Is Daniel Radcliffe married? A look at his sexuality + Details on Daniel’s girlfriend

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is an English actor and producer popularly known for his on-screen portrayal of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series. As Harry Potter, he became one of the highest-paid actors in the world and received many accolades for his performances.

Radcliffe expressed his desire to pursue acting at age 5, and five years later, he made his on-screen debut in the film David Copperfield. Other films Radcliffe has featured in include, The Woman in Black, Kill Your Darlings, and Now You See Me 2. 

This piece will look at Daniel Radcliffe’s sexuality and dating life. We can confirm that Daniel Radcliffe is not married.

Daniel Radcliffe Addresses Gay Rumors

‚Harry Potter‘ star talks about Trevor Project, a LGBTQ suicide prevention organization.

Through his work with the Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization that offers suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, Daniel Radcliffe has spoken passionately about the importance of helping these at-risk kids and removing the stigma of coming out.

In his own life, too, the „Harry Potter“ star has been open in addressing persistent rumors that he is gay. When MTV News had a chance to chat with Radcliffe during a shoot for a Trevor Project public-service announcement, the 20-year-old actor didn’t shy away from talking about the longstanding gossip.

„If people want to say that, they can,“ he said. „But I’m not. I’m straight.“

But he does get a bit of a kick out of reading about why other people think he’s not straight. „My favorite thing I saw was a guy on the Internet that said, ‚Of course he’s gay. He’s got a gay face,‘ which I thought was kind of an odd thing to say anyway,“ Radcliffe laughed. „A ‚gay face‘? That’s a very worrying thing, like they have sat at home and have got pictures of me next to other famous, gay [people] — Elton John, I don’t know — just comparing across the years. I’m not sure. It’s very, very odd.“

Even if Radcliffe were gay, though, he doesn’t think his status as the world’s most famous boy wizard would have prevented him from being open about his sexuality.

„I don’t think my position would have stopped me if I was gay,“ he said. „I know that some actors actually don’t like to. I kind of can understand that to a certain extent because sometimes you do see actors get typecast after they come out, which is unfortunate. But a lot of the time that doesn’t happen. It’s personal preference. Coming out is such an important moment in a gay man’s life that I would never want to actually comment on whether or not anyone should or should not.“

 Daniel Radcliffe Addresses Gay Rumors

Daniel Radcliffe’s male roommate

[quote]When he’s working in New York, he shares his apartment downtown with his personal assistant, Spencer Soloman, a 38-year-old former dancer and camera man, who became close with Radcliffe’s family when he was teaching the actor to dance for “How to Succeed.” Soloman and Sam [i.e. his hunky bodyguard, pictured at link] function, in some ways, like older brothers: fun, but responsible and organized. Soloman plans Radcliffe’s schedule and talks to his father, agents and publicists two or three times a day; he might tell Radcliffe when he needs to shave for a photo shoot or search their apartment for a garment that his stylist wants him to wear for some occasion.

Gurl please, take off the veil; this story is being presented as if it’s some kind of rad cliffe-hanger.

I like Daniel, seems like he’d be fun to know and hang with.

I bet he’s be fun to invite to dinner with a handful of eclectic friends.

A great meal, plenty of wine, sparkling conversation ….

So Daniel is the meat in the middle of a sandwich every night he’s in NY. No wonder he had so much energy in Hot to Succeed

It dawns on me that that blind item from a while back about a star anxious to come out, who’s turning to drugs and alcohol to ease his pain could be DR, as opposed to the usual guesses: Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Jake G.

You expected Radcliffe to live alone without a posse or staff?

That bodyguard has a hot bod, you can see his muscles pushing against his tight shirt. Ain’t no way Radcliffe’s not getting some of that action.

So if 1.5 percent of British guys are gay/bi, and let’s say we double that number for those in the acting profession, there’s a 3 percent chance Radcliffe is banging him.

Saw him on the street, alone. He’s tiny. Seems personable. Great smile.

Thanks for posting the article R9. Very cool and interesting.

I like Dan and I think he would have no trouble coming out if he were gay. He is still young and who knows, he just might not have figured out exactly where he is on the gay/straigh/bi scale.

He seems like such a sweet guy, but wound a little to tight. I don’t look for his life to end happily.

I think he would be happier out of the limelight, working at a small little used record store. He loves music and his taste for it is broad and varied. I could see him in a place like John Cusack’s character had in High Fidelity, only happier, because he can decompress from his life.

I think he sounds like he is exceptionally well adjusted, emotionally mature and happy. Smart, too.

yeah, is the expectation that ONLY gay guys have male roommates and ONLY straight guy have female roommmates?

Someone worth $80 million would not want a roommate unless he was fucking that roommate.

[quote]I think he sounds like he is exceptionally well adjusted, emotionally mature and happy.

Thanks for sharing, fangurl: but the alcoholism would argue against that reading of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Plus … I love the way they worked the phrase „next trick“ into the headline. I’m pretty sure the author is trying to say something. Along the lines of „Kevin Spacey has a secret.“

And since when do „older brothers“ have sex with you? Unless you’re starring in a Falcon video, of course.

In a related question, the entourage story got me wondering how many Hollywood stars keep bodyguards on their payroll full time? We always see Taylor Lautner with his when he travels but who else? Also is it more of a prereq for shorter stars, as both Lautner and Radcliffe are under 5-9, (i.e. they are too small to attempt to defend themselves?) I also wonder how often if ever are the bodyguards actually called upon to defend the client or is it just theater like the TSA?

Until someone can post hardcore and verifiable proof about Daniel Radcliffe being gay or bi I will just have to assume he is straight. I don’t think in terms of hearsay or speculation. I had two female roomies for a good while and people presumed I was straight as I am a macho gay. It works both ways.

„Someone worth $80 million would not want a roommate unless he was fucking that roommate.“

Or unless they can’t cope with living on their own. There are a lot of possible reasons for that – domestic incompetence, hatred of being alone, need for a 24/7 sober coach, or the roommate is a super-PA who organizes everything. Or love, who knows.

And R12, I like him too, but remember that he works in a field where there is open, strong, and perfectly legal discrimination against actors who are out in the press.

[quote]Until someone can post hardcore and verifiable proof about Daniel Radcliffe being gay or bi I will just have to assume he is straight. I don’t think in terms of hearsay or speculation.

You’re speculating he’s straight then. You have no proof either.

R21, a macho gay man who sounds like a pissy, defensive teenage fangirl.

I’m a loud advocate of gays coiming out, but I see no evidence that DR is gay (or straight). What I do see is a young person who has only known being famous, rather than being ordinary, since he was 10. Someone who nevertheless in al his apoerances is kind and pleasant. But we know he’s had problems with alcohol, which is sad.

I’d guess that he needs to have someone around, not to fuck, but to stop him fucking up. But we’re all guessing: it’s what Datalounge us for.

If he were gay and closeted, he’d probably hide the fact he has a roommate.

I know a „celebrity“ (a lead singer in a band that has had multiple hits). He’s „married“ with children. It’s a Mormon thing, I guess. I met him when he was a waiter. He only became closeted when the girlies started noticing all his make-up.

So, he and his PA live in one house, and his „wife“ and children live in another house. I think he’s a hypocrite (and I’ve told him how I feel about this). He just believes that if everything is photo ready, nothing else matters.

It must be a societal thing. I find it distasteful, but it’s his life to ruin his own way.

But R24—this is DATALOUNGE where EVERYone is GAY! Not too long ago there was a post here about President Nixon being gay with somebody.

