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Dream or real?

A few months ago I had a dream that I was in a bedroom and I was looking outside my window from the bed and felt immense fear. It was windy and I knew bright lights were going to shine in at any moment. So in the dream I got out of bed and lay down on the floor so whoever was coming couldn’t see me. My boyfriend was fast asleep in the bed and I knew he was safe, especially if I got out of the bed away from him. Wind picks up, the bright lights shine in and all of a sudden my body is lifted up in the form of a cross (arms outstretched, legs locked together) and I am paralyzed. At this moment in the dream I think I’m going to start flying (I’ve had dreams where I can fly before) but I’m also terrified and can’t move. In the dream I start to laugh in this rhythmic, undulating sound but I knew it wasn’t really laughing. I was crying out for help to get out of whatever was holding me in the air before it took me outside the room and up into the sky.

In reality, I get jostled awake by my boyfriend who said I was next to him whimpering and looked paralyzed in the bed. He asked me what I was dreaming about and I was so freaked out I said „just a weird dream“ and then laid there for a few hours too afraid to go back to sleep. I didn’t want to talk about it because I thought if I did it would make the dream real and I didn’t want it to be.

What are your thoughts? Real or just an anxiety dream? I’ve had „abduction dreams“ before and am wondering if aliens disguise abductions as dreams. Weird thing is, I remember specific details of these dreams months and years after I had them but can’t remember other dreams after I wake up.

Dream or real?


YAY a new story! You really should consider making your stories into books – there are quite a few publishers out there that publish GAY BDSM literature. Or you should at least try the self-publishing tool on I just think it’s such a waste to not to introduce your fabulous writing to a broader audience. Good job!

Thank you, Steve. You’re very kind to say that. I might just look into those options – thanks for the suggestion.

This story is Something to consider, #0 Torture of an „alien“ etc seems to know no boundaries.#1 freq. range between species, of visual & audible stimulia #2 Cloning #3 Perception of pain

Thanks for sharing.I did find this tale more satisfying and easier to enjoy than many others, because it earned the disclaimer:No Humans were harmed in the production of this story.I was scared that the truck might not start.

This fiction is one of my favorite, from other fiction I’ve read. ^ ^