Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro is a city located on the north of Mindanao. It is the capital of the province, Misamis Oriental. Cagayan de Oro is the place to be if you seek wild adventure. Your visit in this island is surely to give you an adrenaline rush.

Whitewater rafting is the city’s best and most famous sport. Everyone can say that the rafting experience in Cagayan de Oro cannot be compared to rafting in another island. The long stretch of the city gives a picturesque of rocky walls of the river, vegetation and the havens of animals like monkeys and snakes. The Cagayan de Oro River has rapids that give the daring and adventurous more thrills and challenges. Whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro is really something that no adventurous is going to forget. The roar and bellow of the water tumbling through boulders are going to be embarked in their memories.

There is more to Cagayan de Oro than just Whitewater rafting. The F.S. Castanico Falls is a blessing from nature. The falls is decorated with green ferns and plants. There are also rapids that rage and pound on boulders and rocks. The clear blue waters underneath is an additional treat. Getting to F.S. Castanico Falls only takes thirty minutes from the heart of the city.

The Malasag Eco-tourism Village is a fascinating and splendid museum that displays the many different houses of Northern Mindanao’s indigenous tribes and people. It also houses several colorful flora and fauna of the city. The village entails a good scenic view of the Malasag Hills where you can walk and admire the magnificent view of Cagayan de Oro’s coastline and the Bay of Macajalar.

Mapawa Nature Park is just a few minutes away from the village. In this park, you will find a small waterfall for swimming. There are also tables erected under big trees that can be used for family picnics. Activities to enjoy in this park are horseback riding, camping, rappelling, and many others.

If you do want to make the most out of your stay in the Philippines, you must visit Cagayan de Oro.

History of Cagayan de Oro

In every form of Prosperity, there is a thoroughly structured foundation behind it. Cagayan de Misamis experienced the same and became of what we call today as Cagayan de Oro City, the city of golden friendship.

The origin of the name “Cagayan” came from the Malayo-Polynesian word “ag” which means water. “Kagay”, where the word ag is present means river, and Kagayan means “a place with a river.” While “de Oro” came from the Spanish word “Golden”.

Cagayan de Oro is bordered by the municipality of Opol in the west and Tagoloan in the east. With its utilized area, including the hills of uptown Cagayan de Oro, the Population has been recorded a little over 600,000, gaining the rank of being the 10th most populous city in the country.

As we stroll into this crowded city, we often mention streets and avenues when directing a taxi cab of where to drop us off; Borja, Suniel, Velez, Capistrano, Hayes and a lot more. But most of us went unaware that these family names are connected to the rich history of Cagayan de Oro City by more than just a mere street name. It takes deeper than that, so deep that we can go back on A.D. 377 to discover the early settlement that existed in Cagayan de Oro City.

On 1970, Brgy. Huluga (once known as Himologan), situated eight kilometers into the south of Cagayan de Misamis, a settlement where most natives lived in that time, has been investigated by researchers from the National Museum. They found artifacts and tableware known to be products from neighboring countries, an indication that active cross-country trades are present in the area before.

In one of the caves in the area of Huluga, Sitio Taguanao, Barangay Indahag, a shred of a woman’s skull has been found. This has been a subject for acid racemization and has been sent at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, United States. The result has been found that the skull dated as early as A.D. 377. Thus serves as a valid evidence of the city’s early occupation.

In 1622, two Augustinian Recollect missionaries came to Huluga and did meet the natives. Most of the inhabitants were Polytheistic pagans. Men decked with tattoos and the women are arrayed with ornaments in their body.

In 1626, Fray Agustin de San Pedro of Portugal came into Cagyan de Misamis. He advised Datu Salangsang to relocate his colony near the river, a place where today San Agustin Cathedral and Gaston Park are located. Not long after that, Datu Salansang was baptized, together with his wife and the multitudes that are with them.

The people of Datu Salangsang pay tribute to Sultan Kudarat. But because of Salansang’s conversion to Catholicism, Sultan Kudarat and his squad of brave warriors, with furious resentment, charged to Cagayan to attack the Spanish missionaries. Yet Fray Agustin won’t let Sultan Kudarat’s people just beat them out without a fight. By his invigorated will, he commanded to build a wooden garrison and a watch tower to obstruct the incoming horde of Sultan Kudarat’s warriors. The garrison was then known as Fuerza Real de San Jose. With his valiant effort to defend Cagayan in his utmost strength and intelligence, Fray Agustin was then labeled as “El Padre Capitan”.

Misamis has been declared as a province on 1818. It consist of four districts, one of which is the Partidos de Cagayan. 1871 came, Partidos has been declared as a town and the capital of Misamis. By February of a year after that, Governor-General Carlos María de La Torre announced that Cagayan is the new and permanent capital of Segundo Distrito de Misamis.

