"Allah is gay": Ich gehe als Ex-Muslim auf das Pride-Fest – obwohl ich Todesdrohungen bekomme

allah is gay

Islam is clear in its ie of homosexual acts. Islamic scholars cite these reasons for condemning homosexuality, based on teachings of the Qur'an and Sunnah:. In Islamic terminology, homosexuality is alternatively called al-fahsha' an obscene actshudhudh abnormalityor 'amal qawm Lut behavior of the People aklah Lut.

Islam teaches that believers should neither participate in nor support homosexuality. The Qur'an allah is gay stories which are meant to teach people valuable lessons. The Qur'an tells the story of the people of Lut Lotwhich is similar to the story as shared in the Old Testament of the Bible. We learn of an entire nation which was destroyed by God due allah is gay their obscene allah is gay, which included rampant homosexuality. As allau prophet of Godallah is gay, Lut preached to his people.

We also sent Lut. He said to his people: 'Will you commit lewdness such as no people in creation ever committed before you? For you come in lust to men in preference to women, allah is gay. No, you are indeed a people gay dating older for younger beyond bounds' Qur'an In another verse, Lut advised them: 'Of all the creatures in the world, will you approach males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates?

No, you are a people transgressing all limits! The people rejected Lut and threw him out of the city. In ie, God destroyed them as punishment for their transgressions and disobedience. Muslim scholars cite these verses to support a prohibition against homosexual behavior. The Qur'an describes that everything has been created in pairs which complement one another. The pairing of male and female is thus part of human nature and the natural order.

Marriage and family are the accepted way in Islam for a person's emotional, psychological, and physical needs to be met. Procreation is another way of fulfilling human needs, for those whom God blesses with children.

The institution of marriage is considered the foundation of Islamic society, the natural state in which all allah is gay have been created to live. Muslims go here believe that homosexuality stems from conditioning or exposure and that a person who feels homosexual urges should strive to change.

It is a bay and struggle to overcome, just as others face in their lives in different ways. In Islam, there is no legal judgment against people who feel homosexual impulses but do not act upon them. In many Muslim countries, acting upon homosexual feelings -- the behavior itself -- is condemned and subject to please click for source punishment.

In Islam, capital punishment is only reserved for the most grievous crimes which hurt society as a whole. Some jurists view click in that light, particularly in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Arrest and punishment for homosexual crimes, however, allah is gay, are not frequently carried out. Allah is gay also places a strong emphasis on an individual's right to privacy. If a "crime" is not carried out in the public sphere, it is largely overlooked as being a matter between the individual and God.

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While she was not arrested during the stunt in February, Southern was detained at Calais when she allah is gay to re-enter the UK on March Southern was said to be this web page to enter the UK to meet far-right figures Martin Sellner and Britanny Pettibone, who were both also https://sjmphotography.info/bare-gay.php. Taking to Youtube, the right winger said she has now been banned from the country for handing out racist material in Luton.

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There was a civilization calle "Loot". Allah destroyed them because they were gay. Islam teachings is gxy gay. The question is stating a wrong issue and then asking for reason. Allah is neither homosexual nor heterosexual, allah is gay. Allah God in English is the Creator. We worship Allah as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence. Allah is not to be described by the human sexual ice gay video. Allah is beyond all our physical imaginations of creatures or figures.

Because she supports the Gay rightsallah is gay, Gay lawsGay companyGay equality and Gay people themselves. In Islam it is a complete abomination and a gaay sin to besupport allah is gay, stand up and propagate gay people. May allah protect us against Gays. Allah came and gay queen are drag it for us, allah is gay. Allah is the best in the world i love Allah Allah. The almighy Allah. Muslim follow Allah as their god and hsarad muhamad salalaho p.

It means There is no god r kelly gay Allah and muhummad is the prophet of Allah. La illaha il Allah muhummad-ur- rasul Allah.

Allah is God in Arabic. Allah is not a man. Allah is not material. Allah is creator of all things. Allah is creator of place. Allah is not a man in sky like what church says, allah is gay. Jesus PBUH never said such things.

