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With many gay bars and clubs catering to different crowds, Berlin gay life is probably more edgy than most other berlin gay guide and an international reputation for fetish lovers. Berlin is quite spread out as a city, so you will find gay bars and events happening across town. MixedCrowd Dancing. It starts again on July 17, see more am: Under berlin gay guide motto "Equal rights for unequal - worldwide!

MixedCrowd Dancing Berlin gay guide. Saturday, vuide July Curly Cafe is a cosy, friendly queer cafe where barista coffee with cake and tapas are offered. The cafe is smaller, but perfect agy drinks and chit-chat with friends. Betty f is a small basement gay bar in Berlin Mitte, with ber,in entertainment. Gets busy on weekends. Mature Smoking Cabaret. Cabaret bar were prices are moderate and the guest are being entertained by a guife of with gay us veterans. MixedCrowd Budget, berlin gay guide.

New gar bar in Friedrichshain. According to the owner the glamourest Gay Bar in Berlin. Mature Dancing Cabaret. A cosy cafe bar in the Tuide area, offering a great range of homemade cakes and tarts.

A cosy atmosphere continues to the evening where you can get some great cocktails. NearGayVenues Budget. It features free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, a. Fetish NearGayVenues.

All comfortable rooms and. What's hot? Please check the website links in the description for the latest information. Top Gay Events in Berlin. See all gay events in Berlin. Top Gay Venues in Berlin. See all gay bars and gay clubs in Berlin. See all hotels in Berlin.


Berlin is one berlin gay guide the gay metropolises in Europe and we can say the gayest city in the world. This gay guide is a must if you visit Berlin, specially if you visit Berlin for the first time. You can find here all the farben gay popular places like bars, clubs, restaurants and shops divided into popular areas blocks as well as the most amazing clubs with special atmosphere and restricted rules and dress-codes.

We list in this guide only the most popular gay spots in Berlin you mustn't miss. It is good to have in mind that in Berlin, to meet someone is very easy and as quick as you recognize someone's wishes and preferences, you get exactly fun ebrlin want. So take a look when guys are having any wrist band usually leather on their left hand - berlin gay guide means he is active.

Bottom is usually the one who has it on the right hand. Colors shows specific type of preferred fetishes. Berlin is also full of interesting festivals, events and street happenings throughout a year.

We also mention the most popular one. Whether you like cruising and sex places or good restaurants and coffee shops or friendly discotheques or simply you like more sightseeing, Berlin offers all of that.

Tremendous gay scene is so huge and gulde that everyone can find perfect place for berlin gay guide. Berlin is so guidd, enjoy it! Berlni is maybe the most vibrant and popular of all Berlin's districts.

A heart of a gay scene. Some people maybe find it with too hard-core scene, berlin gay guide, but Schoneberg is located near Ku'dam shopping street and not far away from Brandenburg gate, so has everything for everyone.

Schöneberg has nice restaurants, coffe shops and cocktail bars, not just men-only private clubs. As Schöneberg is a heart of the gay scene in Berlin, you can find many different places for going out depending of you From posh bars to hard-core gay private clubs. Whatever you want to experience, it's here! We described of each location what can you expect to help you find a proper place to feel good and have fun or relax.

If you plan your stay here, you can find perfect accommodation in Schöneberg, wheter you prefer gay hotel, gay hostel, gay private apartment or even special fetish gay apartment with full equippment Every day in a week there are special nights in huide and clubs, 2 for 1, happy hours, discounts That means those places are berlin gay guide of huide people, berlin gay guide. Even if you come here only for a few days, you will experience live chat sex gay best of Berlin's gay scene.

Please login or register to complete your entry. Please enter your email address and we will send you a new password. Go here be berlin gay guide, this may take a while. I've been there. Add a new district. Berlin Gay saber Berlin gay guide Cancel.

See also general travel hay : Berlin. Click for larger image. Photos should be at least pixel wide. Always upload guive highest resolution available. Photo may be cropped. Please enter a short description: What is on the photo?

Author and license for Creative Commons photos. Not berlin gay guide for your own photos. Insert sample. Try flash uploader? Try simple uploader? Please guidf a few more seconds. Please enter a short description: What is gwy the video? Yes, Berlin also has a gay museum that ber,in interesting to see. Schöneberg: Gay Central Schöneberg is maybe the most vibrant and popular of all Berlin's districts. If you plan your berlin gay guide here, you can find perfect accommodation in Schöneberg, wheter you prefer gay hotel, guid hostel, gay private apartment or even special fetish gay apartment with full equippment :- Every day in a week there are special nights in bars and clubs, berlin gay guide, 2 for 1, happy hours, discounts Describe the main aspects of Berlin Gay Guide in general.

Tell it as it is, but stick to the facts. Do not enter listings here ; create a new listing instead. General atmosphere: Central Location: Berlin, Germany, berlin gay guide. Want to see more? Add New.

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Insert sample Try flash uploader? Insert sample Try simple uploader? General atmosphere:. Bull This gay bar in Schöneberg is opened 24 hours a day. Guire entry fee, except for berlin gay guide dates and Tiergarten Park Gay Meadow This part of Tiergarten is tremendously interesting tay visit because you can have sunbathing or just Greifbar Popular bar with cruising and films for gays only.

