Adam Levine: People Should Question My Sexuality

„I wouldn’t be the front man of a band if that question hadn’t come up,“ he says

Adam Levine wouldn’t be offended if people thought he was into men. In fact, he’d embrace it.

“If people didn’t think there was a small chance I was gay, then I wouldn’t be doing my job very well,” the Maroon 5 rocker, 32, says in the September issue of Out magazine. “I wouldn’t be the front man of a band if that question hadn’t come up at some point.”

Although he says there’s “no way to hide my straightness,” Levine – who mentions David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury – notes that “the best” lead singers of all time are “guys whose sexuality was always questioned.”

“I’m extremely comfortable in my sexuality,” says The Voice judge, who is currently dating model Anne Vyalitsyna. “So I can think, ‘Oh, that’s a good-looking dude.’ Acknowledging that someone’s attractive and wanting to [sleep with them] are two different things.”

A big part of Levine’s comfort with the gay community stems from personal ties.

“My brother is gay, and we all knew when he was 2,” he says. “We really wanted to provide some cushion for him and constantly let him know that it’s okay. A lot of people don t want their kid to be gay and will fight it all costs.

“You’ve got to embrace it from the beginning,” Levine continues. “That s the only way to deal with it as a family. Otherwise, you’re just screwing yourself over and you’re gonna make your kid miserable.”

Celebrities With Gay Siblings: Adam Levine, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans And More On Their LGBT Family Members (PHOTOS)

Colin Farrell might have a reputation as a hard-partying playboy, but the „In Bruges“ star is revealing his compassionate side by joining forces with his gay brother Eamon for an Irish homophobic bullying prevention campaign.

The Farrell brothers are pairing up with ‚Stand Up! Don’t Stand for Homophobic Bullying,‘ launched last week by the Irish LGBT youth organization, BeLonG To. „Whether it be the attacking of gay students, which I witnessed firsthand happening to my own brother, or students who are in the minority as a result of race or religious beliefs or any other such characteristic that separates them from ‚the norm,‘ it is all wrong and has no place in a just and compassionate country such as I know Ireland to be,“ Colin is quoted as saying in a statement.

Of course, Farrell isn’t the only A-list celeb whose relationship with a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) sibling has not only proven crucial on a personal level, but has also inspired them to support causes relevant to that community. „Captain America“ hunk Chris Evans has spoken at length about his relationship with gay brother Scott, while „The Devil Wears Prada“ star Anne Hathaway Adam Levine and pop diva Cyndi Lauper have all been equally vocal about their LGBT family members.

And in some cases, there’s more than one in the family: Rosie O’Donnell, who came out in 2002, recently attended the same-sex wedding of brother Daniel, a New York Assemblyman who helped spearhead the campaign to get marriage equality passed in his state.

So is an LGBT sibling the best accessory for Hollywood’s A-list? Take a look at other celebrities and their LGBT brothers and sisters below:

Celebrities With Gay Siblings: Adam Levine, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans And More On Their LGBT Family Members (PHOTOS)

Is Adam Levine Straight or Bi?

He works at his image of a straight man deeply involved with his model girlfriend. However, there is something about him that says he has experience with having gay sex. Whatever persuasion, he is a sexy, handsome man whose humor on the Voice makes the show for me. I bet he can be wild in bed.

There is a thread on him somewhere, do a search. His voice is as unmasculine as jesse james. God, when either of these guys opens their mouth, i just want yo scream: SISSY!

Good looking guy, but I get a sense he’d have a skinny, cut dick that hooks downward and to the left when hard. Sometimes I just have a premonition about these matters ….

His world tour is doing great business – Europe,Asia, Australia, back in thse States tour beginning in June. In an interview, he stated he stopped dating a woman because she was too quiet during sex. I bet this man is no holds barred during sex.

I bet he’s gotten fucked before – he screams bottom.

I agree with R2 and R5 he reads sexy guy, but weird penis, and he always reads as a total bottom.

He was on Leno last night. He does come across as at least bi. Maybe he is just at ease with who he is and doen’t care how at times he comes across

He gives off a glans-on-the-underside-of his penis vibe.

I read he lives ( or used to) just down the street from Paul Reubens in the Hollywood Hills. Apparently Reubens wasn’t thrilled with Levine’s loud parties or the guests who would block his driveway with their cars.

r9 that interview he did about Jake came off really bitchy

I liked one of his songs a lot, but he reads as a poseur to me, not a true rocker or very talented. Today’s rock stars are so cookie-cutter and unmemorable, with bad music.

Handsome man. Why would (Jewish?) guy cover himself with those awful tattoos?

Why do crappy singer/songwriters like him, Natasha Bedenfield, Katy Perry (she doesn’t even write) even have careers?

He is very thin. Metabolism, diet, exercise, or what do you think?

But you gotta love that picture of Adam in a short, pink dress(?) kissing John Mayer.

his case are we talking about Adam being one with women or men?

[quote]there is something about him that says he has experience with having gay sex

I don’t know about that [R32]…I can imagine Adam doing it with a guy if for nothing else the „experience“

Looking fine tonight on The Voice in his suit performing new song with Maroon5 and Xtina

He’s notoriously straight.%0D %0D Gay friendly, absolutely. But that guy loves nailing bitches. Female bitches.

He’s handsome but so skinny. One of those guys who looks better with clothes than without.

I really liked Maroon 5’s first album but they’ve really ridden the success of that one as far as they can go. The follow-up took forever to appear and their most recent album copies directly from the first. No wonder he’s reduced to some TV game show. He’s Mark McGrath all over again.

Completely gay and completely fucked up. If he’s straight, he’s one of the most effeminate, flaming, anorexic, queeny straight guys I’ve ever seen. He’s one ball shy of that „LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE“ homo.

I loathe this guy. For one reason only and it’s the one r13 mentions. How he jumped to the ‚defense‘ of his ’straight buddy‘ Jake Gyllenhaal and started weirding out in some magazine interview. Wonder how much he got paid/party favors for that one? Jeez…%0D %0D What a weird little uptight he is. Wasn’t there a blind item about how some ‚colorful‘ dude in a band gives out this straight guy image but is ‚at heart a nice gay boy‘?%0D %0D Popular guess was Levine at the time. We get someone who comes here and claims he dated her sister blah blah, every so often, like, 35 years ago. %0D %0D

Oh, and so on balance, no I don’t think he’s straight.

He is the gayest acting ’straight‘ guy I have ever seen. Someone posted here a while ago that he got it on with Rob Thomas back in 2006, more than likely this is b.s but hot thought none the less. If I had to guess about his orientation I would guess bi, because I have heard enough to be convinced he genuinely likes the vag.

r4, that was a joke interview. He never gave it. From a Russian paper like the Onion. The woman was Maria Sharapova (they only met once and did not date) as a joke about her screeching on the tennis court and being the opposite in bed.%0D %0D It was not real.

He is showing skin in his video with Christina. Sorry, but he looks just fine to me.

It’s very hard to tell if Jewish guys are gay or straight.

Adam Levine sexy?!? %0D %0D You must be joking.%0D %0D Or you never heard him speak.

He’s not gay, but he’s not 100% straight. More „casually bisexual“.

I think he defintely is attracted to guys… I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s had a few dudes…

Has anybody heard any specific stories of Adam experiencing the joys of gay sex?

[quote]Has anybody heard any specific stories of Adam experiencing the joys of gay sex?