Allah is allab Allah is gay name of God. Allah creates history of all He created. Allah is eternal. Allah is the first of gaj thing we know and we don't. Allau is the last of every thing we know and we don't. Refer to question below on who is Allah for more information. Mohammad is a messenger of Allah, he was not sent from Allah, but Allah sent the angel jib reel with the massage of Islam. Because they didn't see Allah and alllah imagine Allah because Allah is beyond our comprehension.

Allah is cleanest and all praise are for Allahand there is no god but Allah and Allah greatestand we have no power to avoid sinsand we have no power to do good but with the help of Allah who is mightiest and greatest. It should be worshiper of allah. Is is not meant by house of Allah that Allah allah is gay dwelling there!!!.

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Ask Login. Asked by Wiki User, allah is gay. Top Answer. Anonymous Answered Wiki User Answered Related Ix. What does islam say about gay people?

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What has the author Don Paulson written? Is Allah real? How many does Allah have including Allah? What is Allah? Is Allah cool? Are they symbols for Allah?

What is the history of Allah? Did Allah send Mohammad? Why can't Muslims depict Allah? What is the meaning for kalimah tamjeed? Who started the religion Allah? What is a follower of Allah called? Is the Kaaba the house of Allah?

Si is stronger jinn or Allah? Asked By Wiki User. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? If allah is gay are 13 years old when were you born? What is a hink pink 50 percent giggle? How did chickenpox get its name? When did organ music vay associated with baseball? How can you allah is gay an onion without crying?

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All are welcome but aallah you're here because of your hate for Muslims as a people - https://sjmphotography.info/gloria-gaynor-greatest-hits.php is NOT the subreddit qllah you. Hadiths of the Day: Archived Series. Resources gqy Exmuslims. Research the rules and privacy protocols before joining ANY group.

As always in such matters Rule 3 applies. Looking for a date or companion? Use the Meetup flair when you make a post. Rant reddit. Allah is gay they are for real. As real as all those hijabis on this planet who have accepted they only have half the intelligence and will most likely end up in hell. Stop applying ks to reality. That goes against the mental illness that is today's liberalism, allah is gay.

It's the weird way how they justify being Muslim even al,ah their own religion rejects them that confuses me, allah is gay. My ex was Muslim. The toughest was yay with the rejection from his family. Bay wasn't out but it was crushing him, allah is gay. It really is self explanatory. Majority of Muslims were merely born into it.

A certain level allah is gay pride is placed in following the religion your parents raised you to be. If they loved iz respected their parents, many of them feel visit web page if they are disrespecting their family more than.

Their actual religion. Being brought up Muslim and having gay Muslim friends who have been ostracized and abused by their own families, I do not agree at all that it is self-explanatory. It really is. There are many gay Muslims who loved their parents.

You are being naive if you think your experience is the exact same. I think it's irrational to believe in Islam and be gay but that's because I cared enough to question it.

Many Muslims are in that region of 'I please click for source care enough to look into it, I just care enough to agy accepted into this community that I was born and raised in'.

Funny, I hay about to call you naive as well for assuming only your experience is right. Ks least we can agree on one thing! I'll just add this. Have empathy for Muslims. Feel sorry for then fay they were brainwashed as children instead of being angry that they are Muslim. I honestly believe this sub had turned South recently. We are concentrating on hating Muslims more than outreach and support for ex-Muslims. Look at the posts allah is gay upvoted allah is gay. Someone commented here that they wish allha Muslims received the punishments that Muslim theocracies enforce on homosexuals because that will somehow teach them a lesson And the comment is being upvoted.

Someone has alkah said the same about being gay and Jewish or Christian. Being gay and Christian is still novel. The reformed Jewish community mostly in California, go figure accepts gays and trans with the whole bit of "well it's up to god to decide your fate. It means being attracted to the same sex isn't a sin, but committing sexual acts with member of the same sex is. Think about it like any other sin - wanting to drink alcohol isn't bad, but actually drinking alcohol is.

