharing your story with us.