Yeah, honey, we’ve got tons of ‚em, but we’re keeping ‚em to ourselves. Nobody likes a gossip.

Though he looks fine shaved, I do much prefer his hairy body.

latent homophobe whatever he is~I have no time for this asshole

he’s a Jessica Simpson douchebag who „sings“ elevator music. What kind of shut in from 2002 wants to fuck that?

I’m not a shut-in and I would do him over and over. His career is based on predominately young women going crazy over him, so I can understand his need for not rocking the boat of the „fantasy“ of the majority of his fans. There are many gay men in all walks of life in various successful careers feel thay have to live a certain image. Sorry, I know I will get slammed for saying that. And no, I am not in the closet and have been out at my workplace for many years. I also don’t make the money Mr. Levine does, so I had nothing to lose as far as my income.

According to Wikipedia, „Levine stripped naked for testicular cancer awareness for a centerfold in Cosmopolitan UK’s February 2011 issue.“ I would like to see that.%0D %0D I think he got all the tattoo’s to compensate for being circumcised. My vibes on the dick are different than previous posters; I get the short side of sevenish and very straight.%0D %0D I also think he isn’t comfortable with being gay.

„There’s no way to hide my straightness,“ Adam Levine adds, „but if people didn’t think there was a small chance I was gay, then I wouldn’t be doing my job very well. Look at the best ones, guys whose sexuality was always questioned. Bowie. Jagger. Freddie Mercury. I wouldn’t be the front man of a band if that question hadn’t come up at some point.“%0D %0D That bitch is a moron.

I think Levine identifies as straight but has probably had sex with guys before and will in the future. But because he doesn’t fall in love with these guys or go on dates with them–it’s just sex–he can continue to say he is straight and not gay like his younger brother.

He has no stage presence. His Jagger song is just flat and he has zero energy when he delivers it live.

[quote]He’s as straight as his BFF, Jake G%0D %0D OMG, where did you hear this? O..M..G!!

Interesting article in Out with him. Great photos. On another note, those of us in Indianapolis are very grateful to Adam, Maroon 5 and Train for the memorial concert for the victims of our State Fair stage collapse tragedy. All proceeds from the concert including the perfomers fees and concession charges went to the charity fund established for the families of the 5 people who died in the accident as well as those seriously injured. It is expected the total amount raised from the concert will be close to $500,000.

His gay brother is hotter than him and looks more masculine:

I don’t see the appeal of this guy. He looks like a geek hipster.

Totally agree r69, the ‚out‘ gay brother is way hotter than Adam.

I think he’s 98% straight. He’s an amazing singer, and puts all his feelings down so he can make a song. He’s not the one directing his music videos with multiple make outs!

Adam Levine would have been a fairly good one-hour catch at the (old style) baths, but not much more, sadly.

„He’s an amazing singer“%0D %0D Thanks for a laugh!

Could you really get past his dick — the skinny, cut dick that hooks downward and to the left when hard?

I’ll take that skinny dick anytime, all of the time…I love this guy

This man’s nipples are permanently erect. Whether on stage or posing for photo, notice how his nips are always hard.

He’s not Jewish. Jews don’t wear tattoos, that’s against their religion.

Levine is Jewish, religion has nothing to do with that.

Adam’s tatts wash off. They’re „show biz cred tatts“ only.

It most certainly against the Jewish religion to get tatoos, uninformed idiot who said it had nothing to do with it. And this guy sucks, he has zero voice, zero rock credibility, and as someone pointed out can’t even move to music well. Just a pretty face and I’m sure being Jewish didn’t hurt in an industry controlled by the Jews.

Gabriela Sabatini & Ricky Martin%0D %0D Maria Sharapova & Adam Levine%0D %0D Do the math..

I know a straight guy like him. We all want him to be gay, he’s that hot.

He’s just comfortable with the spouse and me, and some of our friends. He likes to talk about sex. He likes to flirt. But he’s not gay.

Adam Levine gets hotter and more handsome the older he gets. Beautiful male.

Adam raves about „genius hairstylist“ Justin Brescia, a.k.a. Justin Bobby, who was cast to play the part of Audrina’s bf on The Hills.

At least now I can guess why he seemed so indifferent to her.

so he has had a male roommate for a few years. why would a Hollywood lothario have a male roommate all this time? Hmmmmmmm…………

I hate AL’s hair. He reminds me of a pencilhead. If this is Justin Bobby’s work, it sucks.

Maroon 5 has to be the worst band, to me he is in the same league as Justin Biber and Rihanna. He is not a credible musical artist. He makes some of the most, bland, insipid, inoffensive, safe hetero pop R’n’B out there.

His msuic is so bad, it is so safe and boring it is shameful.

R91 I saw hi roommate on IMBD. his roommate is an Asian guy. Sorry, but in my book Adam is hot as hell!

[quote]Sorry, but in my book Adam is hot as hell!%0D %0D Whatever floats your boat. You can have him.

Cites The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr) as his heroes.

Good friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and Billie Joe Armstrong.

briefly toured with Reel Big Fish while guitarist/lead singer Aaron Barrett recovered from a hand injury.

His parents are divorced. He has one brother, Michael, as well as a step-sister, Julia. He also has a little half-brother and half-sister, Sam and Liza

His favorite musical artists are Prince and Stevie Wonder, who he calls his ’spiritual leader‘.

He is ambidextrous. He writes and draws with his left hand but prefers his right hand for most of other activities.

Resides in the Hollywood Hills with close friend, Gene Hong.

Worked as a writer’s assistant on „Judging Amy“ (1999) while writing songs for Maroon 5’s first album, Songs About Jane.

As a member of Kara’s Flower, he made a guest appearance on „Beverly Hills, 90210“ (1990), while still in High School.

Adam was on Piers Morgan last month. He and Piers kept on going on about what a hot supermodel girlfriend he has.

he sure knows hoe to swing his pelvis in „Moves Like Jagger“ video. He also like to use his tongue often on stage. Ibet he knows how to „Move Like Adam“ during sex!

Adam levine isn’t gay at all. The only reason he stands up for gays is because his brother, Micheal Levine, is gay and was teased about it a lot.

„Adam levine isn’t gay at all.“%0D %0D How would you know that?

R101, so both brothers can’t be gay? I have heard of tow or more brothers being gay before. Are you knew? I think Adam mentioned his brother being gay to cover up his own gayness.

My brother and I were gay (he is deceased). I think it is very possible that both Adam and his brother are both gay. If so, his family probably goes along with the current story to protect Adam and his teeny bopper female fanbased career. Understandable.

Adam gets more handsome the older he gets. He is a beautiful man. I really think he is bi. I do not believe he does not dally with men.

Has anyone heard anything about Adam being bi? I am aware his brother is gay and out.

What kind of paid mouthpiece goes to a national magazine to moan that his ‚uber straight bud‘, Jake Gyllenhaal, is upset because everyone is calling him gay. What a set of old women.

At that moment I was more annoyed at Adam Levine than when he opens his mouth to sing and that whiny whistly noise comes out.

He is beautiful, and in great shape, and he pings for me – and his defensive yapping about Gyllenhaal defo. raises a red flag.

I don’t know who I loath more Adam and Maroon 5 or his idiot fans.

Adam needs to step up the plate and allow a cock shot to float around on the web. It’s a career-building move.

All the cool stars are doing it, and I know Adam wants to be cool to maintain his relevance, so how about it, Adam?

I know it’s you who keeps bumping this thread … so put your wang on the web like a big boy.