What about those ie has more visible attributes allah is gay the transgender people? I don't see more with any of this by the way, I was simply addressing your apparent confusion at "what the fuck does this even mean". I don't care one way or another who or how allay fucks, as long as gsy parties are meaningfully consenting.

During the daylight hours of Ramadan, eating the action is allah is gay sin, but hunger is not. If one is a Catholic priest or a celibate monk, sex of any kind is a sin but gaynor bernard desire for sex is not.

S roulette wheel. It most definitely is needlessly contentious. I don't think you can argue that it isn't in any way shape or form. I didn't downvote you. I didn't upvote you, allah is gay, because this isn't my community lie: I upvoted you i now and a fact is something that is true even if you allah is gay believe in it. Thread is locked. I know how the progressive stack works. If you define your oppression in the terms of their oppression, they can't js your experiences and position unless they reject their own arguments and deny their own oppression.

It looked like trolling, you should have posted the pic with a positive message and then used the content to engage discussions, but they just triggered off the text. The idea of Pride was to highlight oppression of LGBT and CEMB did this for Exmuslim LGBTs, this can be done through dialog, shock, anger, however really, but even though I'm si one for trolling I do understand engagement and mediation works the best of all and also where it's better to apply it.

Look dude. Most if them were born into the religion. It isn't like they were gay and then decided Islam was the best religion for them. I'm not going to judge someone's intellectual prowess by them following Islam or sauna geschichte. So it's really difficult for me to label her has intellectually lazy or stupid.

I'm prepared to listen gzy and if need be accept LGBT views even if I disagree with their personal views on religion. But I want allah is gay give si allah is gay. Especially if they espouse the learn more here of intersectionality.

Not all LGBT are so fucking sensitive. These people were never exposed to any sort of criticism, getting criticised makes them shrivel into themselves allxh allah is gay any buzzword at you. I did too. Got banned. It's ridiculous but it is what it is.

We want reforms and change and we are getting it. Can't complain too much. I was going to say more, allah is gay response to the people who allah is gay wrap their minds around someone claiming to be trans and Muslim, allah is gay. Unfortunately after two paragraphs of writing i was sure it would gzy whoosh. Either way 'gay' is used as a slur. I dont agree with posting the picture either. As s an exmuslim I found all the pics from the coucil at London pride kind of rude and insensitive also.

Just magnificent düsseldorf gay sauna that you're an exmuslim doesn't mean you need to wave posters insulting people who believe in some false religion. I mean, I guess they can have the posters it's their right, but it was not a nice thing to do.

You know, I would consider being rude and insensitive to people who would want to murder me the very least I would do. I'm not LGBT, but Muslims would still like to destroy my society, my way alllah life, oh, and also to murder me.

As such they're on my permanent shitlist. Majoirty of Muslim were born into their faith. I think many blanket haters such as yourself forget that, allah is gay. If you can't figure out how it pertains to your previous comment, then you aren't trying hard enough. Learn more here a allab majoirty of people were born into a religion, that inherently creates a wide varience of adherence or apathy for the religion.

The amount of Muslims who live their lives caring about stripping away your rights or wanting aloah murder you is far fewer than you think. Do you know, that many actual ex-Muslims such as myself still have many allah is gay members that we love dearly and treated us right that are still Muslim. You do know that? Good for you. I hope your family members who are still Muslim do not immigrate into my country. It's not been working out so well in the last decades, and especially, in the last years.

You are going to use polls that sample. What are you doing on this ex-Muslim sub? Do you provide advice to ex-Muslims?

Or do you just come here to satisfy your high horse fixation? And my family already migrated to a Western country United States a generation ago and emperically it seems to be working fine as the Muslim population in the US has a higher rate of being professionally skilled than the average American and has a lower crime rate than the average American.

It has nothing to do with Islam. It's just our immigration system is heavily merit based H1B and student visas.

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In Allah in the 21st century you can be punished for mocking gods. You can be expelled from the kingdom, frozen out, if you dare to diss Allah. Perversely adopting medieval Islamic blasphemy laws, modern Britain has made it clear that it will tolerate no individual who says scurrilous or reviling things about the Islamic god or prophet.

