Hot Legs (Short Gay Film)

Short Film produced by Underdog Productions (Pty) Ltd in 1995.

Note: This film contains some male nudity, contains material of a gay nature, and may be disturbing to younger viewers. It also contains some fast flash shots.

Written & Directed by Luiz DeBarossProduced by: Marc Schwinges

Starring:Tim: David DucasDave: Gerrie BarnardTim Jnr: Glen FineDave Jnr: Leon WeedKid One: Miguel BarrosKid Tow: Marcus MuddPoliceman One: Carlo GoertzPoliceman Two: Criag KellyMother: Mariana CarrilloSon: Sipho Khuzwago Moyo

Director of Photography: Peter PohorskyProduction Manager: Brendan RiceProduction Assistant: David HeckerFocus Puller: Greg PoissonGrip: Tony Slater

Sound: Jeremy HattinghSound: Ian MillerBoom Operator: Sean Kelly

Senior Make-up Artist: Adrienne CohenMake-Up Artist: Ionka Nel

Runners: Wayne Fick, Paul Hanrahan, Hal Couzens, Bronwyn Vermeulen, Oliver Galloway.

Post Production Advisor: Hal CouzensNon-Liner Editor: Llewelyn Roderick

Executive Producers: Marc Schwinges, Catherine Bester & Charlotte Bauer

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Nick Jonas‘ Hairy Ass?

Nick Jonas has spent the better part of the last month promoting his new single, „Jealous,“ and his upcoming DirecTV series, Kingdom, with a dizzying media tour that has included not only interviews with several gay publications but stops at several gay bars.

At HuffPost Gay Voices we’ve written about how Jonas happily showed off his abs at these bars, engaged in some light flirting with the patrons and has generally spent the last few weeks going out of his way to prove that his affinity for his gay fans is more than a mere marketing ploy (or if it is marketing ploy, it’s one to which he and his team are fiercely dedicated).

Then, just when we thought Jonas had given all he had to give to us, we were gifted with his photo shoot in Flaunt magazine, which included several shots inspired by Marky Mark’s iconic 1992 Calvin Klein underwear campaign. The images hemorrhaged their way across the Internet (and for good reason: They’re hot and nostalgic, two things we can rarely get enough of) but, for me, at least, they’re not the most interesting thing to come out of the Flaunt shoot.

It’s a beautiful photo, but it’s also one that you’ll rarely see in mainstream media because of one thing: the small patch of hair fanning out across Jonas‘ lower back and creeping down his ass crack.

An appreciation of body hair in our culture has waxed and waned over the years. Today the male bodies presented to us (and especially to young men and women) as enviable and desirable are often hairless. I can’t remember the last time I saw a contestant on The Bachelorette with a full chest of hair (not that I watch that show). Even the werewolves on Teen Wolf are hairless (not that I watch that show either).

And when we do see body hair in magazines or movies, it’s always controlled and coiffed and constrained to the chest and stomach. Remember the funniest scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin? It was when Steve Carell got his torso waxed. Whenever that scene plays, we hold our collective breath as Carell undergoes his metamorphosis, mesmerized by the agony (and his hilarious reaction to it) but also relieved by the taming of the beast before our eyes and his implied transformation from wild man into gentleman.

Hairy backs and asses are even bigger jokes. If you have one (and many, many men do), you can’t be the leading man; you’re someone’s gross dad or lecherous bad date.

Nick Jonas is certainly no one’s creepy uncle, and he’s not a niche figure who doesn’t get a lot of traction in Hollywood. He’s a 22-year-old bona fide celebrity whose tax return may very well list his occupation as „heartthrob.“ So when I saw his hairy lower back and ass, which could have been erased easily via Photoshop, I got excited because I felt I was seeing what maybe, just maybe, could be interpreted as a breakthrough.

I can already see the comments section of this blog post filling up with responses like „Who cares?“ and „Why is this news?“ And you’re right: This isn’t „news.“ No one else even seems to be thinking, much less writing, about this photo. But before you write me off as just another garden-variety perv (which is totally valid most of the time), I hope you’ll consider how important visibility is for creating change.

As more and more queer people come out and we gain more and more „possibility models“ (as Laverne Cox has so eloquently put it) in the media, we feel more permission to be exactly who we are, and I believe the same is true for body image. Imagine being a 22-year-old guy and feeling ashamed about your own hairy back or hairy ass and seeing that image. Or imagine being an 18-year-old young woman and seeing that photo and having to readjust your idea of what sexy is. Even in queer culture, with our bears and otters and cubs and wolves, we’re no stranger to shaming bodies — our own and each other’s — and tiny, but visible, moments like this one are important for us too.