Hell, if I had that kind of money and needed a bodyguard this is the kind of guy I’D hire:

Radcliffe creates hysteria amongst his fans. It is like beatlemania. I was walking past his theatre once when he was in Equus and it was just pandemonium. Police everywhere yelling that if people don’t stay calm they will pull him inside. Cops yelling no pushing, no screaming etc.

r26 is right. And the article says that DR is a disorganized slob who wipes up spilled liquids with his sock. He may need a dogsbody.

Also, couldn’t this guy be an AA crony to keep him from drinking?

[quote]I don’t think in terms of hearsay or speculation.

R27 – I’m going to guess Brandon Flowers. I remember the first time the Killers were on SNL and he was in a pink suit and glitter eye make up. He’s Mormon and used to be a waiter in Vegas. And as much as I dislike stereotypes, rarely is a grown straight man that boyishly adorable all while seeming kind of asexual.

I saw a clip of him and Richard Dawkins on the same talk show. It was so embarrassing, him trying to argue the accuracy of Mormonism to Dawkins. He seemed pretty adept at deluding himself.

I think the article makes it pretty clear that Radcliffe doesn’t think he did very well when he was living on his own. He’s savvy enough to realize that he needs a minder. I wouldn’t read anything more into it than that.

Is it a Times thing to say „lighted a cigarette“ rather than „lit a cigarette“? It sounds pretentiously wannabe-British to me.

It’s perfectly normal for a well-to-do young Englishman to live with one manservant, I don’t know what you’re on about.

Don’t know that much about him but have seen him on a couple of talk shows and he really did seem uncommonly charming and genuine. As someone suggested here, I think he seems like a pretty good bloke who would be a pleasure to hang with, gay or straight.

He is into older women, MUCH older women. As for his live in male ‚caretaker‘, SOMEONE has to change the diapers when ‚mommy‘ can’t be around, right?

Tell me he doesn’t treat Danny like his little boy when they’re home alone.

The roommate probably has free room and board when Danny isn’t in New York. Not a bad job, I’d say. Better than being a gypsy on Broadway.

That’s part of what mommy or daddy does when they change his diaper and swaddle him for bed.

Why did it say „shares his apartment?“ Daniel owns a townhouse on West 12th.

I don’t know or care if he’s gay, but I find him hard to watch on talk shows. I can’t tell if he’s just high strung, but he seems totally phony to me. He’s also one of those people, though not unattractive, is just hard for me to look at. Like Cecily Strong on SNL. It’s like there is something „off“ about their faces, and my brain can’t process it.

I wish he was more like his Harry Potter persona, deadly dull but intense. He’d probably be hot in bed, while Daniel probably just giggle the whole time.

I just saw Danny with his legs up in the air, about to get plowed by a cute blonde boy.

His roommate? I bet he’s done it with him before, but this was his awful movie, KILL YOUR DARLINGS. But he sure seems to know all the positions in those sex scenes.

Thanks, R51. Although now I don’t know if I want to watch the movie or not. Damnit, and I was so excited for it too!

that has to be his fuckbody… and good for Danny for getting a nice piece of hot ass.

Blind Items are fun, although obviously you can’t trust either the blind item or the guessed subject. These were at agc blind items. Personally I’ve never thought Daniel being gay but what do I know, he’s more Harry Potter in my head than anything else. The first one doesn’t scream Daniel to me at all, but maybe more of someone like James Franco, who’s also in that Daily Mail link where Daniel is on the red carpet with the director John Krokidas.

ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/02 **#1** Don’t look now, but this not-so-closeted A-list actor and jack of all trades stepped out with his director boyfriend on the Venice Film Festival red carpet. Don’t expect to see any official announcement that he’s bi soon, he’s going to hold out for as long as he can. Daniel Radcliffe

POPBITCH 12/05 Which largely untroubled child actor conquered the demon drink – only to pick up a cocaine habit that even seasoned onlookers describe as ‚heroic‘? Daniel Radcliffe

i think the actor and director is more likely ALFONSO CUARÓN and George Clooney.

Danny’s come back to Broadway, so his roommate will have a playmate for a couple of months.

So let me get this straight, YOU are a rich and famous movie star. You have a home in London and one in New York. Your job takes you all over the world usually for months at a time and you are going to leave one or both of your homes/million dollar investments completely abandoned for all that time? How do you know you won’t come back to anything at all, or if someone is living there illegally. The guy house sits, works for him. It’s not a mystery.

Daniel would have an army of stalkers of both genders (some have even posted here).

[quote]I’d have a tall, built bodyguard too if I was him.

Relating to the roommate question, do you think that most actors/actresses are naturally introverts or extroverts? Many when not in front of the camera seem very shy and reserved. If they are natural introverts it seems odd that they would want to have roommates around when they would prefer to spend time by themselves to decompress. Or are the presence of roommates in some way practice for keeping up the highly public (extroverted) persona required for those in the spotlight?

Daniel Radcliffe may be bi, like Tom Daley kind of bi.

But straight? No. When he said anal sex hurts in that recent interview, he spoke from experience.

I think he’d make a hot, hairy little bottom. Without his glasses, feet to the ceiling, with that posh accent.

I am assuming that Danny is back in the city for rehearsals for Inishmaan. Is he back in his New York apartment?

Will he call Brantley a little bitch after the reviews are out?

This and other articles lead one to the most obvious conclusion.

I think he’s gay, but the fact that he has men in his employ isn’t exactly evidence. He could have a woman as his PA and still be gay.

No clue if he’s gay or straight, but the best free entertainment in London used to be watching the crowd at the stage door when he was doing Equus. He would pop out briefly, get mobbed by the Harry Potter fans and then go back inside.

I once caught his appearance, went to a bar, had a couple drinks, walked around Soho, and walked back a good 90 minutes later. There were still fans (the same ones from earlier) standing there convinced he would reappear.

We complain about child stars spending all their earnings.

Here is someone who is watching his money carefully, and he is being ridiculed for being frugal.

Dame Brantley appreciates the British celebs. The Hollywood ones, not so much.

He’s still got a ways to go to catch up with James Franco

r77 is correct. Daniel owns a West Village townhouse. Saw him on Tuesday having breakfast at a neighborhood eatery.

He often goes to the bookstore in the Village where my roommate works. One of the last bookstores left. He is polite, very smart and talkative.

does anybody know his other security guard??? cuz from what i know he has 2 of them

So does Danny still have his girlfriend now that he’s not promoting anything?

R34 „lighted“ is actually correct. „Lit“ is one of those things that sounds right but isn’t, yet nonetheless has crept into the language so well that probably most English speakers don’t question it. Kind of like „snuck.“ The correct past tense is actually „sneaked“ but it sounds odd to most.

Didn’t Radcliffe and Watson have a teenage romance?

R85, both lit and lighted are correct, unlike snuck. Stylistically speaking, lighted is currently more common in US English and lit in British but both are interchangeable.

If you’re that rich, why would you want to share your house with anyone?

r87, just as the past tense of dive is dived, not dove.

How common is it really for closeted wealthy gays to keep a „Personal Assistant“ you think?

I lost all interest inDaniel when I saw him to that tard rap on Fallon, not only that but he is one of those white middle class boys that love rap. Oh fuck off.

Radcliffe is just not leading man material. I watched that awful movie Horns because my bf wanted to watch it and, He’s extremely short, goofy looking, and needs a lot of work in the acting department. His handlers would be smart to position him as a character actor now, because leading man stardom isn’t gonna happen.