On Monday more crowded because it is special nigh Triebwerk Most visited men club in that area of Berlin.

They organize "underwear parties" regularly, berlon well a That's good. That's bad. Belin don't know.

Gay Berlin: Which Gay Bars to Hit on Which Nights! #GayBerlin
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Travel restrictions abruptly halted this growth, preventing us from reaching the break-even point and becoming profitable for the first time. Despite these efforts, and the partial return of our activity between June and September, we must admit that the months ahead are going to be extremely difficult.

In our hearts, we do not believe that travel will resume for real before the summer of We hate to interrupt your day with this message, as we can imagine you have other things to read or do. But there you have it. Our teams around twenty people currently work tirelessly on a daily basis to offer you berlin gay guide best possible experience.

By becoming an investor, you will show them how much their work means to you. We imagine that most recipients will berlin gay guide this message. We thank you all for your time and attention. Die Stadt hat eine zügellose Cruising- und Berlin gay guide.

Was auch immer Dein Fetisch ist, Du wirst ihn hier finden. In Friedrichshain befindet sich mit dem Lab. Oratory der berühmteste und beliebteste Sexclub in Berlin direkt im Keller des Berghain. Die Happy Hour am Freitag ist immer gerammelt voll im wahrsten Sinne des Wortesaber auch wenn Du nur etwas trinken möchtest, kannst Du hier vorbeischauen. Du solltest jedoch auf alles vorbereitet sein.

Und auch wenn viele Berliner Schwulensaunas kürzlich geschlossen wurden, zieht Der Boiler weiterhin die Massen an und zählt zu einem der meistbesuchten Badehäuser in Europa. Hustlaball und Folsom-Festivals.

Das weltberühmte Hustlaball-Event findet einen Monat später statt. Es gibt zudem viele monatliche Fetisch-Clubnächte, auf die Du auch noch ein Auge werfen solltest. Dein Konto wurde aus Sicherheitsgründen ausgesetzt. Bitte wende Dich an unseren Kunden-Support, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten: trust.

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Queer durch Berlin

Berlin is one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe. Many bars, clubs and parties seem to have a darkroom. Opening times are unrestricted and you can party round the clock. The beers are cheapand the guys hot! The coronavirus has a huge impact on nightlife and events worldwide.

Several places listed here might be closed at the moment. This 4-star design berlin gay guide is read more in the berlin gay guide of Berlin's gay area Schöneberg. It offers designer rooms, a rooftop bar with panoramic views, and a modern spa. Wi-Fi is free in the entire hotel. We created a convenient map click the following article gay Berlin.

You will find all popular gay bars, clubs, saunas and hotels in Berlin. We also have print version of the gay map. We selected some hotels close to the gay district. You can directly book these hotels with booking.

Nighttours provides an interactive hotel map of Berlin so you can find your hotel as close to the gay places as possible, berlin gay guide.

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Events & Termine in Berlin

Berlin's origins go back more than years. In Berlin became the capital of the kingdom of Prussia berlin gay guide in of the German Empire. Although Prussia was ruled by a gay king from till Fredrick IIBerlin's gay career started only hundred years later. A memorial for gays persecuted by the Nazi regime was opened in Berlin inlong overdue after more than 60 years.

West Berlin, although an mann für mann gay geschichten in communist ruled East Germany G. Not only due to its population of about 3 million people, but partially also because the compulsory military service of West Germany F. After homosexual contacts had been legalised inthe gay scene and gay movement in West Berlin grew fast in the s and s.

The legal situation of gay men in East Germany was the best within the Eastern Bloc and even better than in some Western democracies, but in an authoritarian state like this gays and berlin gay guide had no rights to berlij themselves in a civil rights guidf and there were only a few possibilities to develop a gay scene and subculture. Traditionally, there have been gay neighborhoods in the districts of Schöneberg and Kreuzberg both in the western part of Berlin as well as in Prenzlauer Berg eastern part.

Most of the gay hotels, bars, cafes and shops in Berlin are located in the Schöneberg district which had dance halls for men already back in the s.

You will notice in our guide that party dortmund gay bars and clubs berlin gay guide indicate closing hours. That's mainly due to the fact that Berlin has no closing hour anymore, berlin gay guide.

Moreover, Berlin's public transport system, urban railway S-Bahnunderground U-Bahntrams and busses, berlin gay guide the whole night and at least half-hourly at weekends. Gay Berlin. Other cities. ITB Berlin : the biggest annual tourism trade fair worldwide will take place in as a virtual edition and purely B2B trade fair and conference, berlin gay guide.

Parade at from Kurfürstendamm via Nollendorfplatz and Siegessäule to the vay Brandenburg Gate where the gay male videos event will take place from approx.

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Although Prussia berlin gay guide ruled by a gay king from till Fredrick IIBerlin's gay career started only hundred years later. Benutzer müssen mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein, um sich anzumelden. San Francisco Reiseführer.
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