I’m not claiming that this photo is some kind of furry panacea for all that ails us. Of course Nick Jonas‘ body conforms to (or surpasses) societal norms in many ways, and seeing it could inspire body shaming or set unrealistic expectations for some people. I’m also not claiming that men shouldn’t shave or wax or laser their bodies if that’s what they prefer, but I would like to at least raise the question of why hairlessness is the preference for so many of us and address the stigma that often comes with being hairy. And let’s face it: Jonas isn’t exactly hirsute, but I believe there is something radical about that patch of hair — however small, however innocent — climbing out of his jeans in the pages of Flaunt. And I think it’s worth pointing out and talking about, because this is how our culture begins to change — one image at a time — and because I want to celebrate progress — however modest — wherever I find it, even (especially?) if it’s in Nick Jonas‘ hairy ass crack.

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Nick Jonas' Hairy Ass?

Why straight men are going ‘gay for pay’ on camera

GAY porn stars who identify as straight are a common phenomenon. So why are they making careers out of having sex with other men? GRAPHIC.

Curtis was straight, but as a struggling new graduate in fast-paced San Diego, it was a tempting idea.

“They made it real comfortable,” he says. “It was just, come back here, here’s the studio, get naked. I’d never been naked in front of anybody other than me and a girlfriend … when you have three or four people with cameras, it’s pretty nerve-racking.

“Eventually the cameras just disappear. Pretty much just like jerking off at home is what it turned out to be.”

Curtis was emphatic that he would not do a sex scene. But soon enough, the chance to make even more money became too enticing.

“I thought about it a bit, experimented at home and was like, well that ain’t too bad, I can do that and come back with a pocketful of money, that’d be great.

“They let me top the first sex scene I did just to ease me into it. They’re not doing that much any more.”

Like most straight men in the industry, Curtis started out with solo masturbation scenes, and graduated to hardcore

Curtis’ experience may sound extreme, but it’s a common phenomenon. At least half of all male gay porn stars identify as straight, according to Charlie David, a director from Montreal, Canada, who’s made a documentary on the subject.

, which is released internationally on Tuesday, explores why straight men would have sex with other men, and why there’s such a huge market for it.

Popular gay porn websites including (where Curtis works), , and all offer movies proudly featuring straight actors.

“You’re seeing hypermasculine situations or sometimes professions, a construction worker and so on,” David told

“It’s not only subconscious cues, it’s promoted as this by the studios: ‘Look at these straight guy f**k!’”

David became aware of the trend for heterosexuals to “go gay” for parts after he appeared in LGBT-orientated supernatural soap ) and porn.

“A lot of the main [gay porn] studios’ producers are straight men or women,” he said. “It’s interesting because there’s such a stigma against LGBT people in many places. Calling somebody gay is often used as a derogatory comment.”

So what’s the appeal for these actors and the viewers? And can the performers really call themselves straight?

Gay porn studios promote their stars as straight, and websites like treat it as a niche

Curtis says the fact he began enjoying the feeling caused him confusion about his

The number one reason straight men do gay porn is cold, hard cash, says David.

Gay porn stars can earn $4000 to $5000 for a just an eight-hour day’s work, or a shoot over a weekend. It’s far more than their male counterparts in straight porn can make, and more than most 20-somethings earn in a month.

It’s also flexible, in more ways than just the obvious. Stars may work one weekend a month, and spend the rest of the time socialising, going to the gym and holidaying.

“In straight porn, the guys might only make a couple of hundred bucks,” says David. “The motivations are seen as different, that they want to do it anyway. The financial aspect isn’t there unless you’re a name.”

Plus, most heterosexual porn focuses on women’s bodies, with the plethora of lesbian scenes performed by straight female actors seen as far less controversial.

For some heterosexual gay porn stars, there’s also an element of curiosity, David’s documentary reveals.

They can explore their sexuality while justifying it as simply a way to earn money. The director thinks that logic requires some “mental gymnastics”. Anyone questioning their identity might be safer doing it away from a camera, particularly in the age of the internet.

Others are relaxed about being on a spectrum. They’re exhibitionists who enjoy the attention and like creating a fanbase.

“For many of them, they’re in otherwise monogamous relationships with women who support or even encourage that they do this,” adds David.

Documentary director Charlie David asks whether the reason gay porn audiences fetishise hypermasculinity is because of internalised

So why are so many gay men watching? “Are we being fed something,” asks David. “Or is that where the hunger is?”