We have heard about the Kapitunan in our History books, right? But don’t we know that it has been also carried out here in Cagayan? On September 29, 1986, a band of Filipinos has been deported from Luzon to Iligan to perform Military discipline. This group received an information from the Manila Katipunan, and started a revolt against the Spanish troops. They rallied the camps and convents of the Spaniards going to Cagayan de Misamis. With sheer passion, they even go further up into the heights of Bukidnon and back into the bays of Gingoog.

This revolution in Cagayan de Misamis is the only known Katipunan-led insurgence in the whole Mindanao.

Finally, on January 10, 1899, 7 months after the official declaration of the Philippine Independence in Kawit, Cavite, the new Philippine flag was raised in the island of Mindanao as Cagayan de Misamis joined the celebration of being independent from the Spanish rule.

After the dark ages of more than 300 years under the Spanish oppression, the Philippines have been handed over by the Spaniards to the Americans in merit of the 1898 Treaty of Paris. This caused an upheaval between America and the Philippines. A new era emerged.

Just almost two years after the independence, on March 31, 1900, the Americans started their campaign in invading Cagayan de Misamis. They first attacked the pier in Macabalan. Organized before the attack, the Filipino resistance fighters planned to revenge strategically after the American intrusion in Macabalan.

On April 7, 1900, a force led by General Nicolas Capistrano with the resistance fighters, conducted a surprise attack at dawn. It began when one of Capistrano’s warriors roared as they killed an American guard, which then alerted the American soldiers in their slumber. This clash is widely known as the “Battle of Cagayan de Misamis”. 52 of the Lumad Warriors have been killed in action, 9 were wounded, and 10 were captured. However, the Americans only tallied 4 deaths in their side together with 9 wounded soldiers.

Depicted below are series of pictures of the capture of Capistrano and his men.

This event happened in Gaston Park near the San Agustin Cathedral, an iconic park where history has witnessed bloodshed from the Spanish rule until the American assault. A story that is lost in the memories of the new generation of Kagay-anons.

Other battles are recorded. This includes the battle of Agusan Hill, led by Capt. Vicente Roa y Racines and the memorable battle of Macahambus on June 4, 1900, where it was recorded as the first victory of the Filipino revolutionaries against the Americans.

Though the win of Macahambus Hill is secured, the over-all victory of the Philippine-American war has never been achieved.

Being under the leadership of the United States; improvements in Cagayan de Misamis were enacted, focused on education and commerce.

Cagayan also became the center of migration in Northern Mindanao. The economy ran better than before. A gift that was once resisted by the Kagay-anons, regardless of its pros and cons, has helped them thrive as a community of people in unison.

On May 1, 1942, the Japanese overrun Cagayan de Misamis with brute force, bringing with them the “scorched earth policy”, where they burned the town into ashes, but left the big buildings as their command post. Fearless just like before, Kagay-anon Guerillas retaliated to the vile Japanese soldiers. Yet their efforts were feeble and not strong enough to challenge the more equipped Japanese soldiers.

On October 10, 1944 salvation came, when the Americans flew over Cagayan and bombarded Cagayan de Misamis. This blitz caused the Japanese troops to retreat, completely leaving the area on May 10, 1945.

When the war ceased, Misamis Congressman Pedro S. Baculio never wasted his time and pressed a request in the Philippine Congress to declare Cagayan de Misamis as a city. With the help of his attempt, on December 17, 1949, Congressman Emmanuel Pelaez presented the House Bill No. 54, an act that confirmed the creation of Cagayan de Oro City. Then on June 15, 1950, President Elpidio Quirino conclusively signed the city charter.

“de Oro” affixed to “Cagayan” based on Congressman Pelaez’s request, in appreciation of the gold mining of the 1500s that were present in the barrios of Cagayan de Oro.

On 1948, the Barrio of El Salvador has been declared as a town. Opol has also been separated and was acknowledged as a town on 1950.

The last Mayor of the municipality of Cagayan de Misamis and first Mayor of Cagayan de Oro City was Max Y. Suniel. We can easily identify a street in Barangay Carmen that has his name on it. The one who succeeded Suniel on 1954 was Justiniano R. Borja. Borja paved the way for the advancement of the city. One of his remarkable feats is the opening of the Cogon Market on 1959. Because of his otstanding performance, Borja is known as the most respected Mayor in the history of Cagayan de Oro City.

The Diocese of Cagayan de Oro has been exalted by Pope Pius XII as an Archdiocese on June 29, 1951. It serves as the first Catholic Archbishopric in Mindanao. Santiago T. G. Hayes, S.J. was the first archbishop.

18 years before this designation of Hayes, he founded Ateneo de Cagayan on June 7, 1933 that was later renamed as “Xavier University” on March 22, 1958. Xavier University is known as the first University in Mindanao.