P.S. Do you really have a skinny, cut dick that hooks downward and to the left when hard? I have a that premonition ….

I bet he can screw an ass in style. with his moves on stage, he would plow the hell out of a hole. He also would be a geat bottom moving his ass all around.

Don’t particularly care for him or Xtina, but „Moves Like Jagger“ is a fun, catchy song and so is „Makes Me Wonder“ from a few years ago.

he’s naked time on the cover of Vogue Russia with „girlfriend“

R120, R121? What is the verdict? Is he bisexual or with those pictures are you saying he is straight? He is such a pig to pose naked with his girlfriend. He always wants to pose nude what the hell is he trying to say? Look at my gorgeous body? He is gorgeous no doubt and so is his girlfriend as well. However, his naked routine is getting annoying.

doesn’t it seem ass if lately he is going out of his way to prove how straight he is? watching him perfomr, he certainly comes across as gay in his body movements, gestures, etc. I think Adam has reached a new level of celebrity this year and he is a mess of contradictions. He has been featured prominently in provocative photos, including the ones in OUT magazine. I hope he can someday deal with what appears to be his battle of sexual identity.

R123, the music video Moves Like Jaggar, I think he was trying to mimic Mic Jaggar’s dance moves that is why he dances like a moron.

While ever he has a marketeable body he’ll market it, simple as.

I have said before I don’t like the guy. He comes over as whiny and defensive but seems to be popular with the ladies. I do wonder if much of it is not just really good PR.

R127, I agree someone mentioned on this thread that he publicly bitched about how his friend Jake Gyllenhaal was labeled gay and his fiend is upset by it and it upset Adam a lot. I would love to say to him to shut the hell up and mind his own business, good grief!

he is on a celebrity high right now. He has never been more famous. He is really going to come on stronger as to how straight he is. I just don’t believe it. I think he certainlly likes women, but he just isn’t convincing as 100% straight.


That’s nice R130 he’s not my type but if you find him hot and sexy that’s cool.

.. based on videos and photos, he likes to use that long tongue of his. I’m sorry for those who don’t like his tats or his music, but he is one hell of a handsome man and he would be a wild sex ride. And though he always has a beautiful woman in his life, I think he knows and likes getting it on with guys as well.

He is fucking beautiful. Love maroon 5. I realize they have zero cred. But they are a pop act. They are the hall and oates of this last decade. Incredibly well done catchy songs. Dont know how anyone can think he is ugly by any stretch of the imagination.

Adam Levine is definitely attractive and has charisma on stage.

I think he will regret covering his entire torso and arms with tattoos though, which I find sad.

So sad to ruin such an attractive body with so many excessive tattoos.

I liked him better when he always used to wear shiny, hip great looking suits and ties.

This thread should be shown to shrinks. I like the exchange where one poster says, „He’s only gay in your mind,“ and the rebuttal is, „No, I can imagine him going for the mansex.“ What part of „in your mind“ did that poster not understand?

Adam Levine is a douchebag pussyhound who is awash in easily available pussy. Ask anyone who hangs out with young rich L.A. scumbags. I think he disagreed with John Mayer about whether Jessica Simpson was a fuck you would sell all your worldly possessions for. Levine hooked up with her a few times and then moved on.

When someone who is being discussed on Datalounge is actually gay, there is usually someone sharing what sounds like a real anecdote or gossip by r20 or so, much less 130-plus posts in.

Yet another thread dominated by people masturbating in their mother’s basements and ignoring all evidence except what they want to be true.

I bet he laughs a lot during sex except, you know, when he shouldn’t.

Then don’t read any posts about him R138. Simple as that. The you won’t be so highly insulted by those who like to fantacize about someone you don’t like.

R140 here for the typos….I was a bit po’d. Can’t stand blowhearts.

[quote]Look at the best ones, guys whose sexuality was always questioned. Bowie. Jagger. Freddie Mercury.

Did Levine not know what he was saying when he said that? Seems like he misspoke.

Read an interview wehre he said he never wears clothes at home. In fact, people often have to upbraid him about being nude in inappropriate situations.

I wish he had less tatoos, but he has a beautiful face. He is a bit thin, but his body is hot.

It’s like the Midsomer Murders thread; people have talked for so long about his pretty, younger sidekick that it’s become accepted as fact (as it should) that he is indeed a bloody homo.

Beautiful face my azz! He is so average and plain it hurts.

He thinks he’s so hot when he so isn’t. Total douche.

So is this guy gay? He seems like he is having an intense relationship with his model girlfriend. I think he is all man and a major stud! He posed nude in some picture lying on his stomach floating on those blow up rafts in his pool. I’m a bottom ,but honey?! I noticed his back side and his major incredible ass! Mama! Mia!

if you don’t like Mr. Levine R145, then simply skip any thread about him. Very easy and quite painless. Now go and post on another thread about something or someone for whom you have more interest. We certatinly do not want to bore you any longer on this thread.

For me he is bisexual, we gays have a gaydar and we know who is gay and who is not. he´s kind of gay and I love his fucking starved body, sometimes he´s ugly sometines not. But he deserves not to be questioned about his sexuality, maybe he has a reason to hide his gay or bi life.

He certainly appears to enjoy his life. There is something very endearing about this man. I think he would be a very good friend to those he is close to in his life. Gaydar says there is something there.

If he were in Prison for say 20 years do you think he would have sex with the fellow prisoners and if so – is that just sex or is it gay?

So what your asking r153 is Do you think AL would let another hot guy give him a BJ?

Lol at r152’s pic. I think there’s something there gaydar wise. I don’t find him attractive at all, I’m one of the tat haters. He was such a sourpuss at the GG’s last night.

OOH God, I really think he’s a really sexy skinny gay bitch! 🙂 I love his music but it´s time for him so say the truth, he might be gay or bi!!!

Why are gay/bi guys so obsessed with the sexuality of other guys, especially celebrities? Could it be their need for justification of their own sexuality? Adam Levine is a decent human being and some of the degrading comments against him are disgraceful. Find some way to make a meaningful contribution to mankind during your lifetime on earth instead of this nonsense of ripping another person apart.

I can’t remember a thread that was so totally undecided on the Issue so far in. Maybe he’s tried it and is still making up his mind. I think that if he experimented regularly, we would know about it. I also think he would make a wonderful homosexual.

As for his religion .. he may worship as a jew (I don’t know,) he has jewish ancestry, but he was not born a jew.

adamx — What do you know about AL’s dick? Share, please.

I’ve posted this before, and got flamed for it. My sister used to work for a trendy restaurant on Sunset near Vine. Adam ate there all the time. My sister has model good looks. They hooked up frequently.

That’s makes two of us. Long face, beady eyes, and he looks like he has no nose.

And forget R163, he probably has a skinny, cut dick that hooks downward and to the left when hard.

He seems like a totally manufactured rocker. He tries to sound like Sting with his high pitched voice. He’s admitted to being a big fan of The Police/Sting and he even performed with them when The Police did a reunion gig in Europe a few years ago.

I don’t find him sexy in the least and the tattoos are disgusting. He’s too skinny.

During TV interviews, he always makes a point to mention that his girlfriend is „a model“, yaaaawn. I’d be more impressed if a celebrity mentioned that their partner was a scientist or was in profession where they used their brain!

He comes across like a typical rockstar dating a model, can he be any more cliched?!!! Add the ugly tats to that mix, he’s 100% cliche.