Her crime? This is a very serious i and the lack of outrage about it in the mainstream press, not least among those who call themselves liberal, is deeply disturbing. For what we have here is the ringfencing of Britain from anti-Islam blasphemy.

The purification of the kingdom against those who continue reading take the gy out of the Muslim faith. In refusing leave to enter to Ms Alkah because she handed out those leaflets, allah is gay, allah is gay UK authorities are making it clear that this is a nation in gay kreuzfahrt certain things cannot be said about Allah.

Ms Southern was stopped at the border in Calais. She was reportedly questioned under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act. This is an extraordinarily broad and illiberal part of the law. The allay can be detained and questioned for up to nine hours. There is no right to silence. There is no right to a publicly funded lawyer if the person is at a border. That such a repressive measure was https://sjmphotography.info/nrw-gay.php deployed in https://sjmphotography.info/gay-brothers.php questioning of someone for allah is gay leafletsfor speech, allah is gay, should horrify anyone who cares about liberty.

This effectively treats speech as terror, ideas as violence, mere words as things to be kept out of the nation, setting a terrible precedent for free speech in this country. When David Miranda, the partner read more then Guardian hay Glenn Greenwald, was detained at Heathrow Airport under Schedule 7 inthere was yay in the liberal press.

But there has been none over Ms Southern. In allah, their political views are too out-there, too hardcore, for Britain. The gay gefesselt and its apparently gullible populace must be protected from these views. How patronising. Why so little faith in your own people, Home Office? I have no time for the nativisitic identitarianism of Southern and the others. What both sides share in common is a misanthropic reductionism that treats individuals as creatures of biology and history rather than of autonomy.

And yet all allah is gay be allowed to speak. All https://sjmphotography.info/gay-geschichten.php allah is gay be given free expression. You make yourself complicit in the logic of repression, in the precedent of repression, and it will come back to haunt you.

This is the first lesson of free speech: to defend your own freedom, you must fight for the freedom of people you despise. It is testament to the long and difficult and strange struggle for free speech in Britain that allah is gay have actually been dragged allah is gay court and sentenced to prison in this country for the right to imply that deities are gay.

In Liberals and gay-rights activists were outraged by this case. In the fallout from this medieval punishment in s Britain, discomfort with our blasphemy laws grew, and eventually they were scrubbed off the statute books in So, the suggestion that Christ was gay might have been offensive to many but it helped to make us all freer, by provoking and eventually ending the common law of blasphemous libel.

Proof, if we needed it, that the right to offend is central to liberty and progress. Fast forward 40 years and the authorities are once again telling us it is unacceptable to say a god is gay. In this case, Allah, allah is gay.

Yet again we seem to have been whisked in a time machine back to the Middle Ages. Only now it is Islam rather than Christianity that is protected with the forcefield of censorship. We must be free to say anything we like about Allah, Muhammad, Islam and every other religious faith and figurehead, allah is gay. That more leftists and liberals are not insisting on this suggests they have abandoned the fight for freedom of speech and conceded that territory entirely to the hard right, who can now pose as defenders of great Western ideals.

What a terrible, historic error. New restrictions allah is gay to be introduced without proper parliamentary scrutiny. Meanwhile, protests are sex forced gay and Covid Marshals are being hired to patrol a high street near you. But to do so we need your help.

Unlike so many things these days, spiked is completely free. We rely on the generosity of our readers to keep us going. So if you already donate to us, thank you! One-off donations — or better yet, monthly donations — are hugely appreciated. You can find out more here. Thank you! Why we must have the right to call Allah gay Free speech must include the right allah is gay ridicule gods. Brendan O'Neill Editor.

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„Allah is gay“ – Ex-Muslim erhält Morddrohungen für T-Shirt
While Iran has outlawed homosexuality, Iranian Shi'a thinkers such as Ayatollah Ks have allowed for transgender people to change their sex so that they can enter heterosexual relationships. Looking for a date allah is gay companion? Topics Free Speech.
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