During the Martial Law era under the governance of President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Cagayan de Oro never lies idle. With its participation in the constant defiance of the dictator’s regime, Cagayan de Oro city became the center of political opposition in the Philippines. The ever-resisting politicians of Cagayan de Oro aided the pursuit for Philippine democracy that peaked at the EDSA revolution in 1986.

One year after that, Benedicta B. Roa was elected as the first congressional representative of Cagayan de Oro after the city became a congressional district in the Congress of the Philippines.

All of that made Cagayan de Oro City of what it is today.

We can now clearly see that the street names that we often mention, but we less know about by its origin, are names of the people who defended, improved, founded, and governed our beloved city of Cagayan de Oro. The Parks that we tread today are the center of the battles before, of stationed garrisons, of erected encampments, and of fortresses of old. If we would but know our history in a much deeper sense than we have today, our walks along these landmarks will be much more meaningful than ever before.

The place where people, mostly the youth, congest during Sundays, is the same place where local heroes lived and died, and Cagayan de Oro City is the prize we gained because of their tenacious bravery through the years.

More than any national hero that we idolized and studied repeatedly in our elementary years, the local heroes who have held their ground, who impacted a factor, no matter small it may be as viewed in the history books, is worthy of our attention.

To know more about the traditional cultural heritage of Mindanao, specifically Cagayan de Oro, you can visit Xavier University’s Museo de Oro.

There is so much to learn in our city, there are a lot that has not mentioned here yet. The list can go so long if all credible historical events are recorded. But by these few facts presented, we are awed by how brave and how intelligent the people of Cagayan de Oro before.

In our present time, are we still having that fiery zeal in our hearts that our ancestors hold dear? Does the patriotic fervor that came from our fathers still boils in our veins? Does our mind extensively worked for the labor of immortalizing the sacrifices done in the past? Or have we became cowards, indifferent, and lethargic of everything that we face today?

We will not fear the present or even the future, unless we forget what our fathers have done in the past. In that we have a noble example to adhere.

History of Cagayan de Oro

19 Spots To Visit In And Around Cagayan De Oro In 2019

Cagayan de Oro isn’t tagged as the “City of Golden Friendship” for nothing. Besides the fact that Kagay-anons are extremely friendly and hospitable, most of the tourist spots and activities in the city are best enjoyed with the company of your BFFs. Bonus: There are also several gorgeous views to see outside of this bustling city! Here are 19 places to visit in CDO as well as in its neighboring areas. 

19 Spots To Visit In And Around Cagayan De Oro In 2019

Das Wetter in Cagayan de Oro

Das Wetter in Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro

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Cagayan de Oro, city, northern Mindanao, southern PhilippinesCagayan River near the head of Macajalar Bay. After its establishment as a mission station in the 17th century, it was fortified by the Spaniards. Cagayan de Oro was chartered as a city in 1950 and has become the transportation and commercial hub of northern Mindanao. Its international airport is a major stopover for flights south, and the city is the northern terminus of the trans-Mindanao Sayre Highway. Exports include rice, corn (maize), and copra. The satellite town of Carmen is on the left bank of the river, and nearby Bugo is the site of a pineapple cannery. Xavier University (1933), St. Augustine’s Cathedral, the Plaza Divisoria, and Gaston Park are in the city. Pop. (2000) 461,877; (2010) 602,088.

Cagayan de Oro


Bisayan is the city’s main conversational language. most people also know English. Most of the Kagay-anons are also fluent in Tagalog. Other languages in the city include Higaonon, Spanish, Ilongo, Maranao, Waray. It is very easy as a visitor to travel, shop and meet people using only English.

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Why Go

There are so many things for you to do in Cagayan de Oro. From fun time frolicking in the beaches, to sports adventures and street parties, you can definitely experience it in this city. Cagayan de Oro is very well known as the White Water Rafting capital of the Philippines, too.

Best Time to Visit

Cagayan de Oro is said to be a typhoon-free area but it has not been able to escape rain showers and some depressions. The best time to go when weather is a consideration would be from March to June as it is sunny during this time.

Best Time to Visit

However, if you would like to see colorful festivals and street parades, you should go there around the 4th week of August as this is the time they celebrate the Kagay-an Festival, an annual fiesta of sorts where there will be parades, street dancing, trade fairs, and a beauty contest. It is the biggest affair of the city.

Where & What to Eat

• Peking House: for authentic Chinese dishes, this is the one place you should go. Located at Gaisano Mall, you can have a sumptuous array of food for only $4. Their specialties are: Pansit and Lumpia Shanghai.• Sentro 1850: Great tasting tenderloin steaks you will surely find here. It’s cheap too- you can eat to your heart’s content for only about $10. You can find this restaurant along Don Apolinar Velez Street.• P Joe’s Diner: American food at its finest, you can find P Joe’s along Limketkai Center. Good steaks, burgers and fries and pizza.• Golden Arirang: The best Korean restaurant in town. You can try their Kimchi because it is better than most. Don’t order too much though as they tend to serve a lot of side dishes. They are located at Claro M. Recto Avenue.• Kagay-anon Restaurant: Located at Limketkai Center, they cook authentic Filipino dishes plus you can also sample their ostrich meat cooked in a variety of ways, which is also one of the things this city is famous for.