I think he’s hot. I do believe he has experienced the pleasure of man on man sex to go along with his history of dating a multitude of women.

I don’t understand the haters. Adam has stood up for the gay community when other in music have not.

But I have to say, watching him on „The Voice“ he seems very straight.

probably has an average dick, and average ass, but so what? He’s cute and sexy as all hell.

There’s something sexy about him. Not studly sexy but he has a swag that works for him. I agree with the 98% straight theory. Making out with John Mayer is a sign that he’s open to man on man action.

I think the tattoos are only semi-permanent because he’s Jewish.

They can be gotten off his skin so as not offend God in heaven.

He has tiny, malformed ears. I think it’s a sign of some eastern European Jewish inbred genetic disorder. Tay sachs, maybe? I could get past a skinny, bent cock with a tiny pink glans, but not these weird ears.

he does come across a straight on „The Voice“ when he speaks however watching his body language pings for me that he is still possibly bi-sexual.

not sure about Adam, but I believe there are thousands of gay guys hiding in plain sight in all forms of entertainment

I think his photos are on more gay themed (i.e hunks) sites than any other celebrity.

Someone who knows Adam really should tell him of all this interest on a gay site. Maybe it will induce him to try it out if he hasn’t already.

I think he’s talented, but he and Blake Shelton do that faux-gay bromance thing on „The Voice“ that obnoxious straight frat boys do and Shelton comes off more sincere about it than he does. Levine is just a little too smarmy for me, but I do enjoy Maroon 5’s music.

R20, are you gay? A minority residing at the bottom of every other minority? And you still feel like you can get away with audacious generalizations like that? What gives?

I think Blake brings up the „I think Adam is sexY talk on The Voice to tease and irritate Adam. It appears to make adam nervous whereas Blake just smiles like a cheshire cat. Cee Loacts like „just get it on already and see if you like it“ and Xtina is „what about me?“

I like Blake Shelton a lot. If anybody is comfortable in his own skin, it’s that guy. He’s always kidding around with guys that way. Adam’s not the first one. He used to kid around like that with Joe Nichols (another country music hottie) all the time.

Is he still living with that asian guy ? Anyway don’t get the love for him, he seems like a douche.

Blake Shelton has LGBT friends he publicly supports in coming out, supports weed legalization and same-sex marriage and apparently has nothing but Democrat friends like Adam (and Joe Nichols, actually). Why does he bother saying he’s Republican? Pretty sure that party doesn’t want him.

His tweats on twitter have been interesting in content over the past few months. He has been very pro gay in some of his messages.

He’s ugly and his body is repulsive – misshapen and scrawny and general ick.

SO ya’ll can have him. See? With me out as competition you have better odds.

Thank you R187 for your magnanimous gesture. all of us who find Adam sexy are so relieved you have removed yourself from the competition. You the man!!

He seem straight to me. But I’ve hung out with many musicians and artists, and they generally ping a little bit because they are more emotional and expressive than the typical generic straight men.

makes sense R191. However, he just seems to be so out there as to how straight he is. „Me thinks he protest too much“.

Whatever his inclination, he is supportive of gay rights. And he certainly is one hot fox. I am not a fan of tattoos, but his just add to his image of bad boy.

You do know that he has a gay brother right ?? How many times do we have two gay siblings ?

My brother and me. 13 years difference in age and both loving the men. So it does happen R194. And for years my brother was more open to discuss my being gay than he was admitting he was gay. Sound familiar?? And I loved my late brother with all my heart.

R192: I don’t know – many people are convinced certain stars are gay even after they say they’re straight, and have no gay rumors floating around. The star can’t really win for losing in that type of dynamic even if they are supportive of the gay community. If they say they’re straight, the gossipers claim they must be gay, if they say nothing, the gossipers claim this is proof they are hiding something, if they get tired of it and state for the record in impolite language that they are straight, the gossipers assert even more loudly that he protests too much. Even if the star is gay and not ready to come out, the gossipers want to invade their privacy and try to force them to come out. It’s unhealthy.

Gossiping is fun, but making up stories and trying to find blind items to match them is not fun. I think it’s better to just let these stories die. Unlike Tom or Travolta, there aren’t any people coming out of the wood work to substantiate it so musing that he pings as anything is just indulging in fiction.

R196 you make a lot of sense. Maybe the guy is straight and just has one of those personalities that ping.

R197, twins don’t apply to the same rules as normal siblings. In fact it’s more common for identical twins to both be gay than it is for one to be straight and one be gay.

Why do I have no doubt those two have sucked each other’s cocks?

I’ve hung out with Adam twice, back in the days of my wayward youth and I was just as unsure then as I am now… He’s definitely not gay, that’s for sure, but he’s very comfortable being handsy with other men, or anybody for that matter. I remember being an insecure 15 year old thinking, ‚wow, this guy does not understand personal boundaries at all. Or he does and he just doesn’t care‘. But contrary to the gossip, he’s not really douchebag. He comes across that way soo much in the media though. It’s the way he tries to come across I think. If you got to sit down with the guy one on one, I think you’d see that he’s quite insecure. I think he just tends to over compensate by trying to seem like he’s really confident. Each time I spoke to him he was very sweet and down to earth. But to get back on the subject, I still think he could be bi (as I’ve found almost everyone in the music biz that I’ve come in contact with is.) But that’s just my silly speculations. I really have no idea.

How he can he possible defend his last utter crap piece of shit that was Overexposed, there is no excuse for perhaps the worst American album in last 4 or 5 years.

you know what guys… adam seems to be a very awsome guy… i’m a annonimise gay guy who thinks if he’s gay and is hidding it then okay thats alright… but when he does come out he will have a fan still by his side. because gay guys are as nice as straight guys… no matter what you all say he’s still an amazing singer… and he still has a hot body.

I think if he is gay, he will one day come out. In the meantime, he is smart in working/marketing himself as he is doing. If he can create a strong financial base from acting, cologne branding, his own record label company, etc., he won’t be dependent on the screaching teen females to keep him in the money. Besides, he is just so friggin‘ sexy that he will always have a fan base.

r 201 who else have you heard about in the music biz, or have met that were bi? If youre still around this place.

The way he likes to stick his tongue way out would indicate he may be very talented in giving a good rimming. I’d love for him to use it in me.

Adam us sexy! Don’t be jealous cuz he gets the girls chill your selves Ed beautiful in every way!(:

He seems like the type of guy who’d say he was open to fooling around with a guy, and exploring his sexuality, but only to seem cool and open-minded (especially to women). If you got him drunk and started hooking up with him, he’d try it for about a minute and then freak out and leave.

He’s straight, he’s sorta sexy in an unattractive Jewish sort of way, but I wouldn’t consider hitting the sheetz with him, no way, ever. He has never looked very clean to me, but I think that’s because he’s so hairy.

R210, please clarify what you mean by „in an unattractive Jewish sort of way“? Do you have the slighest inkling how many totally gorgeous Jewish men there are in the world? If not, take a trip to Israel.

Sorry, still say he swings both ways. he loves his womanizing reputation and counts on it to cover his hook-ups with men.

And about Jewish any other race or nationality, there are plenty of absolutely gorgeous Jewish men. And yes, Israeli’s have a big percentage of handsome men.

Uh, you may not want him R213, but some of us would have him in many positions and love every minute of it.

[quote]How many times do we have two gay siblings ?

I know at least seven gay guys who have brothers who also happen to be gay — and none of them are twins. It is not that uncommon.