Radcliffe is gay. He’s also learned from a young age if you don’t do nothing and you don’t say nothing then there is nothing. He’s in his prime for roles, but his dimunitive height works against him already. As ‚out and proud‘ as some think Hollywood is, the best scripts for leads or supporting are not going to actor’s in a coming out phase. Either start out gay or save it. Daniel is saving it, as he started as a kid, and hence his being wound tight. Wouldn’t you be?

[quote]if you don’t do nothing and you don’t say nothing then there is nothing.

Daniel Radcliffe's male roommate

Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Gay sex, especially for the first time, is really painful’

Actor Daniel Radcliffe has again spoken out about gay sex scenes in the film Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays gay poet Allen Ginsberg, to say that he has been told gay sex “is really f*cking painful”.

Speaking to Flaunt magazine, Radcliffe discussed his decision to take the role of Ginsberg, discussing playing a gay character falling in love, and taking on gay sex scenes for the first time.

He said: “I don’t think there’s any difference between how one falls in love. People express love differently, person to person, but it’s not gender or sexuality related. The only difference it made was obviously the actual sex scene, of course…

“I was talked through it by the director. He would be telling me what I would be feeling in each take. Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really f*cking painful. And [Krokidas] said that he had never seen that portrayed accurately on film before. He wanted it to look like an authentic loss of virginity.”

He went on to discuss what attracted him to the role. He said: “The transformative thing about the role wasn’t playing such a famous character or playing a character that had such a huge influence on society. It was more of trying to find your voice, and finding out who you are. It’s usually an awful and very painful journey, and it has to be—it involves getting heartbroken or failing at something that you want to succeed at. Those are important things to go through, and that was the thing that attracted me to the part.”

Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Gay sex, especially for the first time, is really painful’

Director Shares The Ins And Outs Of Daniel Radcliffe’s Gay Sex Scene

Daniel Radcliffe put the innocence of his “Harry Potter” years behind him once and for all when he played gay poet Allen Ginsberg in 2013’s “Kill Your Darlings,” set in the early days of the Beat Generation. 

Much of the buzz surrounding “Kill Your Darlings” focused on an explicit sex scene in which Ginsberg would lose his virginity to a stranger (played by Dane Dehaan) he met at a bar. In a new interview with New York magazine’s Vulture blog, director John Krokidas recalls the process of shooting the steamy moment with Radcliffe. 

“Growing up with queer films, there was always some sort of stigma attached to gay characters or gay sexuality, and I didn’t want the sex scene to feel like that in any way,” Krokidas, whose other credits include “Wayward Pines” and “Black Box,” said. Calling Ginsberg “one of the most renowned gay artists of the 20th century,” he added, “I felt that not including his sexuality as part of the story would be a crime. He wore it unabashedly on his sleeve and helped establish queer sexuality as something you could even talk about in art and literature, so the scene was incredibly important to capture right.” 

The director explained that he and his female cinematographer, Reed Morano, broke down the blocking, appendage by appendage, for Radcliffe and Dehaan themselves. When it came time to shoot the scene, Radcliffe “had no issue” whatsoever, but just how much of the “Potter” star would be display once the scene hit the big screen remained a matter of debate ― for one specific reason. 

“I remember going, ‘Oh shit: You’re British, and Allen Ginsberg is one of the most famous Jews of the 20th century,’” Krokidas recalled. “And Dan said, ‘John, my mother’s Jewish and I’m circumcised. Play the scene any way you want.’ God bless Daniel Radcliffe, he commits to all of his actions.” 

Radcliffe, who is straight but has become a staunch LGBTQ rights advocate in recent years, opened up about the challenges of shooting the racy “Kill Your Darlings” scene in a 2013 interview with Flaunt magazine. Above all, Krokidas wanted the scene to reflect “an authentic loss of virginity,” Radcliffe said.

“I was talked through it by the director. He would be telling me what I would be feeling in each take,” he told Flaunt. “Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really f*cking painful. And [Krokidas] said that he had never seen that portrayed accurately on film before.” 

Kudos, Daniel and John, for giving us authenticity! 

Director Shares The Ins And Outs Of Daniel Radcliffe's Gay Sex Scene

Daniel Radcliffe Facts: 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Radcliffe

That wasn’t intentional, Daniel Radcliffe almost poisoned himself. It was the antifreeze water that made him ill while filming Horns movie in Canada.

A substance was added to water in order to keep it from freezing in pipes. It is usually added to water when it gets very cold in Canada. He didn’t realize that the water had been added the substance (antifreeze). Luckily, he had only taken a cup.

When Daniel Radcliffe was spotted smoking in NYC’s Bryant Park while walking 12 dogs, the photo became one of the trending topics at the time. The photo was retweeted several times.

There were speculations about Daniel Radcliffe playing the role of a dog walker for the upcoming comedy film Trainwreck. Judd Apatow tweeted to end the speculations by saying, “Not true! He was just walking his dogs.”

He stopped Googling about himself in order to maintain his own sanity. You see, people are asking questions on the internet about Daniel Radcliffe. Some of these questions are upsetting. Daniel Radcliffe is not gay for those folks who are questioning his sexuality.

In a past interview according to an article published by Telegraph, Daniel Radcliffe had said “some people think I am gay, which I think is awesome.”

Nonetheless, Daniel Radcliffe has responded to the rumor about him being gay insisting that, “I’m not gay.”

Daniel Radcliffe Thinks Gay Sex Is „F*cking Painful!“

In a recent interview, opened up wide about filming a gay love scene for the upcoming film Kill Your Darlings, and how he thinks that having a guy Slytherin to your Longbottom can leave you pret-ty sore:

“I was talked through it by the director [John Krokidas]. He would be telling me what I would be feeling in each take. Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really f*cking painful. And [Krokidas] said that he had never seen that portrayed accurately on film before. He wanted it to look like an authentic loss of virginity.”

Well, maybe if you’re trying to fit a troll into your dungeons it might be as painful as ‘s scar, but if done right, it can feel as AHmazing as getting your quaffle through a really tight hoop!

Earlier, Daniel commented on how he thinks gay sex scenes are no more difficult to film than straight ones!

We’re loving all this seksi guy-on-guy imagery that’s been going on in our brains right now featuring Mr. Potter himelf! We’re sure glad there’s no such thing as Legilimency because our thoughts are NSFW…that’s Not Safe For Wizards! LOLz!

We cannot wait for Kill Your Darlings to come out, and then we can forever save our memory of watching DanRad’s sex scene in our Pensieve!

Daniel Radcliffe: ‘If people are speculating about your sexuality, then you’re doing OK’

He’s given up Googling himself, he doesn’t actually demand nude scenes in his films, and it was a big mistake talking about the drinking: the former Harry Potter actor on trying to convince people he’s just a normal guy

“Hello! Great to meet you!” says the artist formerly known as Harry Potter with actorly exaggeration, shaking my hand and welcoming me into his room. I sit down on the designated chair and we pretend to start the interview, until the cameras have slowly retreated from sight. Radcliffe gives me an awkward grimace: “Yeah, sorry about that,” he says, “they just want some footage of me meeting people to show what a press day is like.”

Of course, Radcliffe has spent virtually his entire life in front of cameras – whether they were capturing his onscreen debut as a 10-year-old in the BBC’s David Copperfield, his teen years spent filming eight Harry Potter films or his every paparazzi-snapped public movement. Like any child star, he’s had to grow up in public, which has meant having to conceal any slight streak of bad behaviour – Radcliffe admitted to having had a drink problem in 2011, several months after he’d gone teetotal – and spending an awful lot of time being asked if his career was likely to implode before most people’s has even begun.