If you happen to be there during the weekend, don’t miss out on the famous Night Café which is open only on Fridays and Saturdays. You can have some beer and grilled food. You also get to interact with other tourists and locals, as well as experience Cagayan’s street party. The city also has lots of family KTV bars such as M2 and Loreto’s. And a popular hangout for yuppies would be The Site at Limketkai Center.

My to do List

• White water river rafting: Cagayan de Oro has the best white water rafting in the Philippines, with 14 rapids stretching from Baraga Dansolihon to the city.

• Tubing and Kayaking: These are alternative activities for river rafting which you can also experience in Cagayan de Oro.

• Cave exploration: You can go to Monigue Cave, which is probably the most popular place for spelunking in Cagayan de Oro.

• Nature Tripping: You can check out Macahambus Adventure Park which is about 20 minutes away from the city. Here you will experience nature at its finest, with age old trees and a lot of greens. They also have zip lines and a sky bridge. Additionally, you can also go to Mapawa Nature Park where you can take a dip in a mini waterfall and do horse-back riding.

• Shopping: There are a lot of ukay-ukay places in the city which is heaven for the budget shopper. You can also go to the Night Market where you can find cheap stuff, along Divisoria. However, they are only open on weekends- Friday and Saturday 7pm until 2am.

• Sight-seeing: You can find historical sights in Cagayan de Oro, such as the St. Augustine Cathedral which was built in 1845; Gaston Park which is where the first Spanish settlement was located; and the Museo de Oro, which shows collections of things that Muskim tribes used in the past.• Extras: You can also go to Bukidnon, the pineapple capital of the country where you can see the Del Monte Pineapple plantation. They also offer great tasting steaks in their restaurant. It takes 2 hours to get there by bus.

Getting There

The fastest way to get to Cagayan de Oro is by plane. There are flights from Manila and Cebu daily through airlines: Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Philippine Airlines and other airlines such as Asian Spirit that have small planes. There are also ferry boat trips and fast crafts from Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete, and other cities. Buses for those who are just within Mindanao area are also available.

Videos with Cagayan De Oro RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Cagayan De Oro Mission. We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews. Coming soon..

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Cagayan de Oro has a tropical climate. The average temperature whole year round is 28°C (82°F). The highest recorded temperature in the city was 39°C (102°F) on June 1998. Cagayan de Oro receives an even amount of rain through out the year. The driest month is April, while July is the wettest. Wet season in the city starts in June and ends in November. Drier season starts in December and ends in May. However the difference in seasons is not very noticeable in the city, there are sunny and rainy days throughout the year and the rain is usually strong but brief (you will notice the season if hiking or driving on dirt roads in the highlands inland from Cagayan de Oro as it gets muddier). The city is outside the typhoon belt.


The city celebrates its foundation day every 15th of June and called it Himugso which means a birth or birthing of a city – it is a week-long celebration of the city’s charter day. The city fiesta is every 28th of August, hence it is under the patronage of Señor San Agustin. [7] is held every 26th to the 28th of August in celebration of Cagayan de Oro’s patron, Señor San Agustin, but it is now called Higalaay Festival when Mayor Oscar Moreno Assumed office in 2013. The highlights of the Higalaay Festival are the Agro-Trade Fair, Miss Cagayan de Oro, Cagayan de Oro Carnival Street Dance Competition, Higalaay Street Parade and Floats and Fluvial Procession. There are also cultural shows, competitions and celebrity concerts.

Local news[edit]

English is a popular language in Cagyan de Oro and you can read local news from magazines like CDOToday, CDO Dev and Sunstar Cagayan. Checking out recent news from Cagayan de Oro, before leaving, can give you an image of what may be going on when you arrive.

By plane[edit]

(Lumbia Airport, once the second busiest on Mindanao, has been defunct as a civilian facility since being taken over by the Philippine Air Force in June 2013.)

Laguindingan AirportCebuanoTugpahanan sa LaguindinganIATACGY) is 46km (29 mi) north-west of Cagayan de Oro and also serves the city of Iligan, as well as the provinces of Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte and the rest of the region of Northern Mindanao in the Philippines. The airport is well-connected to Manila, the nation’s capital and the gateway to the Philippines with up to 14 flights daily. It also has flights from DavaoBacolodTagbilaranIloiloZamboanga. Airlines such as Philippine Airlines, and budget carrier Cebu Pacific use it.

An air-conditioned Magnum Shuttle can take you to Limketkai mall for ₱200. or for less a Super five bus from the bus terminal.