My late brother was gay. He was 13 years older than me and helped me in many ways in coming out. So it is more than possible both Adam and his brother are gay.

Sometimes when his face is in a certain angle, he looks like Tyrone Power.

He is a very intelligent man and damn gorgeous but why does he have to hang around with stupid Victoria Secret models?

r210 here, I made the comment about Adam looking „sorta sexy in an unattractive Jewish way.“

I’m a Jew and I look at guys in a „Jewishly“ way. There are some swarthy younger Jew guys who have pleasant faces, but are messy and pay little attention to their appearance (on purpose) and Adam fits that description for me. I believe this is one of the reasons that so many of us Jewish men become so pedestrian looking past age 30. Not a dig, just and observation.

There are 2 photos of him full nude, showing his penis, long and uncut.

[quote]There are 2 photos of him full nude, showing his penis, long and uncut.

He’s straight. No gay man would live in a house decorated so shitty like this:

„Songs About Jane“ certainly made me think he was straight. He seems like a nice guy.

You guys are just demented, I am gay but I know my limits. Escapism is good but not to the limit where you look pathetic. This is the very same reason everyone thinks that we gays would fuck anyone and all are perverts. Stop your wishful thinking. Has any attractive man been spared by you people and haven’t ‚Gay Shamed‘ them? Even If a celeb says he’s gay, you would shame him by saying he is a s issy bottom and what not? If there is a rumor,then he is bottom, if there isn’t a rumor and is ATTRACTIVE then he is a closet case… So all men are G-A-Y? Come outta your imaginary world! only 10-15% sadly are gay! NEXT!

You guys are just demented, I am gay but I know my limits. Escapism is good but not to the limit where you look pathetic. This is the very same reason everyone thinks that we gays would fuck anyone and all are perverts. Stop your wishful thinking. Has any attractive man been spared by you people and haven’t ‚Gay Shamed‘ them? Even If a celeb says he’s gay, you would shame him by saying he is a s issy bottom and what not? If there is a rumor,then he is bottom, if there isn’t a rumor and is ATTRACTIVE then he is a closet case… So all men are G-A-Y? Come outta your imaginary world! only 10-15% sadly are gay! NEXT!

There are many fake pictures of Adam showing full frontal. He may in real life like to be nude, but if there were actual frontal photos of him, they would be all over the net.

And what exactly is your issue R223, R224? You protest a bit much.

Levine was on Chelsea Lately recently and he came across as pretty damn gay.

He spent the whole time talking about Blake Shelton.

Not interested in this guy since he went after Honey Boo Boo with his catty comments. Funny how a guy who makes shitty duets with Aguilera considers himself to be part of the Algonquin Round Table.

It will surprise very few if he should ever admit to being gay. He just pings all over as a gay boy, no matter how many female celebrities he dates

I watched SNL this past weekend and, yes, he is sexy, tattoos are not complimentary to each other, but his speaking voice kind of had a trace of the old Jerry Lewis, “ hey ladiiii.“ I feel he could be Bi, but not gay. Many old school rockers were ambiguous, and they never came out to even admit their sexual exploits. I think the photo of him nude, is a little unflattering. Did u all notice how small the models hads are, hmmmm?.. U keep rocking Adam, no matter which way you swing!

I think he is open to relationships and sex with both sexes. He is hot and probably excellent in bed.

I was casually talking about how some closeted guys make out as if they’re getting pussy as a cover-up and a straight female friend piped up and said ‚Adam Levine!‘ So it’s not just the gays who think something seems up.

He has experimented gay sex with Jake and he likes it.

Looks like he preys on 15 year old girls. I wonder when he’ll get tired of it.

I think these models must sign some agreement to keep their mouths shut after the „breakups“. Maybe it is a contract of sorts. They get mucho publicity while with him as the trade off. He appears to have self identity issues. He is impulsive and one day his secrets may be exposed by his impulsiveness.

Don’t forget about his skinny, cut dick that hooks downward and to the left when hard!

If someone knows Adam, ask him to post a picture of it in this thread.

Finally someone says it r135. This is the site where Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd and Channing Tatum are called ugly, yet this average looking nonentity gets near universal approval rating? Will never get it. Justin Timberlake is an Adonis compared to him.

That’s before we factor in the shitty processed McPop music and him being a prize douche. He thinks he’s so hot and those ridiculous forced Moron 5 videos presenting him as this hyper sexual being were always hilarious.

To each his own but for me , Levine is absolutely very handsome and very sexy. I’d love that supposedly skinny cock that curves to the left inme probing my prostate. Then of course, I would need to return the favor.

Who gives a flying f_ck? I just wish that this overexposed minor talent would disappear so that someone with real ability and some measure of humanity could get some attention. Seeing Levine work the publicity machine is like watching some stupid dog humping whatever is available. He is gross, stupid and basically an ugly guy with too much swagger.

I give a flying F–K R249. The same as you probably do for some other celebrity. I think he is awesome (got a problem with being too mouthy at times I agree). He just oozes sexuality and I agree he has assuredly enjoyed the man-on-man sex along with his interest in those with a vagina.

He is very fuckable. I’d fuck him without a second thought.

I’d sort of like to fuck him while he’s eating pussy.

That house is fucking vile. Even gays with bad taste in interiors, of which there are many, are not that clueless.

It is possible the house was decorated to appear as if a big time hetero pop star lives there. Just because his tate in home decor does not scream gay does not mean he is not bi.

great singer but he looks awful with all those tattoos and he looks like he stinks of dirty gym socks

He’s a very enthusiastic bi total top. Won’t kiss and you can’t play/touch his asshole.

Oh, somehow I think he allows the right guy to touch/play with his asshole.

If he is gay/bi he seems like he would be a bottom.

What are you going to with his skinny, cut dick that hooks downward and to the left when hard?

Well R267, I am going to enjoy that skinny dick that hooks downwardand to the left. I think it sounds perfect fir for my tight hole and the angle of the dick should do wonders for my prostate. Nothing on Adam will be wasted, trust me.

My first boyfriend’s cock was shaped just like that, R270, and no one could make me come „no hands“ the way he could.

What is wrong with his house? I think his interiors are great. Mid-century is always nice.

I bet he is damn good in bed as both top or bottom. The way he likes to move those hips and how he loves to show his oral ability with that tongue of his.

No way a cold would be a sweaty, wild man fucking. You know he would be a moaner when getting his pretty little hole busted and he would be all sexy and sweaty when he was pounding your hole.

question for do you know he is exclusively a top and won’t let anyone near his rosebud? Man, I bet that is one great rosebud.

r280 = Adam, reading this thread, and being flirty about his hole.

Adam is Hot on his own sexy way. I think we should respect whatever his sexuality.

But i do enjoy the Shevine moments in the voice. In my dreams they r together… lol 🙂

Who’s bumping these old threads today? 2011? Dear god, that was a reach into the pits of hell.

Whatever he is, he’s an asshole who just hung his stupid ass out to dry. Buh bye mediocre singer/songwriter jackasshat.

He has the worst singing voice and not a good singer at all not a fan of his music . He has a shitty personality and yes he’s gay and bearding with the Behati girl.

For the record I’m not a fan AT ALL, I just don’t follow him and know nothing about his personal life.

Not un-hot. But he ruined his body with the awful tattoos. Nothing screams „Slave to Fashion“ like tattoos.

Is Adam Levine Straight or Bi?