“Which is hard to deal with,” he says, “because a lot of us already have those fears anyway: what if this doesn’t last for ever?; what if I don’t end up working in 10 years? So for other people to then be asking you about those things all the time is like having your innermost fears confirmed by somebody outside of yourself. And that’s quite a challenging thing when you’re 17.”

Today, Radcliffe still faces the same challenge: namely, trying to convince people, and maybe himself, that he’s just a normal guy at heart rather than a damaged boy-wizard. The challenge is no doubt made trickier by the fact he has an estimated net worth of $110m (£66m), according to Forbes, and he was the star of a franchise in which all eight films make the list for the top 50 grossing films of all time (the highest, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, sits at number four, with a whopping $1.3bn). Having to appear like a normal guy when you’re clearly not – and everyone wants to remind you that you’re not – is likely to be pretty stressful.

Then again, Radcliffe seems to run on stress. It’s midday when we meet and he’s already been packing things into his morning. Early on he had to see his doctor about the intense-sounding cluster headaches he gets: “You have to be on blood pressure medication and have an ECG every so often … but don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine!” Following that he was at the US embassy for an interview, only to be told that he looked tired and not getting enough sleep – “I was like, er, thanks random fucking person who works at the embassy.”

He doesn’t appear the least bit tired when we meet – instead he buzzes with the livewire energy of a workaholic. Radcliffe has talked of working 90-hour weeks and since finishing Potter he has thrown himself into the research-heavy role of Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, undergone a physically demanding performance in The Cripple of Inishmaan and endured a stamina-sapping 11-month run in Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingTokyo Vice, which he thinks might be the hardest of the lot.

“I can’t even watch plays or films when I’m learning lines,” he says. “I start to think, hang on, they know all their lines and I don’t … so I have to go home immediately and learn them.”

You might assume that the role Radcliffe’s here to promote today was slightly less stressful: he plays Wallace in twee indie romcom What If, a nerdy yet quick-witted character who he admits is quite similar to himself. But playing himself brought its own headaches: “There’s something quite unnerving about doing so little,” he says, a look of panic suddenly etched on his face. “Like, is this funny? Is this enough? Will this make anyone laugh?”

What If follows Wallace’s friendship with Chantry (played by Zoe Kazan) and involves a will-they-won’t-they-oh-come-on-surely-they-would-have-by-now storyline that makes the characters in One Day seem like hot-headed slaves to reckless abandon. Chantry has a boyfriend, which makes things tricky, although that’s not as much of an obstacle as Wallace’s general rubbishness with the opposite sex, something that threatens to leave him languishing in the “friend zone”. Outside of the UK and US, the film is called The F Word – the F meaning friend, of course – and Radcliffe says the makers were considering calling it The Friend Zone outright before he stepped in.

“I was like, no, we can’t do that, because it’s not a [phrase] I love,” he says, no doubt aware that the phrase has increasingly been under attack from feminists. “The friend zone refers to a very male thing … you never hear women say they’ve been put in the friend zone. And I think that’s because it’s just used by men who are pissed off that their mate won’t sleep with them.”

Despite sharing characteristics with Wallace, Radcliffe says he’s not nearly as useless with women himself: “No, I’m a lot better at being direct at things, I’m not good at suppressing that stuff. If I have a crush on a girl she’s going to know about it.” The girl who currently knows about it is actor Erin Darke, whose love of sports Radcliffe finds a turn on: “She’s an obsessive Detroit Redwings fan – when your girlfriend can talk shit about sports better than the men she’s doing that with, that’s pretty sexy.”

What If also features yet another naked scene – something that Radcliffe seems to be making a name for himself with – first onstage in Equus, then for the gay sex scene in Kill Your Darlings and next in the forthcoming Horns.

“I don’t mind it, but I’d like to make clear it’s not a request,” he says, with a nervous grin. “I’m not sat there reading scripts thinking, how can I get my dick out in this one?” He admits the naked scenes have caused him to increase his time in the gym, especially since he watched Kill Your Darlings and thought, “Fuck, I’m skinny as a rat!”

With its folky soundtrack and cutesy animation – girls with big, sad eyes abound – What If is an indie film aesthetically as well as technically. Radcliffe has been a vocal indie fan since his teens, when he would turn up in the NME raving about bands like the Libertines and the Cribs in a rather endearing manner. Even today he sounds thrilled that he once got to meet Pete Doherty in a Eurostar station: “He was really really sweet. He let me waffle on for five minutes about how brilliant I thought his music was.”

Compared with most, Radcliffe’s musical education was pretty unorthodox. He was introduced to Pink Floyd and the Kinks by the driver who took him to the Harry Potter studios each day, and his dresser on Potter taught him about 1970s punk. Eventually he found his own thing and even went to Reading festival a couple of times. Didn’t he get hassled?

“No, not too much. I wore a gas mask for most of the time.”

“I was with Rupert Grint and we really didn’t want to be recognised.”

There seems something slightly sad about having to go to a music festival dressed as if you were heading to the western front. Does Radcliffe worry that he missed out on a normal teenagedom? He sighs. “I mean, maybe? I don’t know. I still got to go to Reading. I still had a great time. It’s one of those things that everyone wants to tell me I missed out on … but I wouldn’t know, I’ve only lived my life this way.”

In 2012, Radcliffe starred in the video for Slow Club’s Beginners, in which he stumbled around a London pub, playing air guitar in the part of someone drunk out of their mind. He says he doesn’t like to talk about his drinking problems, but admits that they did inspire his performance in that video: “Of course, it would be foolish to pretend it wasn’t.” Yet when I ask if that means he’d ever been in quite that much of a mess himself during his drinking days he fixes me with a surprisingly icy stare: “Why would you ask that when you know I don’t like to talk about it?”

Radcliffe is still scarred by the fact he ever admitted to having an issue with alcohol. “If I had to give my younger self one piece of advice it would be, don’t talk about that in an interview,” he says. “Because I’ve answered questions on it for three or four years since. And it’s such an insignificant part of my life that everyone just wants to talk about.”

The thing is, I say, the crux of what he was saying was refreshingly open and mature: that he was cutting out all drink and drugs to avoid the cliched route of the tortured child star. “Well, yeah,” he says. “That wasn’t really a matter of maturity, it was just something I needed to do.”

It’s hard to argue with Radcliffe’s contention that everyone wants to talk about it. I wonder if he has ever Googled himself and seen the automatic search entries, but before I finish the question he’s started reeling them off: “Daniel Radcliffe alcoholic. Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend,” he says, sighing as he does. Actually, I tell him, girlfriend is the top result these days.

“Oh great – I’ll take that, as these things go. I’m pleased my girlfriend comes up before alcoholic or gay. When I first did that, I got really annoyed for about half a minute, until I tried a few other people’s names and I found out [gay] comes up after almost everyone if they’re a man, and even some women – Florence Welch had it, and I was like, really?”

Maybe it’s a sign that a star has made it. “Probably. If people are speculating about your sexuality, then you’re doing OK,” he laughs, then says that these days he resists the temptation to self-Google as “it fucks you up. You shouldn’t be on there if you’re an actor. There’s a line in The Thick Of It – Googling yourself is like opening the door to a room full of people telling you how shit you are – and it’s exactly that. I first did it in my late teens and it was such a destructive thing for me to do.”