By boat[edit]

Cagayan de Oro Port is a modern International seaport situated near the estuary of Cagayan de Oro River, it has an anchorage depth of 18 meters and is around 400 meters from the shoreline. It serves regular boat trips to and from CebuTagbilaranBacolodIloilo,. The port has two authorized cargo-handling operators and is one of the busiest seaports in the Philippines.

By bus[edit]

Cagayan de Oro is quite sufficient when it comes to land transportation. You can easily roam around the city by any means of land transport. There are three integrated bus and jeepney terminals, which offer regular land trips:

From Davao, one bus every 30-60min, 7-9h duration depending on weather/trafic/road construction, multiples stop including lunch+diner break, 540p Aircon/20% less w/o.

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I totally agree with you, Cagayan de Oro is not just a City of Golden Frienship but also enrich with tourist attractions, Water Rafting is the most famous you in the City, rest assured that you’ll enjoy a lot and will always have the best whitewater rafting experience.

Cagayan de Oro Travel Guide

As a highly urbanized metropolis, it is considered a first class city and is also the capital of Misamis Oriental. It is approximately a 5-hour drive away from the country’s biggest city, Davao, and is also just a couple of hours away from yet another tourist destination, the island of Camiguin.

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You can try these 2 rafting companies –The Red Rafts1st Rafting Adventure

Didn’t you even try the canyoneering package while you were in Mapawa? You wasted your stay there, then.

Hmmm…Hi Shinigaming, I am planning to do Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin this year – do you have information on canyoneering- quite interested with that- you’re right canyoneering wasn’t mentioned in this article. I reckon you do the abseiling with waterfalls and stuff? If you can, please that info please – I may have to skip white water rafting when I am there and will do canyoneering instead.

Confirmed my flight to Cagayan de Oro this September – will be going to CDO, Camiguin, and hopefully Iligan and Bukidnon. 🙂

Hi Ryan! You may contact Mapawa Nature Park for the Canyoneering package(088) 8584402. Minimum of five persons.. But if there are other groups, thenI guess it’s okay to join those groups. It would take about 3-4 hours, since youhave to trek down the river, and do some slides, and jumps, ending withrappelling down the falls.. And you have to get good transportation to reachthe Park.

September? Then it’s not really a good time do rafting.. We did rafting twoweeks ago, and the waters were uhm, chocolate brown. Not really blame the rains..

CDO-Camiguin-Iligan-Bukidnon? Whew! I say you allot more time for went there a month ago. And there a lot of places to visit. Don’t miss theHot Springs, and of course, the White Island..^^,

you could also visit this site for pics [for Rafting, Canyoneering, Camiguinand also Bohol, if you want to visit the island, too]:

Thanks for that information! But yeah, that’s the only long weekend in September – White Island and the hot springs and the underwater cemetery is definitely on our list of must visit. We leave first flight to Cagayan de Oro and then we head to Camiguin straight away- hopefully there is boat that leaves at 7 or 8am. We do the attractions pretty fast- think of it like a slower version of the Amazing Race as I really want to cover a lot of places. The following day we head back to CdO so depending on what time we get there, I really hope to do the Canyoning (was that 3-4 hours total? going there and canyoning and back?), On our last day, Id really like to do a quick day trip to Bukidnon- so depending on the response from the office of Senator Zubiri- we will see about that side trip. We might have to forego white water rafting but we are really interested with canyoning. 🙂 There are only two of us so I hope there are other groups we can join.

Once again, thank you very much for that information!

By the way I have been to Bohol twice – very nice place and I wouldnt mind going back there but alas, I have a lot of places to cover in the Philippines so I may not be able to go back there sooner. 🙂

Finally I am back from that trip- we did exactly what we did. We went around Camiguin (Guiob Church Ruins, White Island, Sunken Cemetery, Katibawasan Falls, Ardent Hot Springs, Sto. Nino Cold Springs, Philvolcs Monitoring Centre and stayed at the Enigmata Treehouse); CDO – we went to Mapawa and met one of the owners, Iggy Pelaez (grandson of former Philippine VP Emmanuel Pelaez who showed us around on a hay ride)- we weren’t able to do the zip and the rappel as it started raining and the dangers of a flashflood is all too real, so we just had some Durian at the Ranch. At Iligan, we went to see the Macapagal-Macaraeg ancestral house in Timoga and the Maria Cristina Waterfalls as well as checked out the party places in the city with our Iliganon friends (that was really fun- Thanks to Ronnie, Arnie Mejia, Pempee and Spanky Fetalvero for showing us around). We even dropped by at Opol on the way back to CDO to visit my friend’s business in the area. And then we did a quick getaway to Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon and had a delicious roast beef lunch at the Kawayanon (Del Monte Golf Clubhouse). That was some traveling really!!

gud day! we will be in CDO on August 19-21, can you give us a list of must try foods in the area. thank you. 🙂

thank you for sharing information about your trips. I found it very informative since I also enjoy travelling but don’t have lots to spend.

thanks for the infos, we had a nice time in CDO, our group stayed in Mallberry suites and its Aokay to all of us coz of its strategic location, nice room & service, accommodating staff and good food. we ate at panagatan restaurant, we all enjoy the fresh and delicious seafoods. again thank you very much.

panagatan restaurant is superb…miami inn is also a decent hotel and we stayed there

What is the cheapest month to fly to Cagayan de Oro?