Adam Levine Once Opened up about His Younger Brother’s Sexuality

Adam, 40, holds little back when he takes the stage as the frontman of his band, Maroon 5. He’s unashamed of whatever vibes he gives off, whether it’s straight, gay, or otherwise.

The „Voice“ host once opened up to Out magazine about his open-minded attitude to sexuality, pointing to his musical inspirations as well as someone closer to home — his brother. 

In the interview, Adam pointed to former stars like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Freddie Mercury, who all had their sexual orientation questioned. The singer believed that these were the best of the best musicians. 

Though he said „there’s no way to hide [his] straightness,“ the exhibitionist is quite pleased to have his sexuality in question. Yet Michael, his younger brother, began having his sexuality questioned from the age of two. 

Now both brothers and best friends, Michael and Adam grew up with liberal parents. When Michael came out to them as gay, there was nothing but love and acceptance at his home. 

One thing Adam took from his firsthand experience with his gay brother is that one is „born with it.“ According to him, the family knew that Michael was gay since he was two years old. 

As a result of their support, Michael grew to be as confident and expressive as his superstar big brother. He initially took issue with Adam outing him as gay to the public, but now the two are constantly sharing each other’s events on their social media account. 

While it may not have been his place to do so, Adam is sure to help not only to support his brother but also to assist in the cause of gay people everywhere as an activist. 

He denounced the actions of the competing singing talent show, „American Idol,“ which he said pissed him off for „wanting to mask that.“ He went on asking, „You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break.“

Adam compared „The Voice“ to „American Idol,“ insisting that the latter was hiding „basic components of these people’s lives,“ something he appreciated that „The Voice“ didn’t do.

Back in February, it was all on Adam when he showed out during his Super Bowl performance. The crowd and viewers were taken aback when the rockstar removed his shirt on the big stage. 

Showing off a heavily tattoed chest and stomach, the scene was enough to distract many from the message made at the grand spectacle. Paper lanterns spelled out „One Love“ just above the stadium. 

The „Voice“ coach took to Instagram to explain what the words meant.

„When we accepted the responsibility to perform at the SBHTS, I took out my pen and just wrote. Some of the words that came to me in that moment eventually made their way onto the incredible lanterns that flew high and low tonight.“

Love and acceptance, or at the very least respect of others, is certainly something we all should consider. 

 Adam Levine Once Opened up about His Younger Brother's Sexuality

Adam Levine: I’m Pro Gay Marriage Because It’s Right — NOT Because My Brother Is Gay!

Adam Levine for President!!The Maroon 5 frontman is knownIn a recent interview with , the opened-minded Voice judge explained a thing or two about his stance on legalizing gay marriage — something he says has little to do with have a gay brother:

“I would feel the same way regardless. I happen to have a gay brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m more of an advocate for equal human rights. It’s just so silly and it doesn’t make any sense to me that you wouldn’t be able to marry whomever you want to marry. It’s not our business. I don’t know why we’re obsessed with making everything in this country our business, all the time. We just need to make it legal and stop caring so much. It doesn’t matter. And it shouldn’t matter. It’s just not anyone’s business except the people involved.”

Adam adds that people’ justifications for being against gay marriage just “doesn’t check out.” He says:

“Whenever I hear people’s reasoning behind it, I think to myself: First of all, marriage isn’t always successful anyway. Look at the divorce rate and all the things that go wrong with marriage. Whether it’s gay or straight, there are issues with it. Clearly people have a hard time staying together, and that’s just a sad truth about marriage in our society. People should be allowed to succeed and fail at marriage as they so desire.”

Preach!The right to disagree with gay marriage is an unalienable RIGHT. We are all for expressing your feelings against gay marriage… by not get married to someone of the same sex!However, it should NOT be their right to let their hate control the lives of other reverend Levine puts it:

“Someone’s sexual preference is their sexual preference. Let’s move on.”

Adam Levine: I'm Pro Gay Marriage Because It's Right -- NOT Because My Brother Is Gay!

Adam Levine Gay Rumors?Online poll shows 78 percent don’t believe he’s gay

It seems like every celebrity has been called gay at some point or another. Many of the gay rumors surrounding Adam Levine (Maroon 5 frontman) seem to be tied to his obsessive attention to his body, like most singers.

However the poll suggests that a big majority – 78% – of respondents don’t believe that he’s gay.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine is straight and is pretty „gay“. Just a friendly reminder: don’t be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him. He has dark brown hair. Scroll down and check out his slim body, short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts.

‚The Voice’s‘ Adam Levine Slams ‚American Idol‘ for Its Treatment of Gay Performers

The Voice coach and Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine, tackled the gay rumors swirling about him, talked about how his family dealt with his own brother’s coming out, and compares how the NBC show’s treatment of gay performers differs from Fox’s American Idol in a new interview with Out magazine.

“There’s no way to hide my straightness, but if people didn’t think there was a small chance I was gay, then I wouldn’t be doing my job very well,” Levine tells the magazine about the speculation that he’s gay.

“Look at the best ones, guys whose sexuality was always questioned,” he continues. “[David] Bowie. [Mick] Jagger. Freddie Mercury. I wouldn’t be the front man of a band if that question hadn’t come up at some point.”

VIDEO: Maroon 5’s Adam Levine’s Shirtless, Christina Aguilera’s a Lady in Sexy ‚Moves Like Jagger‘ Video

That’s not to say that Levine doesn’t have firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to be gay. The rocker tells the magazine that his younger brother is in fact gay.

“I can single-handedly dispel any ideas that sexuality is acquired,” he laughs. “Trust me, you’re born with it. My brother is gay, and we knew when he was two. We all knew.”

The actor says his family worked very hard to let his brother know that his sexuality is OK and has some advice to pass along to other families in the same situation.

“A lot of people don’t want their kid to be gay and will fight it at all costs,” he says. “But I’ve got news for you—it’s a losing f–king battle. The more you fight it, the more f–ked-up your kid’s gonna be. You’ve just gotta embrace it from the beginning. That’s the only way to deal with it as a family. Otherwise, you’re just screwing yourself over, and you’re gonna make your kid miserable.”

Levine is proud of how NBC’s The Voice treated its gay performers. It had several out competitors with two making it to the final round: Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez. And he had several words for the show’s competition, Fox’s American Idol, on the way it has handled its gay competitors’ sexuality.

“What’s always pissed me off about Idol is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken,” he says. “C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can’t hide basic components of these people’s lives. The fact that The Voice didn’t have any qualms about being completely open about it is a great thing.”

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Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine Nixed From Trump COVID PSA For Being Pro-LGBTQ+

When the White House was putting together a star-studded PSA earlier this year to deflect from its failures on COVID-19, the Trump administration had a list of preconditions for the celebrities who appeared in the commercial. According to a newly published report in the Washington Post, one of the biggest deal breakers was whether prospective participants had publicly supported LGBTQ+ rights in the past.

Documents obtained by Democratic lawmakers in the House and reviewed by the Post allegedly indicate that several big names were dropped from the administration’s shortlist because of their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Notes from a September 29 meeting between the Department of Health and Human Services and Atlas Research, a contractor hired to help enlist celebrities for the campaign, indicate that singer Christina Aguilera was nixed as a candidate because she’s an “Obama-supporting Democrat and a gay rights supporting liberal.”