These days, Radcliffe says smoking is his only remaining vice – and he does much less of that since he’s taken up running in preparation to play Seb Coe in the Olympics film Gold. Running, learning Japanese, 90-hour weeks … does he put too much pressure on himself? He says not, so I ask him about a quote in which he said he sometimes heard voices telling him he was going to fail.

“I was obviously not being literal,” he says. “But I think I have to apply that amount of pressure to myself because I want to do well. Now, maybe that’s not the healthiest way to function … but also, frankly, since the age of 20, all of the interviews I’ve done have involved people asking about my impending failure, and how I felt about the possibility of that. And so, when you’re confronted with that so often, you start to react to it. My own reaction was always to kick hard against it and think, fuck it, you might as well be bold now, make some interesting choices and see where that takes you.”

Wherever that may be, you suspect there will be plenty more cameras around – and Radcliffe won’t be giving himself much of a break.

What If is released in the UK on Wednesday 20 August

Daniel Radcliffe Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Daniel Radcliffe Underwear: He Wears Boxer Briefs. Here’s an update to our earlier update and, this time, its our Harry Potter star in his boxer briefs undies.

Can you tell the brand of his underoos? Looks like the Australian brand Bonds but we are not 100% certain.

By the way, did you know that an underwear preference survey among men revealed that a majority of them (around 60%, if we are not mistaken) wear boxer briefs? Around 40% wear boxer shorts while only 20% wear briefs. In other words in the war between boxers vs. briefs, the winner is their demon child aka boxer briefs.

….. Daniel Radcliffe Underwear Preference, Gay Rumors, and Padded Briefs. What kind of underwear does Daniel Radcliffe prefer to wear? Unlike in the case of other male celebrities where we have no choice but speculate about their choice or underwear, we need no such speculation when it comes to the Harry Potter star because he himself answered the questions.

So does we like boxers or briefs? In this video he tells us that he likes both and that he really does not have to choose between the two.

Did you know that some silly girl (some would argue that she’s enterprising rather than sill) stole Daniel’s underwear when he was doing the stage play Equus? From which mentions as its source:

One of Daniel’s female fans seemingly couldn’t get enough of the hunk and so during his final performance after he had removed his shorts, she rushed the stage and attempted to escape the theater with them. Luckily she was stopped before she got out and forced to return the underwear to their rightful owner.

Interestingly, the above source/s is the only website which mentions this incident so we are kind of doubtful if its true or not. Such a scandalous incident involving a celebrity as big as Radcliffe would have been reported by practically all major news organizations, don’t you think? So maybe this is an urban legend?

What is not an urban legend is the fact that Daniel apparently does not mind wearing a bra as he did in one of them Harry Potter movies. Here’s a pic:

And here’s what he says about his cross-dressing experience. Via “I was actually quite pleased, and this is only going to add fuel to the fires of the rumour that I’m gay. I don’t really care, I’m sort of passed the point of caring… I looked fantastic in Fleur’s outfit! I think I looked really good. It was these sort of skin tight trousers… with a clingy top and a nice little cropped blue jacket on top. Really nice… I was really pleased.”

Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows didn’t only give us a pic of Daniel wearing a bra. It also gave us this:

Daniel Radcliffe Underwear, Shirtless Photos, and Gay Rumors. Posted January 2013. Last updated: August 27, 2020 at 2:15 am.

Kill Your Darlings director reveals Daniel Radcliffe’s extreme commitment to sex scene

ACTORS always talk about how awkward it is to film sex scenes in movies. But one director has revealed just how committed Daniel Radcliffe is.

Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg in a love scene from Kill Your

ACTORS always talk about how awkward it is to get naked and film sex scenes in movies.

But director John Krokidas has revealed Daniel Radcliffe was prepared to do whatever it took to nail his gay sex scene in the 2013 flick .

In his first major role post-, Radcliffe played prominent gay writer and poet Allen Ginsberg as a young college student.

Talking to Vulture, Krokidas said the thought of not including Ginsberg’s sexuality in the film felt like a “crime”. And he says Radcliffe was more than committed to getting the scene perfect.

“[He had] no issue doing the scene whatsoever,” Krokidas said. “His only question was, ‘Just so I know, how naked do you want me to be — movie-naked or -naked?’ I said, ‘I hate when people block sex scenes in order to play hide-the-genitalia — that feels so forced. So let’s just block it, and if it falls into frame, we’ll shoot it’.”

Thinking about the nudity further, Krokidas realised a rather large inconsistency may get in the way. But Radcliffe was quick to dismiss it.

“But then I remember going, ‘Oh sh*t: You’re British, and Allen Ginsberg is one of the most famous Jews of the 20th century. On second thought, I don’t think we’re going to go -naked.’ And Dan said, ‘John, my mother’s Jewish, and I’m circumcised. Play the scene any way you want.’ God bless Daniel Radcliffe — he commits to all of his actions.”

Of course, it wasn’t Radcliffe’s first time revealing all to an audience. He famously stripped nude as a 17-year-old when he appeared on Broadway in the play .

Radcliffe plays poet Allen Ginsberg in a scene from Kill Your

Dan the man

To answer another rumour: Radcliffe has not had beer made by monks drafted on to the Harry Potter set. „I don’t drink beer as a rule.“ He prefers whiskey sour or tequila. „I love tequila – it’s one of those things, like Jägermeister, where you get a very specific type of drunk off it.“ He hasn’t recruited the SAS to walk his dogs, either, or ever grown eight inches in two months („I wish!“). „And the best one: I had a nude sculpture made of myself to put in my living room. I don’t know how big they think my ego is.“

It is no surprise that Radcliffe, now 19, is a target for the tabloids. Last year he reportedly signed a contract worth £25.6m for the final two Harry Potter films, and was ranked as the world’s highest-earning tween, alongside Disney star Miley Cyrus. Has he ever had to sue the press for defamation, or threaten to? „We’ve got involved a couple of times,“ he says carefully, „but it’s never got to court. We’ve had to be very vigilant.“ He also has to be alert to entrapment, though it helps that he’s not a regular club-goer, preferring „old man’s pubs“ and the odd gig. (He loves indie music, from Radiohead to the Hold Steady.)

„There have been people who have tried to exploit me. You get chancers out there who just want to make a quick buck, but as long as you tune into them and who they are … The best thing I’ve learned is, if you’re going out, never go out alone – you leave yourself vulnerable. If you’ve got someone else there you trust, they can say, be wary of that person. I probably used to be too trusting of people.“

A while back (he thinks it was when he was 14, while filming the third Harry Potter film), Radcliffe made a choice that he definitely did want to be an actor when he grew up. „When you’re in the position I’m in, you have two options: you can either shut yourself off from everybody, from the world, and not live a full life. Or you welcome everybody into your life and occasionally somebody will try to take advantage. And I’d much rather be that person who lets people in. Because, as an actor, people are your greatest resources.“

This is why, on the evening I meet Radcliffe – Dan to everyone he knows – I find him busy people-watching. He’s arrived early for our interview, at a private London club (his PR is a member, he’s not), and has been taking in the clientele, trying not to gawp at Christopher Biggins. „And there was this wonderful man downstairs who was flirting so overtly with any female waitress that passed him by. It was fantastically funny to watch. And one day, when I’m 40 or 50, I hope to be playing that part. I’ll remember this … „