The cheapest month to fly to Cagayan de Oro from New Zealand is in May. Flight prices, which tend to average around $903, are often lower during this time because this is during the off-season. The month of July is another great option to travel to Cagayan de Oro, with average flight prices from New Zealand averaging around $1,029.


hi! we are going to CDO on Sept. We are couple and I am looking for rafting companies which can provide/accommodate 2 person or can we just join other groups. thanks!

Hi!Greetings from the Philippines!That is good! You should try the TSADA KAGAY-AN Half day City Tour for only P599 per pax. Meanwhile, the rafting adventure starts from P700 per pax for the beginner course. Would you like me to reserve you for your Whitewater Rafting Adventure here in Cagayan de Oro City? If yes, then please send me a message through countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot)com. Just don’t forget to add an information about yourself and your contact number.I’ll be looking forward to your visit here in my city. :)Best regards,Count Clement IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES

Bugsay accepts. As long as there is an available slot.

hi there, we we’re currently here at cdo for business but we have a 1 day free leisure time . it is on sunday what is the best adventure we can do. we want to try river rafting and go to dahilayan park but we also want to go around the city. what itinerary could you suggest? we didnt have any tour guide yet. also we we’re free every 7 pm onwards, is there anything we could to that time within cagayan? please do reply us. thanks.

Hi! Just want to ask can we try TSADA KAGAY-AN Half day City Tour and after that we want to try Whitewater Rafting Adventure.. it is possible to do that in 1 day (Saturday?) we are group of 4. thanks!

Hi!Yes! You can actually try and avail the P599 per pax Tsada Kagay-an Half day City Tour at 7:30am (assembly time) and on the afternoon at 12:30nn will be your Whitewater Rafting send me your name and contact information so I can reserve the slots for your group through this email address: countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot) you have concerns, and/or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me, i’ll be glad to assist you on your stay and visit of my city: Cagayan de regards,Count Clement IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES

Hi. You did a great job with this very informative blog about CDO. I have one comment, though. I believe that the Robinsons in CDO is no longer called Big R. It’s called Robinsons Cagayan de Oro. You might want to update your blog. =)source:

Hi!Thank you for the comment. And yes, I already updated this entry. Please check it again. :)Best regards,Count Clement IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES

Hi Count…I want to visit CDO with my wife in January 2013. Aside from the white water rafting adventure, what are the places within/nearby the City which you can visit or go on island hoping? , Great job on the blog.

I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice tours new york

thank you for posting your blog.I learn a lot about this blog.Extreme Adventure

Happy Christmas! Thank you for this very informative list of things to do. 🙂 We are arriving in CDO tomorrow, December 26 at 11am. We intend to do the whitewater rafting and longest zipline in our 2-day stay there. We’d be leaving morning of Dec 28. Do you think we can do both and maybe even join the TK4 tour given our limited time? Thank

Hi,Would it be possible if I’ll ask for the White Water Rafting infos?Where can we go to book for the rafting adventure? :)Vic

Hi Victoria!Thank you for that wonderful question and you’re in the right Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Cagayan de Oro, there are actually 6 accredited Whitewater Rafting Companies. These are:- BUGSAY RAFTING- REDRAFTS- KAGAY RAFTING- GREAT WHITE WATER RAFTING- 1st RAFTING ADVENTURE- GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP WHITEWATER RAFTINGBeginner Course rate starts at P700.00 per person and all of the said rafting companies are the same in price with distinct type of services as per memorandum by the city you around in Cagayan de Oro! If you have more inquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask, i’ll be glad to assist you. :)Best regards,Clement Dampal IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES

Hi!We will go to CDO this feb 22-24. Out initial it is day 1 – white water and zipline (we can do this ina day right? Can u recommend a package or contact for this?) day 2 camiguin – do u suggest we do it on our own or do u know a package too? Day 3- back to cdo then back to the IT too tight? What do u auggest?Thanks alot!Faye

Hi Faye!Greetings from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines!What time are you arriving on the 23rd of February? Yes, you can actually do that (Whitewater Rafting and Zipline Adventure) in 1 day presuming that your estimated time arrival in Cagayan de Oro is earlier than 7 in the I ask your e-mail address so I can send you also your possible schedules for your Cagayan de Oro can mail me through countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot)com(dot)ph or through 0906-6577669. Don’t forget to add your name. :)Best regards,Count Clement III AM A TRAVELER: Best Spot In The Philippines