Musicians Adam Levine, Taylor Swift, Ricky Martin, and Justin Timberlake were removed from consideration for similar reasons. Levine, who has a gay younger brother, was described as a “liberal Democrat who supported Obama and fights for gay rights.” Timberlake also could not participate because he “publicly endorsed Obama and supports gay marriage,” according to Atlas and HHS. The former NSYNC member first spoke out in favor of marriage equality in a 2011 interview with The Advocate.

Swift, meanwhile, was chided for her support of the Equality Act, while Martin was head-scratchingly dismissed as a “Democratic Party supporter with an interest in gay rights.” “Interest” is putting it lightly: Martin came out as gay in 2010 and is married to artist Jwan Yosef.

Other celebrities who were deemed ineligible to appear in the ad included multihyphenate Jennifer Lopez and actor Jack Black due to a range of political objections. Vetters reportedly took issue with Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime performance, in which she criticized the Trump administration’s family separation policy at the border, and Black was said to be a “classic Hollywood liberal.”

Among the most humorous disqualifications was Gen Z singer Billie Eilish, whom objectors claimed is “destroying our country and everything we care about.”

According to the Post, Atlas and HHS began with a roster of 274 potential celebrities, which also included other rejected names like actor George Clooney, singer John Legend, comedian Jim Gaffigan, and director Judd Apatow. By the time the team was finished crossing out everyone who had either criticized the condemned the president or held opposing political views, the list was only down to just 10 people. Among the VIPs to pass muster were TV personality actor Dennis Quaid, gospel singer CeCe Winans, Ce Dr. Oz, Latin music superstars Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias, and country singers Billy Ray Cyrus and Miranda Lambert.

Curiously, former NBA player Dwyane Wade was OK’ed by the Trump administration’s vetting team despite the fact that he and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, are outspoken trans allies. The two have vocally supported their daughter, Zaya, after she came out at the age of 12 and were honored by the Time 100 in September for their advocacy.

Several individuals declined after being asked by the Trump administration to participate, including singer Selena Gomez, Daily Show host Trevor Noah, and actor Dwayne Johnson.

The ad, which was intended to help Trump win reelection, reportedly cost $300 million to produce and is unlikely to be out before election day on November 3, according to the report. But even the Rock wouldn’t be able to save Trump’s campaign: The president trails by an average of 8.8. percentage points after more than 230,000 people died from COVID-19, an ongoing crisis that the administration had repeatedly downplayed.

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Meet Adam Levine’s Gay Brother

Out Magazine interviewed Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine and here is what he had to say about his brother Michael and being gay:

“I can single-handedly dispel any ideas that sexuality is acquired,” he says, laughing. “Trust me, you’re born with it. My brother is gay, and we knew when he was two. We all knew.”

Instead of a family freak-out, the Levines doubled down. “We all really wanted to provide some cushion for him and constantly let him know that it’s OK,” Levine says. “A lot of people don’t want their kid to be gay and will fight it at all costs. But I’ve got news for you—it’s a losing fucking battle. The more you fight it, the more fucked-up your kid’s gonna be. You’ve just gotta embrace it from the beginning. That’s the only way to deal with it as a family. Otherwise, you’re just screwing yourself over, and you’re gonna make your kid miserable.”

I’ve always liked Adam Levine. Seems like a nice guy. And cute too. But with waaaaay too many tattoos now.

Adam had the looks, until he trashed out his body with ugly tattoos.

Why are gay siblings of famous straights I’ve always known the gay siblings to be the most attractive of their brothers and sisters, but Adam Levine, Chris Evans, and Anne Hathaway all have fairly schlubby gay brothers.

I actually think his brother is more attractive. Adam was too skinny (even though not so much now) and rat looking for me.

Adam Levine Slams ‚American Idol‘ For ‚Masking‘ Gays

‚You can’t be publicly gay? On a singing competition? Give me a break,‘ says ‚The Voice‘ judge.

The sniping between „The Voice“ and „American Idol“ was pretty tame this spring when both shows were vying for eyeballs. But now that the singing competitions are off the air, „Voice“ coach Adam Levine has taken the gloves off and taken a swing at „Idol“ over its treatment of gay contestants.

In an interview with the gay publication Out magazine, Levine spoke of how he thinks the Fox show has dealt with gay competitors in the past. „What’s always pissed me off about ‚Idol‘ is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken,“ he said. „C’mon. You can’t be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can’t hide basic components of these people’s lives. The fact that ‚The Voice‘ didn’t have any qualms about being completely open about it is a great thing.“

The two most prominent gay singers on „Idol,“ runners-up Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, avoided questions about their sexuality while on the show, though both subsequently came out once their runs on „Idol“ were over. A spokesperson for „Idol“ could not be reached for comment on Levine’s interview.

It wasn’t all air kisses and gay pride on „The Voice,“ though, with two of the four judges, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, posting apologies to fans and viewers after making comments deemed to be anti-gay. Levine also admitted at one point that despite his qualms, „I can’t f— with ‚American Idol,‘ “ calling the show a „cultural institution.“

The Maroon 5 singer told the magazine that he was proud of how his show treated such out-and-proud gay singers as Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez, even as he batted away the long-standing rumors about his own sexuality.

And while he’s happy to embrace his gay fans and encourage any and all „Voice“ singers who want to give it a shot, he also responded to that speculation about his sexuality by saying, „There’s no way to hide my straightness, but if people didn’t think there was a small chance I was gay, then I wouldn’t be doing my job very well. … Look at the best ones, guys whose sexuality was always questioned. … [David] Bowie.

[Mick] Jagger. Freddie Mercury. I wouldn’t be the frontman of a band if that question hadn’t come up at some point.“

Levine also went on to reveal that his younger brother is gay, saying that he can „single-handedly“ dispel the notion that sexuality is a choice. „Trust me, you’re born with it. My brother is gay, and we knew when he was two. We all knew,“ he said, encouraging people to embrace the news of a loved one’s homosexuality instead of fighting it.

„A lot of people don’t want their kid to be gay and will fight it at all costs,“ he said. „But I’ve got news for you — it’s a losing f—ing battle. The more you fight it, the more f—ed-up your kid’s gonna be. You’ve just gotta embrace it from the beginning. That’s the only way to deal with it as a family. Otherwise, you’re just screwing yourself over, and you’re gonna make your kid miserable.“

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

In 2010, Adam Levine met swimsuit cover-model, Anne Vyalitsyna while performing at the Sports Illustrated show. The couple began a romantic relationship which ended in 2012, April in a supportive manner. In the same year, the following month, he started a romantic relationship with Behati Prinsloo, Victoria’s Secret model from Namibia. The two tied the knot in 2014, July 19 th where the marriage officiator was Jonah Hill.

Adam and Behati have two lovely daughters, Dusty Rose Levine and Gio Grace Levine. Dusty came into this world in September 21st, 2016 while Gio was born on February 15 th 2018. Also, Levine is a big supporter of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. And his brother is gay. In 2011, he made a video in his official channel under the “It Gets Better Project.”

In 2013, Adam was involved in a hostile work environment lawsuit in a Los Angeles Superior Court under an unnamed security name. The guard claimed that the Universal Music Publishing Group was leaking of drugs. However, the Company argued that the allegations were absurd and there was no evidence in the matter. During the recent Covid-19 Crisis, Adam, alongside his wife collaborated with Ferrari and “Save the Children,” to raise funds to facilitate the U.S. Education Programs during the tough times.

Is Adam Levine gay?

When it comes to his sexual orientation, Adam Levine is a straight man. He is a married man and is the husband of a model, Behati Prinsloo. The couple has been married for over six years and is parents to two lovely girls. All his past romantic relationships were with female partners. Besides, no rumors are available to suggest otherwise about his sexual orientation.