Despite all the pressure, it seems that Radcliffe is growing up sensibly. Normally, even. He loves cricket, likes a drink and a furtive smoke, and watching bad TV on a Friday night in his underpants. He has a girlfriend he met at work. He’s bought a flat near his parents‘ home in Fulham, and has lived alone for 18 months. Mostly, it’s going well: he keeps his flat fairly tidy, although he’s still taking washing to his mum. „Is that shameful?“ he asks. „Not every time! But occasionally, if it’s a big sheet or something.“ He’s not fond of ironing, as his scruffy outfit suggests. „It’s when you get to a zip or a button and you think, ‚What the fuck do I do now?‘ The thing is, I think things look good creased. Scruffy is in now,“ he says hopefully. „Ironing boards are a classic example of something I find horrible about modern society: the excitementation, for want of a better word, of mundane things. Funny ironing board covers – I hate them.“

Radcliffe is a thinker. Referring to the Potter films, which have overtaken James Bond as the most successful movie series in film history, he prefers a different comparison. „You know what I take pride in more than anything else about these films? They’re the only films since Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel series that have featured one character going from about the age of 11 to 20. To be in Truffaut’s company, I’m happy with that.“

He is also a fan of modern art. For his 18th birthday in July 2007, when his protective parents notionally handed him financial freedom, he thought about treating himself to a car (nothing too flash – a Toyota Prius, say, or a Golf GTI); two years on, he hasn’t even had a driving lesson, much less splashed out on some wheels. Instead, he bought a work by New York-based artist Jim Hodges, which is how he was introduced to the world of transvestites. „The dealer said they wanted to sell it to a more prestigious collector, and Jim got word of this. Turns out he’s a massive Harry Potter fan and insisted they sell it to me. Ever since then I’ve been really good friends with Jim and his best mate Tim, a photographer. And they are two gay guys, artists, in New York, and they introduced me to these amazing, crazy, mad, weird, extraordinary people. I was immediately embraced by the New York tranny community!“

The Hodges work, Mona D, Mary And Me, is „basically a drawing of blue ink on white paper. And it’s the words, ‚Oh for crying out loud‘ which is something his mum always used to say, as I think probably all our mothers did. And in the midst of it, it’s weirdly calligraphic.“ What was its appeal? „I suppose – without meaning to sound like it’s a link to Harry Potter – it’s about finding something magical and fantastical in a mundane phrase. That’s what’s lovely about it.“

He’s a big reader, too, and talks enthusiastically of a project in his dressing room, a wall-mounted display of „the most important authors from the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s and a few from the 21st century. It was fantastic – Jo [Rowling] walked in, and the first people she picked out were George Eliot and Joseph Conrad. And Nabokov.“ He is also a keen poet, though admits that his early verses were all about quantity – „Now I’m lucky if I write one thing a month or every two months. But when I do write, it’s of a much higher quality. It’s more considered, more concise, I’ve got less time for the … pretension I had early on.“

He’s published some poems under a pen name, and although he doesn’t tell me what it is, he provides so many clues even Dobby the house-elf could solve it. It seems to be Jacob Gershon: Jacob is his middle name, Gershon the Jewish version of Gresham, his mother’s anglicised maiden name. Modern poetry and free verse „irritates me“, he says. „I love people like Simon Armitage. He has such an immaculate grasp of metre and rhyme, if he wanted to do poems like that, he could. But sometimes free verse, for me, is for people who can’t do structure. And when I don’t write in form and metre, I become unbearably self-indulgent. It’s what Robert Frost said: free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.“

Why does he like writing poetry? „As an actor, there is room for a certain amount of creativity, but you’re always ultimately going to be saying somebody else’s words. I don’t think I’d have the stamina, skill or ability to write a novel, but I’d love to write short stories and poetry, because those are my two passions. There is an art to a short story. I love Raymond Carver, and Chekhov – without making myself sound more highbrow than I am!“ he blusters, a reminder of the public schoolboy he was, on and off, until the age of 17. „I watch Britain’s Got Talent like the rest of us.“

We’ve met to mark the imminent release of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, the sixth film in the franchise based on JK Rowling’s books. Radcliffe signed up for the series in 2001, when he was 11, and is now four months into the 19-month shoot for films seven and eight (the sprawling final book in the series, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, has been split into two parts). In The Half-Blood Prince, the Potter saga suffers its first loss of a major character, with the death of Professor Dumbledore, played by Michael Gambon. Was that difficult to film? „The whole film was quite difficult, but particularly that scene. I’d never been bereaved until the end of last year, when I lost my grandmother – before that, I’d never experienced any kind of sadness. So it was very tricky. It’s also a tremendous pressure, because you know that a lot of people watching the film will have felt that. I tried to play it quite quiet, because that’s just how Harry is.“

The film also marks Harry’s second kiss, with Ginny Weasley, sister of best friend Ron. Was that enjoyable? „It was quite weird for me because I’ve known Bonnie [Wright, who plays Ginny] since she was nine and I was 11. Very strange. But we got through it. It was good. And it’ll get a bit of a cheer from the Potter fans. But I have to say, today I saw playback of Ron and Hermione’s kiss [from the final book], and it is easily, from what we’ve filmed so far, the biggest moment in all the films. It is,“ he says approvingly, „a great kiss.“

He pauses when I ask if he’s happy with his performance. „Six is a very hard book to film, because it was essentially a lead into seven, but no excuses. I think I came through OK. I know I have a lot more to give than I do in six. And what’s great is that I did Equus on Broadway between six and seven. I feel I’ve developed a lot in that time.“

The last time I met Radcliffe, in January 2007, he was about to begin the London run of Equus, Peter Shaffer’s classic 70s play. He was cast as Alan Strang, the stableboy who, in a frenzy of sexual and religious ecstasy, blinds six horses. He also had to strip naked every night for four months. In late 2008 he did it all again on Broadway. His performance in London was brilliant. Unlike the talkative, CGI-bolstered performances required of him in Potter, he was an electrifying and very physical onstage presence – despite the slight stature to which he refers repeatedly. The mild scandal about the full-frontal nudity (Harry gets his wand out, etc) and about this children’s cinematic hero playing a tortured adolescent was quickly eclipsed by acknowledgment that he could really act. The critics mostly raved. „I was a lot better in New York,“ Radcliffe says. „New York was a better all-round show. We all raised our game.“

Alan Rickman, Severus Snape in the Potter films, was a big help on Broadway. He cut short a holiday in Connecticut to visit Radcliffe and give him some pointers on stage presentation „that absolutely saw me through the last six weeks of the run“ – how to be still, exploiting his „quite short and compact frame“. Radcliffe says he used to „struggle“ with Rickman: „I never used to know when he was joking or not. I think I took a lot of his sarcasm seriously. But recently I’ve woken up to it and he’s actually a great guy.“

Gary Oldman, who plays Sirius Black in the Potter movies, is one of the many older actors and crew members whom Radcliffe counts as close friends and mentors; Kenneth Branagh, who first floated the idea of his doing Equus, is another. Oldman applauds Radcliffe’s „fearlessness“ in taking the role. „To – no pun intended – expose himself. Not [just] physically get naked, but be vulnerable like that. To all the guns that could have shot him down. I think that alone is a great achievement. And he’s serious about acting.“

Equus was good for Radcliffe in many ways. It’s how he met his girlfriend, Laura O’Toole, a fellow cast member, although he’d prefer not to talk about her. „She’s just a normal person and she’s not out for anything else. Which is very, very good. I seem to be a long-term relationship kinda guy. In my head I’m Byron, spreading failed romance … There’s a great line in Thackeray, ‚Yes, I am a fatal man. To inspire hopeless passion is my destiny.‘ That’s the image I have of myself [but] it isn’t even remotely the case. I am quite a romantic.“

It was important to be taken seriously as a stage actor, too. An only child, he was taken to the theatre regularly by his parents – Marcia Gresham, a casting agent, and Alan Radcliffe, a literary agent – and it was an encounter with the film producer David Heyman, a family friend, at a West End production of Stones In His Pockets, that led to him being cast as Harry Potter. „He was endlessly curious, and he was ambitious for his craft,“ Heyman says. „One of the things I respect most about him is he has pushed himself to get the most out of every moment in his life.“ This includes „getting everything he can from the directors“ on the Potter films, among them Chris Columbus (Home Alone), Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mamá También), Mike Newell (Four Weddings And A Funeral) and David Yates (TV’s State Of Play).