I will be visiting Cagayan on the 23rd. Unfortunately 1 day lang ako because of some meetings. My flight will be 4PM at Lumbia airport. What activity/ies should I take to enjoy my visit there?kindly email me at

Hi!It’s nice to hear that you will be visiting the City of Golden Friendship on the 23rd of February. And yes, you can still enjoy your visit with your schedule.Meanwhile, what time are you arriving on the 23rd of February? We have this Tsada Kagay-an Half day City Tour at 8 in the morning until 12 noon. You can experience the tour with your schedule presuming that you will be arriving earlier than 8 and its only P599 per the way, I already sent you an regards,Clement Dampal IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES

Extreme Adventurewow im also living in cagayan de oro and i love you blog you can also visit my blog this is all about my experience in biking in cagayan de oro.

thank you for posting your blog.I learn a lot about this blog.Extreme Adventure

hi good day!we are going to cdo this august , I would like to ask if we can do the white water rafting and the zipline in a day?

hi good day!we are going to cdo this august just want to ask if we can do the white water rafting and the zipline in a day?thank you

Hi John!Greetings from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines!Yes, that is possible for a whole day activities. Meanwhile, can I ask your e-mail address so I can send you also possibles schedules for your Cagayan de Oro can mail me through countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot)com or through 0906-6577669. Don’t forget to add your name. :)Best regards,Count Clement III AM A TRAVELER: Best Spot In The Philippines

hi i will be in cagayan this may 30 to june 6. where else can i go after all those adventures? is there any nearby places that i can visit?

Hi!Greetings from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines!There are plenty of adventures and places to experience and visit in the city including its nearby provinces. Divine Mercy Shrine and Christ the Redeemer Statue are actually examples for that. You can also try the Zipline Adventure in Brgy. Dahilayan or Air-biking at Campo Juan, Bukidnon. For a tropical paradise and a countryside tour, I suggest you visit the Camiguin you have inquiries and/or concerns, you can mail me through countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot)com or through 0906-6577669. Don’t forget to add your name. :)Best regards,Count Clement IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: Best Spot In The Philippines

Hi Clement,Your blog is very informative, thanks. Me and my kids will be visiting CDO on May 24-26. Is the price of the city tour same for children and adults. My kids are 3 and 9y/o. Will the kids be allowed to try the white water rafting? Lastly which hotel/accommodation would you recommend considering the rates and accessibility to nice destinations. regards,Marianne

Hi Ms Marianne!Greetings from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines!Thank you so much for that wonderful compliment. I really appreciate that. 🙂 By the way, i guess it’s less P100.00 for the kids and yes, the kids can actually try the whitewater rafting adventure especially the beginner course. You don’t have to worry because there are certified river guides during the adventure. For the hotels, actually there are plenty of establishments that offers better services compared to others as each hotel have its unique you have inquiries and/or concerns, you can mail me through countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot)com or through 0906-6577669. Don’t forget to add your name. :)Best regards,Count Clement IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: Best Spot In The Philippines

;ll be having tour for 5 days. and we’re doing our itinerary by now.cdobukidnoncamiguincan you suggest hotspot locations and affordable hotels in each city? thank you!mak

Hi Clement! I have few questions you and I will be drafting a mail now, I hope you’ll find time to respond. Thank you! 🙂 Ann

hello will be travelling to cagayan de oro this june 7-9.. is it possible if we can experience rafting there?for 1 day we are only 2 pax.. i think they don wany to accept 2 pax there.. tnx .. hope you can help me..

Hi Mr Lito!Greetings from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines!Yes, most of the rafting companies can accept at least 2 people either seat in or exclusive you have inquiries and/or concerns, you can mail me through countclementdampal(at)gmail(dot)com or through 0906-6577669. Don’t forget to add your name. :)Best regards,Count Clement IISite OwnerI AM A TRAVELER: Best Spot In The Philippines

hello clement, do they have rafting for 2 pax in cdo? tnx

hi sir clement,im sorry for a very delayed reply to your query , seems very busy last months… ill email the answer of your querry last time.regards,teddy

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hi!my family would be going to cdo on oct 17 (arrival around 8am). but i’ve arranged for us to be in camiguin on oct 18-19 then go back to cdo 19-20 (departure at 2pm). what activities can you suggest for oct 17 around cagayan? please consider also that we have 1 kids with us 5 years old.

Hi clement!:)We would be visiting your city on the 27th , would it be possible for us to join a rafting course in the afternoon? Thanks!

Hi me and my boyfriend are going to cdo this summer and i heard about night water rafting im kinda interested do you know any water rafting companies thay offer such course?