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Outside of singing and appearing on television, Levine has devoted his time to the advancement of various causes, including awareness for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, testicular cancer (for which he posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine) and gay rights.

In November 2013, Levine was named „Sexiest Man Alive“ by People magazine. Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, made the announcement live on the show. In his interview with the magazine, Levine stated that he uses yoga and spinning to keep his stamina and physique intact.

Wife & Children

Levine began dating model Anne Vyalitsyna in 2010, after the two were introduced at that year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party. The couple split in May 2012. 

In 2013, Levine proposed to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. The couple married on July 19, 2014, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Two years later, they welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Dusty Rose. In 2018, their second daughter, Gio Grace, was born. 

What do you think about the gay rumors surrounding Adam Levine?

The poll results are based on a representative sample of 291 voters worldwide, conducted online for The Celebrity Post magazine. Results are considered accurate to within 2.2 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Coming Out As A Republican To My Democrat Family Went Worse Than Coming Out Gay

I am not a sex offender. But a number of my friends no longer have time to see me. Lifelong acquaintances now regard me with fear and distrust. I have been unfriended en masse on social media and excoriated by friends who deign to remain. And I have been singly excluded from social gatherings when the rest of my family was invited.

No, I am not a sex offender. I am something even worse than that. I am a Donald Trump supporter.

I was raised in a liberal Jewish family in Washington DC, where my dad served as a Democratic congressman for Los Angeles. Accordingly, I was indoctrinated with all of the correct values and views.

When I was seven, my dad took me on a celebrity-packed camping trip to Death Valley as part of a campaign to protect California’s deserts. Israel took center stage in family discussions. I attended a Quaker elementary school, where I learned the black national anthem before I knew the “Star Spangled Banner.” In high school art class, I even chose to focus on man’s destruction of the environment. I came out to my family as gay at the ripe age of 20, and they were duly overjoyed.

It was always a given that Republicans are bad people, representative of that shameful sliver of our flawed society that values money above the planet and think the world would be better off if everyone were a straight, white male. At a minimum they are racist, misogynistic and homophobic. Left to their own devices, they would exclude ethnic minorities from everything, kick sinful gay offspring onto the streets, and pave our parks over with oil derricks.

Of course, there are the less malicious Republicans, the ones who have fallen victim to their gun-toting, Bible-thumping families and sadly do not know any better than what they have been told. This type is not entirely to blame for their ignorance; they just deserve our pity. These truths are held by my family and our extended social and political networks to be self-evident.

These Ideas Didn’t Work Out Long-Term

When, in my adulthood, the liberal policy agenda became problematic for me, I found myself at a loss. I began to raise questions with my family and friends, and met resistance. It was not because my concerns were particularly inappropriate; I was just not supposed to be questioning at all.

One could disagree with nuances, but not the judgment of the (then) president, or the party. Period. The irony of this apparent intolerance for diversity of thought by the party claiming to champion the rights of groups underserved by the status quo was not lost on me.

For the first time in my progressive life, standing up for the values that I most strongly espouse—truth, morality, self-reliance, boundaries, tolerance, and a healthy dose of Jewish skepticism—was damaging my reputation and character. When I publicly opposed my dad’s support of the Iran deal, I was admonished. I had few friends with whom I could have a civil political conversation: one stopped all communication with me for two weeks because Trump won the presidency.

If Republicans are bad, Trump is nothing less than Satan embodied. Post-election family gatherings devolved into group Trump-bashing, which intensified as more rumors of my dubious views wafted across town. I did not even bother going to gay pride because it was fused with a Resist march. If you do not want to impeach our president, you have no place in gay life.

I was labeled a white supremacist by a friend I’ve known my entire life, and completely dropped with no explanation by another dear friend and self-anointed giant of the gay civil rights movement to whom my father had introduced me 15 years ago.

Harvey Weinstein Was the Last Straw

Then Harvey Weinstein provided me the impetus I lacked: the media outlets that had enabled and covered up his indiscretions for years were the same major public voices for the Democratic Party, the self-proclaimed party of worker’s and women’s rights. The game was up; two and two could no longer be five. I reached my threshold where no amount of hypothetical Republican bigotry or greed could approach the magnitude of hypocrisy, corruption, or criminality I saw rotting the Democrats to the core. I jumped ship.

I found out almost immediately that the Republican Party is not only not evil, but populated with nice, intelligent, humble people. Days after I added myself to the Log Cabin Republican mailing list, I saw an invite to attend a gathering with Chadwick Moore, an independent journalist and one of two lapsed gay Democrats I had heard of.

When Chadwick spoke, I was stunned: every sentence, every nuance and anecdote of his beautifully articulate, moving talk resonated almost identically with my own experience. From Chadwick and the dozens of other Log Cabin attendees that night, I learned I am not the only gay person to question Democrats or to be ostracized for doing so—by a longshot. The political climate has made it prohibitive for most of us to have a voice and find each other.

Seeing virtue (or perhaps just a lack of evil) in my compatriots finally allowed me to see it in myself. I am now certain that I can be a gay, Jewish Republican and still be a good person and a useful citizen.

I Can Help People Rather than Making Someone Else Do It

I can oppose spending on government programs with no accountability and still volunteer my time at the mental health center to serve underprivileged members of society. I can value work and responsibility but also want a safety net for the sick and unemployed. I can fight for a strong Israel and vastly diverge from the Obama doctrine (or the Trump doctrine). I can be actively engaged in the LGBT community and not be forever outraged at a baker.

It took 36 years for me to see through the Democratic mystique of what the Republican Party is. Having done so has enabled me to affirm a deep part of who I am, which runs deeper than religion or sexual orientation, because it is part of what forms me. Sadly, it was a part that I should not ever have had to question in the first place.

If the struggles of the LGBT and Jewish peoples have taught me one thing, it is that I count, I matter, no more or less than any other man—precisely not because of my sexual preferences, or the God I worship, but because I am a citizen of planet Earth. The knowledge there is a major political party that extends this creed to its members has restored a deep-seated hope inside of me for my country’s future.

My next hope is that one or two readers of this will not struggle as hard to realize the same.

Copyright © 2021 The Federalist, a wholly independent division of FDRLST Media, All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2021 The Federalist, a wholly independent division of FDRLST Media, All Rights Reserved.

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Comparing Fox’s long-running hit program to NBC’s The Voice, Levine says “it’s a great thing” his show “didn’t have any qualms about being completely open about [sexuality].”

“We just care about a different list of things,” he says of the new singing competition that featured four openly gay contestants during its first season, including two who made it to the finale. “It’s for a different type of person, I guess.”


Apart from singing and appearance he even devotes his time to support and bring peace to society. He spreads awareness about Attention-Deficit /Hyperactivity disorder, testicular cancer, and gay rights and Black lives matter. He also shares about the importance of yoga and spinning with his fans. In July 2020 he collaborated with Ferrari and Save the children to raise funds and to support the education programs during the coronavirus pandemic. He pretty does his best to contribute towards social issues.

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Personal Life

Levine was dating model Anne Vyalitsyna for two years and later they split in May 2012. A year after his separation, he started dating Victoria secret model ‘Behati Prinsloo’. On 19th July 2014, the couples tied a knot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They were blessed with a child named Dusty Rose. In 2018 they welcomed their second daughter named Gio Grace.