Heyman is one of a close-knit group around Radcliffe who have protected, advised and helped keep him balanced. His long-standing PR chaperone no longer sits in on all his interviews but remains a key figure, as do his parents – his father gave up his work to become, in effect, his manager. He also mentions Sue Latimer, an agent and an old friend of his dad’s, as one of „the fantastic people around me“ who have made sure he doesn’t wobble off the rails like so many child actors. „I’ve known Sue’s son, Freddie Highmore – who played Charlie in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – since we were little. She always looks out for my best interests. And then I’ve got the people on set. At 11, when I was first on Potter, I remember saying to everyone, if I get cocky, you have to tell me. And they always did.“

One of his best friends is Will Steggle, a fortysomething father who works in the series‘ wardrobe department. „And because Will is a cynical man, he has put me off pretension at every stage. It is totally possible for an actor to be involved with the crew and have a chat with everyone, and be really good friends with them, then go on and do a scene. That should be your job.“

He proceeds to tell me the people he „absolutely loves“ on set: Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger. „They are, to all intents and purposes, my brother and sister.“ Are they all best friends? „Probably not, only because we don’t see each other out of filming. But someone like Tom Felton, who plays Malfoy, I’d count among my really good friends. I went to the cricket with him on Sunday.“

Big public events can be perilous. At the cricket match a man yelled, „Where’s your wand, Harry?“ which Radcliffe notes was „not original, not funny. Affectionate, slightly.“ Then there was his experience at a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig a few years ago. He was standing on the side of the stage when word passed through the crowd. „Hyde Park, 10,000 people chanting, ‚There’s only one Harry Potter!‘ It’s good to be the king.“ He grins. „That’s the thing, people don’t realise that moments like that, while they’re embarrassing, are also really cool.“

He suspects Watson has a harder time. „Not so much [with] people but with paparazzi. Generally speaking, it’s so much harder for girls. Guys are naturally lazy, and we like to lie around at home, so we don’t give people many chances. Whereas girls want to get out, socialise and meet people.“

But Watson seems to be enjoying all the opportunities for photoshoots and red carpet premieres. „Yeah, totally, but she’s much more natural at them than I am. She’s more suited to being able to talk to anyone – I get very nervous about those events. She’s been photographed at a lot of [fashion] things, and I think that’s a world she’s very interested in. I’ve seen some of the clothes she’s designed and [they’re] very good. She’s very clever. Do you know her GCSE results?“ His eyes boggle: „I was thrilled with mine – seven Bs, two As and an A*. I think Emma got three As and seven A*s – she’s incredibly academic, it’s frightening. Me and Rupert to all intents and purposes dropped out of school. And she’s going to Brown.“ He shakes his head in admiration of Watson’s place at the US Ivy League college.

After all the untruths about Radcliffe, here are some facts: he won’t be going to university, not least because he won’t be doing A-levels. He is intent on an acting career, has had some Hollywood meetings, and looks forward to the time, very soon, when he doesn’t have to turn down scripts because he’s tied up in a converted aircraft hangar in a London suburb, in a world of wizards, Muggles and owls. There are a few projects in the offing, but the only one he wants to talk about is The Journey Is The Destination, about the photographer Dan Eldon, who was killed, aged 22, by a mob in Somalia. Funding permitting, it’ll be his second biopic after his well-received turn as Kipling’s son in the TV drama My Boy Jack. Radcliffe’s passion for the part of Eldon stems from the fact that „everyone around him was steeled and inspired by his adventurous spirit – and it’s also a character that’s very unlike me. I’m not that adventurous in terms of exploring the world. The freedom that he had as a character, I don’t necessarily have.“

Radcliffe can’t ride a bike or swim, not, as you might imagine, because Harry Potter stole his childhood, but on account of dyspraxia. „Like dyslexia but with coordination. My hand-eye coordination has got a lot better. I did an IQ test when I was about seven, and I was verbally in the gifted range, but my motor skills were rated as well below average. I’m quite proud of that.“

He’s Jewish, via his mum. „I’m an atheist, but I’m very proud of being Jewish. It means I have a good work ethic, and you get Jewish humour and you’re allowed to tell Jewish jokes. For instance: did you hear how copper wire was invented? Two Jews fighting over a penny. And so on.“

BBC Parliament is tagged as one of his favourite channels on Sky: he voted for „the gay policeman“ (Brian Paddick) in the London mayoral elections and for Arthur Scargill in the European elections. He could never bring himself to vote Tory, but says, a little forlornly, that „the posh boys“ he went to school with will soon be running the country. Without the cronyism and expenses fiddling of the last lot, he hopes: „I have a lot of faith in my generation. I have to. We have to develop our own moral system.“

And finally, Radcliffe admits that as a boy actor he’s had some „quite sexy mums over the years. Jamie Lee Curtis in [big screen debut] The Tailor Of Panama and Emilia Fox [in David Copperfield]. Both good,“ he says eagerly. He asks if I’ve met Rowling. „She is fantastically attractive. Very, very beautiful. And so intelligent, it’s frightening.“

Now, with the hour ticking on, the boy wizard must disappear. He has a 6am pick-up for a 7am start. It’s just another day on the Harry Potter set – the Obamas are visiting.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince goes on general release on July 15.


Radcliffe owns two properties in New York including an apartment in Lower Manhattan worth over $10 million. He also owns a flat in London. He has contributed to a number of charities, including, The Trevor Project which aims at suicide prevention among the LGBTQ and the Demelza Hospice, which cares for children. He received a Hero Award from the Trevor Project in 2011. Radcliffe has also donated money to Get Connected UK, a national helpline for troubled youths.

Who Is Daniel Radcliffe’s Girlfriend or Is He Gay?

If you are one of those who sometimes queries into the sexuality of the Harry Potter star, then this is for you. Radcliffe is straight and is in a relationship with Erin Darke his girlfriend of so many years. Daniel and Erin started dating as far back as 2012. The couple has been reported several times to have been engaged. But the rumours were debunked by Erin’s family. However, fans are positively expectant of their wedding bells.

How Tall is Daniel Radcliffe?

He’s not among the tallest or the biggest though he’s still got the good looks to go with his enviable status. The blue-eyed actor stands at a height of 5 feet, 5 inches and a bodyweight of 53 kg. He has a brown coloured hair and wears a size 10 (US) for his shoes.