Great pics and nice article. You have a very wonderful trip. Gonna do these amazing things.

Hi, Is it possible to take the Tsada Half day Tour and at the same time catch up a flight to manila at 2pm?

hi gud pm, me and my husband were book for a flight to cagayan this january 31, 2014. we are all first timer in the place and dont know what place to tour with even in a hotel. we are on a tight budget since this is just a gift flight we wat to avail it. Can you assist us. Thanks Hoping for a rply

very informative, thanks. if you’re in CDO, try looking for Pane e Dolci or Hannabel, they are the most loved dessert shop in the city.

Hi Count,we are having difficulties with reservations there in CDO, probably you can suggest some good hotels, the not-costly but clean and accessible hotels most preferably. 🙂 I sent you an email, hope to hear from you soon.. jamie

Hi, we will be having a departmental team building activity and we are planning to visit CDO sometime in August this year. Aside from Whitewater rafting, can anyone suggest any other activities that we can do as a group. Appreciate if you can also recommend any place to stay in – may not be a class hotel – preferably affordable inns/ resort where our group can bond and no restrictions on karaoke and drinks or dance at night or with pool with no early curfews. Thanks.

HI! We are only 2 persons and we’ll try the water rafting, if you reserve for today when can you do the rafting? Our schedule is not fixed yet. But it’s sure that it will be this July lang.

Hi,Good day!Me, my wife and our 2-year old daughter will be in cdo for a 3-day vacation starting on July 18, 2014. Since we will be traveling with our baby, can you please help us on how we can make the most out of our visit in your city. You may contact me trough my email at forward to your soonest response and thank you in advance!God bless!Em Daria

hi therepls call me at 09365139522 re: inquiry for city tour and rafting with house accomodationThanks Ms Jazz

Hi We weill be there on Aug 07 for 4 pax. Pls quote me for a city tour and rafting. Also we need a house to stay for 20 days budget is 10k below. Pls advice. Ms Jazz Eduardo 09365139522 09184857000

thanks for this website it gives us idea as to what’s the update in cagayan de oro proud and very

Hi! Do you have Canyoneering and River Trekking’s contact details? I’d love to try their adventure rides but as you mentioned, it should be 5pax minimum. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Amazing penmanship you got here. I was just about to scan scan scan but when I start reading in the first sentence, I noticed myself that I am in the last line. Very nice. Cagayan de Oro is really amazing. We live here around 2 years since my late father was a pastor. This is a great place especially Limketkai Center. I really love this City. I wish we can visit here again. TSADA! ^_^

Thank you for this very detailed blog post about things to do in CDO! We will surely use as a guide!

Hi. I plan to experience water rafting with my family. Is it okay to bring kids of 5-7 years old?

Great list! Too bad, night cafe is no longer displayed in Divisoria every Friday and Saturday nights. But I believe it didn’t affect the city’s way to progress. Proud Kagay-anon here!

Great blog you got there!.;re visiting ur city this august!.,planning for our 3 days and 2 nyts stay!..I want to avail the city tour on our 3rd 1 should whire water bukidnon!. 2 should be need help on how to go there . cristina falls and tinago help

Hi!., we’re visiting cdo this august!..excited much!. still planning our what todo list..1st thing we want to do is to conquer the cdo can I contact ;re very much in need of ur ;re just 2 and 1st timers!

hi paano po ba i avail yung day be in cdo dis aug 31… sunday po yun… may tour po ba kahit sunday?

Just for updates, the Night Cafe is relocated in Rotunda drive, it’s more organized now and offers more food from the different stalls there. You can also shop there.

Grabe talaga ang Cagayan de Oro! 🙂 Hindi nagpapahuli sa mga tourist spots and adventurous activities. Taga-CDO ako pero meron pa palang activity na hindi ko pa Yung nasa TOP 8- Airsoft or Real Guns .. Takot ako pero parang exciting naman din gawin. nga nyan soon .. Thanks for sharing this blog! Keep posting! 😉

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Awesome blog! Reading this one makes me wanna go and visit Cagayan de Oro City too! I never thought CDO would be as awesome as what you’ve described on the your article. Gotta give it a shot since I’m just from the nearest town. Thanks for this Clement!

Too bad the night cafe is now closed. After they were transferred near the Rotunda area, they were only there for more than one year, as of now they are close. They should have an exclusive area in the city, I prefer outside downtown area to avoid traffic.

from zamboanga and will b foing on a roadtrip from zambo to u sugest a cheap hotel wer we cn stay?and place we cn visit using our u

One of the best activities I enjoyed last time I visited Cagayan de Oro is river rafting in the spectacular Cagayan de Oro river. They offer different types of rafting was memorable experience.

Living in Cagayan de Oro City sounds so exciting and eventful. It feels like everywhere you look a scenery will catch and please your eyes. It truly is treat to live in a house at CDO.

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