He believes the genre’s popularity suggests an “internalised homophobia” in the gay community, where men who talk and act in a feminine manner are a turn-off.

David also thinks it’s surprising because the gay community is always trying to fight the stereotype that homosexual men are chasing straight men or trying to “convert” them.

Porn star Eddie Stone, a genuine gay actor, says he was intrigued at the opportunity to have sex with straight men, but found it was much the same as doing a scene with another gay man.

Unlike many of the heterosexual gay porn stars in the documentary, he doesn’t believe any 100 per cent straight man would have sex with another man on camera.

He also thinks the market is here to stay. “Gay men like to see a man who identifies as straight, so is off limits, naked and having sex with a man. It’s a taboo, the unattainable,” he said.

“The gay community loves watching straight men in gay porn.”

But when the roles dry up, it’s unclear what comes next for a gay porn

You can go into the production side, get more extreme or quit, with your photo all over the internet for

Most gay porn stars are aged from 18 to the early 30s. After that, some will successfully make the move to the business side of the industry, but others find themselves lost as the work dries up.

“These guys are a product,” says David. “They can be overexposed and people lose interest, you’re last season’s fashion.

“Then what do you do? Your image is out there, where do you transition to? It does put a limit on your career trajectory.”

The 36-year-old found most straight men in gay porn describe a similar progression, from solo scenes, to blow jobs and hand jobs with another man, to sex as a “top” and then all types of sex scenes. With each level, actors are rewarded with a major bump in their pay.

But David warns there’s “the other side of the ladder,” when you’re no longer hot property and your earnings start to disintegrate. “You can either do wilder, more fetishised and outlandish things to maintain your salary, or go down.”

For many, there’s also a psychological and emotional toll. “I think it would be very challenging for anyone to do this kind of work without reflection,” says David.

That was certainly true for Curtis. Once he “got used to the feeling” he began liking it, and that made him question his sexuality.

“There was a lot of confusion going on in my head,” he says. “I thought I might be gay for enjoying it. I realised the feeling is everybody, all men enjoy prostate stimulation. I went from thinking I was gay to being bisexual. Really it’s just I’m straight, I like the prostate stimulation part of it and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

“I don’t find men attractive, I don’t get into relationships, I like women. But coming out here to have gay sex is not a bad thing to get paid for.

“I would classify myself as being straight but enjoying gay sex.”

Why straight men are going ‘gay for pay’ on camera

Where Should You Shave?

Do all gay men shave their body hair? Should you keep some hair or not? Where should it be?There is an ongoing hairy messy talk about shaving your body hair, and to what extent. The question today’s trends ask to gay men is, should you shave or not?

A few years back you would find this question obvious to answer: if you’re gay, you shave your body hair…. ALL of it. I still remember hooking up with guys whose skin was completely smooth because of their shaving. Others, not so much. It used to be a question of hygiene: the less hair, the less perspiration smell. 

As with most things gay, body hair is a matter of style, preference, and function. Trends flop between a smooth body and a furry buddy depending on what circles you ask. There is one thing you should consider in the middle of this debate though, body hair exists for a reason. And it can be so sexy when trimmed right!There are perks to both styles. A smooth body has its function. Not only can you swim a faster lap, but pesky body odor is kept to a minimum. Still, some guys like a more natural look and a softer patch to keep them insulated even in the heat. I prefer a guy who’s struck a deal with nature to tame the wild: a trimmed pit balanced with a shaped brow and a surprise path of natural here and there.

So, I ask: What look are you going for and what type of man are you trying to attract? And also it is important that you should not choose a look which you don’t feel comfortable with. That means you probably have to try some looks and see how you feel. Most times you cannot really tell unless you try have been grooming for years, but gay and straight men alike have caught up to the idea in recent years. Today, men are more comfortable expressing their individuality with their bodies. Not to mention one of the fastest growing demos in the grooming and cosmetics industries are men. By and large, grooming body hair, or ’scaping, can mean a light trim, a lined pattern, or complete removal. Some gay men form bikini wax patterns, while others simply trim abnormally long hairs. To each his gay are various ways to getting rid of unwanted hair. Each person’s hair growth and skin sensitivity is different, you need to choose a way to groom your body hair according to yours. So it may take some trial and error to determine the best method. 

First, choose the method you think you all like the most, and then try the others if you did not feel entirely comfortable. You can choose to shave it, wax it or use depilatory methods. If you are looking for a more definite option, you can choose between plucking, electrolysis, laser or bleaching. 

As trends stand now, however, you will probably want to keep your hair. Specially if you grow a beard. Big beards are sexy!

Where Should You Shave?

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