Profile Summary  First Name: Daniel Last Name:Radcliffe Estimated Net Worth:$110 million Salary:Not known Source of Wealth:Acting career Last Updated:2020 Also Known As:Dan, Jacob Gershon Sex/Gender:Male Profession:Actor and producer Famous For:Playing the role of the title character in the Harry Potter series Colleges/Universities Attended:Sussex House School in London and the City of London School Educational Qualifications:Unknown Religion:Agnostic leaning toward atheism Birthday & Zodiac Age/Date of Birth:July 23, 1989 Zodiac Sign:Cancer Birth Place:Fulham, London, England Nationality:English Ethnicity/Race:White Country of Residence: New York, USA and Fulham, London Physical Attributes Height:5 ft 5¼ in or 166 cm Weight:53 kg or 117 pounds Eye Colour:Blue Hair Color:Dark brown Other Body Measurements:Chest‎: ‎38 inches, waist‎: ‎30 inches, arms/biceps: 16 inches Relationships Marital Status:Dating Spouse/Partner:Erin Maya Darke (2012-Present) Family and Relatives Father:Alan George Radcliffe Mother:Marcia Jeannine Gresham Children:None Siblings:None Other Relatives:Not available

Em entrevista ao jornal britânico ‚The Guardian‘, ator ironiza resultados do Google que o ligam à homossexualidade, dizendo que, se falam que ele gosta de meninos, é porque provavelmente ele está se saindo bem na carreira

Se estivesse em baixa, provavelmente nem falariam dele. É esse o raciocínio usado pelo ator Daniel Radcliffe, o garoto que deu vida ao bruxinho Harry Potter no cinema, para “valorizar” os boatos de que gosta de meninos. “Se as pessoas estão especulando sobre a sua sexualidade, então provavelmente você está indo bem na carreira”, disse o ator, com ironia, em entrevista ao jornal britânico The Guardian.

A ironia, no entanto, esconde um certo incômodo com a questão. Em outro ponto da entrevista, Radcliffe confessou que chegou a fazer um teste no Google: escreveu o nome de diversos atores e descobriu queo site de buscas também sugeria ligar a eles a palavra “gay”. “Uma vez em que pesquisei meu próprio nome, e um ator deveria ser proibido de fazer isso, fiquei chateado com as palavras que o Google sugeria. O site também me relacionava a álcool. Mas só durou meio minuto, porque em seguida eu escrevi o nome de outras pessoas e descobri que a palavra (gay) é indicada quase sempre depois do nome de caras famosos, e até mesmo de algumas mulheres, como a cantora Florence Welch.”

Ainda falando sobre a sua sexualidade, o ator ficou feliz ao saber, pelo repórter do Guardian, que hoje a palavra “girlfriend” vem antes de “gay” e de “álcool” no Google. Daniel Radcliffe está namorando a atriz Erin Darke, que soma participações em filmes como Precisamos Falar sobre o Kevin (2011), Jovens Adultos (2011) e Wolverine: Imortal (2013). O namoro foi anunciado oficialmente em junho.

O último projeto do ator, Será que?, em que faz par com a atriz Zoe Kazan, tem estreia no Brasil programada para 25 de setembro.

Radcliffe ended speculation that he is gay by dating Rosie Coker

In the mid to late 2000s, Daniel faced gay rumors allegedly because he has a gay face. He told The Daily Express: “I had to smile when stories emerged questioning whether I was gay. Obviously I knew I wasn’t but people were curiously desperate to suggest I was.”

Daniel’s relationship with Rosie Coker shut down those rumors. The couple started dating after meeting on the Harry Potter set in 2007 but went public with their relationship in 2011. “I decided a long time ago to be open about everything in my life so when photos appeared of me and Rosie together I confirmed we were dating and it put an end to the rumors,” Daniel added.

Radcliffe affirmed that he isn’t gay, but voiced his support for the gay community. “When you know a gay guy has a crush on you it’s the most flattering thing,” he said.

Daniel and Rosie ended their relationship in October 2012. The couple had a low-key breakup, with neither party willing to discuss the split. “She’s trying to move on,” Rosie’s father told . “She won’t want to talk about it.”

Daniel Radcliffe has been in a long term relationship with Erin Darke since 2013

Radcliffe and Erin met on the set of the 2013 film Kill Your Darlings. Radcliffe admitted that he was attracted to Erin from the first scene they shot together. The duo played each other’s love interests on-screen, and Daniel claimed that from his end, his feelings for Erin were real. “There’s no acting going on – not from my end, anyway.” Daniel told . Daniel told that he looks forward to telling the couple’s children about his first meeting with Erin:

“It’ll be a hell of a story to tell our kids one day because of what our characters do with each other. Our characters are meeting and flirting with each other, so there is this kind of sweet record of us just meeting for the first time and flirting.”

Erin told that she and Radcliffe bonded over their love for acting. “We’re both incredibly supportive of the other person’s career,” she said. Radcliffe is no stranger to praising Erin in his interviews. He told Us Weekly that he is privileged to be in a relationship with his best friend. He then told Radio Times that Erin enjoys and participates in his weirdness.

“It’s like, ‘Oh, I can all of that stuff and you don’t mind,’” he told the publication. “‘And you actually think it’s fun too. This is fantastic!’” In March 2020, Radcliffe fell victim to a coronavirus hoax claiming that he was the first confirmed celebrity with COVID-19. The couple spoke to Vulture about the hoax and their quarantine setup. Erin told the publication that dating a celebrity like Daniel exposes her to plenty of weird stories:

“Dating a famous person teaches you very quickly that shit is weird sometimes. People are weird with fame sometimes.”

More News

Daniel Radcliffe is famously coy about his love life, but leave it to Andy Cohen to get something out of the young actor.

Radcliffe, 24, was on Bravo’s late-night talk show, „Watch What Happens Live,“ Thursday promoting his upcoming Beat Generation film „Kill Your Darlings,“ when he admitted that he has a new leading lady who, once again, is older than him. (Note: Bravo hasn’t put the clip online).

After a fan called into the show to ask Daniel if he was single or taken and what his type was, the actor replied, „Yes, I am dating someone. And my type is … the type I keep private.“ He later added, „My type is intelligent.“

Noting that five years ago Daniel admitted to losing his virginity at age 16 to a much older woman, Andy pushed him on whether or not the new lady in his life was a bit older as well.

„Umm … It would be hard for me to deny,“ he confessed, adding, „I have a track record with that.“

Later on, Andy called Daniel a „Hairy Otter,“ a moniker that the actor says he’s been called before. (an „otter“ is a term in the gay community for a younger guy with hair on his body)

So, who is this mystery woman? The New York Times Magazine, which features Daniel on their cover this week, says it’s his „Kill Your Darlings“ co-star, Erin Darke, to whom he’s been linked now for almost a year. (However, she’s reportedly only about 5 years older than the actor … not exactly a drastic age difference)

Times journalist Susan Dominus writes, „He had already asked the young woman in wardrobe to take a photograph of him in the costume, so he could send it to his girlfriend, Erin Darke, an actress he met on the set of ‚Kill Your Darlings.‘ ‚She is going to find me sooo attractive in this,‘ he said.“

In a 2012 appearance on „WWHL,“ Daniel joked to Andy that the woman he originally lost his virginity to was in fact … Maggie Smith. „She was gentle,“ he joked.

So, who are some of the former boy wizard’s other past loves?

Prior to Darke, Daniel was dating Rosie Coker, a set painter on the final two Harry Potter films. They reportedly dated from 2011 – 2012.

At one point in 2010, he was rumored to be with Olive Uniacke, the stepdaughter of a producer of the Harry Potter films.

And before that, he was linked to Irish actress Laura O’Toole from 2007-08, whom he met while starring in the West End production of the play „Equus.“

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Daniel Radcliffe, Mechanical Engineering Major student, meets Tom Felton English Literature Major, who he mistakenly thought was dating a girl name Emma Watson, while Tom thought that Daniel was with Rupert Grint, a college au which took a different turn.